Shock: Konami Still Won’t Confirm Metal Gear 5 On PC

I didn't ask for this.

SHOCKING DEVELOPMENTS. Metal Gear Solid 5 is an actual, factual thing, as revealed during Kojima Productions’ GDC panel. But wait, that’s not all. Are you ready to ratchet up the vein-searing voltage? OK, here goes: The Phantom Pain was just a promotional stunt! It was Metal Gear all along, just like no man, woman, child, infant, or single-celled organism could’ve surmised from painfully obvious evidence. Now, though, you probably ought to flee into your local neighborhood tire factory, because here comes the most electric news of all. In spite of Hideo Kojima’s repeated claims that Metal Gear Solid 5/Ground Zeroes/The Phantom Pain’s demos have been running on PC, Konami still won’t confirm or deny a PC version for some reason.

The only officially listed platforms at this point are PS3 and Xbox 360 – even though that trailer looks suspiciously outside the range of their capabilities. Meanwhile, as with Ground Zeroes (which has now been revealed as merely a component of MGS5), Kojima explicitly noted that everything shown so far has been running on PC. In the past, Konami’s no-commented that not-so-little caveat, and today was no different. When I asked point-blank if a PC version is, if nothing else, planned, a Konami rep replied:

“We cannot confirm [a PC version] at this time.”

Which strikes me as fairly silly, given that it seems like a no-brainer at this point. That said, it certainly wasn’t an outright denial. Who knows, though? Maybe MGS5 will end up console-only. It definitely wouldn’t be the craziest thing Kojima and co have ever done.

Speaking of, this all looks utterly bonkers. But, as RPS’ resident (and perhaps only) Metal Gear fan, I’m intrigued. Big Boss is dealing with the ramifications of a nine-year coma and (probably) being cloned, it all takes place in an open world, and there are flying fire whales. Metal Gear Solid 4 was a disastrous string of loosely connected, utterly nonsensical cut-scenes occasionally interrupted by some semi-decent stealth-ish action, but who knows? Metal Gear Solid 3 was easily the series’ high-water mark, and MGS5 continues that timeline. It will quite clearly be Metal Gear, but the series’ stirring hits – at the absolute least – balance out its myriad misses.



  1. Coflash says:

    It’d be a crime for this to not come out on PC. I don’t want to get a PS4 :(

    • welverin says:

      No worries, they haven’t even announced it for the PS4!

      • Coflash says:

        Activision haven’t announced a COD for 2014 either, but some things are more than obvious enough

    • Smashbox says:

      Then don’t?

      Otherwise this is a $500 game.

      • Khalan says:

        Unfortunately that’s the point. They want you to buy a PS4, or 720, or whatever else they’re selling, even though the games could easily run on decent PCs.

        Metal Gear Solid 4 and FFXIII and other console exclusives were the main reasons I bought a PS3 and 360, and I’ll likely end up buying the new consoles as well even though I have a high-end PC.

        • nearly says:

          you know, both of those games came out on Playstation and only MGS4 was exclusive. you probably didn’t need to buy that Xbox.

          • Khalan says:

            FFXIII was exclusive to consoles. I bought a 360 for games like Gears of War, Red Dead Redemption, Saint’s Row, Lost Odyssey etc. Some of those games did end up coming out later for PC though.

    • Ultra Superior says:

      Female nurses, male doctors. Bukkake and Bondage. Japan, what a mecca for gaming sexists.

      No wonder they won’t bring that game on PC. We PC gamers know better.

      ‘solid snake’ oh please, get out.

  2. killias2 says:

    The Japanese game developers still see the PC as some strange foreign device, more for work than play. It’s sad because -so- many Japanese games would make oodles on Steam, yet they don’t even try.

    • Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

      “Sell it for PC? Um… No. Also, we won’t be selling it for Samsung microwaves.”

    • Knurek says:

      I think that the PC version of Dark Souls changed things a bit – looking at Steam sale stats, it did quite nicely.

