Hark! Dungeon Defenders 2’s Co-Op In Action

Is it Halloween already?

Defending dungeons, I imagine, is quite difficult – especially when you’re chasing down other heroes, steamrolling over all their favorite toys, and not really defending many dungeons at all. That’s the basis of Dungeon Defenders 2’s competitive MOBA mode, and naturally, it strays a bit from the original’s adowwwwwable approach to gut-wrenching, mud-and-blood-spattered last stands. And yet, in spite of a hilariously suggestive name, Trendy isn’t blindly leaping aboard the MOBA bandwagon. Co-op’s back too, and goodness, it looks like what would’ve happened if the Death Star had turned out to be a pinata full of rainbows. So many things. Pluck the ribbon from the top of the break for a candy coated sensory overload nuclear meltdown of a most delightful sort.

Trendy’s still being pretty quiet about what’ll distinguish Dungeon Defenders 2’s co-op from the original (aside from More Cool Stuff) but apparently it’s going to be pretty game-changing – thus the lack of a beta until late this year or early next.

If nothing else, though, it’ll intertwine with competitive, sharing characters, items, pets, stats, and probably also hopes and dreams. They will skip hand-in-hand down the beach of life, separate yet also one… somehow. The idea of a persistent MOBA’s already a little curious, so persistent and consistent with a tower defender will certainly make for some interesting balancing issues.

Trendy’s confident, though, and Dungeon Defenders: The One In Which The Emphasis Is Actually On Defending Dungeons was pretty good. Here’s hoping they can work some magic. Magic with rainbows and sparkles and surfaces that are supposed to be sharp but are instead invitingly rounded.


  1. 0positivo says:

    Wouldn’t a persistent MOBA (urgh that name) technically be a MMORPG?

    • Dana says:

      No, because:
      1. Persistence is only one of the few requirements for an MMO.
      2. This game won’t be fully persistent.

    • Raane says:

      I’m not sure what ‘fully persistent’ means seeing as the stats and items which make up your character are persistent in Dungeon Defenders. So i’d say it’s definitely as persistent as a traditional MMO.

      What’s really pertinent in it not being an MMO is that it’s not got the first M because game sizes are limited and the RPG elements extend to just a set of stats and gear choices.

      So yes it’s most accurately described as a persistent Multiplayer Online Battle Arena.

      • Sparkasaurusmex says:

        The industry has done to MMO what it’s done to RPG. Everything’s gotta have MMO qualities now.
        Online DRM? That’s an MMO-like feature. Persistent stats? MMO.

      • Dana says:

        Fully persistent means persistent world, that goes on after you log out. Not series of Quake 3 arenas with some saved character progress.

    • Dora_Garcia says:

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  2. waaaaaaaals says:

    I’m sure Trendy will find some way to drop the ball with this game, probably something along the lines of having to pay for the rights to fully upgrade towers.

    • Baines says:

      Trendy was pretty bad about balance in the first Dungeon Defenders. That will stand out more in a MOBA design.

      And wait until the DLC characters start showing up.

  3. The_Candyman says:

    I just can’t wrap my head around this, why are they doing a half MOBA with a game that was never anything like a MOBA? I can’t see how the quality of the game as a whole won’t take a dive because of this.

  4. AngoraFish says:

    There are not enough games with Dayglo colour schemes. The technicolour brilliance of the backlit monitor is so under utilised by limiting oneself to drab browns and greys.

  5. zaik says:

    weird, when did they find time to make another game inbetween releasing new $10 DLC every few days?

    • Parthon says:

      They used all their $10 purchases to build a game making machine. Dungeon Defenders 2 will be the first 100% AI produced game entirely funded by DLCs.