BRRRMMM! Trials Evolution: Gold Launch Trailer

After a lengthy beta on the Halo 720 Doritos machine, Trials Evolution: Gold Edition is finally about to hit the perfect landing in the rutted mud track of the PC. At some hour on this very day we’ll be able to see what all the fuss is about, but we kind of already knew. Hey, RedLynx. What gives? We embraced you. We made you what you are today, and then you abandoned us. For what? And why are you back? Has the Mountain Dew lake dried? You think you can make me happy with a new trailer? Okay, you can. There’s a new trailer, and some amazing examples of what you can do with the editor, below.

I hope my satire of an angry journalist man wasn’t too hurtful to RedLynx. I *think* I bought Trials Evolution on the Xbox 360, but I actually can’t remember, and my 360 is now propping up my monitor, so I’m don’t have it set-up to check. But I will be getting this one, though this launch trailer has nothing to do with it.

No, I’ll be getting it for the crazy editor that lets you make incredi-things like this horror first-person map.

Or this Star Wars themed map.

Then there’s this neon glory.

According to Steam, it’ll be live in a matter of hours. Squee!


  1. Ianuarius says:

    Another Finnish quality title. :)

    • natalieethan2201 says:

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  2. ShowMeTheMonkey says:

    “Halo 720 Doritos machine”

    This is why I read RPS. Thank you Craig. I will be using this very often. Thinking about it. I actually got the L4D2 achievement “Qualified Ride” for humping your head for 12 seconds. I hope you’ll forgive me.

    In relation to the game, the Trials games are delicious time wasters.

  3. Jay says:

    Evolution is a tremendous sequel that improves on its predecessors in just about every way imaginable, so this is very much A Good Thing.

    • Stinkfinger75 says:

      A Good Thing indeed, and I gladly double dipped and bought it during its beta for the PC after already buying it for my 360. Now I know it’s in beta, but in my experience with it it has displayed poor framerates and simple features that should work do not. With only a few weeks between my purchase and release I hope they were able to iron out the kinks.

  4. The Dark One says:

    Trials 2: LE felt more like an expanded flash game than something I should have paid money for, but they seem to be doing their best to make this look like a ‘real’ game. Here’s hoping.

    • iainl says:

      Trials Evo is so, so much better than 2. If you add up it and the Trials HD that you also get the levels of in this release, I’ve spent more time playing them than just about anything on the consolebox. It’s certainly the main reason I’ve turned it on since I got Skyrim on the PC. The beta showed it was all present and correct; I can’t wait to have some fresh meat for the leaderboards.

  5. Psyke says:

    I can finally have TETS myself, but on every day even! Hurray!

  6. Dominic White says:

    The PC version doesn’t have the (genuinely great) expansions from the 360 yet, so I’m passing on this until either the price drops, or the expansions hit. I’ll be re-buying it in a heartbeat once the PC is the definitive, complete version of the game.

    The level editor is amazing, and the content the expansions added made it even better.

    • Grey Poupon says:

      And it has very poor controller support. XBox 360 controller is the only one officially supported. Other than that, some have reported that controller emulators work, but I sure as hell wasn’t able to get mine to work. And playing isn’t much fun without analog controls. (Every other game that’s only had xb360 controller support I’ve gotten to work through an emulator but not this one)

      • DickSocrates says:

        Setting up the 360 x360ce “emulator” thingy is simple, I’ve been using it for years, since that’s how long many/most PC games have supported 360 controller only.

        This is not:
        a) new problem.
        b) a problem exclusive to this game.
        c) not really a problem thanks to x360ce, and possibly other software I’ve not had any reason to check out.

      • lhzr says:

        try renaming the xinput dll to xinput9_1_0.dll, that got it working for me

        • Grey Poupon says:

          Yeah, I tried that but it didn’t do anything. Updated the emulator and tried again to no avail. As I said, I’ve been able to get it to work with every other game that’s supported only the xbox pad.

  7. DrollRemark says:

    God I hate watching people play “scary” games on youtube. They ham it up so ridiculously.