      • killias2 says:

        Dark Souls was definitely a big release. I’d love to see revenue numbers there. Isn’t the next game coming to PC day 1? If true, that marks a big shift.

        There are also those Ys games and a few others. I just hope others wake up to the potential.

      • Christo4 says:

        Well since they are releasing Dark Souls 2 on PC I’m sure it brought them a profit.

      • Deadly Sinner says:

        Yup, they actually ran out of keys last sale.

    • Taidan says:

      Technically, the first four games in the Metal Gear series were released on home computers.

      I think that Metal Gear Solid 3 was the first to be exclusive to consoles.

      • killias2 says:

        While it’s true that MG and MG2 were both MSX releases, I think it’s a bit misleading to lump them into the same category as modern Windows ports. I mean, MG2 came out 23 years ago on a system that never had any appeal outside of Japan and which made a place in Japan mostly because the domestic console market had yet to really take hold.

        I did not know that MGS1 and MGS2 came out for Windows, though it appears both were late ports. Still, even MGS2 for Windows was 10 years ago, and both were console exclusives for a couple of years (respectively) before having a belated Windows port show up.

        Still, Konami should seize on this past and embrace the PC. It’s just another place to sell your product, guys!

        • Taidan says:

          The first Metal Gear was also ported to MS-DOS in 1990. (via the NES port)

          I personally like to think of the MSX as Japan’s home-grown C64, which puts it firmly in “Home Computer” territory rather than console-land, although yes, definitely not PCs as we know them today.

        • stupid_mcgee says:

          I can’t speak for MGS2, but the port of MGS1 was pretty awful.

    • welverin says:

      Capcom has been supporting the PC, maybe some other Japanese developers will start following suit. The Dark Souls games doing well might help to inspire others as well.

      • bongosabbath says:

        “Supporting”. Just as I support a turd as it rushes through my bowels after drinking prune juice. That is to say, without polish and with little support. Effing Crapcom.

        • mundox says:

          DMC4, DmC, Re6, Dead Rising 2, Street Fighter, SFxTekken, they all run beautifully on PC. The previous ports might have been CRAP, but they have gotten way better than their console counter parts with time.

  3. Uthred says:

    Isnt the Phantom Pain not so much a promotional stunt but one of the two games (the other being Ground Zeroes) that make up MGS5? He confirmed that they were in fact two seperate games (though yes, the fact that Phantom Pain was MGS5 (or a component of it) is a shock to no-one)

    • Revolving Ocelot says:

      I read that Ground Zeroes is supposed to be the prologue chapter of the game.

      • Uthred says:

        Two seperate games according to Konami – link to

        • welverin says:

          That’s not definitive, they’ve updated that article after asking for clarification and got a no comment.

          EGM’s report on said that Kojima’s comments made it unclear. This is just one more giant heaping bag of who knows in regards to this game.

  4. RakeShark says:

    I’ve always wondered if I’ve missed out on something wonderful by not playing any Metal Gear Solid games, or if I’ve just missed out on convoluted plots and hype.

    • tobecooper says:

      It’s not either or.
      You’ve missed out on all three of these things.

      The plot is convoluted, there is always too much hype around the games, and still at the end of the day you can find something beautiful in each of them.

    • Namey says:

      Little bit of both, really.

      You are missing out on a great stealth action game series, that has a plot that ranges from pretty awesome to pretty stupid. Though the stupid stuff is a lot more tolerable if you don’t take the whole series all that seriously,

    • Smashbox says:

      If you can forgive a never ending stream of cutscenes (which I usually can’t except in this series), it’s batshit crazy in just the right ways and often very clever.

      Great Game Design it ain’t, but it’s a rare auteur project in video games, with oft-great combat to boot.

      • Feferuco says:

        Eh, people heavily criticize the series for trying to be a movie, for having cutscenes too long. I say MGS games make much better use of being a video game to tell a story than a majority of games out there, specifically a majority of AAA games where you control a dude through a linear story.

