Sadface: Tomb Raider DLC Will Not Offer Any New Tombs

B... but?

Although I was disappointed with the new Tomb Raider, there’s no question that the game really shone when it was offering you a tomb to explore, packed with puzzles to enjoy. In those moments it remembered the freedom the previous Crystal Dynamics games had offered, let you loose to solve for yourself, rather than get dragged down through its barely-linked cutscenes. That there were only seven of them (this number varying, horrendously, based upon from which shop you bought the game) was a massive shame. But DLC can fix that, right? Wrong. Very sadly, CD have said they’ve no intention of expanding the single-player game with DLC packs, instead focusing on the multiplayer.

Explained in a Reddit Ask Me Anything, Videogamer reports that the developer has “currently no plans” for any new single-player content. “All of our DLC is based our the multiplayer experience for now.”

In some cases, this is the sort of decision that makes sense. Once a game is over, going back to add new content into it not only destroys any coherent narrative that was in place, but also can undermine the original experience – it certainly leads to “But why wasn’t this in the game in the first place?” questions, and we have to have that whole debate again. But Tomb Raider already demolishes its own narrative (such as it is) at the end of its game anyway. Once you’re done, the game lets you carry on on the island, looking for anything you may have missed, seeking down all the bonuses and extras, and 100%ing all the areas. In such circumstances, adding new content to this post-game experience makes perfect sense. And new tombs would be the ideal additions.

Unfortunately, that’s not happening. So there you go.


  1. Gap Gen says:

    How about combs? Do we get some new combs to play with?

    • RedViv says:

      Just make sure you don’t use them on your feline friends.

      • Gap Gen says:

        I shall limit their use to my enemies in the family Felidae.

        Just realised that makes it sound like I have a mob feud with a family of cats.

        • RedViv says:

          Not quite unlikely. As is general knowledge, they are only waiting for the right time to use their connections and fluffiness and the Power of D’Awwww to overthrow humanity.

          • Gap Gen says:

            Thank God for combs. Humanity’s last defence against the Kzin.

          • Jeroen D Stout says:

            As long as the cat relies on me for catmilk, I feel safe.

          • Turey says:

            Gap Gen sir, you have made my day with that reference. Thank you.

          • Gap Gen says:

            Ta. Most of my references have a tendency to pass behindmost people.

            OK so that was horrible and tenuous but it is late.

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    • MeatMan says:

      Only if you have TressFX enabled.

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  2. Zealuu says:

    What a baffling decision. Has anyone even clicked the multiplayer tab in the menu? At least, has anyone ever done so more than once?

    I haven’t even bothered registering the keys for various multiplayer doodads I got in the game box, because I can’t remember a more clear-cut case of Back of the Box multiplayer. Far Cry 2, maybe.

    • Jockie says:

      I tried it – it’s the standard modern online shooter experience of joining a game, getting vaguely interested by the steady trickle of rewards and upgrades. Of course, any joy is quickly overshadowed by the fact that the level 60 guy is sniping you in the head from across the map every time you respawn with his UberBow.

      The map traversal is kind of fun, but yeah, I can’t imagine anyone saying ‘this is the game for me’ in terms of shooters, when the market is flooded with the buggers.

      • fnkstr says:

        thing is.. with a more modding friendly approach (does anyone even remember dedicated servers?) there would actually be a point to having the multiplayer part of an engine up and running.
        of course without creative input from a fanbase, the clutching hand of publisher controlled mp environments combined with the need to pay people for content creation leaves little room for longevity.

        i mean.. max payne multiplayer, with mp3 gfx AND a kungfu/matrix mod?

        i can’t see why a mix of community-content longevity couldn’t work in tandem with lower-frequency, higher-quality official pay2play-DLC….

      • belgand says:

        Thank you. Hopefully some developers will realize that while the current idea of unlockable content in multiplayer is somewhat interesting, it tends to destroy the gameplay and any semblance of game balance. More importantly it makes it much more likely that new players will quit because they’re not able to compete with players who have much better equipment and all sorts of perks.

