Stolen: The Thief 4 Debut Trailer

Good day. You might well have seen the Thief [just Thief now, not Thief 4] teaser trailer. But have you seen the full debut trailer? No? Well, it’s around here somewhere. It’s some kind of leak, apparently.


  1. Kynrael says:

    Well at least it seems kind of sneak oriented, even if he suddenly decides to take the stupidest, loudest way to exit possible !

    • Tomac says:

      The trailer seems to be missing parts. A CM on the official forums made a mention that it appears to be parts cut from a longer video.

      I assume something goes horribly wrong at some point that we don’t see and that’s why Garrett is making such a hasty exit.

      • Jackablade says:

        There were a few more shots in the leaked sizzle reel trailer for however long ago that was.

      • Jeremy says:

        Finish this sentence.
        The perfect heist…

        A) …lies in the preparation
        B) …is all in the timing
        C) …is the ability to leave no trace
        D) …is a way of life

        Maybe I’m over analyzing it, but his “D” response makes no real sense.

        • PsychoWedge says:

          Or you’re under-analyzing it. Obviously E is missing, which would be E) is to blow the place up with a big bomb and invalidating A, B and C in the process. xD

    • SandmanXC says:

      Not necessarily: “Press A for preparation, press B for timing, mash X to BE A GHOST”

    • Snids says:

      Maybe he needs a poo.

      • strangeloup says:

        +1 Internet for you sir, for my second scatalogical RPS belly laugh of the day. (The previous being the FIST/Rectum thing on the article about the new Jane Jensen game with the shonky trailer.)

    • Hoaxfish says:

      Even little kids know that if you shout “You can’t see me” as loudly as possible, it counts as stealth.

  2. inertia says:

    Do we know if Stephen Russell is returning? It doesn’t sound like him in the trailer, but maybe his voice has just changed.

    • Ansob says:

      This doesn’t remotely sound like Garrett, but Stephen Russell is a voice actor, so he could just be doing a different (less cool, not grumpy enough) voice.

      Interesting that he has the scar and the eye, which I guess means they’re rewriting his story to not include Victoria and the Mechanists (or else this isn’t a reboot).

    • Ross Angus says:

      Yup. I wanted to hear three things: 1) Whistling 2) Wind 3) Stephen Russell.

    • int says:

      For God’s saké! This is Bateson in Hitman all over again. Please get Russell.

    • CelticPixel says:

      I can’t believe they didn’t use Stephen Russell. I thought that necessity would be right up there with rope arrows. I still want the game to be great, but my fan-boy alarm is ringing!

    • Moni says:

      Sounds like Quinton Flynn or maybe Steve Blum.

      • hypercrisis says:

        in my sleep deprived delirium i read this as Quintin Smith and laughed heartily at the idea. I hope Quinns is made the VA.

    • woodsey says:

      That’s definitely not him. I must say, I do like the new voice though.

    • lcd says:

      I was very much hoping he would be, he was excellent in the originals – they must at least have the original actors for the bantering guards, they’re one of the finest things about thief – here’s arguably their best outing:

      link to

      Also, I really can’t stand the way this new chap says opportunity. Check it out, at 0.26 in.

      Based on this it is looking like they pretty much broke thief. Still, I didn’t much like the DX reboot either, and thought the new Bioshock was exceptionally (and unfavourably) streamlined.

      I’m finding more and more that indie games and old titles are all I play.

      • Berzee says:

        I’ve always been partial to a good Bear Pits discussion myswelf: link to

        “They just don’t make bears like they used to…”

      • webwielder says:

        I noticed the ‘opportunity’ thing too! Sounds like he’s trying to sound a little exotic, but just comes across as weird.

      • ResonanceCascade says:

        The bantering guards were Stephen Russell and one of the developers (Dan Thron, the guy who did the cutscenes, if I recall correctly).

        It looks like this is going to be a lot less of a prequel than Human Revolution was, and more of a “proper” Hollywood-style reboot. Which I’m OK with, honestly. The Garrett we know had his story, and it ended nicely. I’m interested in playing another game from the Eidos Montreal folks (blah blah blah different teams blah blah), so at least on that level I’m holding out for a good game.

    • webwielder says:

      No Stephen Russell also means no Benny. No Benny means sadness!

      Some other subtle things I expect them to fuck up, making it not really feel like a Thief game:

      1) NPCs won’t have funny names like Sinclair and Clive.
      2) No humor.
      3) No awesome painted cut scenes.

    • Kestilla says:

      If it were another thief I would be disappointed but understanding. Since it’s probably Garrett in the video and he lacks the original voice actor, I am totally turned off.

