Cloaking Quads: Planetside 2’s Sexy March Update

Pretty. What's that smell?
Brave soldiers of Vanu, I bring you news of the war. This is classified, so don’t let it slip into enemy hands. First off, manicures are now manditory. You are mean and nasty, but that’s no excuse for the level of nail-care I’ve been seeing. Buff, people. We are Vanu. We have standards. Secondly, there are new quadbikes and rocket launchers on the way for all of the Planetside 2 sides, but if we don’t tell the others they might not realise. All hail Vanu.

Yes, it’s true. The Flash, my favourite ride in the game, will now be fitted with a passenger seat. Oddly, I kept forgetting it didn’t have one, and whenever I was in game I’d try and hop on the back of other quads, or I’d beg people to hop on mine and be met with voice-chat guffaws and text wedgies. It was getting embarrassing. It’s a back seat that points outwards, so the passenger can fire their main weapons off the back of the bike. But that’s not all. The Flash can now be cloaked if the driver is an Infiltrator. There’s no word on if the Infiltrator can cloak with a passenger on board, and I guess not, but I can hope. Can I get a “hail Vanu”?

Word. The other major addition in the coming month will be three rocket launchers, bringing back the original game’s blasters for the new generation of players. The Vanu get the chargeable VS22 Lancer. It can have up to three levels of damage increasing charge before firing. The Terran get the TS2 Striker, which fires multiple guided rockets at the same instance. The New Conglomerate NC1F Phoenix fires single-shot camera guided missiles. I want that, but I am Vanu and conflicted.

All this, and a few new clan and unlock features, are detailed in the March Roadmap video.

If you want to play with us check the forum for faction times. Vanu Thursday nights is particularly special, not least when we flatten PC Gamer’s platoon. In fact, let’s make this a call to arms for this Thursday: let’s get as many of you on as possible. JOIN US.


  1. Anders says:

    I’m joining! But I’m NOT playing as Vanu! I REFUSE!

  2. P4p3Rc1iP says:

    I certainly hope the Flash doesn’t make that silly outboard motor noise when it’s cloaked…

  3. MuscleHorse says:

    Everytime I load this thing up to give it a go it seems there’s an extra 5GBs to download. With Virgin’s throttling policy I don’t think I’ll ever catch up. Sadface.

    • fish99 says:

      The bottom tier virgin service can do >5GB per hour, and would probably manage that before throttling kicked in. Also my update was 1.8GB. There hasn’t been any 5GB updates to my knowledge.

  4. testman3 says:

    Enlighten this Vanu! *mosquito flying overhead shooting rockets*

  5. RIDEBIRD says:

    May I remind you fine folks that tommorrow is strategic night for us in the Vanu outfit. That means joining Mumble and following orders. But fret not! It is not terrible, terrifying or elitist. It’s just slightly more organized.

    • Dog Pants says:

      I always keep an eye out for the lovely purple giraffes. You guys are a bit too easy to mistake for NC though, so sorry about any friendly fire.

  6. Velko says:

    Burn baby burn, disco inferno!

  7. Axyl says:

    Oh man, I got some serious Unreal Tournament Redeemer vibes from the new NC Camera Guided launcher.. /drool

  8. RaveTurned says:

    Here’s hopping for visible passengers riding on cloaked Flashes.

  9. Smuggins says:

    Any chance of some improved performance at all? Only been waiting 4 months for it :/

  10. Quine says:

    *looks both ways before crossing the road*
    *gets mown down by friendly cloaked quadbike*

    Will they fix it so drivers of quads are visible before they bring in the stealth update?

    The Phoenix was one of my favourite- though rather ineffective- weapons in PS1. Hoping they bring back the Thumper grenade launcher soon…

  11. Tom De Roeck says:

    note to everyone interested in playing: thursdays is usually Strategic Giraffe night. if you eant a more chillaxed experience, I suggest every other night, in particular wednesdays and weekends.

    I usually PL but Im so swamped with work I dont have time for it. so go kick TR arse.

    all hail Vanu.

  12. Dansak says:

    Still no server transfers or Transfer tokens. I want to leave Woodman and join Miller so I can join the RPS Vanu group. Can’t even start a new character there yet as the account wide unlocks isn’t in place yet.

  13. Taidan says:

    Did they manage to get the hacking problem under control yet? It’s a great game, but I was somewhat put off by the crazy, supernatural aiming powers of those numerous players, (and on a couple of occasions, entire outfits.) who are are capable of turning 180 degrees and insta-headshotting you with a carbine, at range, after you’ve already started putting shots into their backs.

    (Clearly ignoring all concepts of recoil and “Cone of Fire”, if we want to leave out the possibility that they’re just “that good”.)

  14. fish99 says:

    Not exactly happy about the LA C4 nerf. Wasn’t something that came up very often (detonating C4 after death), but LA is already the least flexible class in the game in terms of your loadout (your only choice is C4 or medkits, that’s it), and now they get nerfed.

    If AT and AI mines still work after death, C4 should too. Your respawned detonator would still be set to the same frequency, so it should still work.

    Also the changes to Instant Action really hamper lone wolf players.