  3. MuscleHorse says:

    Aha – they’re following the successful Max Payne 3 model by using DLC to expand a mode that no one bought the game for.

    • Lagwolf says:

      Yes seems so. They really desperately want people to play multiplayer despite the fact no one asked for it and not many people are playing it still (ditto for Farcry 3).

    • KenTWOu says:

      They’re fighting against console rentals and PC piracy using multiplayer, nothing new here.

  4. Marinetastic says:

    As cliché as it is, I wouldn’t mind a bow only zombie mode.

  5. trjp says:

    LOL – first they remove all things which make it a Tomb Raider (other than the character) and then they decide the best way to polish the game is to continue to add stuff no-one wants…

    What the fuck are they on – the earlier TR games they did were OK, but this is inexplicable bollocks?

  6. karry says:

    “the game really shone when it was offering you a tomb to explore, packed with puzzles to enjoy.”

    Err…what ? Tombs, packed with puzzles ? Enjoyable puzzles ? Multiple puzzles per tomb ? There was actually such a thing in Tomb Raider 10 ? A puzzle that took more than 30 seconds to solve and more than a minute to actually execute ? I demand videoproof.

    • trjp says:

      I didn’t see any and I thought I’d seen all the stock (non-retailer-blowjob requiring) tombs.

      Most were ‘set this thing on fire and make it swing’ or ‘knock something over and climb up’ difficult. The most complex one was the “electric light” one and that’s not saying much.

      IIRC there was only 1 ‘puzzle’ in the main game itself and that was ‘use 2 switches and climb on a box’ – hmmmmm….

      If you compare them to the puzzles in TR:Anniversary – erm – it’s like comparing the Sun Crossword with Only Connect :)

      Ah – but CD didn’t have to design those, they came from the original games!!

      Now we’re getting somewhere…

    • Fyce says:

      Agreed. The tombs are just here to cut a little the action and the story-telling of the main “quest” for five minutes from time to time.
      There is nothing mind blowing or really awesome about them. They are good little piece of puzzle, completly optional and designed to break the monotony of the game while bringing few “good ol’ vibes”, but that’s it. I didn’t get Tomb Raider (2013) for this.

      I absolutly don’t need a “Master DLC Pack of 25 new tombs to raid! -Exclusive, get this new pickaxe weapon for TF2 if you pre-order!”.

      DLC for multiplayer is completly ok since this game mode just appeal to a certain kind of players who will probably enjoy them.

      Singleplayer is over.

    • Jae Armstrong says:

      The pre-order tomb was more complex than most, but even that was pretty fucking feeble.

  7. Meat Circus says:

    Holy crap, I didn’t even realize it had a multiplayer mode, and I completed it. Who in their fucking right mind wants a multiplayer Tomb Raider?

    I assume it’s externally-imposed publisher idiot.

    • solidsquid says:

      I don’t even understand how this works, is it a competition to see who can claim the treasure from the tomb first, with the two sides trying to interfere with each other? That could be quite cool, but essentially means the whole thing is built around capture the flag.

      Actually, doing a quick google suggests this isn’t even offered as a multiplayer option, instead settling with generic death match et al multiplayer

      • Jae Armstrong says:

        I don’t even understand how this works, is it a competition to see who can claim the treasure from the tomb first, with the two sides trying to interfere with each other? That could be quite cool, but essentially means the whole thing is built around capture the flag.