      What with the game likely being another simplified bastardization of what came before. Although I really enjoyed Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Adam Jensen was a great character in his own right. They even got the original voice actor for Bob Page to reprise his role in the game’s intro.

      Please don’t take an established character and screw with him like Metal Gear is doing with Snake, and Splinter Cell is doing with Sam Fisher. What the hell is with stealth games screwing over their leading characters lately? I suddenly don’t feel like buying any of them.

  3. Scissors says:

    Worthless prerendered emo-trailer with bass-voice.

    • Vorphalack says:

      Yep. Give us game play footage. We want to see the game, dammit.

  4. maximiZe says:


  5. Grargh says:

    The grabbing hand right at the end was pretty nice.

    What really annoys me, not just with this game but also in recent Hollywood stuff, is the obsession with collapsible bows and crossbows. How stupid is that? I mean, the whole point of the weapon is to have a really strong tension. But they always show it as unfolding against that tension before use, and feel damn cool about it. Even if this were somehow mechanically possible, it would require a really bulky and sophisticated contraption that probably breaks on the first use. Or, you know, when you inevitably jump through an exploding window on a laser horse. It’s those subtle, but utter denials of physics and common sense that really throw me out of immersion sometimes.

    Edit: In a way, this is like rope arrows and grappling hooks. But the latter open up very interesting gameplay possibilities, while collapsible bows are just badly designed swag.

    • colossalstrikepackage says:

      Or magic.

    • ulix says:

      Apparently they had a slighty different bow-design before. Then they comissioned a replica of that bow, it was built in real life, and they changed the ingame bow accordingly.

      So not all that unrealistic.

      link to

      Of course their bow probably doesn’t work (for shooting!) in reality, but at least it looks cool :)

      • Grargh says:

        Yeah, I read about that somewhere. It’s actually impressive what they managed to build, but it looks like it weighs half a Garrett and can’t reliably shoot across the street.

        The end of the video is especially ironic as they note that shooting the bow will more or less cut your wrist. That’s not something the new Garrett would like, would he?

        • basilisk says:

          Well, there’s a reason why archers wear arm guards. But yeah, the bow still looks extremely impractical, particularly considering the difference in size between collapsed and ready-to-use isn’t even remotely big enough to make all the unnecessary complications (and enormous jamming potential) worth the trouble. But hey, if it’s a good sneak-’em-up, I won’t really care about a silly bow.

          • Urthman says:

            Here’s an article laughing at Jeremy Renner needing two arm guards because his technique is so terrible he must’ve been smacking his arm and hurting himself a lot during filming.

            link to

    • Teovald says:

      I think The Avengers started this trend with Hawkeye and his bow that makes a nice sound when deployed.
      It makes no sense physically but since people like it, we can expect to see a lot of these bows.
      In all fairness it is not worse than people projected 3 meters away when they get shot, or well, almost anything about firearms in movies & games.
      It is indeed silly though, especially the artwork illustrating the article. Why on Earth is he holding his deployable bow in his right hand, when his left hand is used to grab a ledge ?

      • Groove says:

        I’m one of the people that enjoys a good collapsible thing. I know it’s often pretty stupid, especially in this case, but it’s also pretty rad.

        Thinking about it, an obvious reason to want to do it for character design is it allows things to be hidden, which stops you having to give everyone Guybrush pockets or wear huge items on them. It also has the X-Wing feature of not neccesarily gaining any functionality, but being a motion to signify that shit is about to go down. In terms of purely radness, anything assembling itself like that feels pretty high tech, which feeds into a feeling of power. Finally, things expanding and being ready for action is pretty close to weilding a penis, which we’re probably all thinking about without realising.

        The game isn’t the same without water arrows? Sickos.

        • Teovald says:

          Finally, things expanding and being ready for action is pretty close to weilding a penis, which we’re probably all thinking about without realising.

          I am sorry, but you are alone on that one.

          I like collapsible weapons as well; looking at all the parts of a rifle getting together in mass effect 3 is nice (and it makes some sense in that sci-fi universe). Collapsible bows are quickly becoming a cliché though, especially for sneaky characters. In my opinion the badass pose “hung on a wall by one hand with the bow in the other one” is pushing it way too far.

        • Lemming says:

          Glad I read that comment to the end :D

        • belgand says:

          This. It’s one of those sadly over-used tropes where sound/visual design is used to indicate action. Like how every bladed weapon makes a sound when drawn or merely used to threaten, guns are always cocked even when it isn’t necessary (especially pump-action shotguns), snipers always use some sort of laser sight even if it would be wildly inaccurate and defeat the point of shooting someone from quite a long ways away, etc.. The worst part is that there are plenty of legitimate bow noises that they could easily use.

