Super Best Friends! PC & PS3 Dust 514 Trailer

The PC/PS3 dynamic for all to see. Run, you joypad warriors. Fear our function keys!

If you’re not a regular Eve Online player, and if you don’t own Sony’s LittleBigUncharted emulator, you might not be aware that the PC players of Eve Online can now drop orbital strikes into the free-to-player PS3 shooter, Dust 514. CCP have decided it’s time to trailerise such an event, so for 2m51s there will be some footage of a console game on RPS. Don’t worry, though. I got your back.

It’s actually to show off the next Dust 514 update, Uprising. But until they announce it for the PC, I refuse to look at the full trailer. Instead I asked my girlfriend to watch it and write me a watching guide. If you intend to just watch the PC bits, get a friend or relative to shout out when you can and can’t look at the screen. Below is a handy guide.

Eyes open from 0 to 21s
Eyes shut from 21s to 33s
Open from 33s to 37s
Shut from 37s to 46s
Open from 46s to 55s
Shut from 55s to 1m07s
Open from 1m07s to 1m11s
Shut from 1m12s to 1m15s
Open from 1m15s to 1m20s
Open from 1m20s to 1m25s
Open from 1m25s to 1m32s
Shut from 1m32s to 1m43s
Open from 1m43s to 1m47s
Shut from 1m47s to 1m54s
Open from 1m54s to 1m56s
Shut from 1m56s to 1m58s
Open from 1m58s to 2m04s
Shut from 2m04s to 2m12s
Open from 2m12s to 2m29s
The rest is logos.

If you do have a console, the game is in open beta already.


  1. Tinus says:

    On a conceptual and technical level I’m really happy with what CCP is doing. But after playing Dust a couple of times during its beta I’ve found myself wanting it to be more like Planetside 2.

    The scale of the entire game feels too small, in everything way. Even the orbital strikes seem to have been toned down from “launching a nuke from orbit” to “dropping a grenade from above”.

    I also think the raw man-shooty mechanics could use some juicing up as well.

    • Spengbab says:

      Considering it’s just a side-dish for the main course, I’d say this is pretty amazing. Actual interaction between different playstyles and different platforms but in a single universe? Didn’t think CCP would pull this one off, but looks like they did.

      Shame I can’t enjoy Eve online anymore (years of gatecamping and starbase sieges kills the soul), but this is pretty damn cool nonetheless.

      • MayhemMike says:

        “…Considering it’s just a side-dish..”

        A very expensive side-dish, when it comes to development costs and I still don’t get it why they have chosen a console when their main game is a pc exclusive.

        • abremms says:

          I imagine it’s a console exclusive (for now) specifically because it’s an expensive side dish. A deal with Sony might have allowed them to get all kinds of perks in exchange for exclusivity. I bet they get a bunch of free marketing on the PS3 online store thinger. One of the main points to DUST is to bring in a playerbase that would probably never touch EvE. They want to expand their playerbase, not cannibalize it. So PS3 exclusive accomplishes that nicely.

          also, I would be very surprised if it stays exclusive for more than a year post-release. They have hinted that it will come to PC eventually.

          • Unpoetic says:

            One could also speculate for an early PS4 release. Everyone knows that games are spare at the beginning of a console life cycle and money on the consumer end is tight after they just bought the hardware. Having a free one in the rotation from day one would make for some smart marketing from both CCP and Sony.

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    • rockman29 says:

      I think it will be better on PS4/next-gen.

      PS3 just doesn’t have the headroom to accommodate anything better right now.

    • naetharu says:

      I totally agree about the scale of things. The idea of calling down orbital strikes from the mighty Eve spacecrafts seems awesome but right now the realization of that in game leaves a lot to be desired. It will be interesting to see if things change once the next-gen consoles some along. Perhaps once the technology is a little more forgiving they will be able to up the scale and make something that looks a bit more impressive. CCP have a good record of supporting their games for the long haul and of listening to their players so I am pretty hopeful for this one but I do think it will take a while before it becomes a ‘must play’.

  2. Funso Banjo says:

    I know it’s really really uncool to play PS3 games here, but it is worth mentioning that Dust is actually a pretty good game, especially for free.

    It’s every bit as good as Battlefield 3, though certainly more complicated which can be a barrier for some.

