Verdict: Saints Row 4 Trailer


Deep Silver put out a trailer announcing Saints Row IV (that’s FOUR to you people who can’t read Roman) yesterday! It launches on 20th August 2013 in the US and 23rd August 2013 in the boring parts of the world. Me and Ye Olde Man Gillen had a look at it with a cynical eye, KG’s cat gently humping him on the leg throughout.

Cara: I hope it has dildoes.
Kieron: Have we started? If we haven’t I approve, as clearly that’s the idiom we’re working with.
Cara: No we haven’t. Shall we start?
Kieron: I have found the video!
Cara: Well I mean there is a warning for The Children at the start.
Kieron: I am probably shocked and horrified or something.
Cara: Oh I thought that was just your expression.
Kieron: I may have been having a stroke. It’s common for men of my age.

Cara: Okay so it has a lot of guitars. Is that natural for these trailers? I am Saints Row newb.
Kieron: You are? Oh man, do you have a treat for you. It’s basically an autobiographic game.
Cara: Well I played the demo of the first one and thought it was TERRIBLE but you could make a man’s face look like a banana. Or was that the second. I played the third a bit. I made a lady look like the Jolly Green Giant. And she went around smacking people with dildoes.
Kieron: That certainly is Saints Row. And a thing you can do.
Cara: BUT APART FROM THAT I have not seen their trailers before.
Kieron: It’s a lot like what I hear they had planned for the new Sim City. But they decided to cut out the Dildos. And instead put questionable modelling of stuff and things.
Cara: Oh KG you ARE topical.
Kieron: Like Doctor Dre, I still have love for the PC Gaming streets.

Cara: Actually maybe I should write to Maxis with this trailer: You Should Have Done This.
Kieron: “Dear Maxis – why isn’t Sim City like this?”
Cara: Dear Maxis: no dildos? A mistake.
Kieron: “You have managed to offend the fanbase in a very easy and lazy way. It’s no fun. If you made Sim City 5 like this, it would have been worth it for entertainment value alone.”
Cara: You do still get to punt your shit to your neighbour though.
Kieron: This is true!
Cara: I mean let’s be fair to Maxis here.

not for the childrens

Kieron: Anyway – 0:03 in and an 18 PEGI rating. Which probably means that Her From Mad Men thinks it’s jolly rude.
Cara: Oh yes she is positively blushing. Unless she is in The West Wing in which case she is sleeping with the cutest guy on the show. In any case, in this trailer we seem to have Adam Ant to begin.
Kieron: Is it Adam Ant? He looks like Him From Deus Ex to me.
Cara: Well that guy did look like Adam Ant. A shit one.
Kieron: Yeah, he heard that, as 0:09 his feet have exploded with sparklers.
Cara: This is all very David Bowie.
Kieron: You’re right, actually. It’s oddly reminding me of The Nomad Soul.
Cara: Can they not just make a David Bowie Saints Row.
Kieron: Except with wanking instead of being wanky. (The Matrix pastiche at 0:10 appears to be 15 years too late.)
Cara: Oh yeah that is odd… why are they harking back to that?

welcome to TRONTOWN

Cara: Light cycles!
Kieron: Hmm. I know!
Kieron: It’s just a big list of their favourite stuff… I know you’re young enough to think that anything pre-00s was 1980s, but the Matrix wasn’t 80s, Cara.
Cara: Did that lady at 0:17 just punch someone in the crotch? I like crotch punching in a game.

Kieron: 0:11 VOLITION. I always think that they should be called VIOLATION for Saints Row and embrace it. (There was an old Spectrum shooter called VIOLATOR which was an incredibly bad call for a name. (EDIT: Actually, the game Kieron was thinking about, as pointed out by TossrStu in the comments, was the equally badly named PENETRATOR. VIOLATOR was actually an Amiga Codemasters’ game, with a very bad name.)
Cara: Oh dear.
Kieron: Yeah, good crotch punch!