        • Dances to Podcasts says:

          Sometimes a weapon that grows in size and launches stuff whenever it’s time for action is just a weapon that grows in size and launches stuff whenever it’s time for action.

        • riverman says:

          I AM DEFINITELY NOT THINKING ABOUT PENISES. If I had it my way, garret would be carrying a reasonable bow made of a single long piece of hard wood, rigid and ready at hand like a cane, staff or rod. or dildo.

    • Lemming says:

      They exist though. At least, they do today.

      link to

      • Sparvy says:

        Notice how that requires two hands and about a minute to get ready though, none of this just shaking it out and it magicly assembling itself with a fully taught string.

        • Hindenburg says:

          Yeah, man, totally absurd! What’s next, they’ll give a guy in medieval times a mechanical eye? Psh, what a way to jump the shark, rite?

    • Oneah says:

      That was the 1st thing that really pissed me off. What the hell is with the super high tech bows? Normal wooden bows are not good enough now?
      And please correct me if i’m wrong but wasn’t the center piece of the thief series on the unique gameplay? Why are they focusing the trailers on the character? Cheap cheese one liners… man seriously, %&!$ this corporate sense of mass appeal. Tired of this industry treating everyone like 12 year olds.

      • Hindenburg says:

        Note that he has a mechanical eye.

        Read your comment.


        Read your comment.

        And Garret has always been a very proeminent part of thief’s appeal. That cynical bastard is a large parte of the reason why the games are so loved.

        You’ve never played the games, have you?

        Dear god, i do hope that as i get even older i wont ever grow into a cranky bastard like so many here.

  6. TheGoddamn says:

    Well, this game creeped up on me.

    Looking every bit as sneaky as Assasin’s Creed. Which is to say not at all.

    • ulix says:

      It actually seems very sneaky, much more so than I’d have expected. He’s basically sneaking right until the end, when he flees (we don’t know why).

      He’s also talking about sneaking, not being seen, even about ghosting.

      We also shouldn’t forget that it’s a trailer. Not necessarily indicative of final gameplay, as you’ll quickly realize when you watch some of the original “Thief: The Dark Project” promo material.

      Tools of the trade: link to (Skip to 1:10 to truly enjoy).

      • CelticPixel says:

        Haha. Thief ‘The Rave’. Thanks for posting this.

        • belgand says:

          People (correctly) decrying dubstep being used in game trailer today take heed: there was a certain portion of the 90s when it was all techno-industrial. We haven’t changed, the music has just gotten a lot worse.

      • dogsolitude_uk says:

        Wow, that really takes me back… It’s funny, even the intro movies for Thief 1 & 2 had headshots, sampled industrial guitars etc. Great stuff :)

    • Jason Moyer says:

      This looks significantly more sneaky than the trailers for Thief 1 or 2. You know, the ones where Garrett blatantly fires broadhead arrows into people’s faces.

      • Oneah says:

        Yes, but at least those were selling the gameplay and not the character. They clearly want to make Garret t into another gaming media pop star.

        • Xardas Kane says:

          And you are clearly trying to simply find something to whine abou.t At least wait until they show off some gameplay!

          You’d think that after DE:HR people would give Eidos Montreal the benefit of the doubt…

    • woodsey says:

      “Which is to say not at all.”

      Which is complete and utter nonsense. The only bit of non-sneaky in the trailer is when they’re showing him escaping – which, crucially, shows him purposefully avoiding getting into a fight.

  7. GallonOfAlan says:

    I’m keeping my powder dry until I play a demo (or RPS plays a preview) but remain quietly confident.

  8. Howard says:

    Everything about this looks pretty gash. Another *reboot* with the same name as the original, totally changing everything about the series we already love. At least the recent Deus Ex had an actual clue and related to the universe that birthed it – this is just tat. More quicktime, press button to win, console crap. Joy of joys…

    • RedViv says:

      You have quite the impressive amount of insider information as to how this will all turn out.

      • Tomac says:

        Clearly he has developed a time machine and transported himself to 2014 and played the game already.

      • cunningmunki says:

        I also find myself becoming increasingly negative about any new FPS games, even with very little evidence. I really hope this is a return to form, but it’s true that console FPS, or rather the popularity of console FPS, have a lot to answer for.

        Developers pandering to the COD and Halo crowd (or the imagined crowd, more accurately) has caused many potentially brilliant FPS games to be dumbed down. Far Cry 3 is a perfect example (which has only been redeemed by modders), and even Dishonored and Deus Ex: HR, although excellent, didn’t come away unscathed. It’s this bizarre assumption that people want all their games to behave very similarly and look like Hollywood blockbusters. As if long cutscenes and QTEs are essential to making games popular.

