Duke Is Out: Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition

Remember Duke Nukem Forever? I apologise for bringing it up, but it’s important you realise that it was an imposter. A duck in Duke’s clothes. There was a reason we were all excited about the possibility of a Duke Nukem game, and with the surprise release of Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition you can see why. Devolver Digital are bringing a shinier, but not too shiny, version of the classic shooter to Steam, and they magicked up a trailer.

The remake has the base Duke and the Duke Caribbean: Life’s a Beach, Duke: Nuclear Winter, and Duke It Out in D.C expansions, with more to follow. They’ll also be adding multiplayer.

It should be out today, for $9.99/€9.99/£6.99. I would link to the Steam store, but it’s not up there yet. Thanks, Steam!


  1. Rawns says:

    Never played any of the Duke games. Looks like now is as good a time as any. :)

    Any hint at price?

    • Craig Pearson says:

      It will be $9.99/€9.99/£6.99.

      • Addict7 says:

        As someone living in the euro-zone, I don’t really get how they convert currencies…

        • solidsquid says:

          US price doesn’t include taxes, EU/UK prices generally do. UK price is based on the EU one

        • jalf says:

          Simple: “how much can we raise the price when we convert to a foreign currency?”

          The actual exchange rates have nothing to do with it. They just know they can get away with converting 1 dollar to 1 euro, so that’s what they do, because money.

          • thegooseking says:

            Am I going to have to point out, once again, that the forex rate has precious little to do with the actual purchasing power value of a currency?

            Of course, even taking that into account, the Euro is still worth a bit more than the USD, even though when it was introduced they were supposed to be worth the same. But the disparity is not quite as bad as if you go onto a site like xe.com and erroneously assume that tells you anything meaningful about the currency’s worth.

          • Shadram says:

            Converting to foreign currency has nothing to do with it. Australia & New Zealand pay for all Steam games in US$, and we still get fucked over. Most AAA games are released here for $90-$100 (see link to steamprices.com ). I usually laugh, then cry a bit, then go back to playing games that aren’t so ridiculously priced.

          • thegooseking says:

            Exchanging money does have something to do with it, because Australians need to buy those US dollars in order to spend them on Steam.

            90 USD at the current exchange rate will cost you about 87 AUD, which in real terms (and not nonsense forex terms) is worth the same as about $62. Basically there is a hypothetical currency called an international dollar, and it represents not a US dollar itself, but what can be bought for a US dollar in terms of goods and services. There are 1.39 Australian dollars to the International dollar, and that value doesn’t change (much, assuming a roughly equal rate of inflation). So an Australian can buy the same goods and services in Australia for 87 AUD as an American can buy in America for 62 USD: pretty much everything in Australia costs 1.39 times as many AUD as it costs USD in America, which is what defines what the AUD is worth. (Do we really need to say that a currency is worth precisely what you can buy for it?)

            Steam shouldn’t be selling games in USD in Australia, but mainly because that puts the risk on the consumer if the Australian dollar weakens and suddenly US dollars cost Australians more. But if Steam charged 85-90 AUD for games, it would be roughly the same in purchasing power terms as it charges in the US, even if it would be what they’re currently charging in USD at forex rates.

          • RvLeshrac says:


            Never has a larger, more steaming pile of horse shit been laid out in the middle of the room for all to gaze upon.

            Digital purchases are not a commodity trade. “Purchasing power” has LITERALLY NOTHING to do with products which bear no costs in the country of sale. In a case where the product is produced by an Australian studio, there is *still* no reason for Australians to be charged more, as that would indicate that the Aussie consumers are being asked to bear, quite literally, the cost of production.

            The “purchasing power” of a currency ONLY has bearing on the purchase of goods and services produced, packaged, or otherwise handled by workers in that currency’s country of origin..

    • DickSocrates says:

      Personally I think Duke 3D is amazing and features some brilliant level design (not just the earth levels, the space stuff is great too). However, I honestly don’t know how well it has aged. I don’t like modern shooters because I’m old, but I like old shooters (because I’m old).