Kieron: Er… being serious for a second, doesn’t think look like Crackdown?
Cara: Yeah it does.
Kieron: Or that other game that ripped off Crackdown? It was probably on the other Console Toy. The Sony one.
Cara: Which one are we talking here? The one about a super guy.
Kieron: Yeah. That one.
Cara: Super person… like a super…. man?
Kieron: Honestly, I’m pretending to care, but I don’t care at all.
Cara: Okay good because there is a pink robot at 0:18

pink wobot you are my vewy bestest fwiend

Kieron: May just be a dude in a suit.
Cara: That I am hoping is a sexbot… Oh well just spoil it.
Kieron: Yeah. Some dudes totally dress up as robots knowing that ladies dig robots. It’s sneaky.
Cara: It’s a known PUA tactic.
Kieron: It probably is. “BOTTING”
Cara: The bot is like “NEGATIVE you look shit” – bot negging (that is a joke for anyone who knows about pick up artists at all if not sorry ignore and NEVER look at any of their forums). Well there are certainly bikes and explosions.

dong duh dong dong

Kieron: :( 0:25: NOT PENIS.
Cara: I feel like this is the biggest tragedy of all that there are very few ACTUAL penii in games where there are boobs galore.
Kieron: Doesn’t cutting from penis to BLEW seem a little fellatio nod? Also, there’s a police man being expanded next, which plays into the inflation fetishist market. And that’s an ever expanding market.
Cara: Yeah let’s not let them go unpraised for that cut to.
Cara: ….I’m sorry
Cara: …..I have just paused on the not penis section
Cara: and I cannot bring myself to press play

sorry i just couldn't bear watching the trailer one more time to get the actual foot to crotch shot sorry sorry

Cara: Yeah, and before that there was a splendid bondage lady. Thing is… Someone should have told the Hitman guys that if they’d made their men as fetishised as the women in their trailer you can get away with EVERYTHING.
Cara: Also crotch kicks.
Kieron: I think that Saints Row 4 should steal Preacher’s joke and have a character who has a scar in his bald head which makes him look like a dong.
Cara: Or we could just get Hitman to make his head look like a dong.
Kieron: That’s what I meant. A Hitman parody character in SR4 with a dong for a bald head.
Cara: Excellent. And there is a man dressed as a hotdog. Is that a dong joke or are we just talking about dongs a lot…
Kieron: It’s in the idiom of the game. Don’t worry.
Cara: There is someone here who looks like The Phantom at 0:42 that is not dong related.
Kieron: ROBOT! Not a sexy lady pleasing robot. A big dirty ED-209 ROBOT.
Cara: Cars, robots, chases, PURPLE EXPLOSION! Purple….rain?

transformers type stuff goings on etc etc what is this stuff why

Kieron: Yes – more 80sism (0:44 Another crotch punch).
Cara: There were a lot of ladies crotch punching. This is dongcentric.
Kieron: Yeah.
Cara: Is this my perfect game?
Kieron: It’s interesting in that despite all the clear playful offense they’re being careful to sidestep imagery which people are going to describe in misogynistic terms. I’m sorry. I’m being serious for a second.
Cara: Yes. I think that the people on this dev team are very conscious of these issues.
Kieron: No, I’d agree with that entirely. (I’m a little more surprised the PR are too.)

Aside: Deep Silver are responsible for “torsogate” so they are no stranger to selling lewd stuff to us.

Cara: I think they were careful to make the sexy slider bars on char creation equally as gross (at least they were in 3) and I appreciate that as someone who is tired of not seeing man ass/parts/whatever…
Kieron: – I do too –
Cara: ….or any allusions to penises existing in games – but having my own parts constantly put on screen in naked ways. Okay that came out weird.
Kieron: In the grim future of the 41st millennia, there are not enough space marine buttocks
Cara: Yes. ASSLESS CHAPS etc.
Kieron: No, I gets. It’s a cheerfully egalitarian – often even utopian – game in terms of its sexual politics, for a certain value, etc.
Cara: I just think this is cool: they are having fun with sexuality in a non-harmful way.
Kieron: … I mostly go with that.
Cara: Usually the focus is ladies ladies ladies. And how big their jugs are.

