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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Going Straight

It’s a bumper week for the bargain bucket, with shedloads of great games available to buy for far less than you might expect to have to pay for them. I haven’t the foggiest idea why some weeks there’s tonnes of games for me to feature in this here column, whereas other weeks it’s slim pickings. Maybe it’s something to do with the phases of the moon, or could perhaps plate tectonics be responsible? Regardless, I don’t ask too many questions, I just enjoy the cheapness. For access to the best deals on games throughout the week, you’ll be wanting to visit on a regular basis. Here’s this week’s selection:Various Sega bundles
Firstly there’s the Dreamcast Collection for £3/€2/$6, which is pretty great, although it’s not exactly the best selection of Dreamcast games, just the ones Sega already had PC ports of developed. You get Crazy Taxi, SEGA Bass Fishing, Sonic Adventure & Space Channel 5: Part 2. Then there’s a whole load of Sonic games for £14.78/€20.38/$21.56. This is the majority of Sonic games that are available for the PC, and it’s still the case that there hasn’t been a proper Sonic game since 1994. Then finally for £14.36/€15.49/$16.86, there’s a bundle that includes the Dreamcast Collection, the recent rereleases of Jet Set Radio and NiGHTS into Dreams, plus a collection of loads of Mega Drive games. Great if you fancy a history lesson, and some of those old 16 bit games are legitimate classics. These all registers on Steam, and you’ll want to apply coupon “GMG20-FDSCL-AQQXD” for maximum savings.

The various Legacies of Kain for 99p a pop.
Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver – 99p
Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 2 – 99p
Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen 2 – 99p
Legacy of Kain: Defiance – 99p
Dunno what the prices for these are in other regions. Hopefully similar!
There’s still no word on the Legacy of Kain reboot that is probably happening. Square-Enix are keeping shtum, but they’ve been gradually making the old games available from more places, there’s been dribs and drabs of reports that their doing something Kainy, and it would probably fit with their recent habit of bringing their ip from the past up to date, like they did with Deus Ex and Tomb Raider, and they are currently doing with Thief. There are no new ideas left. What would you want from a reboot? Obviously it should be a first person shooter, although perhaps quick time events should be the central mechanic. No doubt it’ll be confusingly just called “Legacy of Kain”.

Bastion – Pay What You Want
Optionally registers on Steam.
The first of humbles new weekly deals, with a range of bonuses scaling with how much you want to pay. Here’s wot John thought of this back at release:

If you play for mechanics there’s a lot on offer here, but you’ll be confused why the game is being celebrated so loudly. But for atmosphere, grace, wit and heart, it’s a remarkable achievement. I’m nowhere near finished – the game appears to be enormous. But as I write this, one of the game’s pieces of music looping endlessly in the background, I know I’m going straight back.

More here.

Outcast – £1.04/€1.22/$1.59
It’s pretty heartbreaking for me that I’ve never been able to properly play Outcast. On paper, it’s exactly my sort of thing, but this imaginary piece of paper doesn’t have “Brain crippling motion sickness inducing” written on it. Yes, Outcast gives me awful motion sickness, and it’s actually the only game I’ve ever experienced this with. It’s unbearable. Here’s Jim writing about it from all the way back in 2007:

Despite the fact that an errant singularity was eating our homeworld, players were encouraged to take their time in exploring this new planet. In so doing we were able to build up a reputation among the peasants and rebel clans for whom our hero, Cutter Slade, was something of messiah. Outcast’s towns, villages and alien wildernesses remain one of the outstanding visions of what PC gaming could and should be like: it was a game of exploration, and of gun-fights in rice-paddies.

Excitingly, the Open Outcast project he mentions at the end of that piece has been making progress all this time, and they’re planning to release a demo at the end of the month.

Deal of the week
Steam Indie Sale
Valve are running one of their massive sales again, this time it’s all indie games. You could try grappling their storefront to see if there’s anything that you want, or if you’d prefer to just see a massive list of everything in the sale, I’ve done just that over at SavyGamer. Some of my top recommendations from the sale are the delightful, thoughtful twin stick shooter Everyday Shooter, hard as nails sci-fi rougelike-like FTL, trippy Minter shooter Gridrunner Revolution, utterly fucking beautiful point and clicker Machinarium, the best 90s action game from the last decade: Noitu Love 2: Devolution, a beautiful island you can walk around (that has Occulus Rift support on the way!) Proteus, Terry Cavanagh’s arcade masterpiece Super Hexagon, the best game: The Binding of Isaac, minimalist platformer about Geometry with personalities Thomas Was Alone, and my favourite twin stick shooter of recent times: Waves. Buy all the games.

Also of note:
Richard & Alice – £1.99
Cognition, Episode 1: The Hangman, Dedale De Luxe, Dinner Date, I Get This Call Every Day, J.U.L.I.A., Necrotic Drift Deluxe, Phantasmaburbia, Reversion: The Meeting & Vampires – £3.85/€4.52/$5.87
Aztaka, Blades Of Time, Cubemen, Spacechem, The Journey Down: Chapter One & iBomber Defense – £2.57/€3.01/$3.91. Registers on Steam.
Space Pirates and Zombies – Pay What You Want
Resident Evil 5 – £3.50
Mass Effect Trilogy – £19.99
Hitman: Absolution – £4.99. Registers on Steam.
Sleeping Dogs [Limited Edition] – £4.99. Registers on Steam.
Final Fantasy VII – £4.99
StarTopia – 99p
Condemned: Criminal Origins – £2/€2/$3. Apply coupon “GMG20-FDSCL-AQQXD”. Registers on Steam.
Borderlands 2 – £8.16/€13.59/$16.31. Apply coupon “GMG20-FDSCL-AQQXD”. Registers on Steam.

If somehow that lot isn’t enough for you, you can always find more cheap games over at

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