        Bioshock Infinite has restored my faith somewhat, although the 1999 mode was a disappointment. I’m clearly too old and grumpy to play FPS games anymore :-(

        • JarinArenos says:

          This is where I’m at as well. New games, especially from major publishers, are guilty of mass-market CODifying until proven innocent. I’ve been burned enough times. I will not buy, or even get my hopes up, until reading reviews from RPS or other trusted sources.

    • DrScuttles says:

      But it doesn’t have the same name as the original.

  9. DrDerekDoctors says:

    Nice to see that in the spirit of thievery, they’ve stolen Monaco’s tagline of “What’s yours is mine”.

    • Frank says:

      Yeah, I guess it’s fair game, as a commonplace phrase and because Schatz is just one guy while they’re a giant corporation.

      It doesn’t really fit Thief that well, either.

  10. Cinek says:

    Seems like it’ll be another Syndicate.



    • Tomac says:

      Right because there’s so much action in this trailer.

      • Cinek says:

        Yep. As for such a short trailer. Reminds of every other action game we’ve seen recently.

        • nzmccorm says:

          The only real ‘action’ in it is when Garrett gets caught, dodges a sword blow, and drops some sort of flash bomb as he escapes. That… not really a ton of action. That’s basically someone fucking up their stealth run and trying to get out. It definitely doesn’t depict him as an FPS hero.

        • Xardas Kane says:

          Too obvious, 3/10

          Please tell me at which point you saw any explosions. And how is this an action game when nobody dies?

    • dogsolitude_uk says:

      Have you seen the trailers for the original Thief? Basically it’s about a minute of industrial guitar samples, shots of a guy in a hood wearing eye makeup and blowing up guards with fire arrows and generally raising hell:

      link to

      The irony is that this is *after* it boasts that you have no rocket launcher :)

      • Vorphalack says:

        But the original Thief started life as a medieval version of Quake, but that idea was canned in favor of making a stealth focused FP game, so those trailers were for a game that effectively never existed. All you can learn from this is that you can’t read anything into trailers.

        • Jason Moyer says:

          Truth: Thief 3’s intro video is the only one in the series so far where Garrett doesn’t murder someone.

  11. Cytrom says:

    Square-enix-eidos-whatever… has been making/publishing pretty high quality stuff in recent years, so I expect this to be decent.

    Ironically the same trend is why they are getting in worse and worse financial status. Quality doesn’t sell, just shit with ‘good enough’ content and replayability with strong marketing, for the mainstream, poor and retarded audience. I hope they can break though before going bankrupt, but since people are just getting more stupid and poor every day, I just don’t see it happening.

  12. Shadowcat says:

    Can someone tell me what he is doing with his bow in one hand, when his other hand is fully occupied in holding onto the side of a building? Who thought that looked anything other than mad?

    • Subject 706 says:

      He’s in the process of falling to his death, of course.

    • riverman says:

      grasp bow with left hand, ledge with right hand, drawstring with middle hand. are you new?

  13. AndrewC says:

    ‘The perfect heist…is a way of life’. I’m not sure that even makes sense.

    Marketing: do better!

    Game: be good, please!

    • Christo4 says:

      Actualyl it’s logical since he means that he’s goal in life is to achieve the perfect heist which is very hard to do. Maybe even impossible.

  14. TreuloseTomate says:

    Once again a worthless trailer with no actual gameplay scenes.

  15. InternetBatman says:

    It makes him look to be a out to be a bit too much like batman. He has technical superiority over the guards, which was not often true in the original series. I’ll wait and see how it plays though. It could be at Dragon Age levels of misleading marketing.

    • Jason Moyer says:

      Garrett had flashbombs, mines, elemental arrows, etc in the first two games. And a glowing sword. The guards had swords and broadheads.

  16. Moni says:

    They dropped the silly 4, yay!

    • LionsPhil says:

      They’re naming it the same as an previously released game thus introducing unnecessary ambiguity, boo!

      • tyren says:

        Which game was named just “Thief?” I’m having trouble remembering that one.

  17. tybality says:

    Thief’s Creed…

  18. Hanban says:

    With XCOM and Deus EX HR I was able to stay positive on reboots of old favourites. But everything I hear and see about the new Thief it just gives me really bad vibes. I really, really hope I will have my initial gut feeling proven wrong.

    • chackosan says:

      Human Revolution was more a sequel/prequel than a reboot, though. Though I suspect it will come to pass that Thi4f:Thief = Human Revolution:Deus Ex.

