Proof Of Climate Change? A Tropical Skyrim Overhaul

What IS that thing in the sky?

Winter Summer is coming. Hmm. It doesn’t have the quite the same power as “Winter”, does it? Shorts and flip-flops are hardly solemn. Basically, if you’re a season that encourages Cliff Richard songs, then you’re definitely not scarily atmospheric. You are lacking in portent. Which means that this impressive tropical overhaul of Skyrim might change the tone of the game. The dragon shouts will be a bit less gruff and a bit more “Fus Ro Ice-Cream!”. Instead of the aggressive mammoths, they might be frolicking in the meltwater, squirting each other with trunkfuls of water and grabbing tails. My magical renaming software is suggesting “Far Cryrim” as a suitable alternative, because Tropical Skyrim Overhaul is too boring for such a sunny delight.

Everything is a bit more summery. The sky is a cloudless blue, there are a palm trees where there was once hardy foliage, snow is now moss. It’s not just a few shader tweaks: it’s a complete re-imagining of the world, replacing tundra with desert, glaciers are now cliffs, and even the animals have been swapped out. Apes for trolls. Pandas for bears? This sounds gloriously mad. In fact, you might say it’s blooming looming lovely.

Via the Reddit.


  1. FurryLippedSquid says:

    “Shorts and flip-flops are hardly solemn”

    Yeah, lets see you say that after you’ve seen my Dad wear them.

    *involuntary shudder*

    • Jackie-Rojas says:

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  2. Vjaas says:

    Holy bananas!

  3. scatterlogical says:



    • darkChozo says:

      Skyrim with guns without guns.

      Or, with the proper mods, Skyrim with guns without guns with guns.

    • GameCat says:

      I’m Cryim about how disappointing that game is.

      Skyrim of course.

    • scatterlogical says:

      Oh balls, I thought I was so clever. then I actually bothered to read the article.
      Beaten to the punch.

  4. HadToLogin says:

    Finally all those naked mods won’t look so out of place.

  5. TWChristine says:

    This is quite neat! And all the more reason for me to brag about the mods I’ve heard about to the people at work that play it on PS3.. Not sure if I’m going to bother downloading it though, I’ve waited all this time for a game set in the Nord home land, and as it is, every time I uninstall a mod, all the dragons seem to lose their textures and just become giant purple gummy bears.

    And I hope it wasn’t just me that thought the guy opened with “What’s going on everyone? It’s Anal Flux here..”

  6. InternetBatman says:

    I would like someone to recreate Skyrim in the Just Cause 2 engine.

    • scatterlogical says:

      Man, that would be awesome. That JC2 engine is such a nice bit of tech.
      And you could have PROPER ride-able dragons in it too! With jet engines on em. And missiles!

      • Premium User Badge

        phuzz says:

        I used to be an adventurer like you, until some guy surfed a 747 into my house then grappled a car and ran me over whilst chucking grenades like confetti.

        • Geen says:

          …Suddenly, I have some respect for the guards. I mean, if he’s still alive, he must be one hell of a badass.

  7. Blackcompany says:

    Going to try this eventualy. Hoping it will lead to an Elsweyr mod.

    • Bluefox says:

      There’s already an Elsweyr mod – a couple of them, in fact.

      I particularly like using Moonpath to Elsweyr, as it not only sets up a quest line, but it actually does something with the Khajiit trade caravan that wanders around Skyrim.

      As for this mod – it’s funny, I could have sworn there was a “winter” mod for Oblivion that did the exact opposite for Cyrodiil. Cliffs became glaciers, snowy versions of all the animals, etc. Modders never seem to be happy with what’s provided – gods bless ’em!

      • Droopy The Dog says:

        I think TES modders just aren’t happy with only 1 of anything.

        • RedViv says:

          One superboob nude mod! Two superboob nude mods! Three superboob nude mods! Ah ah ah ah!

  8. R00l says:

    Hey, one of the few non SimCity stories! Look at them expand their horizons…

  9. KwisatzHaderach says:

    Mr. Pearson, it’s called global warming (which is a component of climate change). That the climate changes is inevitable, out of the question, and needs no proof. Just how it will change is subject to debate.

    There you go, i could contribute even as the last person under the sun who hasn’t even touched the Skyrim.

  10. Koozer says:

    Ooooh, that’s proper pretty.

  11. MOKKA says:

    ‘Summer is coming’ Judging from the huge heaps of snow that fell from the sky yesterday I’d say: ‘Summer got buried under huge heaps of snow so it will be cold and dark forever’ (sorry I was hoping for something creative to come out of brain there, sadly all what came out was rather generic, also this sentence is way to long).

    • RedViv says:

      On that sentiment: Lucky that Skyrim has a largely Nord population. The Forsworn are mostly Breton, and properly enough only appear in the warm area of the province. If there were to ever fall a snowflake on the heads of their chieftains, I think this rebellion would likely immediately shut down.

  12. Shadram says:

    It used to be cold like Iceland, but then it took a global warming to the tundra.

    (Terrible comment, needs work. Don’t post.)

  13. Premium User Badge

    Bluerps says:

    You’re right, this is rather lovely.

  14. derf says:

    Does this mod radically overhaul the user interface?

  15. Somerled says:

    That YouTube video has a HUD.

  16. golem09 says:

    I was perfectly happy with not touching skyrim until my Oculus Consumer version is in the house.


    Now I’m thinking about ordering that dev kit.

  17. Tetracell says:

    Too bad no one ever did this for Oblivion. Provided that I’m remembering correctly and Cyrodiil was described as a jungle type deal in older lore stuff. If not – still too bad. Would’ve been better than Fantasy Medieval Landscape #25

    • FloorBelow says:

      “It is the largest region of the continent, and most is endless jungle. Its center, the grassland of the Nibenay Valley, is enclosed by an equatorial rain forest and broken up by rivers. As one travels south along these rivers, the more subtropical it becomes, until finally the land gives way to the swamps of Argonia and the placid waters of the Topal Bay.”

      And culturally it used to be a really cool mix of Renaissance Italy (especially Venice) and imperial China.

  18. c-Row says:

    Apes for trolls.

    Sounds like the YouTube comment section.

  19. bstard says:

    The main questline is to learn spanish and help out El Presidente on his humanity saving plan to grow more “tabacco”!

  20. brulleks says:

    Skyrim: Global Warming.

    Edit: Damn, should learn to read the title properly…

  21. analydilatedcorporatestyle says:

    Was the players character smerking tabs like? Puffin his smerk all ower he was!