    • Obc says:

      if you are not sure, you should watch all 3 over 40 minutes review of MGS by mathewmatosis who goes to great lengths to explain everything about the games: from mechanics to plot and demonstration with all pros and cons.

      link to

      the reviews are really well done (as are his zelda reviews) with a good voice, good choices of scenes and no stupid gimmicks and everyone who is interested in the games but wont be able to play em should watch the videos. MGS1 is one of my favourite games and MGS3 is outstanding.

    • ai_ren says:

      Been lurking for about 2 years but this comment actually convinced me to finally sign up.

      Personally, while being a predominately PC gamer, the MGS series has always been the thing that keeps me coming back to consoles. I think you should definitely try to play the series (even through emulation (pscx2)) as, while I know everyone seems to find something notably good among the large amount of bad, for some people (like me) the games are a truly special/one of a kind expirience and really represent something completely unique while remaining grounded in tradition. Hopefully that helps a bit.

      • ai_ren says:

        I don’t know how much of a stretch it would be but,

        I compare playing the MGS series through the end to watching a marathon of Tarantino for the first time. Something really special, if not quite a bit different.

  5. Revolving Ocelot says:

    I’m not sure why MGS5 would come out on PC. MGS3 & 4 aren’t on PC, and 4 seems to be exclusively Sony forever since they were involved with development. Not to mention that very little Konami stuff ever goes on PC, AFAIK.

    Since I’m too cheap to buy any current/next-gen consoles I haven’t played any of the games past MGS3. This makes my username a sad panda.

    • lordfrikk says:

      My sentiments exactly. Are we supposed to care about a game whose majority of modern installments is not on PC? Right this way, MGS, in the room with Halo.

    • Geen says:

      Exactly. I played through MGS3 with a friend and it was one of the best games I’ve ever played, simply because it’s open while still giving you defined direction. You can snap necks, sneak past, go in guns blazing, interrogate people, use camoflage, throw goddamn animals at people, and so on so forth.

  6. Capt. Eduardo del Mango says:

    MGS is always a series that’s seemed interesting to me (I’ve only just found out that the first two came out on Windows, I’ll look them up) but given how the series now seems completely bound up in its own convoluted plot and that DX:HR did a pretty good job of scratching the action-stealth itch (didn’t do a great job of scratching the DX itch, but hey) I’m not sure how willing I’d be to pay anything other than sales prices in a year’s time for it.

    Oh, shit – that doesn’t count as “meh/boring/yawn or any kind of words to that effect”, does it? Don’t ban me! I’m saving that up for the next time I want to insult John Walker.

  7. jellydonut says:

    Considering how absolutely ridiculous this game series seems to be, I don’t think it’s much of a loss.

    I’m fine with letting Hideo Kojima live out his fantasies of being a bad anime director on the playstation.

  8. db1331 says:

    MGS has always been a series that I SHOULD love, but I’ve just never been able to get into it until very recently. I bought MGS4 from Best Buy just because I had a $5 certificate that was about it expire. It sat in my entertainment center untouched for over a year. These days I’m usually holding a napping 1 month old while I game, so I’ve found console gaming easier to pick up and play for 30 mins at a time. Anyhow, I recently just started MGS4, and I’m having a blast. I guess before whenever I tried to play a MGS game, I never took the time to learn the controls and would just get frustrated and move onto something else. This time around though, I actually spent some time in the combat simulator learning all the different grabs and takedowns. I love how modifiable the weapons are, and how you can swap out silencers and flashlights on the fly. I just beat Act 1 a week ago, but haven’t had a chance to get back to it yet. I pretty much only play it while I’m holding my son in my lap, and he loves to kick the shit out of the controller, which makes sneaking up behind someone interesting. It’s like adding a higher difficulty level. The game is a ton of fun though, and it’s really making me want to get the MGS HD pack with the other games in the series I never finished or even played.

    • Sugoi says:

      You absolutely should get the MGS HD remasters.