      As in, they’ll take some of the good ideas from the original, and make it a decent game in its own right, but many ardent fans of the original will find glaring deficiencies.

      Of course, Human Revolution followed the almost universally denounced Invisible War, which made it look good in comparison. Deadly Shadows got some flak for console-ification, but wasn’t considered a bad game in all, so Thi4f will really have to step up its game.

  19. Ashen says:

    If I had no prior knowledge that this is supposed to be a Thief sequel, I would have never guessed.

    The style is completely different, especially in the audio department. Cringeworthy monologue, generic modern movie soundtrack. I mean, just compare it to Thief 1 or Thief 2 cutscenes. The general vibe isn’t even remotely close.

    Then again, without Eric Brosius and Stephen Russell this never stood a chance really.

    • riverman says:

      1:18 of thief2 trailer. I imagine the actor must have had a hard time withholding his laughter as he does a 180, has the rim of his hood cover his entire face, then lifts a hand as if to deal a blow to an enemy he has no hope of seeing as he’s blinded like a sheep dog. good times.

    • Pockets says:

      Definitely needs more dubstep.
      link to

  20. popedoo says:

    Yikes! I’ll have to tap into my experience of periodically accepting new actors playing Doctor Who to get over this!

    To be fair, although it’s not Stephen Russel, it didn’t sound grossly out of place. If he’s meant to be younger in this game then maybe they wanted to try something else. Trust me when I say I don’t say that lightly as I am quite the purist. :P

    I’ve basically spent the last 9 years praying for another Thief game so I am remaining open-minded here!

  21. Paxeh says:

    Kind of sad there is no mention of PC support at the end of the trailer. It says it’s for PS4 and “other next generation consoles”. Welp.

    • FunnyB says:

      So, missed the “PC DVD-ROM” logo next to the PS4 logo?

      • Paxeh says:

        Totally missed that. Rant withdrawn.

        • KenTWOu says:

          At the end of this GI podcast they said that PC is super important to them because of hardcore fans.

          • nzmccorm says:

            And they have a dedicated studio (Nixxes) whose entire raison d’etre is to make sure that the PC Builds of Square Enix Europe games play ‘right’ and have a PC-native interface.

  22. Stevostin says:

    Garett is way too young. The voice is crap, bring the original back. The writing is crap. Garett’s wouldn’t make such poor philosophical statements. Garett’s consideration are 100% pragmatical, in a world where highly philosophical/spiritual dogma dictates everything. That’s a good deal of what makes playing Garett cool : Thief imposed its Lore like any other game but let us receive it as someone who genuinely doesn’t care and is here for his own interest. If you miss that you miss a key aspect of what’s a thief game.

    The art direction is pretty good, but not for a thief game. Too much filters. Thief is about believing you’re here, not that “here” is incredibly fancy.

    What Ashen says above about audio.

    Overall this doesn’t smell to good. DE:HR was a decent new take on a game that was actually pretty bland in the first place, but Thief is a completely different licence. You need strong writing, strong identity, and a tie to the game’s thematic : opposition of paganist and hammers.

    • yabonn says:

      Thief imposed its Lore like any other game but let us receive it as someone who genuinely doesn’t care and is here for his own interest.

      I agree, but there is a fine line here – Garret wasn’t neither “yeah right”-ing the stuff going around, and was finally more than purely selfish motivated.

      Thief is about believing you’re here, not that “here” is incredibly fancy.


      Also : bring the “rich people won’t miss it” bits.

  23. dogsolitude_uk says:

    Guys, where, just where, is all this stuff about quicktimes, ‘press A for this’ and so on coming from? The original Thief Trailers had frickin’ drum’n’bass in them for crying out loud, and showed fire arrows and exploding guards (hat tip to Ulix for posting this: link to boy, that took me back!).

    They were hardly representative of the gameplay, which for me mainly consisted of sitting in corners for ages waiting for the guards to turn their backs before dashing to the next dark bit. For large chunks of the game my monitor was entirely black.

    Regarding weapons, yeah, I can see that the collapsible bow doesn’t seem right, but I could live with frogbeast eggs, moss arrows, vine arrows, will’o’the-wisps, slow fall potions, bionic steampunk eyes that went ‘hmmm’ and sexy tree women in the other games, so I daresay I can deal with ‘focus’ and a magic folding bow in this one. It’s not as if he’s got a sniper rifle or a Thiefmobile that can go underwater

    OK, I admit I’ll miss Stephen Russell as Garrett, but frankly, I loved the work Squeenix did on Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and so I’ve got positive, happy feelings about this. Plus I very much doubt it will wipe Thieves 1, 2 and 3 off my hard drive.