      • Kobest says:

        I played it for the first time in 2011, and I felt that the gameplay aged really well! Sure, the graphics aren’t comparable to today’s standards (since it’s not true 3D, looking up or down can distort some objects), but man, FPSes don’t get any better than this (or Half-Life 2). Tons of weapons out of which you use all of them, useful inventory items, good difficulty (you actually have to conserve ammo and pay attention to your health), memorable one-liners, great level design…

        I know it has been said many times, but if Gearbox/3D Realms/[insert DNF development company here] would have taken these elements, gave them a new look, they would have put down another classic on a table, and not some garbage that tried too hard to be Half-Life 2/HALO.

      • Underwhelmed says:

        Better than you might think.

        I have played it at various points over the years, and it has always been worth the effort to get it running. It looks dated (though 2.5D stuff, much like 2D stuff doesn’t age nearly as rapidly as 3D stuff does) but the gameplay is still really solid, the level design is still just as brilliant as it ever was, and the humor is still…. well it’s still just as bad/good as it was when it was new. Considering how much modern shooters have evolved into health-regenerating-hide-behind-cover set piece extravaganzas, games like this just aren’t very common anymore.

      • v.dog says:

        Duke Nukem Source, anyone?

    • LionsPhil says:

      The originals are on GOG, I believe; I think they handed me a free copy of them at one point for some reason.

    • Wreckdum says:

      God dammit… Watching Duke Nukem now gave me a desire to play Shadow Warrior. rofl I loved it just as much as Duke 3D.

      • CapeMonkey says:

        Shadow Warriors on Good Old Games, if that feeling persists (it does for me too…)

      • int says:

        You are tiny glasshopper.

      • Intrinsic says:

        Well we played all the FPSs at the time at work in the 90s over the LAN, D3D, Blood, Rise of The Triads etc etc. And RoTT was certainly THE most fun due to the crazy weapons, Drunk Missiles i love you! Single player it was meh though, Blood rocked that, but MP wow what fun, the most fun FPS i’ve ever played.

    • sonofsanta says:

      Rawns, you handsome devil! You pop up everywhere. I can’t believe we spent all that time in the EG thread getting that shiny new PC sorted and you’re going to use it to play a 1996 game.

      On topic: I had forgotten entirely about the Caribbean & DC levels. I remember buying them from PC world fifteen years ago in great excitement. I say “I remember buying them”, I mean “I remember pestering my Mum to buy them for me because I wasn’t 18”. Good times.

      • Rawns says:

        You know me mate, I like to spread myself about the interwebz a bit. ;)

        Don’t worry, ARMA3 Alpha is keeping my new rig frosty, but I’m all for classic/retro gaming. I played a lot of Doom but hear Duke is the one to play. ;)

    • Robert_Starr says:

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  2. MuscleHorse says:

    The Build engine is a bit of a pain to mod compared to Doom etc, with mouse look being especially iffy. This supposedly does it all for you. Looks like I’m getting it again.

  3. Dominic White says:

    The Megaton Edition sounds nice and all, but the engine upgrade sounds like a basic openGL renderer with not much in the way of trimmings. If you want to run any modern mods, you’ll be wanting EDuke32 – link to eduke32.com

    • Prime says:

      Yeah…you can have 3D models, coloured lighting, higher resolution textures and…and everything. That they’d release this into 2013 without any kind of graphical upgrade whatsoever is a bit mad.

      • ResonanceCascade says:

        And all of those things look absolutely ridiculous in the game. Just awful. They went in exactly the right direction here, which was to leave it basically the same, but smooth over the jaggies and continent-sized pixels.

        • rockman29 says:

          I wish they would just make HD 2D art. I never liked 3D stuff for remakes of DOOM or Duke3D.

          • LionsPhil says:

            Even that can look ugly; see the Monkey Island remakes. The problem is that the seams then showing up in terms of number of frames of animation, and the difference in detail between the sprite itself and its interaction with the environment.

            Early 3D hit a fairly sweet spot of consistent crudity; it doesn’t matter that multiplayer Duke is picking up things by running over them and always seems to be holding the same one gun because everything in the scene needs that layer of ~imagination~ dusted over it.