Kieron: God, let’s get back to the nob gags. We’re taking them seriously, which I’m sure is the last thing they’d want.
Cara: I hope lots of buildings are knob shaped.
Kieron: The london dildo basically needs to come to the town of Saints Row.
Kieron: That’s the climax. Some kind of space vagina attacks and they have to launch a skyline of cock at it.
Cara: ‘climax’
Kieron: “A skyline of cock” is probably the article header. If RPS were a different site.
Cara: Wait. RPS is not the site where that would happen?
Kieron: I think this piece is being influenced by our new cat spending all the time I’m talking to you trying to have sex with my leg.


Cara: You have a new cat?
Kieron: I do!
Cara: Also a cat is attracted to you?
Kieron: She’s in heat, as she hasn’t been attacked by a surgeon.
Cara: Does your leg look like a man cat.
Kieron: She is trying to hump every other object in the house. I’m not taking it as a compliment.
Cara: Oh right.
Cara: Well I guess you and her need to discuss platonic terms.
Kieron: You know, now the comment thread is going to be full of people giving medical advice to this, etc, etc. In advance: I KNOW. Anyway – anything else in the trailer?
Cara: Hmm. I guess it will be mainly about light cycles? There are a lot of bikes.
Kieron: Yeah.
Cara: And the man in the suit seems to be a thing.
Kieron: Really, it’s the superhero stuff that seems to stand out. There’s lots more of that kind of thing.
Cara: Yeah, I think Saints Row is becoming mainly about the power trip. Even empowerment in a way. I like that it WANTS to be ridiculous. It WANTS to let you do all these mad things.
Kieron: Yeah. I mean, that’s theme of the last few. The only worry is that they’ll push it too far. Though I’m not sure that “too far” even exists.
Cara: It’s like they just realised games are for letting you do everything that you ever did in a weird fucked up dream.
Kieron: Part of me does wonder how you could take it further. When I wrote about SR3 I wrote about how the opening could only be made better if you made a few people explode with orgasms. Dare you, Volition. I double dare you.

Cara: I think if there are no orgasms or allusions to orgasms in this game we will feel very let down.
Kieron: Has it come to this, etc.
Cara: The climax of the story etc etc. Anyway KG thank you for taking time out to look at a silly trailer.
Cara: What else is on your radar these days with games? I hear you are setting crew members on fire in FTL.
Kieron: I am playing FTL, Space Simulator [I think he means Space Engine] and Far Cry 3. I’m a pretty cool gamer, circa 2012.
Cara: You are very With It.
Kieron: Daddio.
Cara: Dad dad daddio.
Cara: Okay this is weird.
Cara: Signing off.

Actually, now that I have slowed down the trailer frame by frame there are actually tons of barely-dressed women hiding in this trailer compared to very dressed dudes – so that is not quite so cool as I thought. Still. We’ll see.

PS. If you have KG cat advice below would be the place to put it. Meanwhile, I will be posting catnip through his letterbox.


  1. Borklund says:

    Saints Rowface!

    • Jason-Milardo says:

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  2. GernauMorat says:

    “A skyline of cock”

    • Lacero says:

      If there was ever a line to justify use of a pull quote, this is it.

  3. ZIGS says:

    Saints Row 3.1

    • Dunbine says:

      It would have been funny, and in the spirit of Saint’s Row, to have called it “Saint’s Row 3.75 and a bit” or something. It would be a wink of the eye, and would be in front of the inevitable complaints about pushing out a flushed-out DLC as a full game.