      MGS3 may have the best story and depth of the series, but Peace Walker is the real gem there. You get the metal gear experience distilled to its very essence, and delivered in bite-sized morsels that are easily consumed without a large amount of time investment. On top of that, PW has the fantastic MGS4-style controls and extremely satisfying base micro-management to keep you busy for a long time.

  9. yhalothar says:

    Eh, no biggie, I’ll just borrow a console from someone for a week and play it then, just like I did with most MGS games, with the noble, albeit unelegantly ported exception of the second and last MGS for the PC…

    It’s a shame we aren’t getting any PC ports of MGS, it’s a game worthy of much better hardware, considering the ugly cutscene choppiness I’ve seen in MGS3 and MGS4.

  10. Dowson says:

    I’d be more interested in getting Rising on the PC, it was originally announced for it.

    • AmazingFly says:

      It probably won’t be since they changed engine while handing it over to Platinum Games. The fox engine runs on PCs though so the chances of that coming over are way higher.

  11. lordcooper says:

    MGS 4 was a major selling point for the PS3 (and pretty much the sole reason I bought one). I fully expect them to try and pull the same thing off this generation.

    • welverin says:

      MGS4 and God of War 3 were the reasons I chose the PS3 over the 360, so I’ll be getting this, just wish I could do so on PC.

  12. Dowr says:

    Well, guess we’ll just play other games then.


  13. Bhazor says:

    Remember when Kojima said the MGS series was finished? Now he’s publishing three of the fuckers in a year.

    • Coflash says:

      I’m petty sure he said Solid Snake’s story (or focus) was finished, not the series

      • RobinOttens says:

        And he said he’d quit making them after MGS2, then again after MGS3, and again after MGS4. So yeah…

        Anyway. Regardless of how this game turns out, that trailer is one of the best trailers I’ve seen in years. And it seems to have it’s own style to it again, no more feeding off MGS3 or MGS4’s settings/themes (like the psp games and revengeance).

    • lijenstina says:

      Metal Gear Sold.

    • Deadly Sinner says:

      I’m pretty sure he wants to be finished, but he also doesn’t want to let anyone else take it over and Konami won’t let it go without milking it dry.

  14. Shooop says:

    I don’t understand why Kojima would make a PC port of this game. MGS games don’t translate to keyboard and mouse controls very well because you need an analogue stick to control how fast Snake moves.

    He’s showing previews of it off a PC because it’s being developed with them, not because he intends to have it running on one.

    Why is this being considered PC gaming news? It’s much less likely to be a PC game than Grand Theft Auto 5.

    • AmazingFly says:

      You can allways use gamepads on a PC so why wouldn’t he make a pc port if it runs on a pc already? I rarely hear of games that run on PCs from the get-go not getting a release on them.

      • lordcooper says:

        Aren’t all games developed on a PC?

        • AmazingFly says:

          The code is written on a pc but that doesn’t mean it runs on. They have development kits for the consoles hooked up on the pc where the code runs on it. The architecture with a thing like ps3 and 360 is way too different for being able to run on both out of the box. The new console generation looks a lot closer to the pc architecture though so I expect a lot more and better ports.

        • DrollRemark says:

          To the same extent that mobile games are created on the PC, yes.

      • Shooop says:

        Some people don’t feel like buying peripherals and complain if a control scheme they use doesn’t work.

        There was a backlash against Dark Souls on PC every time someone said you needed a controller for it (which was actually the least problematic thing about it). If I were Kojimia I wouldn’t want to have to deal with those people.

        • zenjestre says:

          why wouldn’t you buy a 20 dollar gamepad for a game you want to play, though? my mouse cost 60 bucks, my keyboard 40. those are peripherals needed to play games. the gamepad was way cheaper.

          also and in regards to comments seen below, i must contribute to the general sense of bafflement that there is even such a thing as one or the other. i’d even go so far as to say it’s illogical not to have both. “you can’t play metal gear without a gamepad!” and i can’t play nethack without a numberpad.

          which is why i have both.