    It may still be crap, but we don’t know yet. I honestly don’t think we’ve got enough to go on to write it off just yet, or jump to conclusions about consolisation, dumbing down or appeals to the Assassin’s Creed generation.

    Well, not yet anyway. Going to keep an open mind, wait for reviews, and will resist the temptation to pre-order.

    • Tim Ward says:

      Yeah, exactly.

      I mean, I am not going into this with an open mind. I think it’s going to be shit, but there’s nothing especially unthief like in this trailer.

      I think people have internalised the idea that TTLG style Ghosting, or something approaching it, is the one true way to play Thief, whereas in fact this was something invented solely by the players to provide an extra challenge over an above “standard” play.

      In the intro for Thief: TDP, Garret shoots a guard through the neck with an arrow, then the other guards come to kill him and he does a runner. Oh noes, dumbed down action game for teh console kiddies! It probably has quick-time events and day zero DLC!

      • dogsolitude_uk says:

        “I think people have internalised the idea that TTLG style Ghosting, or something approaching it, is the one true way to play Thief, whereas in fact this was something invented solely by the players to provide an extra challenge over an above “standard” play. ”

        Quite. I still regularly replay Thief 1, 2 and 3, so it’s kind of interesting to me how so many people have mythologised the game. It’s like the ‘old oaken bucket’ syndrome. When the first one came out fifteen years ago, we were fifteen years younger :) and I think that a lot of people have forgotten that it *is* possible to blast and hack your way through a level, even though the end of level stats don’t exactly encourage it.

        The one thing about it I did like though was that everything (pretty much) came down to player skill, there was no ‘levelling up’ or perks. If you, as a human being with the WASD+mouse, had a wonky aim with the bow you wouldn’t be rescued by a dice roll or character stats.

        *That’s* what I loved about the games: the sense of accomplishment when you put out a torch that was a tiny orange dot in the distance, or dodged behind a barrel at just the right moment…

        • derbefrier says:

          Yeah your both right and to be honest this trailer actually gave me hope. I am not concerned with the voice actor or other how emo he looks just gameplay and as long as thievery stays the focus I will ne happy.

    • tossrStu says:


  24. Hidden_7 says:

    The character doesn’t look like Garrett, doesn’t have Garrett’s backstory apparently, now doesn’t sound like Garrett, talk like Garrett, I just don’t know why they are calling him Garrett, he isn’t. You’re doing a sort of reboot, just go whole hog, new thief. You’ve already made an entirely new character, using the name is pointless; it’s not going to mean anything to non-fans, and it’s going to bother fans.

    The no Stephen Russell is especially egregious since more than anything, his voice was what made the character. You didn’t see much of Garrett in the first two, and he didn’t tend to do a lot the player didn’t. The whole of the character lived in the voice. Furthermore, Stephen Russell is working and doing a very Garrett-y voice as recently as Skyrim, so it’s not like he’s out of the game or anything.

    I’ve tried to stay optimistic about this game — Thief is my all-time favourite game, and really more than anything I want More Thief — and I’m not usually one of the cynical internet grumpymen, but this trailer just leaves me feeling very worried. I quite enjoyed DXHR, but this just makes it seem like this team doesn’t get it at all.

    EDIT: Ok, I think I’ve figured out what is bugging me so much about this. The original Thiefs were heavily inspired by film-noir detective tropes. The City had the sort of urban fetishizing/mythologizing that’s so prevalent in such stories. There were corrupt bureaucrats and decadent wealth and dark secrets.

    Garrett was Phillip Marlowe. He was world-weary, cynical. Tended to be terse, prone to understatement. He wasn’t one for waxing philosophical, but a well placed barb of sarcasm here and there would let you know exactly what he thought about things. He was a professional. He stole to get paid. He was routinely down on his luck. More than a few missions in the originals had as their justification that the rent was due. There was a sense of professional pride of his that could be tweaked, but he always undertook such shows with a sense of playfulness, rather than adherence to some grand Philosophy.

    This Garrett, and the city he inhabits seems to have lost that. Garrett is now Batman, stealing for the thrill. He resides in a clocktower secret base, rather than a cheap apartment in the bad part of town. Garrett Classic was always a reluctant hero, that had to be dragged into events, this one seems like he might jump at the chance to be part of some grand design. It seems very unlikely that we’re going to get a mission that’s just a quick smash and grab to shore up the cash to pay for rent.

    These are, in theory, perfectly fine directions to go, but it is a marked departure from themes and influences in the originals. Ones I personally dug quite a bit. And it would thus make the reasoning for a new thief all the more persuasive, since this one’s MO contrasts so starkly with the originals; it would make for a good study and commentary, but it gets muddied when it’s in theory the same person.