  4. tossrStu says:

    Not that it makes it any better — in fact, it probably makes it far, far worse — but I suspect the Spectrum game KG was thinking of was actually Penetrator, not Violator.

    • Kieron Gillen says:

      You’re correct – the Spectrum shooter was PENETRATOR. VIOLATOR was an Amiga game.

    • Kefren says:

      Holy rubber keys, just looking at the colours and loading screen fills me with 8 bit longing. And I’m a C64 man!

    • JB says:

      PENETRATOR was a hard game

    • Vurogj says:

      Oh my, that was the game that convinced my dad to buy a Spectrum, after the fat, balding, techy guy from his works IT department loaned the machine to him for a weekend.

      Questioning my childhood in 3… 2… 1…

  5. Syra says:

    The missed a letter bit made me laugh out loud, I love how wacky these things are.

  6. tossrStu says:

    Also I bloody loved SR3, and if this turns out to be the game the trailer paints it as — ie. the result of SR3 and Crackdown having a one-night-stand by the bins round the back of the local Ritzy nitespot — then it’s my GOTY, hands-down.

  7. McDan says:

    Cat advice: get dog.

    • InternetBatman says:

      Or just make sure your pets are catstrated. Heat can catalyze a feline’s desire to catch catamites on catamarans. Or you could just teach it catechism.

  8. Ross Angus says:

    Last time I had to deal with a randy cat, I just dangled a string for two hours, and let her fight it. As soon as I stopped, she’d start shouting her head off.

  9. ColOfNature says:

    RPS is becoming increasingly cat-centric under Cara’s influence. I had a cat once. He would sit on the roof and taunt the dogs. He was a boy-cat, and fathered a vast dynasty of feline bastards. Fastards.

    edit: probably unfair to blame La Ellison, there has always been a distinctly feline undercurrent around here.

    • Droopy The Dog says:

      It’s all down to of Alec’s machiavellian plotting as I understand it. Or his cat’s, I’m not discounting an inspector gadget twist.

    • Gap Gen says:

      I spent my childhood watching ducks and chickens sex each other. My courtship tactic still largely involves head-bobbing.

  10. DarkLiberator says:

    Actually looking forward to it, my problem is a lot of the character models make it look like a large expansion pack rather then a fully fledged sequel.

    Oh well, definitely will pick it up, AFTER a full package edition of all the dlc is released. I’m in no hurry.

    • KDR_11k says:

      I don’t mind too much, SR2 was reusing a lot of SR1 (playing in the same city with many of the same characters, after all) but they still added a ton more stuff and generally improved the gameplay.

      I just wish that the food comes back, not only does that provide a lot more stores in the city but I had many, MANY situations where I was trying to hide and recharge my health, wishing I had some hamburgers on me to instantly recover some health. The smaller wardrobe also kinda hurt the feeling of being in a city. SR1 and 2 had many more types of stores (jewelers, hairdressers, melee weapon stores …) that may have been impractical for a munchkin trying to do everything quickly but to some degree it’s a game about feeling like you’re in that city there. It made the rich downtown feel distinct from the slummy areas your gang starts in. Also individual stores sometimes had sales so you would want to drive to a specific gun store to get 10% off all goods.

      • darkChozo says:

        I miss SR2’s clothing stores, where there were like 2-3 stores with multiple locations, then a couple of single location stores and then a couple of almost easter egg-y specialty stores in the mall. SR3 has those specialty stores, and then… Planet Saints. Whoohoo.

        • Azdeus says:

          Very much this, I also miss the story setup from SR2, wich I actually very much liked compared to SR3. The content in SR3 felt comparatively thin aswell, but that was perhaps because of the lack of an introductory “briefing” wich helped set the tone for the game.

          Being told to hose poo all over houses felt so much more right when a dead serious lawyer tells you he wants to lower property values around the area.