    • lordcooper says:

      Why do people still think of PCs as just for keyboard and mouse? A decent pad will only set you back around £20 and is pretty much essential for certain genres.

      • arccos says:

        That’s a problem in many reviews, too. If a game has poor keyboard and mouse controls, they ding the score a bit for it. Even if the game is designed for a controller.

    • Delixe says:

      Dark Souls was pretty much designed to be played with a pad, didn’t stop them releasing it. MGSV certainly wouldn’t be the first PC game that plays better on a pad than a kbd/mouse. Given Valve are pushing pads with the Steam big picture mode I would imagine a lot more games will be released in the future that are horrible to control on a keyboard.

      • MrUnimport says:

        And I’m pretty sure Dark Souls got a fair amount of flak for being on PC but being almost unplayable with default KB+M controls. Nothing a fair amount of FOR PAD branding couldn’t solve though.

      • Shooop says:

        There was a backlash every time someone said you needed a controller for it.

        I can already see the posts complaining about this game’s controller-based interfaces: “We don’t want to play your game the way you designed it, we want it to work this specific way!”

        Yes those people were silly (there were far more important things wrong with Dark Souls’ PC port), but they made a lot of noise and caused a few headaches. Is it worth trying to deal with them?

    • ElvisMZ says:

      Splinter Cell (I think Chaos Theory) managed to solve this problem though, you’ll move with WASD while you can control your speed by scrolling either up or down. Simple and elegant solution.

      • Commissar Choy says:

        Chaos Theory had some missing functionality though when it went from game pad to KB/M, specifically the ability to edge open doors slowly, something I thought crucial to the game.
        (Unless I somehow missed it, in which case shame on me).

        • Lekker says:

          Shame on you, because you did miss it.

          • Commissar Choy says:

            What was the secret?! I thought I tried everything from random keys to the mouse wheel but nothing took.

    • Lekker says:

      “MGS games don’t translate to keyboard and mouse controls very well because you need an analogue stick to control how fast Snake moves.”

      You’ve never played Chaos Theory have you?

  15. NicholasTimothyJones says:

    This is not worth getting if David Hayter isn’t returning as the voice of Snake.

    • AmazingFly says:

      Maybe the reason why he won’t be back is story related but he’ll be missed.

      • welverin says:

        Not if it’s true that they’re keeping the same Japanese voice actor, which I read was the case, though that was from a commenter somewhere so who knows.

        • MrUnimport says:

          Apparently Big Boss was voiced by Snake’s actor in the Japanese version of MGS4, as was Solidus in MGS2. So that doesn’t tell you a whole lot.

  16. SkittleDiddler says:

    Dear God in Heaven, who at Konami comes up with these ridiculous game titles? Revengeance? Phantom Pain? Ground Zeroes? Dafuq.

    • welverin says:

      What’s ridiculous about The Phantom Pain? Do you see how he’s missing half an arm?

      p.s. Phantom limb pain is a real thing.

      p.p.s. Revengeance is ridiculous and I’ll give you Ground Zeroes, even though I don’t agree (I mean there could be more than one Ground Zero, thus it being totally legitimate).

      • SkittleDiddler says:

        Despite the fact that phantom pain is indeed a real thing, it’s still an extremely silly word to put in the title of a video game, unless we’re talking about a Double Fine production or a DeathSpank joint.

        They might as well call the next one Metal Gear Solid: Dumberer.

      • kleptonin says:

        “Revengeance” is a real (if outdated) word: link to

      • Geen says:

        Wait, The Pain was a boss in MGS3. His special ability was being covered in bees. This can only mean one thing… GHOST BEES!

    • RobinOttens says:

      Phantom Pain is a pretty cool title if you ask me. The others, not so much. Still not as bad as what Square Enix has been up to with their Final Fantasy titles lately.

      • Shooop says:

        Worse than Ubisoft games?

        “Pandora Tomorrow”
        “Enchanted Arms”

        …Wait. “Infinite Undiscovery”?

        OK Square wins.

  17. Dana says:

    Welp, that means PC version confirmed.