    • dogsolitude_uk says:

      He’s even trying to steal his own logo… How much more Thiefy do you want him to be? :)

      • Hidden_7 says:

        The character in the trailer is plenty thiefy enough for me! The More Thief comment was meant to be More Thief Gameplay, not Buddy Needs to be More Thief.

        I’m just a little confused as to why they are calling that character Garrett, when nothing about him seems like Garrett. Make a new character. It’s fine. I’ll accept that. Thief doesn’t need to be Garrett’s story, ESPECIALLY when the original trilogy wrapped that arc up so nicely. What I’ll have trouble accepting is a beloved character returned in named only. It seems like a no win. The name recognition is only of value to fans of the old game, who seem (from incredibly informal observations around the internet) A Bit Miffed about this rendition of the character. Not really sure where the percentage is here.

  25. Blue_Lemming says:

    Is it entirely possible that this is a prequel ? If he’s portrayed as younger that might be a reason. I haven’t been reading every scrap of info on this. So feel free to throw links at me like stale scones.

    Otherwise i’l wait for actual game play footage before i start getting upset by some marketing video that probably bears no resemblance to the game I’ve played all three iterations of, and looks like an advert for a graphics card.

    • slavas says:

      I think I saw him with a mechanical eye, so I doubt it’s a prequel

  26. SkittleDiddler says:

    I hope that the final product is more Thief and less Dishonored. I want a proper stealth game.

    • Brun says:

      To be fair, Dishonored could have been a proper stealth game if Blink hadn’t been so overpowered (and available so early).

      • SkittleDiddler says:

        Very true, but there was also a huge selection of skills and equipment that made the stealth side of the game seem completely superfluous at points. Not to mention a busted Chaos System that was way too arbitrary to be a meaningful game mechanic when it came to a true stealth-centric playthrough.

        • Brun says:

          True enough, but you don’t have to use those skills – the same could be said of Blink, although the game was obviously balanced and the levels designed around (at minimum) using Blink and one or two other stealth-related abilities (the sleep darts in particular).

          If you’re expecting Thief to be a compulsory stealth game you’re likely to be disappointed as they already confirmed that an action-y playthrough will be possible (along with a ghost playthrough). I didn’t play the original Theifs (Thieves?) but from what I can tell from trailers and other accounts this isn’t entirely inconsistent with previous installments in the series.

          I don’t think there’s anything inherently wrong in allowing people to play how they want, provided you have the subtle touch necessary to implement such freedom gracefully in a non-sandbox game. There seems to be this perception that having other ways (possibly easier ways) to do certain things in a game invalidates all the other ways of doing those things, which I don’t think is the case. Sure you could level ALL the skills in Skyrim, obviously that was the way to create “the best” character from a purely statistical perspective – but sometimes it’s about doing what’s fun and not what’s “the best” or “the right way”.

  27. DigitalSignalX says:

    I have a strong optimism from this trailer, namely (heh) because they dropped the obscene “4” from inside the word th4f or whatever. I hope this means they are listening to the fans. As long as it doesn’t turn into PRESS X TO WIN and retains even 75% of it’s pedigree in sneaky sneaky, then it will be a winner.

  28. gruia says:

    I’d love to see tthief go Isometric. Thats what I want from the world, all FPS successful or not, to go back to isometry and rock the world !!!!

  29. Hindenburg says:

    The degree of salt here is, sadly, par for the course.

    Dear god, people, stop being cranky old fucks. You were wrong about Deus Ex, you were wrong about Tomb Raider, and heck, even Hitman wasn’t the horrendous abortion that everybody says it is.

    Give square a bif of benefit of the doubt, yeah? They’ve earned at least that. Not like it costs anything.

    • gwathdring says:


    • Upper Class Twit says:

      Huh. Saw some of this sentiment on the Battlefield 4 game play preview. This site seems to have a growing counter-contrarian conformist community. (See what I did there)?

      I agree with you. But I only tried playing Thief 2 once and bounced right off. So I have next to no attraction to the series. I’m just curious as to how this is going to shape up.

    • yourgrandma says:

      Speak for yourself i thought the hitman and tomb raider reboots were terrible. Tomb raider even more so.

    • KenTWOu says:

      Hindenburg, I’m with you! I love all games you mentioned.

  30. Muzman says:

    Hmm, well they’re paying lip service to serious even ghost level stealth. So that’s a start. No real evidence of irritating third person crap just yet.
    Make the AI good. Make the levels big and realistic. We just might have something here.

