Gosh, Shu Looks Like A Very Lovely Thing

While the trailer is from a couple of months back, this is the first time we’ve encountered partly hand-drawn platformer Shu. Scottish indies Secret Lunch are going to reveal more of the game at next week’s GDC, but the footage released so far is too gorgeous not to share.

I’m loving the hand-drawn animations for the characters. And while not much can be gleaned from the trailer, the mechanic of grabbing others by the hand to guide them lights up the Ico region of my brain, which is directly wired to the Happy Place Cortex. The game will apparently focus on “run, jump and glide”, which are three of my favourite ways to get about. You’re climbing up a mountain, chased by a monster and a thunderstorm! Eek. The developers explain,

“Shu features vibrant, hand drawn 2D characters in a colourful 3D world of towering stone, rushing rivers and long forgotten monoliths. On your journey to the peak you will encounter a unique cast of villagers who, in their flight from the storm, have become stuck, trapped or separated from one another. Will you leave them to their fate? Or will you stop to save them, making the journey more challenging, and giving the ever moving maelstrom a chance to close the gap? Run or rescue; it’s up to you.”

The project is on Greenlight, so they can register interest in the concept. And we should have our hands on it next week.


  1. Hoaxfish says:

    Medieval Conga-running

  2. mrmalodor says:

    Does it have any shuting?

  3. A Monkey says:

    That older gentleman seems oddly content considering he’s being led along by the beard.

    • Blackseraph says:

      It’s probably just a very hairy arm!

    • MechaZoidAnimatedMuppet says:

      He might look content, but that’s just appearance. He’s trying to hide the dread he feels from being surrounded by hand-holders.

    • solidsquid says:

      He’s grimacing in pain, it’s just you can only see his eyes squinting as a result behind the beard

  4. Grargh says:

    I really like this driving kind of music. And the characters, of course. Had something from Botanicula, which is a very good sign!

  5. albeec13 says:

    Reminds me a bit of Lost Winds.

  6. Feferuco says:

    It looks very PS1. Not a bad thing.

  7. guygodbois00 says:

    It reminds me, somehow, of The Secret of Kells. Can’t really say why, though. Hmmm.

  8. uh20 says:

    the characters noses looked like mouths for some reason, so until realizing that they were noses, i saw them constantly gaping their mouths open in weird directions.

    pretty wierd paper-cut animation, but its nice.

  9. crinkles esq. says:

    Hm, looks very pleasant! I like the emotional dynamic they’ve set up in the gameplay. Not sure the combination of blocky 3D background elements and the very flat character art really mixes well though.