        Or… it’s a race. You have to navigate from the tomb entrance to the treasure room, through all the traps and the puzzles and the natural barriers of the environment… and then drag the treasure out again, and all the while the other team’s doing their damnedest to get there first, to trap the paths in ahead to you, to run interference, to steal the treasure back off you once you’ve found it…

        I have to admit, I would play the ever-loving shit out of that. But alas, it was not to be. :(

      • Morlock says:

        Yes, there are multiplayer modes that would be a lot of fun in a Tomb Raider game. Imagine a POrtal-2-like coop in which you and a friend raid a tomb…

        • Wedge says:

          They made that, with the rather fantastic Guardian of Light. Possibly the best TR game ever, despite being an isometric action game.

    • Hoaxfish says:

      Perhaps single-player didn’t “fit with their vision” of Tomb Raider

    • Ross Angus says:

      I’m with Murder Shodan Wrote here. A great man once said “I didn’t ask for this”.

  8. krait says:

    I see the TR trilogy for PC is 6,99… boxed copy even. *whistles*

    • trjp says:

      I spent a while digging for copies of Legend and Underworld as mine had disappeared but didn’t see any deals that cheap so mentioning WHERE might be useful??

      Cheapest I found for DD was ShopTo where the games are £4-odd each??

      Unless you mean the ORIGINAL games which are – well, let’s be nice, time has not been kind and Anniversary boxed-up all the good bits in a very modern-PC friendly package anyway?

      • Ross Angus says:

        OK I can win this competition. Car boot sale, Edinburgh Greenside car park. Geezer there selling them for 50p each. Including Underground, Legend and Anniversary. No Steam keys.

    • Llewyn says:

      The Squeenix store has a big TR sale on today (courtesy of Lewie @ Legend and Anniversary are £1.49 with Underworld at £2.49 and various older ones at low prices too.

      I have no idea what the DRM deal is with Squeenix store purchases.

      Which ones are worth playing anyway? Preferably less shooty and more puzzly for me.

      • trjp says:

        Anniversary is pure-fried-original Tomb Raider – it’s almost all puzzling with setpieces against T Rexes etc. and the odd bat/wolf/cat/gorilla thrown in to wake-you-up from time to time. Puzzles are as challenging as it gets – lots of moving around – lots of stuff to find hidden etc. etc.

        Legend was CD’s first attempt at TR – it’s a prequel-of-sorts and they added shootybang enemies and car/bike bits which are relatively crap but the core game is still puzzley goodness.

        Underworld I’ve not played for ages – my memory is that it’s more Legend than Anniversary and that it wasn’t really finished properly either

        All play-well with modern PCs – all installed from original discs and played 1920×1080 maxed out with no weirdness – only gripe is lack of 360 controller prompts and slighty ‘wahwah’ camera perhaps.

        They make a set as Legend->Anniversary->Underworld too

      • trjp says:

        p.s. just took advantage of the cheap Squeenix Underworld deal (cheapest physical replacement I could find was £7) and it’s ‘DRM free’ – no code, just a downloader to download the game and that’s it.

        They also take PayPal – it’s a winwin from me :)

  9. MrMud says:

    Congratulatsions on not selling any DLC because no one gives a shit about TR multiplayer.

  10. TechnicalBen says:

    There is MP in Tomb Raider? As Jake Bugg says, now I’ve seen it all.

  11. Nim says:

    I had intended to buy Tomb Raider but then I saw the multiplayer achievements. No sale.

    • Fox89 says:

      Have you ever considered ignoring achievements entirely and just enjoying the game?

    • trjp says:

      Oh cmon – they put so much effort into the single player achievements (which is about 1/3rd of the total)

      I mean there’s

      “Complete the game”
      “Collect 25% of widget a”
      “Collect 25% of widget b”
      “Collect 50% of…”
      and so on.

      They even put in animals to shoot JUST so you could get achievements (they serve almost no other purpose, whatsoever) – they even made them stupid…

      Some people will complain about anything…

      • Saarlaender39 says:

        Trjp says: “Oh cmon – they put so much effort into the single player achievements (which is about 1/3rd of the total)”

        Hmm,…I count a total of 50 Achievements, thereof 15 for Multiplayer.
        If my math doesn’t fails me, that’s 70% of the achievements for Singleplayer…
        And to me, 70% is also known as ‘more than 2/3rds’.

