The RPS Bargain Bucket: Actually Feeling

The only thing better than getting a new game to play is getting a new game to play without spending very much money on acquiring it. To that end, I’ve had a look all over the internet to find you this weekend’s best deals on downloadable games for your computer box, and bellow are the results. For more cheap games on all platforms, head to

Jet Set Radio – £1.49/€1.99/$2.49
Still a classic. Jet Set Radio for the PC is the definitive version in my opinion, it’s never looked better. It’s a bit more difficult and clumsier than I remember, and there’s a punishing delay whenever you fail challenges, but when you’re successfully chaining grinding with jump tricks and spraying graffiti across a gloriously imagined cel-shaded Neo Tokyo, it’s untouchable. The character designs, soundtrack and visual style all ooze coolness.

Rayman Origins – £4.41/€5.09/$6.79
The luscious 2d sidescroller sequel that Rayman always deserved. This isn’t as involved as many other platformers, but there’s a real sense of adventure as you traverse the beautifully cinematic levels, jumping on the bad guys running from left to right. How about open sourcing the Ubiart Framwork like you originally said you would, Ubisoft? Read Alec’s opinions on this over here.

Dear Esther – £1.38
An interactive poem about walking from A to B and then feeling emotions.
Here’s wot John thought:

The writing is genuinely good. While it may sometimes slip close to the hackneyed, for the most part its telling is extremely strong, cleverly blurring the line between metaphoric poetry and simple conflation. The weakness, perhaps, is once you’ve had the, “Oh, I see!” moment, you’ve nothing further to gain, the point just becoming belaboured rather than further established. But Dear Esther exists only to tell that story, and in this it succeeds, accompanied by the gorgeously painted background of its island. It’s also accompanied by some absolutely beautiful music, sparingly used and perfectly haunting, strings and piano doubling the atmosphere.

More here, and additional thoughts from Alec here.

AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! — A Reckless Disregard for Gravity, Cognition Episode 2: The Wise Monkey, Fieldrunners, Snapshot & Snuggle Truck – £3.61/€4.17/£5.44 at time of writing
Price will fluctuate over time, as explained here. All except Cognition Episode 2 register on Steam.
A rather strong bundle, I reckon, especially if you got the previous Indie Royale bundle, including Episode 1 of Cognition. The first two Cognition Episodes got Cobbetted, where he said:

It’s a series that anyone who remembers serious adventures as fondly as the comedy ones should definitely check out though. When it slips up, it’s usually at least funny about it. The rest of the time, it ducks in and out of actually feeling like the thriller it promises to be, but has more than enough edge to its design when it really counts. It’s an unashamedly old-school take on the genre rather than a reinvention, with everything that implies for good and bad. I’m definitely looking forward to playing more though, and seeing where the story goes when the next episode lands.

More here.

Deal of the week
Pick 5 Games Promo at GOG
Pick any five games from this selection to get a pretty major discount on them. For my money, you want to be eyeing up the likes of Capsized, Tiny and Big, The Witcher, The Chronicles of Riddick & Legend of Grimrock. Riddick in particular, since this is (as far as I am aware) the only place to get it from without any DRM, and I think it’s a pretty damn good remake of an already excellent first person game. Brilliant meaty melee combat and interesting uses of stealth mechanics in an primarily action game stand Riddick out from the crowd, there’s not really been anything quite like it since.

Also of note:
Cell HD: emergence -99p/€1.24/$1.49
Q.U.B.E. – £1.74/€1.99/$2.49. Registers on Steam.
The Bagfull Of Wrong – £1.99/€2.30/$3
Little Inferno – £2.79/€3.59/$3.99
Kairo – £2.49

Find yourself even more deals on cheap games over at


  1. Xocrates says:

    I would like to share a few notes on Little Inferno.

    As a game, it’s repetitive and grindy, and it’s over in about 2 hours.


    As an experience, it’s a wonderful, joyful thing that I would recommend everyone to play through at least once.

