Trawling The Money Sea: Net Gain’s Final Hours

It’s odd how much I want to indulge in futuristic corporate espionage and to be a bionic business-bastard. If you gave me a game about being the sort of violent attack stooge that A Popular Generic SmartFruit company undoubtedly hires to burn down Samuel Sung’s Telephonic Emporiums, I’d go ‘tsk’ and return to the important task of playing Super House of Dead Ninjas (splendid; words soon). However, if that attack stooge and his bosses live in the future and have metal nostrils, count me in. Net Gain is a strategy game in which the player controls a nefarious company in the near future. The Kickstarter ends in two days, there has been plenty more information released since it launched and the final possible stretch goal sounds fantastic.

At first I thought the final stretch goal, voted for by the community, was for a mobile version of the game. ‘Boo’, I thought and maybe even said. Turns out, even though it’s called Mobile Ops and has a cleverphone component, it’s about much more than that:

Mobile Ops makes the operatives mobile, increasing their autonomy and gives them more options for what to do outside of work (and during!). They can engage other operatives to hang out, have more options for activities to engage on (preferences determined by their traits), get involved with their circles, can go “deep cover” and operate independently, and possibly do some work of their own on the side…

With this, Mobile Ops also increases your interactions with the operatives, instead of simply directing their training and picking gear, you can set policies on night-jobs, offer raises or pay cuts, set up procedures for deep cover, and a whole new set of events that trigger between the broker and operatives like company retreats, requests for help, cutting you in on side deals, and more!

There’s more and you can read it all here.

It’s extremely unlikely that the stretch goal will be hit but I wouldn’t be surprised if there are a few people who missed news of this one the first time around and find themselves keen to know more, so consider this a friendly reminder. A friendly reminder from a man with metal nostrils who also wishes to let you know that Net Gain is lurking on Greenlight.


  1. lasikbear says:

    Was that screenshot provided by the developers? It seems so far off from the actual game and makes it seem like this is a generic third person cover shooter.

    Anyways, this sounds really exciting if they can pull it off well, and they seem to have a lot of good ideas.

    • Hoaxfish says:

      Part of their Kickstarter video has some live action silliness.

      • lasikbear says:

        Ah ok, I almost passed over it completely from that shot, but then I saw all the nice pixely ones with numbers and boxes and menus on their Kickstarter page.

        • Premium User Badge

          Adam Smith says:

          Entirely my fault – I forgot the netgain.jpg I’d used for the last post was that image, which I did for silly alt text more than anything else.

          I’ve changed it.

          • sawanswan says:

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        • Sintua says:

          Don’t forget the Line Graph! Graphs are sexy!

      • Randomer says:

        I would have much preferred some in-game footage over the live action video.

  2. Damaestrio says:

    Many congrats to the Net Gain team for running such a successful Kickstarter!

    Also, if you want more cyberpunk corporate warfare but prefer being the attack stooge instead of the boss with the metal-nostrils, take a look at the Contract Work Kickstarter: link to

    • Bugamn says:

      Missing disclaimer: shameless self-plug.

      • Damaestrio says:

        Disclaimed: Shameless self plug (we did run a promo update with the Net Gain Kickstarter about a week ago)

        • Bugamn says:

          No real problem. I just like that when an author or similar posts his project on a comment about other project, that he points his relation.

      • Sintua says:

        A shameless self plug I support! He has a demo up in his kickstarter, so you can try it out and decide for yourself!

  3. Tiax says:

    Cyberpunk, reminds me of Uplink, nice music: Okay, you have my 25 $.

    • Sintua says:

      I love Introversion, the homage is definitely intentional! And welcome to the community!

  4. Sintua says:

    Thank you so much for the article, Adam!

    And while the stretch goal is a ways off, I know that RPS bump can do wonders!

  5. Evilopoly90 says:

    I want to throw my money at this game, I do! But I can’t find a Paypal link of any description. A pox, a pox I say!

    • hemmingjay says:

      The link to payment is in kickstarter, which is the only way to pre-order at this time. They have my money, which I have bumped up twice now and am considering a third time!
      link to in case you somehow missed it in the article above.

    • Sintua says:

      I’m sorry! I wasn’t offering a paypal offer while we were kickstarting, but (if we get on Steam) you can join up when the game launches! I hadn’t seen much demand for it, but if paypal’s your only option and you want some of those backer rewards as well, we’ll work something out.

    • Sintua says:! Get it while it’s up!

  6. LionsPhil says:

    So…whole bunch of live action fluff with some B-movie Minority Report effects, and the actual game “footage” is some PowerPoint-grade-animated mock-ups?

    Not the best priorities.

    • Sintua says:

      We had the opportunity to make a live-action video come up, so we seized it and make a trailer for Net Gain. It’s a barebones budget and yeah, I would have preferred the order to be swapped around, but lemons->lemonade.
      As for the game content, as it says the game is a very early prototype, hence the limited stuff to show. People who are backing want to play the game and watch it grow, and as the lean development motto goes: “fail early, fail often”. I want to get it in people’s hands asap so we can develop and react through the entire development process instead of at the end, and given the innovations and unexplored territory I want to tackle, it’s the best model for us. This is known as the Minimum Viable Product.

      (here’s a list of reasons why not to do it, and we’re on the opposing end of all of them. Beware: Corpspeak ahead: link to

  7. DrollRemark says:

    “Mobile Ops makes the operatives mobile” might just be my favourite ever start to a sentence.

  8. WeeMadAndo says:

    Hey someone. Tell me this is like Because is a game I wish a) more people had played and b) still existed anywhere.

    • Sintua says:

      I just found out about while running this Kickstarter, but from what I’ve been able to read, yes it’s got a lot of that! :)

  9. soulblur says:

    Well this sounds brilliant. I’ve always wanted a game like this – kickstarter is like my personal game wish list gratifier. Word that I hadn’t noticed on the katchup before though….

    • Sintua says:

      We Hadn’t been on the Kickstarter Katchup! Unfortunately we just missed the first one and were funded within the first week (!!!) before the next! Adam has been awesome about showing us love in this and another article, though, which honestly is better!

  10. Tiax says:

    The KS went up by 4k $ since this article, dunno how much is to thanks for that but it’s a really nice feat.

  11. Nixitur says:

    This really reminds me of a corporate Liberal Crime Squad, a game by the maker of Dwarf Fortress.
    That is a really good thing.