      • twig_reads says:

        Yes, choice of having nice sprites designed with the rest of the textures or some ugly low-poly models sticking out of the whole in a really nasty way. Just because you can technically do 3D doesnt mean you have to.

    • Mario Figueiredo says:

      For a more complete graphical makeover of Duke Nukem 3D, check Duke 3D HRP. (link to hrp.duke4.net)

      – 32-bit high resolution textures with (at least) 4x the detail of the original textures.
      – Polymer renderer for EDuke32 offering advanced effects like normal/specular mapping, complex lighting system etc.
      – Models instead of the old sprites.

      And it’s free.

      • FunkyDarkKnight says:

        Even better, Duke Nukem eternity: link to moddb.com
        Adds custom maps, HUD, weapons, and other awesome stuff.

      • Shadrach says:

        Definitely this. Exactly what I did when Duke3D turned up on GOG a couple years ago.

      • Jay says:

        Personally I found the HRP made the whole thing feel like a cheap knock-off. Sure, the textures are higher resolution, but they lose a lot in translation. Yeah, there’s 3d models, but they look worse than the original sprites. My advice would be don’t bother, the original at the very least has a unified style to it.

  4. Zaphid says:

    Did they record the trailer with godmode on?

  5. mehteh says:

    well, this is a pleasant surprise

  6. El_MUERkO says:


  7. Kobest says:

    Seriously, the Build engine FPSes (Duke, Shadow Warrior, Blood, etc.) are like no other FPS. If you haven’t tried out any of these, I highly recommend to jump in now!

    Man, playing these in 2013 makes me feel like the FPSes took many steps backwards after 1996. Apart from some modern classics, of course, but I feel there is always place for games designed like the good ol’ Duke. (Not the crap that Forever was, no way, talking about going backwards…)

    • tangoliber says:

      Well, in my opinion, the Build engine shooters were a huge step back from stuff like Doom and Heretic. :)

      • B1A4 says:

        Well, they weren’t. They were like gigantic leap forward. Blood is still one of the best oldschool FPS.

        • tangoliber says:

          I love Blood… but Build engine FPS are mostly stylish level design and shooting enemies around corners. They are visually very cool, but don’t compare, gameplay-wise, to games like Doom or Heretic, which exercise your spatial intelligence with all of the projectile dodging and navigating hordes of enemies at high speeds.

          Doom/Heretic are like playing Pac-Man at 2x speed with all the ghosts, and Duke Nukem/Blood (and most other FPS) are like playing Pac-Man at half speed with only 2 ghosts. But it’s really cool looking, for sure.

          Anyway, here is a short example of why I think Doom is still the pinnacle: link to youtu.be

          • Juan Carlo says:

            It depends on what you want from a game. Doom/Hexen owe much more to arcade style shooters and SHMUPS than they do to what FPS’ eventually became. Whereas “Duke 3D” is very much the evolutionary link between Doom and the more level design, set piece and story oriented, stuff like Half Life. And it is kind of neat how far they pushed the build engine long after 3D was the norm. I remember prefering Build to the Quake 1 engine and most 3D games of that generation just because 3D was so ugly.

            I mean, as a story FPS, Duke isn’t great, but it has a visual flare that Doom didn’t (Which, quite frankly, bored me to tears even back in the 1990s as after the first campaign it all feels like the levels were designed by random generator).

  8. PoulWrist says:

    What about the Atomic Edition DLC?

    • Whelp says:

      It was called an ‘Expansion Pack’ back then. And yes, it’s included, obviously.

      • PoulWrist says:

        Yeah, I know :-P I have the box with the cd I bought when it was new. I just read the article on pcg and they called it dlc so I kept with the jargon :-( was at work so didn’t see trailer.

    • mr.ioes says:

      There were levels shown from atomic version, so I conclude it’s included.

  9. Ian says:

    All hail to the King, baby.

  10. aliksy says:

    We used to play a lot of duke nukem 3d deathmatches in high school. At one point we were all making our own levels to play on. Ah, memories. One of my favorites I made was entirely underwater. That was my response to camping, see? As soon as you spawn, you start to drown.