  12. Fox89 says:

    I’m also disappointed to hear this, but because I really loved this game and would like to have some more. I’m not interested in the multiplayer, but the single player stuff was great. The bits out of the Tombs were great. The Tombs were great. Most of it was pretty great!

    So yeah, I would rather like more, and to give them more money. Ideally before my next playthrough now Nvidia have proper drivers so I can play it with all the shiny things and the pretty hair.

    Oh well, never mind. If you decide you want some more cash, Crystal Dynamics, give me a call and sell me some new Tombs. I’ll gladly go for it.

  13. Mman says:

    If they just weren’t doing DLC that would be one thing (and very respectable), but, unless they completely rework it, making exclusively multiplayer DLC for this game has to be one of the most pointless things a developer has done this generation.

    • malkav11 says:

      Nah, it makes perfect sense. Why waste developer time on additional content that people would actually buy when they can spend it expanding a mode that was already DOA!

  14. Sparkasaurusmex says:

    Single player content is probably a lot harder to add than just tweaking existing maps for multiplayer.
    Now if they are actually adding maps just for multiplayer… that’s baffling.

  15. 1Life0Continues says:

    Chairman: We have a game about exploration and puzzle solving and a strong kick-ass female lead. A series beloved by fans around the world. How can we screw it up? Ideas?

    Exec #1: MULTIPLAYER!
    Exec #2: ZOMBIES!

    Chairman: We have our game.

    • Jeroen D Stout says:

      Exec #Alpha-and-the-Omega: Pain. Penetration. Torture. Suggestions of Rape.

      Chairman: We do thy grimdark bidding, Omega.

  16. Hoaxfish says:

    The “I hate tombs” line was apparently the devs breaking the 4th wall or something.

  17. Morph says:

    If I scrunch my brain up I can imagine they are talking about multiplayer DLC for Guardian of Light.

  18. ShockLobster says:

    I didn’t really think I’d be spending more time or money on the game after getting a 100% save file, anyway.

  19. analydilatedcorporatestyle says:

    I want to play the single player mode! Is it available on Youtube yet?

  20. Low Life says:

    This doesn’t really have anything to do with the article, but with all these reboots how are they going to address sequels? I accept the first game in the rebooted franchise being called Tomb Raider, but I can’t imagine the next game being called Tomb Raider 2. Do they have to go the subtitle route for sequels?

    How soon will we run out of subtitles? Are we going to see reboots of subtitles?

    • Jekhar says:

      I see no problem there. When they get dangerously close to running out of subtitles they just start fresh with a new reboot. In the meantime there is ample space for stuff like “HD” (the new “3D” suffix) remakes and spin offs like top down dual stick shooters. Also, see Prince of Persia…

    • Strabo says:

      Game two will be Tomb Raiding into Darkness.

    • Sparkasaurusmex says:

      Well we’ve some pretty absurd sequels. The best has to be Final Fantasy X-2 (that’s 10…2… the sequel to 10, but not 11, cos that’s not a sequel to 10)

      I would bet on subtitles instead of numbers. It does feel cheap, though… like a stand alone expansion or something… For example compare Bioshock: Infinite with Bioshock 3. I dont’ know why but that 3 makes it seem like a bigger deal.

    • Wisq says:

      Unless the whole plan for most of these “reboot” titles was to create a crappy game, cash in on the brand recognition, but destroy the franchise in the process. Make money, then move on to the next one.

      … Yeah, I’m a bit cynical about “AAA” games these days.

  21. aergistal says:

    The multiplayer part could use some zombie t-rex co-op. Dragons accepted.