    • nzmccorm says:

      Level size might be the big reason they decided to push it back to next gen. One of the most important changes in the next console generation is supposed to be a dramatic increase in RAM, to the point that they’ll have as much as a mid-range gaming PC which should mean that we’ll see decent level sizes again.

      • Muzman says:

        Let’s hope so. Although the other main reason people have baulked at realistic levels is simply difficulty. Splinter Cell was the model everyone wanted to follow coz $ and one foe at a time tests a lot better than getting lost and stumbling into trouble the first few time you play.. The sneaking and free roaming play style might have moved up in the world enough that we don’t have to have that all over again.

        • KenTWOu says:

          No real evidence of irritating third person crap just yet.

          According this Q&A this game will have third person elements:

          Are there any 3rd person elements?

          Yes, we do have some 3rd person elements — but they’re really kept to a minimum, we don’t have a lot. 3rd person is used to improve your awareness of your surroundings — for example, during vertical navigation. We’re really taking particular care to make sure that we’re not jarring players back-and-forth between cameras.

  31. Radiant says:

    His name is Garret.
    Aka Garry.
    Aka Garry the thief
    Aka Gazz the tea leaf
    Aka Gazza the teef part of the mandem from sides.
    Aka Garret Fingers McStealaguffin

    You can’t make someone called Garret ‘edgy’ without making him incredibly corny. Which is kind of what they did here.

    I have a sneaky suspicion that this may be 3rd person.

    • Xardas Kane says:

      I have the sneaking suspicion you have no idea what Thief is.

  32. DigitalParadox says:

    Sounds like Stephen Russell has been replaced with a British Nolan North.

    Series ruined.

  33. gwathdring says:

    Seems like there’s plenty of sneaking about–at least the trailer wants you to think so. Looks like we’ll have the option to sneak around and also to thwack people but our best option will be sneak or run for it seeing as they didn’t show off CGI combat. Looks like new gadgets and gizmos will be available, too.

    My worry at this point is that there will be distinct ways to go through a level and distinct play styles rather than everything being done on a spectrum. I’ve only played Deadly Shadows, but I remember quite often feeling like I could approach a mission how I wanted rather than have my pick of a few paths. I’ve enjoyed games like Deus-Ex which offer it the later way, but I wouldn’t want to add this to my collection unless it did things the former way.

  34. Distec says:

    Gosh, the comments here are particularly grating to read.

    I understand a lot of the cynicism towards this game, given the spotty track record and major changes that most reboots and long-awaited sequels have gotten over the past few years. I’m not a fan of the so-called “focus” mode that has been mentioned in the available info thus far. I also understand that, due to the publisher and AAA model that a lot of this industry operates on, I’m sure that this is probably not going to be a Thief successor that I’d envisioned and wanted since playing the first two titles. But some of the reactions here are absolutely obnoxious.

    This is not an action-heavy trailer. You have one grenade/flash bomb going off, and even that’s relatively subdued in its presentation. So why are people exploding left and right with “OH GOD COD ACTION KIDDY WTF” when it’s nowhere near close to such a thing? Why are people bitching about QTE’s when there was no indication of such and it’s not even showing actual gameplay? Why are we already moaning about Garrett supposedly being retooled into some destiny-driven hero when all I saw was a guy in a cloak stealing some jewels? These whinging histrionics are getting to be too much given how little we’ve actually seen or know thus far. I’m all for some healthy skepticism, but Christ… Can we at least minimize our complaining to known quantities?

    I say this as somebody who expressed a lot of doubt towards Human Revolution during its pre-release. Hell, there are things about that game that I felt vindicated on and still don’t like about it. But it was not the disaster I had braced myself for and I had a damn good time playing it, “impurities” and all. I’ll admit that I haven’t had my full attention on this game, so maybe there are things Eidos is fucking up that I’m unaware of. But this trailer? C’mon guys, save the outrage.

    • Xardas Kane says:

      Finally someone who hasn’t lost his senses! Especially after the rather successful reboot of Deus Ex from the exact same studio (even if another team), I just don’t get why people complain except for the sake of complaining. I love Thief and I am at least hopeful. The trailer definitely has the right kind of pacing and atmosphere, no matter what some of the comments here would make you believe.

  35. Friendly_Taffer says:

    Can anyone please explain to me why is it now just Thief and not Thief 4 anymore? It makes debates about games very confusing – I was talking to my friend the other day about Tomb Raider, how great it was and what a graphical beast it was (well if you had a graphic card to support rounded boobs), how I loved puzzles and stuff and he told me he loved to kill with bow. Same goes with Need for Speed : Hot Pursuit. Not to mention I was talking to him about how I love Thief series and he thought this is the first one. Why do they do such things?