    • Focksbot says:

      I spent bloody ages making Duke 3D levels. My favourite one was set mostly around a swimming pool complex – I made a waterslide, rapids, a wave pool, a kiddie pool with turds on it, and then a viewing bit with the obligatory secret porn section. Then you jumped into a sink, blew up the bottom and followed the pipe into an outdoor pool, where there was a crazy golf course you could play (I just used the white pool ball from the pool table on the ground).

      I also tried to make a boating lake with boats moving around it in a cycle, but for some bizarre reason, all my boats shot missiles at the player constantly.

      Probably the best thing I managed though was the end of the level, where you came out of a lift to see a plane passing overhead. In the Build engine, you couldn’t create free-floating 3D objects, so I had to make the underside of the plane jut down out of the ‘sky’, and opening the lift door started the blocks moving, so that it would appear it was just passing over the player’s head.

  11. LionsPhil says:

    Wait, Devolver Digital?

    Sam and Duke are under the same roof at the moment?

    • GreatGreyBeast says:

      Maybe it’s time Sam and Blondie finally duke it out.

      • LionsPhil says:

        I would totally put money down for a antagonistic pair-up co-op run-and-gun EXPLOSIONS game if it could honestly match the highpoints of both. I’m sure the Internet must have an extensive body of horrifyingly squishy fanfiction they can use wholesale as a plot.

        (One highpoint of both being more-than-two-player co-op, but shhh. Having multiple Sams and Dukes is totally fine.)

  12. KaEgy says:

    title=””> DUKE NUKEM

    Honestly, I haven’t played any of the duke games, I’m half Deutsch, so I need prices in Euro and Dollars… Can anyone help me out? I read the comment at the top but I wasn’t sure.

  13. Cytrom says:

    Now all I’m missing is system shock 1-2 from steam, and freespace 2.

    When I looks at theese early FPS-es that used to experiment and tried to do more and more awesome new stuff (DN3D had so much destruction, BF3’s “HD destruction” seems like a fuckin joke in 2013) it reminds me, how awesome the FPS genre used to be… fuck you Bobby Kotick and whoever runs EA now, your kind destroyed my favourite genre.

    • Grey Poupon says:

      Just get the drm free version of SS2 and add it onto Steam.

    • ResonanceCascade says:

      The game that killed this kind of FPS deader than the dinosaurs was called “Half-Life,” so if we insist on doing something as inane spreading blame over it, I’d start there.

  14. Vernalagnia says:

    Personally, I imagined a game starring Duke Nukem and Moira Brown.

  15. MuscleHorse says:

    I’d be surprised if it’s DRM’d.

    • LionsPhil says:

      I wouldn’t be surprised if, in making an effort to Steamworks in things like multiplayer “join friend” functionality (if that’s even a thing they’re doing), they pick up Steamworks DRM in the process.

    • B1A4 says:

      Yes, check Far Cry 2, CoH or King Arthur to name a few.

    • Arkh says:

      Nope, but some people like too fool themselves because some games can be launched without the Steam third part client. Still, DRM.

      • MuscleHorse says:

        Enlighten us: how is being able to open and play the game without any external software or any kind of check a form of DRM?

      • SkittleDiddler says:

        @ MuscleHorse: Any game you register through Steam is permanently and irreversibly tied to a single-user account. That seems like a form of DRM to me.

      • arccos says:

        @ SkittleDiddler

        So to you, GOG only sells games with DRM attached?

      • SkittleDiddler says:

        @ arccos: GoG games don’t require an account/client to register, install, maintain, or run them — a GoG account is only needed for purchasing purposes.

  16. Whelp says:

    You can use eduke32 (link to eduke32.com) to make the original CD version or the GOG version look just as good if not better. It’s a source port of the build engine that adds a ton of features, including widescreen support.

    • JD Ogre says:

      …and then have to put up with constant crashing, many of which can totally freeze your system. :( [or have they done something to fix that in the last 6 months?]