  18. maninahat says:

    I have to question the quality of healthcare those men are receiving.

    The doctor is doing the Hollywood movie thing of electrocuting a patient with a stopped heart, whilst his shouts of “Clear!” are being totally ignored by the other doc who seems to be holding the patient’s head still. Then when the nurse later finds the guy waking from his coma, she immediately leaves him and tears off looking for a doctor, when she should have pressed the emergency assistance button located above the bed and kept an eye on the patient.

    Even the patient seems kind of confused. In the helicopter, he tries aligning the sights of his gun against his eye patch. He should have never been let out of hospital in that condition. I’m beginning to think the MG series is a bit unrealistic at times.

  19. Snids says:


  20. WhatKateDoes says:


    ‘coz I’m totally into beardy, grumpy, filthy cycloptic dudes.

  21. ResonanceCascade says:

    It’s sad to see that a once-PC friendly series like Metal Gear Solid is now shifting their focus to the consoles.

    • Shooop says:

      Weren’t the two ports notoriously poor?

      • ResonanceCascade says:

        Indeed, I was just being sarcastic. I like MGS well enough, but it’s never really been a PC-oriented series, and if it doesn’t start now that’s OK by me.

  22. Stevostin says:

    “Which strikes me as fairly silly, given that it seems like a no-brainer at this point. ”

    Exclusivity negociations for next next gen are open, I guess. Konami says “we can put it anywhere, if you’re pressing us that’s what will happen, so now how are you willing to pay us to help you launch your stuff ?”. In such a scenario, PC version will probably be cancelled or delayed because the buyer wouldn’t want to have a lesser version.

    That’s my best bet =)

  23. Commissar Choy says:

    I actually enjoyed MGS4 :< the mechanics were rock solid and the game had enough variety to be interesting. But every time I try to go back to MGS2/3, I get frustrated with the nonsensical controls. Why can't I crouch and move simultaneously?! IT'S MAD I TELL YOU. And if you own a game console and see Peace Walker HD for download/on disc/whatever, BUY IT! It's a perfect blend of mechanics and story.

  24. yuri999 says:

    I’m still chuffed that Konami couldn’t port the UE3 powered Silent Hill: Downpour to the PC. Guys pls…

  25. MrUnimport says:

    I just want to know if that’s Ocelot on that horse.

  26. crinkles esq. says:

    I’m not sure why you’d think either of MGSV games (Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain are separate, according to Konami) would be announced for PC at this point, when they haven’t even confirmed they’ll be on the PS4.

    I suspect that Ground Zeroes will come out this fall on PS360 (Kojima said it’s the prologue game), and then Phantom Pain will be PS4 launch title. Maybe they’ll package up GZ/TPP as one title with upgraded visuals. If Konami plans to release MGSV on PC, I would expect it to come out sometime after that PS4 launch window. I don’t think Sony would be too keen on a simultaneous PC release stealing PS4 thunder.

  27. MeestaNob says:

    I would pay good money for remakes of all these games on PC. Also including the Nintendo-era stuff, perhaps re-done in the way Bionic Commando was.

  28. DrollRemark says:

    I have MGS3 on the Xboxer and I just couldn’t get into it. OH GOD I AM A BAD PERSON.

  29. bongosabbath says:

    I will pay all the money for a MGS3/Peace Walker bundle on PC. And MGS5. ALL MGS. NEED MGS. METAL GEAARRRR

  30. m3talmechanic says:

    Metal Gear…

  31. Leon8524 says:

    I really think it should release on pc because it looks very promising. It would be a good opportunity to show off the new engine. Also, I’d hate to miss out just like I did with mgs4 because it was never released on pc. And btw I’m a pc gamer because not only do games on pc look better but they are also more affordable, at least in my country.

  32. BDX777 says:

    Someone on Youtube just gave me some advice, so I’m sharing like a freeloading arsehat.
    Maybe if we buy MGS Revengance on PC when it releases for PC they’ll consider porting MGS5 to PC.