    • Jay says:

      We can be grateful he didn’t have a scarecam, at least.

    • Koozer says:

      Scary in quotation marks? Come on, it had scary whispers and was set at night in the middle of nowhere and everything!

  8. Drake Sigar says:

    Published by Ubisoft. And I really wanted this too. *Sigh* Let’s hear it then, how did they ruin it. Uplay?

      • Drake Sigar says:

        Shhh, can you hear that? It’s the sound of my wallet snapping shut.

        Where the hell do they get off shoving DRM into the boxed PC version of a low budget Xbox Live arcade game? Freakin’ morons.

      • Flappybat says:

        They lost three buyers from us with the lack of steam integration.

      • Bracknellexile says:

        I was almost ready to forgive Ubi after they backed down on the always-on-DRM last year and started seeing sense. Seeing this on Steam I, naively, thought they’d released it on both uPlay and Steam and would let me use one or the other, but no. Ah well, no sale here then.

    • trjp says:

      The worst thing about uPlay games on Steam is that all Steam does is launch uPlay – but if you launch uPlay normally, Steam games don’t appear in it so you can’t launch them from there.

      So what happens – in effect – when you buy a uPlay game on Steam is that you get a custom uPlay launcher which you need to launch the launcher which launches the game.

      Whoever thought that was a good idea – I wish a plague of genital boils upon their house.

    • Kobest says:

      Sure, it’d be nice to have a DRM-free version, but come on, the recent Uplay is not that horrible. For Far Cry 3, I activated the game, turned it offline and it worked like a charm.

      • trjp says:

        The main issue for people will be that UPlay isn’t where all their friends are – they’ll buy it on Steam because that IS where their friends are…

        The whole ‘launcher to launch a launcher’ thing is enough reason just to buy it direct from them – or from a third-party who has no launcher perhaps?

        • Honigsenf says:

          since yesterday it asked u at gamestart if u want to connect the steam account with the uplay account, that u can invite your steam friends from within the game

  9. Vartarok says:

    I hope the above Bioshock Infinite spoilers are some kind of stupid and unfunny joke. If not, I hope the guy gets banned forever.

    • Premium User Badge

      Adam Smith says:

      I don’t know if they were true or not, but being that stupid and unfunny is also a banning offence.

    • Low Life says:

      I only read the first sentence before I realized what was happening, but yeah, I can only hope it was all made up. Actually, I’ll be assuming it was, so there’s not much harm done anyway.

    • cpmartins says:

      You know what the sad part is: All the spoilers are from the damn pirated version on the PS3. It’s been out since the 20th. Yeah, PC is the pirate’s heaven my behind. Now I’m sad…

  10. ulix says:

    I’ve been looking forward to this for a long, long time. Still didn’t buy it yet, since I find 20€ a bit steep, especially for a game that is a couple of years old.

    Played Trials 2 HD a lot, and really enjoyed this game in multiplayer on a friend’s Xbox. However, I will wait for a sale.

    • Jay says:

      Evo came out more recently than a couple of years ago, I’m sure.

    • ulix says:

      Alright. A year ago.
      But before that came Trials HD, which didn’t come out for PC. Trials HD came out in August 2009.

  11. trjp says:

    I’ve been playing this for a couple of weeks now (Beta access from pre-order) and it’s got all the elements of the 360 version in terms of the breadth of levels and editor and stuff

    Sadly, as a PC title it’s a bit lacking – it’s performance is generally awful, graphical options are limited, SLI/Crossfire has to be disabled just to make it work and it supports limited resolutions (and I suspect just upscales from 1280×720 for all of them anyway).

    The major performance problems seem to affect almost everyone and include some degree of
    Erratic framerate (even on systems capable of huge FPS it will dip into stutter territory in places)
    Texture loading issues (from flickering to outright not loading anything at all)
    Generally looking bad (probably because it’s upscaling)

    It’s hard to recommend it as a PC title right now – the 360 version simply looks better and plays better and has more tracks and is probably a bit cheaper, depending on how you look at it.