  11. InternetBatman says:

    I will be interested in this if they have the content to back it up. Engine and assets reuse isn’t as important as people make them out to be. New Vegas used the same engine and many of the same assets and was an amazing game. Jeff Vogel has only changed engines three-ish times in over a decade. Bioshock 2 was decent.

  12. dangermouse76 says:

    My mums cat is so fat he has over the years worn a hole in the carpet by the patio where he always sits. I’m off to look at funny cat videos on youtube see you in about 5 hours.

    • Low Life says:

      I almost skipped reading your comment, as my internal spam filter was triggered by the first few words.

      • SF Legend says:

        My mum’s cat earned $30k in the last year working from home! Click here to find out how!

        • dE says:

          I’d laugh, but this is a bit too close to truth. Film your cat as it derps out, put it on the internet, swim in youtube money. Profit.

  13. Radiant says:

    My issue with saints row the third was that there wasn’t that much to do.

    It was all very straightforward. What I liked about GTA:SA was that I could jump into any utility vehicle and it would have missions for me to do.
    Or I could start a gang war and take over the city. Or do a whole bunch of other random things.

    Saints Row seemed like it just needed more content to the city itself outside of the main story.

    I’d rather look incredibly fancy than a parody of “90’s wear!” “80’s wear!” “Pimp wear!” etc.
    I mean I did fake a pair of red soles but I didn’t want to have to do that.

    • x1501 says:

      Agree on all counts. Another of my major problems with this otherwise fantastic co-op game was the fact that it was too easy, even on Hardcore. Taking over the city was an effortless affair, the campaign missions in particular were devoid of any challenge, and the Whored Mode, with its ridiculously short waves and never-ending Level Completion screens, was just a complete waste of potential from start to finish.

      Also, not enough Professor Genki’s Super Ethical Reality Climax. Now that was just unethical.

    • KDR_11k says:

      Saints Row 2 had that, I don’t know why SR3 dropped all those aspects. It’s why I think both SR2 and 3 are equally good since each has advantages over the other (which just shouldn’t happen with a same-generation sequel like that!).

      • Tacroy says:

        SR2 had that because they re-used a lot of content from SR 1, which meant that they could flesh everything out.

        SR4 will hopefully be like that, since it seems like they’re re-using a lot of the content.

  14. Radiant says:

    Also can’t we have some fucking in a game without having to be jokey about it?

    Do it with a straight face fnar fnar.

  15. ChainsawHands says:

    I want every RPS article to be Cara and Kieron talking about cocks.

  16. CMaster says:

    Why is Cara not staff yet?

    Also, SR3 was, while featuring a pimp and featuring the saints trafficking women etc, also surprisingly aware of sexual politics. There’s a lot of fairly subtle stuff in it about the way media tends to treat women, along with the over the top general gameplay.

    If SR4 is of similar lunacy and similar scope the SR3, then I’ll be happy, even if it is a bit of a half-arsed, try and save THQ now (but too late) job.

    • nzmccorm says:

      There’s also a lot of interesting stuff folded up in random barks. Like when you’re doing the escort missions where you have to rescue prostitutes from the Morning Star, one of the things they’ll say is that they want to work for the Saints because the Saints let their prostitutes unionize.

      • WhatKateDoes says:

        I LOVED Saints Row 3 – I especially liked it for its Mass-Effect Rule Book of Gender Equality. That is to say that literally the game played out completely equally regardless of the gender of the player character. I thought it made for a very refreshing powerful character when played as the female boss :)

        Still disappointed that this looks like SR 3.5 tho.

  17. karry says:

    You know, its like, you take a group of people and tell them to imagine the most insane things they could think of, and just mash it all together into one product. And somehow…when Japanese do it we get awesome cool stuff, but when USians do it – the result is most often than not is simply sad.

    • Dunbine says:

      Perhaps the Greater Britainese should take a crack at it, revive that old 60’s sense of humour.

      • Koozer says:

        You don’t want 60s British humour.