    If you have the spare change, give it a punt, it’s definitely worth it.

    • Klydefrog says:

      I wholeheartedly endorse this message. I still find it a little odd that it isn’t available on Android devices or those other things some people have when the gameplay and UI so clearly imitates so many mobile games. It would probably make a fantastic one as well, all the usual mindless and simple tap-based gameplay but with a surprisingly intriguing and thought provoking story. Also, who doesn’t love to burn stuff?

      • ProtoMan says:

        Wouldn’t porting it to mobile platforms be extremely hypocritical, considering the message of the game?

      • VelvetFistIronGlove says:

        It is available on iOS.

    • Larkington says:

      I nearly passed on it because of all the negativity I’ve read. But I picked it up on Thursday and played to completion.

      I think it’s a great puzzle game. Finding combinations based on the silly descriptions was immensely entertaining, and the item descriptions themselves had me chuckling a few times.

      It is repetitive, but I don’t think it detracts from burning things. Also, didn’t see that ending coming…that was neat.

    • Shadowcat says:

      Note that (today) Little Inferno is also 50% off directly from the developer (using the Humble store) which is only $1 more than the Steam price. If you dislike Steam then that’s obviously the better deal (plus more of that money would go to the devs).

    • AngoraFish says:

      Bought and played based on the above recommendations. Played a little over three hours before I was able to trigger the end sequence, so I googled it. First time I’d googled in the game, but I just wanted it to be over.

      The game is clearly intended to feel profound, and the music is excellent for the theme, however it rang hollow for me.

      Perhaps this is worth supporting as art, but I can’t help but feel that the developers have turned a tidy profit already on what is ultimately an extremely simple game.

      I can’t in good conscience recommend this to anyone, even puzzle fans.

      • Xocrates says:

        How the bloody hell did you play for over 3 hours and not trigger the end sequence? Were you trying to do all the combos, or just not use any stamps ever?

        • AngoraFish says:

          Yes, I was too conservative with stamps in hindsight.

          At the time it seemed like saving a few stamps for the ‘end game’ might be useful. As it turns out, there really wasn’t an end game to speak of so, yes, I wasted a bunch.

          It’s not clear how long wait times contributed to the game when it turns out that there were, more or less, enough stamps offered along the way to eliminate long wait times…

          It also took a while to pick up on the tactic of buying every item in each book to unlock them up front, so I did spend some time looking for combos that, it turns out, couldn’t be achieved until a few unlocks down the track.

      • haradaya says:

        I agree. I was expecting a bigger payoff to grinding through it, like it was really going to slap me in the face. It wasn’t /that/ amusing burning things, despite the effects some of the toys had.
        Can’t imagine paying full price for it.

    • Jason-Milardo says:

      just as Anne answered I didn’t know that a person able to profit $7373 in 4 weeks on the computer. have you read this page… link to

  2. Anthile says:

    Dishonored is arguably quite a lot like the Riddick games. It still seems like those games are underrated and rarely even mentioned when people discuss immersive sims. They are not cheap licensed movie tie-ins.

    • LennyLeonardo says:

      I fully agree. When I first played Butcher Bay in the olden days it felt like as much of a radical shake-up of the FPS as Far Cry did. Not sure how it’d stand up now, but fond memories and all that.

  3. Aardvarkk says:

    Got a good price for the Kingdoms of Alamur & expansions on Steam.

    • suibhne says:

      50% off Amalur isn’t a great price, actually. It’s currently 75% off at the US site for GreenManGaming. The problem is that GMG doesn’t seem to carry the DLC, so you pretty much have to get them via Origin and they’re pretty much never on sale there – whereas they all get the same 50% discount at Steam. So this becomes a judgment call: buy at GMG for $7.50 if you only want the base game, or buy the whole package from Steam for $25 if you want the DLC.

      You could also bet that Amazon or GamersGate will have a better sale later…but I haven’t seen the DLC on sale like the base game has been. I could’ve missed it, tho.