    I’d love to think they’ll fix the problems but I suspect they may not – even if they improve the performance I can’t see them making it use proper resolutions and fixing things like shadows (which have only 2 options which are ugly-as-fuck and system-melting)

    • MattM says:

      Eugg, upscaling really isn’t the right way to handle resolution changes.

      • trjp says:

        Thing is – even at 1280×720 Windowed, the game still looks blurry, so I’m really not sure WTF is going on.

        In terms of playability, my best setup is 1280×720 fullscreen, AA on, Shadows Low, everything else off (VSYNC only makes the wobbly framerate worse – better some tearing than loads of slomo) – but it looks like shit.

        Smoothness is what you need tho, Trials is near-impossible to play when it’s framerate isn’t steady – I found one track impossible to get a Gold time on until I dropped my settings and then I hit it first time, it was like turning down the difficulty a couple of notches, it’s THAT dependant on a steady framerate (see any racer, really)

        p.s. online mode seems a bit moody too – I’ve managed a few games but EVERYONE I meet has a low ping and 4 people starting a race will never be 4 people ending it!?

    • Kobest says:

      Oh man, I pre-ordered the retail version because I played the game on a friend’s Xbox, and the PC trailers looked good. So in actuality, that is not the case, huh? :S Can someone else share his/her thoughts on this?

      • trjp says:

        If you take a peek at the Steam Forums for the game, you’ll see plenty of other opinions.

        OK – it’s always a whinge-fest over there, but everyone has roughly the same problems (framerate poorer than you’d expect and choppy, scaling problems, texture problems) and there’s a huge range of hardware there from laptops to really high-end stuff.

        I should emphasise that it’s quite playable on a Min Spec PC if you are willing to dial-down the settings and put-up with it looking ugly – and on a good PC if you don’t mind the choppiness (disable VSYNC for GODS sake) – all the cleverness is there to be enjoyed, it’s not just very pretty.

        To give you some idea – on the 360 I’d generally quit because it pissed-me-off with some fiddly jump or other bullshit – on this I tend to quit became my eyes and head are aching looking at it :(

        • Kobest says:

          I see, I’ll research more on the topic to get a better idea. You’d think that the performance issues would be minimal…thanks though.

          • trjp says:

            The issues will depend on your PC and how you expect the game to be.

            If you expect shiny, HD, 60fps goodness then you’ll be really disappointed right now – the best I can get it running on my PC is ‘playable but ugly” – it runs at 60fps with dips down to 50 which is just about livable with.

            A mate has a MUCH better PC and he gets dips down to… 50 fps too – but it looks a bit better (his monitor is 1440×900 tho which is one of the properly supported res’s – I’m 1920×1080 and the max without hacking is 1600×900)

            If you do hack it – it only works ingame too – menus will remain resolutely scaled/stretched.

            It’s a bit of a mess but it IS playable so if you need a Trials fix now – go for it – but if you want polish, wait – it will get cheaper too and maybe it will get fixed?

  12. Javaa01 says:

    something i would like to see as paid dlc or something are the dlc maps for trials hd since the pc version has the whole “sorry we werent on the pc, here well let you catch up to what the doritos machine had before you” and also im glad that it has uplay instead of gfwl since that program is just… so bad!

  13. El_Emmental says:

    Never again.

    I played through Trials 2 and “finished” it, and I don’t think I’ll ever play it again, at least not in the next 5 years – I don’t really regret it, but it was the most difficult, painful and violent of “I must finish this game” experience I ever had.

    Why ? It was getting so close to extremely fun gameplay, almost, almost! scratching that itch, but most of the time was stopped a few millimeters from it, at the very last millisecond. Imagine an extremely delicious cake, pulled from the oven too early, kinda ruining (but not really/completely) the taste.

    Now I hear Evolution is much better, the custom levels are fun… I still refuse to ever get it, but it now has my attention.

    Sadly for the game, the news that:
    – mandatory Uplay when launching through Steam
    – terribad PC port performances + very poor upscaling and blur used for PC resolutions
    – 20 euros (£17)

    … makes it a *nope ! see you next year !*