        • Nick says:

          Come now, racism and sexism are HILARIOUS.

          • Dunbine says:

            Whaaaaat? Its not just sexism and racism. It is also about stop-motion / time-lapse chases, perhaps set to the tune Yakerty Sax. That could never, ever, ever get old. Amiright?

    • Gap Gen says:


      • TCM says:

        Worth noting Jesus never hated homosexuals, that’s primarily an old testament thing.

        • Jackablade says:

          That Levictus chap didn’t like shellfish either. I’d never trust the word of a man who was so vehemently opposed to the prawn cocktail.

  18. MeestaNob says:

    If one of the million inevitable Saints Row IV trailers from now until it’s alarmingly near release date doesn’t end with “SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKERS, HERE’S FREESPACE 3!!” I’ll be very disappointed.

    • KDR_11k says:

      Unfortunately the shambling corpse of Interplay still has an iron grip on the Descent and Freespace IPs.

      On one hand space games are a pretty tough sale these days, on the other hand Deep Silver does publish the X series.

      • FriendlyFire says:

        Tough sale, perhaps excepting Star Citizen’s 8 million dollars funding record and the not too shabby results of Elite: Dangerous, Kinetic Void, Limit Theory and others.

  19. newprince says:

    It’s always strange to me when GTA fans remark on how silly Saint’s Row is. First of all, go back to the first couple of GTA games, and you’ll find Saint’s Row seems to be more of the spiritual successor, if not in terms of pure violence (kiiling spree etc), then in pure offensiveness.

    Also, Saint’s Row has reached a point where it let’s the character have fun, to the point where I feel that’s the main design path. I feel GTA’s popularity has forced it to take itself too seriously, when it really doesn’t have the capacity to pull that off, and my fun as a player is sacrificed. At least let me laugh at the game when it’s doing boring or overdone stuff. Anyway, very excited for SR4.

    • Skabooga says:

      True that. I still remember being shocked and disgusted by the mission in GTA 2 where you rounded up a van full of naked citizens and drove them to a meat processing factory to turn them into hotdogs. Heck, I still find it disgusting, but there was no doubt that it was absolutely absurd.

  20. DickSocrates says:

    It looks identical to Saints Row 3. IDENTICAL. And despite the hype, I’m not sure that many people actually enjoyed it. Blowing stuff up and shooting hundreds of enemies doesn’t mean anything when you feel almost invincible from the very start (and eventually obtain true invincibility) and the gunplay is mediocre. It plays like a game from 2002. A THQ game from 2002.

    • newprince says:

      I’m not sure what game you were playing. To me, it felt ahead of GTA in terms of freedom and allowing the player to create their own fun. If you didn’t want to level up your invincibility type powers, you didn’t have to.

    • PopeRatzo says:

      Are you sure you were actually playing Saints Row 3? Your description doesn’t sound anything like it.

  21. dE says:

    The biggest thing Saints Row 3 did for equality of gender, was perhaps owed to a bug – or it was more tongue in cheek than I had assumed. When my male character walked through the streets naked, some men would cheer and shout “damn that sexy lady” and “She’s hot” at my character.

    • KDR_11k says:

      IIRC Saints Row 2 didn’t have a gender switch, it had a slider.

      Also for equality there’s the sex appeal slider in SR3. It applies to both men and women.

      Oh and the game does not prevent you from using a voice pack or clothing that does not match your character’s gender.

  22. Premium User Badge

    Earl-Grey says:

    I miss you KG, come visit more often.
    *hugs and dildoes*

  23. Phantoon says:

    “She’s in heat, as she hasn’t been attacked by a surgeon.”

    Kieron was the best. Can we get him back?

    Also, it’s weird to read an article of this sort, since I think the last time Cara and Kieron did this was for Red Alert 3.

  24. Deadly Habit says:

    Saints Row, the series that is more Grand Theft Auto than modern GTA titles.