  22. guygodbois00 says:

    After trying this game at friend’s, I found it suffers severely from consolitis, is unnecessary constraining at times, has an unfair amount of movie melodrama moments (where you are required to press forward to get on with the “movie”) and, as everyone here stated, has nothing to do with previous TR games. I strongly suspect even Lara’s backstory is “retconned”, but am not sure, being old and all that…So, no purchase from me, obviously. Friend likes it, but doesn’t have the time. Irony, I presume.

    • woodsey says:

      Her backstory is retconned, but then it was when Crystal Dynamics took over and did Legend.

  23. woodsey says:

    “there’s no question that the game really shone when it was offering you a tomb to explore, packed with puzzles to enjoy.”

    They were all one-puzzle challenge rooms that a monkey could solve, as far as I remember.

  24. jimbonbon says:

    I realise this is the general theme of many other comments, but did anyone actually buy Tomb Raider for the multiplayer? Personally I couldn’t care less whether it was a feature of the game or not.

    I hate the assumption that all games need to have this focus on multiplayer, social gaming and posting stuff to my Twitter or Facebook page. For many games I just want to sit at my computer with my headphones on and experience the game… on my own. Sure i’ll talk about my experience with other people, but what happened to delivering people a great single player experience? Surely people still enjoy that?

    Imagine if the budget and time for creating the multiplayer mode had been used on singleplayer part of the game… we could have had more tombs from the very beginning!

    Also see Bioshock 2 for another perfect example of tagging on a multiplayer bit that nobody wanted. There are loads of others. Sure, there are plenty of other games where the game is nothing without a multiplayer mode (see CoD), but forcing it into every franchise is just an expensive mistake.

    And calm.

    • grenadeh says:

      It’s part of an overall industry standard these days that gaming must be a social activity, because gaming by yourself is for mentally unhealthy losers. One which is obviously BS and contrary to reality but do they care? No.

  25. Artista says:

    Well, that doesn’t sound good. I imagine the inevitable sequel will be even more Shooty Raider, then.

  26. The First Door says:

    This is particularly odd seeing as they did release single player/co-op DLC for Guardian of Light. Which reminds me… I’ve got some of that to finish with a friend!

    • yourgrandma says:

      Playing it with the kayne and lynch dlc makes the game ridiculously more enjoyable. The only dlc you will ever see me recommend.

  27. Strabo says:

    That’s very disappointing to hear. I loved the SP game (and disagree with your review quite bit), but the MP is something – as others have said – that nobody plays. Making DLC for it is a complete waste of resources.

    • analydilatedcorporatestyle says:

      It’s already been made I think you will find!

      • Strabo says:

        Sure it was, but wasted resources four months ago or in two months are still waste. Of course, someone should have noticed this far earlier in the process and either killed the MP altogether or (since having a MP is some kind of badge required to sell stuff, even if nobody who based his buying decision on it plays it) at least the DLC.

  28. Arithon says:

    To Crystal Decisions: Imagine a game. Now imagine it without the internet. For anything. Ever. Now you’re thinking Tomb Raider. Go on, try it now. I dare you!

  29. DickSocrates says:

    If you like this new Tomb Raider, you’re WRONG.

  30. Robmonster says:

    So which version would I need to buy to get all of the tombs, or am I now too late since I didn’t pre-order?

  31. gogosox82 says:

    This is disappointing. I really enjoyed the game when it wasn’t forcing me into these heavily scripted cut scenes. The exploration and tombs were a blast and I was hoping to get more tombs we’d have to find and explore for dlc. The mp is “meh” overall. The objective based games are ok but they lose interest after a while and I found tdm to be pretty bad. All you do in tdm is just camp next to the spawn points and pick them off as they come out. So it seems weird that their supporting the worst part of the game instead of the best part but I guess that’s what devs and publishers do now.

  32. Pray For Death says:

    Tomb Raider has multiplayer??