      • Ignorant Texan says:

        GamersGate had it with all the DLC for$27.xx(I don’t remember if it was .49 or .99) right before John Walker wrote his piece about it a month or so ago. I the DLC was also sold separately at a discount).

    • Teovald says:

      Me as well. I think it is the first time ever that this game is on sale on Steam. It has stayed at its initial price until now, even during the season sales… I wonder if anybody bought it at that price..

      • ShineyBlueShoes says:

        I think it’s because that’s the only place you can get it as a Steam copy so people still pay more to avoid Origin.

        • SkittleDiddler says:

          It might be worth avoiding the Origin version. I got my copy of KoA:R as a free replacement for another broken EA game, and the serial key they gave me for it was already registered to an EA employee’s Origin account (!). Even after getting that cleared up, I bought the DLC packs and couldn’t get the game to recognize them. Everything got resolved eventually, but jeezus…

  4. Sander Bos says:

    Also: Far Cry 3 on Steam. Just 40% off, but I now some cheapskates must have been waiting for the first time this one is discounted (or at least: I just bought it).

    Another game I bought which is discounted at several places (Gamersgate, Steam) is F1 2012, although after a few hours of play I can’t say I really recommend it (I returned to GRID after those few hours, which looks almost just as good even though it was released 6 years ago).

    • Koozer says:

      Ooh, ooh, Far Cry 2 is also only £2.49 right now! Quickly, everyone buy it so you can either a) complain loudly like the cool kids or b) enjoy yourself immensely! It’s win-win!

      • The Random One says:

        Lots of people disliked Far Cry 2, so complaining about it doesn’t give it the sense of smug superiority one gets when badmouthing (say) Skyrim though.

        • SkittleDiddler says:

          I love badmouthing Skyrim. In fact, I never bought it, so I always feel doubly smug and doubly superior.

        • phelix says:

          But… but…. what what sensible person doesn’t bash Skyrim? It’s Fallout with swords, for Bob’s sake!

  5. chaosclown16 says:

    Long time reader; first time poster.

    I think it is worth mentioning that Left 4 Dead 1 and 2 are both 5$ on Steam. Sorry, I don’t know the Euro conversion rate.

    Age of Empires 3 Complete Collection is 20$. Again, sorry, don’t know how much that would be in Euros.

  6. shaydeeadi says:

    XCom: Enemy Unknown is £11.99 on Gamersgate too.

    • KDR_11k says:

      They also have deals on Crusader Kings 2 and Saints Row 3 currently (DLCs as well).

  7. Shantara says:

    Nice deal for Wadjet Eye bundle at link to
    Puzzle Bots and Gemini Rue for $1
    + Resonance and 4 Blackwell games for $5
    All register on Steam

  8. Casimir Effect says:

    Capsized should be in your gog basket if you go for that deal. It’s a great wee game which allows for the most fun movement I’ve ever played with in a 2D action game. There’s nothing like jetpacking yourself to the top of a level, freefalling for as long as possible then energy grappling to a platform thus catapulting yourself upwards with force similar to that which you were falling with.

  9. manuelcalavera says:

    I second the groupees Wadjet Eye. Those games are all marvellous and they make you feel warm inside.

  10. theunshaven says:

    For me, the greatest element of the GoG ‘pick-five-games’ sale is Defender’s Quest. That’s one of my favourite games of 2012 bar none, and it’s a real steal at that price.

    – The Unshaven

    • JFS says:

      On the other hand, I cannot recommend putting Inquistor in your basket. It’s not only old-school, it’s technically badly done old-school. The story and atmosphere might be great, and the graphics aren’t bad, but the rest ist rather half-baked. A shame, really.

      • Ignorant Texan says:

        JFS –

        Is Inquisitor mechanically broken? Buggy? Overly confusing/complicated?

        As someone who’ll admit to buying the Collector’s Edition of SW:toR(mentioning this to show I have way over-paid for some shitty games), $3 doesn’t seem like that big of a waste of money, unless it is completely unplayable.

