Space Chickens! Humans Must Answer Beta Demo

EGGCEPTIONAL character design
It is not every day that one gets to write about space chickens. But today RPS has scrambled me, Dame Cara of Ellison, to inform you that the lovely space avians at Sumom Games have served their eggchick Humans Must Answer up on a platter for us to have a morsel of. It features Colonel Ram and Professor Bez (pictured) as your guiding companions aboard the shooty-ship The Golden Eagle.

This adorable shmup is shmupping its eggcellent way towards us whether we Kickstart it or not, so to see if you like it enough to provide some eggstra cash for polishing, Sumom Games have provided a Windows only demo (sorry my little MacBook!) so we can assess its eggy merits:

We’ve released a beta demo and would love for you all to try it out! Please note that nothing is final in this demo and, in fact, we’re already making a number of changes and additions based on feedback we’ve received thus far.

Please go and play it, though, and offer us comments and suggestions based on your first impressions of Humans Must Answer.

There are four levels in total, and a number of the story elements are missing – it will feel like you just jump in and won’t know these characters. The main thing to concentrate on is the gameplay at this point, which is an element we’re still tweaking and hope to be even smoother soon.

Downloads [WINDOWS ONLY] (Extract .rar first and then double click the .exe):



If you encounter a crash upon starting the game up then a solution can be found in the update post.

If that doesn’t work then email with details of the issue. Please include the “Log” from the game root folder too.

My favourite thing about Sumom is that they clearly know how to market to me. “Humans Must Answer is a 2D horizontal shoot ’em up, or shmup for short, set in the distant future. It features lots of explosions.” HARD BOILED.

Will they reach their Kickstarter goal? Will they get a yes on Steam Greenlight? Or will they have egg on their face?

I’m so sorry.


  1. notevenbotherered says:

    Cluckin’ brilliant.

    • Dog Pants says:

      So much pun-fodder. I’m curious to see wattle come of this thread.

    • I want to stab you to death and play around with your blood. says:

      I stay abreast of RPS articles primarily for the yolks.

  2. Shockeh says:

    I lost it at “You’ll send a little sphere of electronic love out into space.” He wildly leaps from jovial to near-serious. It does look a bit slow by Shmup standards, oddly?

  3. Grey Poupon says:

    Seems to work quite a lot like Jets ‘n’ Guns. Which isn’t a bad thing. At all. I hope they get all the aspects up to JnG’s level. I guess they can’t possibly get the music to be as good but if everything else works out, I’ll be happy with it.

    The damn dropbox link for the demo is dead :(

    • Priestman says:

      “The damn dropbox link for the demo is dead :(”

      We have the finest free range chickens on the job…should have a replacement shortly! D:

  4. DrGonzo says:

    Fuck your MacBook.

  5. bitbot says:

    Is the “X must Y” title a new trend?

  6. Soolseem says:

    Whenever I see an unusual tag on RPS I click it to see if it has been used before. Usually I am disappointed. Today I was not.

  7. Priestman says:

    Okay, there are a couple of other places that have hosted our demo. Here ya go!

    link to

    link to

    We’ll have another one up ourselves too!

    Thanks for checking the game out and let us know if you have any suggestions.

  8. internisus says:

    I’m hoping to see this game find success and make its Kickstarter and Greenlight targets, so I really am glad to see it have its own post on RPS.

  9. Phantoon says:

    Is there an option to play as humans and hunt down the intelligent chickens for the finest meal in the galaxy? They taste like chicken, you see.

  10. AlienMind says:

    It’s good.

  11. hamburger_cheesedoodle says:

    The video reminds me very much of Jets ‘n Guns.

  12. zacharygordon703 says:

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