      • valz says:

        That sounds like a problem with your computer and/or configuration.

  17. Farcelet says:

    Anyone else feel the change to 3D models made killing feel less punchy?

    I can’t quite tell what it is, but sprite deaths always felt more physical to me – from the flinch animation to blood splatters to the many different ways characters would die – Marathon for instance had aliens and humans alike die two more ways beyond the regular getting sprayed with bullets (or punched, since there was a fair bit of that if you were doing it right) : getting literally TORN APART by an explosive and BURNT ALIVE by the flamethrower. The dual sawed off shotguns were so much fun too, one shotting most regular enemies along the way – and THAT RELOAD ANIMATION!

    Fallout’s sprites come to mind too : being burnt alive, getting riddled with bullets (the character would ‘hang’ in the air for a couple of seconds, impacts bursting out of his chest – which Action Half-Life pulled off too, well worth wasting the rest of the clip!), getting CUT IN HALF and of course being reduced to a PILE OF FLUORESCENT GOO.

    I don’t know, I guess seeing the plastic opponents of today remain pretty much intact as they’re being propelled through the air from the blast of a massive explosion leaves me a bit wanting. Soldier of Fortune and Fallout 3 (as much as I hate to admit it) got it mostly right, though.

    That said, Duke Nukem’ 3D’s gunplay was awesome.

    • Cytrom says:

      I haven’t really thought about this in the last decade, but that was one of the first things I noticed when i played the first 3D fps-es after playing the likes of wolf 3d, doom, and the awesome build engine fps-es for some time… the 3d shooters just seemed so sterile at first, and when Soldier of Fortune came out with its oldschool-ish ultragore it felt too much for a 3d game… weird, while fallout 3 was so over the top, it became funny again. I guess graphic violence in 2D or in an over the top fashion is kinda fun (hotline miami seemingly rediscoverd this phenomenon), but when it becomes too realistic it starts to become simply disgusting.

      • Baines says:

        Entertaining deaths in 3D seem to revolve around watching wonky ragdoll effects.

        Using C4 to launch enemies onto nearby powerlines in Vegas 2. Watching people fly ten feet through the air because you hit them with a shotgun while they were coming in a window in Modern Warfare 3. The impossible positions and the eternally twitching bodies. Seeing someone stuck in a wall. And since you tended to get the most extreme effects with explosives, it was kind of like the visual reward you got for taking someone out with a high powered weapon in older FPS.

    • wodin says:

      I agree fallout 1 and 2 had a great feeling to the gunplay and damage it caused. Loved those games. They also felt like games, unlike now when we are trying to achieve realism in graphics I’m not sure when we get to photo realism if something will feel missing….it will also stop anyone using their imagination..one of the greatest gifts we’ve got and one that really went wild playing those old games from the eighties through to the nineties.

  18. GallonOfAlan says:

    Anyone who has never played a Duke game – that’s like calling yourself a rock fan and never having heard a Rolling Stones album.

  19. wodin says:

    Fits game I played against soemone..Linked up two PC’s ina shared house through a LAN cable. One vs One..great fun. What was also great is my Landlord was the other player who was great at everything..sports..pulling women..music. whatever he tried he was good at.etc etc..but I loved taking him out in Duke as I beat him a good 80% of the time..a small victory in my life;)

    Amazing how much graphics have come on over the years..I thought Duke looked amazing at the time.

    A shame gameplay hasn’t improved at the same rate in games.

    • solidsquid says:

      He was a nice guy too, letting you beat him at that one thing ;)

    • JD Ogre says:

      Actually, it’d still look damned good – *IF* you had it on a 10″ or 12″ monitor that only did 640×480 or 800×600. It’s our giant monitors that are the main problem. You end up either running a tiny resolution fullscreen, making everything all blobby and smeary, or you play in a tiny window, which is majorly hard to make out.

      • wodin says:

        I had a 15inch monitor at the time I think.

        As for him letting me win..no chance..not only was he good at nearly everything he also had to win, even against his kids. He hated it when someone won bronze or silver in a race for Britian and we would make a fuss of them..cos in his eyes they lost and we are applauding a loser.