  25. manuelcalavera says:

    Did anyone else spot the Roberto Rodriguez referencing guitar case launcher?

  26. Bashmet says:

    It’s as if Spike TV made a video game.

  27. PopeRatzo says:

    Thank god, a new Saints Row. The game industry hasn’t completely gone to crap.

    I’m looking forward to a AAA title that doesn’t expect me to think all meta about violence and breasts.

  28. Reapy says:

    Random comment, why do people keep assuming breasts and male anatomy are equivolent? They aren’t. Vagina == Penis. That is about the same ‘shock’ level, and honestly, I see a lot more male than female in movies now a days. Breasts are in their own category, if only because for some reason the general population finds men’s chests PG while women’s are R.

    So really the quote should have been:

    “Cara: I feel like this is the biggest tragedy of all that there are very few ACTUAL penii in games where there are boobspussy galore.”

  29. cptgone says:

    “Vagina == Penis. That is about the same ‘shock’ level, and honestly, I see a lot more male than female in movies now a days.”
    that’s cause no one cares about penii – unless they are erect.
    erections trump vaginas!

  30. boschefreddy says:

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  31. running fungus says:

    “I know you’re young enough to think that anything pre-00s was 1980s, but the Matrix wasn’t 80s, Cara.”

    But Tron was. 1982.

  32. GepardenK says:

    And the top logo image had to be 100% like the nebula from Freespace 2… Why Volition?! WHY!!!!

    • Jackablade says:

      Perhaps it’s some kind of Valve style coded clue.

      Freespace 3 confirm!

  33. The Random One says:

    I am so tired of these fake robot guys, they’re just doing it for the attention.

  34. ffordesoon says:

    One thing the Saints Row games don’t get lauded for enough, in my opinion, is their inspired use of licensed music.

    I’m playing through The Third right now (the predatory DLC practices annoyed me when it came out), and while the rooftop raid set to Kanye West’s “Power” has been (rightly) praised to the skies, there’s a scene slightly earlier on where your character and Pierce sing along with Sublime’s “What I Got” that’s just as good in a completely different way. I don’t even like that song all that much, but it’s this weirdly tender moment of humanity that would’ve been really easy to cut at the concept stage, especially given the amount of voice work that must have been involved.

    And yet, in that moment, I felt more attached to those characters than I ever have to any GTA protagonist. Because their friendship felt genuine. That’s hard enough to do in a movie, but it’s practically unheard of in a video game. But here’s silly little Saints Row, bringing the EMOTION in a way David Cage never could.

    And they’ve been doing this for a while, too. In SR2, there are the brilliant off-key singalongs your character does, or the times when you’re riding around with Pierce and he turns the radio to the classical station against your character’s wishes. They’re little touches, but they make such a big difference.

    • askarr says:

      Couldn’t agree more. I’m reminded of Tasteful Nerdrage’s comment some time ago, about how some really great games took the time to put in random stuff that served no precise gameplay purpose, and yet made the world that little bit more interesting. Long may that trend continue. A number of publishers seem to prioritise features along the lines of ‘does this add gameplay value? no? cut’ and then wonder why their game feels generic & soulless.

      Like when Pierce & Player first enter Kinzie’s apartment – they didn’t need the funny skit that they included there – but they put it in anyway. Or the Player’s character musing how it’s like someone else is controlling them.

      SR3 for me felt like (almost) every addition was about ‘is the player having fun? is the player laughing? if so, keep it’. Great game. I really wouldn’t object that much to IV being more of the same. More games should take themselves less seriously.

  35. Premium User Badge

    particlese says:

    I much prefered the SR3 teaser trailer (link to, but this does look like it’ll be fun as balls.

  36. eclipse mattaru says:

    I don’t care much about the game, but this kind of article needs to happen more.

  37. DestructibleEnvironments says:

    I unfortunately do not know who Cara is, but she should get hired full time on RPS. Who else is going to keep the boys in check?