  33. Banana_Republic says:

    Really getting tired of developers shoehorning mutliplayer into games that don’t need it (nor do the fans of the IP generally want it). Tomb Raider has traditionally been a single player experience and it shone in that capacity. With the new game, the most interesting part of it was actually *raiding tombs*. Go figure. Now they are trying to cram more multiplayer into it when the game clearly begs for more single player content (i.e. tombs).

    Tomb Raider was a classic SP game (like a certain city building game of note). The developers should have concentrated on that because not only is the native MP they threw in weak (again, like that city building game), but it’s also unnecessary (see: city builder). Nobody is buying TR for the multiplayer. We are buying it for the tombs to raid — ALONE. Give us more of that please, rather than going to cheaper alternative that additional MP glitter would provide.

  34. Siresly says:

    I don’t know about you, but I come to Tomb Raider for the coverbased third person shooter multiplayer.

    It’s often like this with DLC. Easier and cheaper to create content for multiplayer. Unfortunately.

  35. wodin says:

    Loved the game..but this news is pure shite. I agree on this one with John.

  36. Strangerator says:

    Watching Conan O’Brien’s “clueless gamer” review of this game made me laugh pretty hard.

    • karry says:

      Well, at least he makes SOMEONE laugh. Good for him !

    • analydilatedcorporatestyle says:

      I have lost 1min 45 seconds of my life. fuckin hell that was abysmal and it went on for 8mins odd!

  37. sophof says:

    The fact that this game even HAS multiplayer is a nice indication of the current state of publishers. These people are completely in the dark…

  38. Yor Fizzlebeef says:

    I want lips like a Tomb Raider. I got nothin, flat lips. That ain’t sultry.

  39. grenadeh says:

    Is this surprising? Square Enix blows and they acquire companies who then blow too.

  40. grenadeh says:

    The only complaint I actually have about TR, which I haven’t played since the day it came out TBH, is that you can’t hang from a ledge and shoot – something Drake can do and they should have used if they were influenced by Uncharted.

  41. DXN says:

    Riiiiiight. Because clearly “people who will still be playing Tomb Raider multiplayer in a few months” is a huge market right there.

  42. po says:

    If they’d said that the DLC would just be more of what we already had, A big zone to explore with a couple of tombs, then I’d be pre-ordering it right now, because after completing the game all I could think is ‘I can’t wait for more of this’.

    Instead they’re focusing on multiplayer? If I want multiplayer there are plenty of other games that have been developed from the start to do that very well, and because of that have the kind of numbers playing them to pull it off.

    And when I get sick of playing with all the various misogynists, misanthropes, homophobes, idiots and trolls that are to be found in any multiplayer game, then I want something else to play that doesn’t require any contact with other people at all.

    That’s why I got Tomb Raider in the first place. For the single player experience.

    Whichever retard publisher came up with the idea that the DLC should be for multiplayer, should be forced to play something like WoW, and endure barrens chat for a few weeks, then they might actually see that there is a very real market for games that don’t in fact have multiplayer.

  43. Muhvi says:

    I hate this trend that all developers are inserting mediocre or bad multiplayers to obvious single player games. And even after that half or most content comes to the sucky multiplayer instead of making good expansions to single player. After the horrible experience that was Mass Effect 3 ending, multiplayer wasn’t really asked for and only made the thing worse(although they said that MP didn’t take any resources away, i call it crap). Please someone make good multiplayer shooters to console players so they stop adding crappy multiplayer to every single player game.

    The ABSOLUTELY worst part is that they make multiplayer deathmatch but not CO-OP. How hard it is to see that multiplayer co-op ruled in Gears of War. That is the thing they should copy and add to all single player games, similar co-op as was in gears of war.

  44. colossalstrikepackage says:

    I see your point, but multiplayer in ME3 was surprisingly good (I never player ME for the combat, but multiplayer drained many of my hours) and well supported (it went on for a LOT longer than any of us thought it would, and that’s a good thing).

    However, other games, really should focus on SP. For instance, I really wish Wildstar was SP.