        Think competitive dad from the Fast Show. Thats why it was great firing a rocket launcher at his sorry ass.

      • LionsPhil says:

        Or a CRT.

        Or upscale it without any attempt at blending; just do nearest-neighbour. TFTs seem to insist on trying to, annoyingly. DOSBox can be convinced otherwise.

  20. Mario Figueiredo says:

    This should be on GOG. Not sure I will want a DRM version of Duke Nukem 3D. Will have to wait and see if it indeed is one.

  21. Ureshi says:

    So…. is like this (High Resolution Pack: http://hrp.duke4.net ) but i have to pay again??? no thanks.

  22. Eukatheude says:

    To be honest i’ve yet to really enjoy a 3D Realms game.

  23. RogB says:

    some of the best mutliplayer fun i’ve ever had. im really suprised nobody has done a modern version of JUST the duke multiplayer as an arena shooter.

    laser trip mines, shrink rays, ice guns, jetpacks.. loads of ways to play :)

  24. Keyrock says:

    I already washed the Duke Nukem Forever bad taste out of my mouth with some sweet Serious Sam 3: BFE goodness, but this is a welcome surprise too.

  25. MentatYP says:

    Installing the demo from a floppy disk (PC Gamer magazine demo IIRC), having my jaw drop after playing it for a few minutes, forcing everybody in my college dorm with a PC and modem to install it and play head-to-head… ah, memories.

    Never played the expansions though. Worth picking up?

    • Nim says:

      The vacation-themed expansion is perhaps the best of the bunch. It’s a lot of silly fun mostly. Duke it out in DC is the most serious with some really large and detailed levels. The christmas-themed expansion feels a bit like showelware and is perhaps to american christmas-themed for me.

      I’d say worth it. Also check out Metropolitan Mayhem and other mods.

  26. Bluestormzion says:

    Are they ever going to release a “Duke Nukem: Nostalgia Edition,” that makes me 14 years old again, forget that I have The Internet, and make me want to touch myself at 16-bit boobs again?

    No? Then they’re wasting their money.

  27. DestructibleEnvironments says:

    Isn’t Duke 3D being remade by the guys remaking Rise of the triad, too? I dunno if they cancelled that project.

    • ZIGS says:

      It’s currently on hold due to some shenanigans with Gearbox (which now owns the franchise as you must be aware)

      • DestructibleEnvironments says:

        Aw fiddlesticks. I hope they resolve it speedily.

  28. Sephirex says:

    Those 3 additional expansions seal the deal for me over the GoG version. They’re rather hard to find legitimately.

  29. easter says:

    Already have this on GOG and one of those retail bundles when I was a kid, but uh let’s be honest; dat Steamworks integration.

  30. Leramar says:

    I think I’m going to have to get this to get the horrible taste of Duke Nukem Forever out of my mouth and remind myself of how awesome Duke used to be back in the day.

  31. donmilliken says:

    Way back when I picked up a three pack of Duke 3D, Shadow Warrior and Blood from a CompUSA bargain bin for $5. One of the best five bucks I ever spent. All three games are fantastic gloriously goofy games from the days when FPSs didn’t take themselves too seriously and online multiplayer was still a new and somewhat fresh concept that hadn’t yet devolved into a game of one-upmanship and screaming obscenities at strangers.

    Probably won’t be spending money on this Megaton Edition as the upgrade is fairly minor and I still have the original floating around here somewhere, though actually getting the game to work is easier said than done.

  32. ChainSOV says:

    no multiplayer, no coop = no deal

  33. Bassem says:

    Duke Nukem 3D remains my favourite game of all time, not only because it had excellent gameplay and mood, not only because it innovated in various ways to the FPS formula, but also because of all the memories I associate with it and because it was the first game I took apart and fiddled with. In a way, it was an educational tool.

    Anyway, for those of you who want to replay it, you owe it to yourself to use the High Resolution Pack.
    Check out some screenshots of the HRP in action:

    link to hrp.duke4.net

    link to hrp.duke4.net

    link to a403.idata.over-blog.com