    For comparisons to Planetside 2, I personally feel Dust is clearly superior in the actual shooting, hitbox and accuracy side of things (so long as you use mouse and keyboard, of course, a lot of players don’t), while it certainly can’t compare from an MMO and terrain side of things.

    • IgnitingIcarus says:

      I entirely agree with the whole Dust 514 being a better shooter, but Planetside 2 being better at everything else. Well, actually the complexity of the equipment system is better in favor of Dust, but the customization of weapons is better in Planetside 2. Damn, if only these two games could become one.

      • Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

        To the tune of “2 Become 1”, by the Spice Girls

        I need premium guns like I’ve never needed guns before
        (I wanna shoot guns at ya, baby)
        I had some free-to-play; Now I pay for more
        (I wanna shoot guns at ya, baby)
        Set your wallet free
        Winning with a spending spree!

        In a world of lag and danger
        Aiming headshots at a stranger
        Say you believe it, say you believe it

        Keyboard, mouse, and screen together
        I dream of us, fighting forever
        We can achieve it, we can achieve it

        Come a little bit closer baby
        (Get in range! Get in range!)
        ‘Cause tonight… Is the night…
        When Level 32 pwns Level 1

        I need premium guns like I’ve never needed guns before
        (I wanna shoot guns at ya, baby)
        I had some free-to-play; Now I pay for more
        (I wanna shoot guns at ya, baby)
        Set your wallet free
        Winning with a spending spree!

  3. IgnitingIcarus says:

    Are there more than 2 maps yet?

  4. Jabberslops says:

    I am not sure what to make of Dust 514. Is it just a generic Sci-fi shooter, or does it actually do something useful and different when interacting with Eve Online players? So far I havent seen anything different or better than what is already released.

    I believe I have uncovered a conspiracy of the highest magnitude of ordering! If you spell Dust 514 backwards you get “Generic Sci-fi Shooter”. Don’t be alarmed! You may be confused and in doubt and maybe even a little hungry or tired right now, but it’s there, hiding in plain sight and watching you (Yes, you specifically!)

    • buzzmong says:

      The only link really between Dust and EVE at the moment is the orbital strikes, and the fact the Dust Bunnies can be part of the capsuleers corps, so they’re in the corp chat channels and in game voice chat.

      I think CCP have bigger plans to link the economies together by having Dust bunnies affect Planetary Interaction (a way of gathering resources) and then have the capsuleers supply equipment and commodities down to them. I’ve also heard they want to tie Dust into the space holding system some how, probably by having space ships control space and Dust people fight for full control of the planets.

      • Bob_Bobson says:

        Also having an actual impact on Eve is the fact that in Faction Warfare how the Dusties are doing impacts how much effort it takes to contest a system.

      • abremms says:

        yeah, if CCP manages to follow through with their plans to link economies by having all the DUST gear manufactured by EvE’s industrialist capsuleers, it’ll be pretty amazing.

        also, a system where taking and holding planets and moons requires ground forces in the for of DUST troops would be pretty spectacular, while giving eve pilots another objective to fight over.

        The ideas behind DUST and EvE and terribly exciting, it’s all down to execution now.

  5. buzzmong says:

    It’s worth noting that those space battles involving that big ship (the Leviathon) which crashed, was actually a CCP run event for the players of EVE*. Hundreds of players duking it out above that planet, which was actually done to progress EVE’s storyline (yes, the universe has a storyline and CCP do foster it by doing events even if they’re rubbish at publicising it to the players).

    *Well, they did run the event, but I suspect a good chunk of that footage is actually from the test server.

    • Trithne says:

      I was going to say: Did they actually destroy the Caldari titan lurking over Caldari Prime? As a Gallente player during the brief periods I play Eve, that pleases me.

  6. hatseflats says:

    Just some offtopic banter: to my right there is a banner for… WARFRAME.


    On topic: damn those PS3 graphics are bad. Is it just a shitty looking game or is PS3 so far behind the PC nowadays?

    • jellydonut says:

      It’s that far behind. They’ve sacrificed a lot to get what is for the PS3 a big map.

      They aren’t big maps though. :p

  7. staberas says:

    The whole concept sounds awesome but in reality replace all the voices with whining 12 yo spamming the hell out for support or generally mic spamming …

    • abremms says:

      no doubt there will be a lot of that, but I imagine the metagame will attract a goodly number of more mature ‘professional’ (in attitude, not getting paid to play it, although… this is eve we’re talking about…) players than most shooters. Look as some of the more organized companies in Planetside 2 for an example.

