Pants Vs Zombies: 20 Minutes Of DayZ Standalone

Plants vs Pants vs Zombies. Vs Predator.

DayZ‘s latest dev log features a man ingesting and then allegedly defecating a tin can, at which point Dean “Rocket” Hall nonchalantly decides to bend over, pick it up, and save it for later. This has led me to the following earth-shatteringly profound revelation: videogames are weird, you guys. Really weird. I doubt anyone else noticed, but I’m being totally honest! Most of the time, people don’t procure their cans that way in real life. Also, zombies don’t exist. The latest batch of Rocket-narrated DayZ footage, however, has those too! What’s next, I ask you? Men ignoring the iron-etched laws of common decency and discarding their trousers with reckless abandon? Like filthy, brief-flaunting savages?

…Oh. Oh god.

While the video covers things like the new inventory system, zombie pathfinding, and looting’s newfound complexities, Rocket also went over a few other subjects in more detail in a new blog entry. Among other things, his explanation of the new zombie spawning system – which will hopefully go a long way toward stopping cheaters dead (except, you know, permanently) in their tracks – definitely stands out.

“Now all zombies are spawned directly on the server and their movement is governed directly on the server itself. This has allowed us to provide increased security and hack prevention mechanisms by disabling functionality at the client level. It also means that zombies no longer ‘pop’ in and out of the world, previously used as a mechanism to tell if someone was in the area. It also paves the way for us to allow migrating zombies and zombies traversing open areas in search for their next meal.”

Also of note: Chernarus has apparently been significantly expanded, and the health system now tracks things like the quality of your diet. Oh, and those scrumptious, savory cans I mentioned earlier? Well, if you’re a litterbug, other players can use your rusty refuse as a means of tracking your movements. So yes, inventory management just got a bit more interesting.

Still no word on when standalone DayZ will walk among the living, but these new systems seem quite intricate, so the added dev time is understandable. Are these added wrinkles enough to re-snag your interest, though? Or do you think Rocket and co are hungrily wailing up the wrong tree?


  1. HatsAlEsman says:

    I don’t know why that title pun works so well, so I’ll allow it.

  2. Drake Sigar says:

    How, have I left a trail of bean-sauce from sloppy eating? That doesn’t sound like me.

  3. Cinek says:

    jeez… half an hour of garbage from which perhaps 10 minutes is interesting >_>
    they really need to work on conveying the content to the players.

    • TheThinkTanker says:

      I felt like that too, and then the fun of new DayZ footage whisked those complaints away.

      It’s better if you just pay minimal attention and then start daydreaming about how those changes will affect gameplay while you watch.

  4. Joe Duck says:

    About whether or not interest for DayZ has gone down, my personal answer is no, I am still extremely interested. However, I also think that DayZ Standalone will be successful but I don’t think it’ll go viral. Most players who got in to see what all the fuzz was about will not be coming back this time and the outcry for a version based on the ARMA 3 engine is going to be important.

    • TheThinkTanker says:

      Agreed. Personally, I’m still stoked, and I know a ton of my mates are as well. I’ve been playing around in the mod recently after a long hiatus, and I feel like DayZ has still got it.

  5. DXN says:

    Yeah, it was kinda awkward how the testers were just kind of wandering around being totally useless and silent… anyway, yeah. Still v. interested in this, I’ve got my eye on it!

  6. Jesse L says:

    I’ve been interested in playing for a long time, but I don’t have ARMA 2 already, so the standalone version is the one for me. I’m also happy to wait for it, because it doesn’t sound like the current DayZ is worth playing due to cheater infestation.

  7. Donjo says:

    Still looking forward to it, even after this god awful video. Terrible stuff.

  8. dongsweep says:

    Wow, I cannot believe after a few nights of Arma 3 I am already spoiled and now kind of not looking forward to the DayZ standalone. If they won’t make it for Arma 3 then I hope wasteland gets better and makes Arma 3 a similar experience sans zombies.

    • yourgrandma says:

      Wow what a shame now arma 3 will be completely infested with the dayz children. One look at the server list and you can tell arma 3 is already fucked. *sigh*

  9. Arkhonist says:

    Well that’s a huge disappointment…

  10. derf says:

    My goodness, I can feel that dreadful ArmA-esque clunkiness of the controls and animation!!!

    I love the concept but how I wish the engine was something else.

  11. woodsey says:

    He mentions several times that they haven’t yet put in the new skeletons for the animations yet, before people bring it up again and again and again and again and again and again as I’ve seen elsewhere.

    Same thing for the visuals as well.

  12. SooSiaal says:

    My interest in Dayz has gone down after putting 15 hours into the Arma 3 alpha…There is no way I’m going back to the old engine.

    • Continuity says:

      Yep, I’ve have the same reaction. 20 hours with Arma 3 and now my eyes bleed pixels when I switch back to Arma 2. Arma 2 is done, its had its time but the engine has been surpassed and made redundant by Arma 3… now we just wait for all the Arma 2 mod content to migrate across to Arma 3.

  13. Masterpwny says:

    Rocket needs to think before he shows us this crap. A lot of us have spent the week with Arma 3, so it is probably NOT a good idea to show us a new animation using the archaic Arma 2 models and core animations! As a huge fan of Day Z even I find this unwatchable.

    • Reapy says:

      Yeah it seems a big mistake to have this right against the arma iii alpha. I wonder if in the long run it would have been worth it to push through whatever difficulties using the a3 engine would have caused, though possible the engine still being in work is the reason. I just hope they don’t get blown out by a day z arma 3 mod from someone else ;)

  14. Kinth says:

    Doesn’t look any better than the mod other than the clothing.

    Still in the same old bug ridden Arma 2 engine, the Zombie AI still looks terrible they can just keep close to you now.

    When will people understand that the majority of Day Z’s problems come from the engine its built in. No standalone is going to suddenly magically fix all the bugs that have persisted int hat engine for what, 3? years now.

    If you don’t like Day Z as a mod because it is clunky you are not going to like Day Z the standalone. Lets just hope someone ports Day Z to the Arma 3 engine or better yet another engine entirely. Keep the whole concept the same just put it in a better engine.

    While War Z may have failed I still feel it will be a Day Z clone that will end up being the definitive Day Z experience. And before that argument starts without clones of games you would’t have a game industry today.

  15. Ioncannon says:

    Pretty sure the SA is a modified version of the Arma 3 engine.

    • Continuity says:

      Sadly not, it is most definitely a modified version of the Arma 2 engine. Rocket has stated that clearly, he called it “2.5”

  16. sabasNL says:

    I rather play Wasteland in ArmA 3, both still in Alpha, yet really enjoyable. So no thanks.

    • Harlander says:


      At the moment it’s barely playable. The most fun to be had is people blaming the bugginess of this extremely early version on “hackers”

  17. borkbork says:

    Anyone know if the standalone is supposed to have the same insane controls/menus ArmA 2 has?

    • tigershuffle says:

      err ….NO…. you could actually read the Devs blogs. ;)

      its based on a Take on Helicopters …so a sort of Arma 2.5
      They have been mo-capping new animations….ie the last dev blog.
      The menus etc will all be slimmed down…….its the whole point of doing the Stand Alone.
      They dont need all that vajazzle ie AI and clunky milsim stuff………and can quite happily give us a whole new clunky zomsim control and menu stuff.
      these are the opinions of my own and not my other personality