        • ShineyBlueShoes says:

          I’m curious about this as well since what I’ve read about it makes it sound ok if you understand it’s so old school.

        • JFS says:

          I wrote up a short review, but apparently something is amiss with RPS’ comment system… my comment doesn’t show up :(

  11. Phantoon says:

    Dear Esther is the worst game. Not only can you not sprint forever, there is no sprint function. Also, you can’t talk to the demons, nor shoot them.

    • Koozer says:

      Can you at least get XP for finishing quests and level up?

    • Boult Upright says:

      There’s a really cool mod that fixes all of that. It’s called :’Perpetual Sprint and Converse / Shoot Demons’ V1.3. Google it.

    • LennyLeonardo says:

      I wish Gamesmaster were still on TV.

      Viewer: “Help me Gamesmaster, I can’t process the disparate story elements in Dear Esther, and I’m having trouble shedding my preconceptions of interactive entertainment, which are getting in the way of my fully enjoying the experience.”

      Gamesmaster: “Get a haircut.”

    • brulleks says:

      There’s stuff to look at but it’s all countryside and shit. Where’s all the urban decay and apocalyptic wasteland?

  12. MondSemmel says:

    I second the recommendations for Defender’s Quest on GoG and the Groupees WadJet Eye Bundle.
    Especially considering the WadJet Eye Bundle is 100% WadJet and contains no bad games, I think. (I _assume_ The Blackwell Deception and Resonance will be as good as the rest, but I have heard at best mixed things about Da New Guys. But if that one game is bad, just skip it; the rest is awesome.)

    Any opinions on Kairo?

  13. sbs says:

    Is that the first or the second Riddick on GOG? Is the second one decent?

    • Useful Dave says:

      Second, and it includes the first, so it’s even better.

      • suibhne says:

        In fact, it includes a better version of the first. Win-win!

        The second game is okay but forgettable. But the package is worth picking up just for the enhanced version of the original.

  14. boschefreddy says:

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  15. Marr says:

    Just for fun, here’s the young dreamers of Electronic Arts at the formation of the company.

    “We’re about to change that tradition. The name of our company is Electronic Arts. SOFTWARE WORTHY OF THE MINDS THAT USE IT. We are a new association of electronic artists united by a common goal — to fulfill the enormous potential of the personal computer, transcending its present use as a facilitator of unimaginative tasks and a medium for blasting aliens. These are wondrous machines we have created, and in them can be seen a bit of their makers.”

    link to

  16. PrimordialSoup says:

    I would also mention the newest Humble Bundle for Android, and the pre-order deal for Trials Evolution at GetGames. I have been interested in the latter for a while, but have never had the chance to play a Trials game before. Here is hoping that it is a solid port to PC!

    • KDR_11k says:

      The Humble Bundle was mentioned in previous weeks I believe.

  17. cervor says:

    I find the Rayman Origins demo incredibly fiddly and punishing. Maybe I should play with a controller, or just not try to get every collectible, but it certainly doesn’t motivate me to come back to it.

    • Guvornator says:

      It’s called Old School platforming, biatch ;) Seriously, at this price I’d buy just to scoot through the levels. Imaginitive, exciting and best of all, FUN.

  18. dangermouse76 says:

    Steam UK. Beyond good and evil £2.49. Great game and lots of fun for the money. What ever happened to the sequel they were meant to be making ?

    • Panda Powered says:

      Michel Ancel is busy making Rayman games at the moment.

  19. SuperNashwanPower says:

    Interesting to see that the unlock percentage for Bioshock Infinite pre-order has shot up lately. Free copy of Bioshock 1, free Team Fortress stuff is already unlocked, and the Free XCom: Enemy Unknown is at 56%. It was at 44% yesterday so people must be getting a rush on (the TF one unlocked so slowwwwwwly compared to the last, perhaps folks are panicking)

  20. dymck1 says:

    Got Dear Esther, quite good.