  8. wodin says:

    And the console players will have their backsides handed to them whilst struggling with a gamepad against a mouse and keyboard…

    • Mordsung says:

      PC players don’t get to play the shooter part.

      We play EvE.

      They play Dust.

      We don’t directly interact other than orbital strikes.

      • meloncrab says:

        It’s also worth noting that you can play Dust using your Keyboard and Mouse on the Playstation. I’ve plugged in my wireless set and it worked flawlessly.

  9. kyrieee says:

    I don’t know how they screwed up the art direction in Dust so bad. It’s one of EVE’s greatest strengths and yet Dust looks like the most generic shooter you’ve ever seen.

  10. Freud says:

    Giving EVE players a chance to **** it up for players of a different game on a different platform is a special kind of madness.

  11. Hillbert says:

    I played it on the PS3 and felt it was a bit ‘meh’. Not bad, but not really worth persevering with,

    On a side note I’ve felt that RPS could do with a regular console column, something along the lines of Cardboard Children but for the more interesting console releases.

    I don’t particular want to hear about Call of Duty or FIFA 2013, but the Hivemind’s views on Little Big Planet would be interesting.

  12. Tiller says:

    I still have no idea why they didn’t opt to put a version on the PC. Those of us PC players that don’t care about spreadsheet simulating would have taken this for a spin.

    • buzzmong says:

      More precisely, they got an exclusivity agreement for the PS3.
      CCP might however annouce something at Fanfest this year, they normally have interesting news.

  13. El_MUERkO says:

    why is the lady wearing a fake moustache and goatee?

  14. Continuity says:

    So PC gamers can digitally shit bombs on console players? This resonates with me on some level :D

  15. Captain Joyless says:

    DUST is sort of fun, and even better with friends who specialize properly (being a sniper is decently fun but fails to add much to the team; being a sniper with a dropship pilot friend who can fly you around the battlefield is more fun and actually occasionally effective.)

    I don’t think the console shooter crowd (or whoever is allegedly playing this game) is very happy with the development schedule, though. I check last week or so and it had been months without a proper patch, you still had to play for a couple hours every day in order to stay caught up in skill points, and the high-level gear was just mostly not worth using. It’d be like fitting t2 modules when all you ever did was constant PVP. It just wouldn’t be economical.

    As someone else mentioned above, the keyboard+mouse vs gamepad thing creates a huge disparity – many players don’t seem to have kb+m and they are easy prey to anyone who does.

  16. R1ch@rd says:

    So I have played Eve Online in the past, and really liked it. Making this shooter merge with the Eve universe is like the best idea ever. But i really don’t like playing shooters with a controller. So, please, please, pretty please with a cherry on top also release this game on PC. I will buy so much DLC it will pay for the costs of porting it.
    I Promise ;)

    • Captain Joyless says:

      You can plug a keyboard and mouse into your playstation 3 and play with those. Everyone good does it.

      I can only assume you have never read any other comments about this game ever…

  17. Bugamn says:

    I’m outraged. I was following the guide, but then, from 1:20 to 1:25 my delicate eyes were shown that heathen game.

  18. burben says:

    Keanu Reeves is in this shit???? OMGGGGG

  19. Syphus says:

    I believe that there is no actual DUST / console footage until close to 1:00, the stuff beforehand is just from “Walking In Stations / Incarna / Whatever it is cold” in Eve itself.

  20. crinkles esq. says:

    The whole thing looked rather ham-fisted and the actual strike looked like an explosion circa 1999. It’s an impressive technical feat in terms of syncing the two games, but the gameplay seems more novel than useful. Perhaps they will deepen the narrative ties between Eve and Dust in the future.

  21. MichaelPalin says:

    Ahhhhh!!!, The aliasing, it burns my eyes! I should have followed the guide!

  22. Rian Snuff says:

    The title in the article gave me a shred of tiny hope they developed some common sense and were going to announce this would come to PC now finally.. Bleh.

    As much as I’d like to see my really expensive netflix box play some games like it was intended..
    The only game I ever find myself being interested in on it is.. Pixel Junk Monsters.
    Sort of like my PSP, spare all the emulators.. Till’ I discovered that androids own the shit out of it..

    And done.