The First Torment: Tides of Numenera Image

Yes, that’s the first in-engine image of Torment: Tides of Numenera. Go ahead, you can click it for full size. Pretty, ain’t it? That’s apparently “a screenshot from within the bloom”. So that’s nice.

The Torment Kickstarter has a mere three days left on it, and the poor chaps have raised a meagre $3,311,380. Perhaps give them a hand if you can spare a dollar?


  1. int says:

    I’m so glad people still want these types of games!

    • Njordsk says:

      Yeah it’s great. I mean this an project eternity are both gathering quite a lot of money.

      Divinity original sin is quite stagering though . link to Go pledge them !

      Last time I checked PE was around 3.5M$, which is awesome.

      • Oozo says:

        They have, however, not yet reached 3.5m. I really hope they do, because that would mean involvement of Avellone himself.

        Not that it is not a veritable supergroup of writers/thinkers/designers already, but with him on board, the game would very likely get the eternal award of most-exciting-team-on-a-fantasy-RPG-ever.

        • InternetBatman says:

          Unless the pledges actually decline from yesterday, which is unlikely, they’ll make it by the skin of their chin. It’s looking like the final budget could be smaller than Project Eternity, which I think reflects the difference they made in selling the two games.

          • tigerfort says:

            I think some of it is the difference in selling techniques, but suspect some of it is down to Project Eternity being first off the block. They’ve got the money from anyone who wanted a Torment sequel but can’t afford (or doesn’t want) to back two. We don’t all have wallets made from Horace fur.

          • InternetBatman says:

            I’m definitely cash constrained, and had to come up with the money to pledge for Torment, but I don’t think that’s all or most of the difference. One reason is the rate of the initial rush, Torment amassed more money in two days than Obsidian did in twelve. Since both teased it ahead of time, those factors should be equal.

            The other is that PE was not first for large-funded isometric RPGs on Kickstarter. Both Shadowrun Returns and Wasteland 2 were before it (also Dead State). Maybe being fourth had an effect, but it certainly didn’t affect the opening. I guess you could argue that PE was the first full fantasy RPG, but the Numenera setting is radically different from D&D.

            I really think the frequency of updates, the amount of money between stretch goals, the number of interviews employees make, and the desirability of high-tier stretch goals really makes the difference.

            Below, voon “almost forgot to back this,” which says volumes about Torment’s marketing. I don’t necessarily think this is a good or bad thing, just that it has an effect on total pledges received.

          • Bhazor says:

            Something to remember is that PE got a huge amount of money on their last day. Over $600,000 in large part due to their live 6 hour pledge drive Q&A. Without that Torment would be ahead.
            link to

          • InternetBatman says:

            But Project Eternity was picking up a lot of steam at this point. $100k pledges per day, huge jump in news, etc. They had also released the incredibly impressive pre-rendered art at this point. Torment is picking up Steam, but less quickly.

            As a side note, I wish they complied interviews in a series of links on the first page rather than hid them in a tumbler.

          • Lanfranc says:

            You always got to account for the “Remind me later”-button effect kicking in 48 hours before the end. I think it’ll clear $4 million easily.

  2. Cold Steel says:

    Now someone just needs to kickstart a new chess with guns that is actually Jagged Alliance 2 1.13 with better graphics, then my world will be complete.

    • eightohnine says:

      “Chess with guns”… nice way to put it. But yeah, this would be great. Same level of micromanagement, updated graphics (isometric 3D), modernized interface, and you have a winner.

    • Snids says:

      I just hope they find a way to increase the amount of clicking around within inventory panels.

      My old campaign commander was always telling us the specific type of ammo webbing to wear and which pocket we should be keeping out wire cutters in.
      Anything less than that and it just isn’t believable for me.

      Also LOL@ “Chess with guns”. I once raided a town and defeated everyone by repeatedly launching mustard gas grenades from the roof of the barracks building. Anyone that broke cover and ran got his torso exploded by my snipers .50 anti-materials rifle.

      “Chess” in that context is a bit rich. Also, I don’t remember having to constantly re-shoe my knights and renew my pawns employment contracts…

      • Hindenburg says:

        Shush, nostalgia is serious business, and navigating those horrendously cumbersome interfaces obviously required a tactical genius that would put Rommel to shame.

      • Arkh says:

        What? Are you saying to me you have free aim in JA2? Your aim was not locked to your enemies? Travesty! The next thing you say to me is that no enemies where spawning right in the middle of you! How horrible!

  3. Valvarexart says:

    I was fairly skeptical towards this one, but when I heard that Patrick Rothfuss was going to be involved I backed the project immediately. He has written some of the best fantasy that I have read from recent times.

  4. Vorphalack says:

    Eep, almost forgot to back this. Thanks Jim.

  5. InternetBatman says:

    The article didn’t mention that they’re collaborating with Obsidian and using some of PEs tech. The image is very pretty, but I wish we could get more interviews and updates. They’ve lagged way behind Project Eternity in doing interviews, and I think they’re selling themselves short.

  6. Chris Bischoff says:

    2D Isometric games are awesome. Just…awesome.

  7. Snids says:

    They still need to get to $3.5 million to activate the Avellone protocol!

    • Kusz says:

      We wouldn’t want that, would we? How will he have the time to finish his Arcanum playthrough? I say we need a 4m stretch goal, where Chris is put in a closed room with cameras, where he would slave away on both games, and record Arcanum in his “free” time. And as an added bonus, Chris should write a personalized “fuck you” letter to everyone that pledged.

  8. GhostBoy says:

    New update: link to

    Includes expanded stretchgoals, an animation and lighting demo of the screenshot with characters in it and 3 new add-ons, including an add-on exclusive source book for the Numenera system that Monte will write, adn which will have rules and descriptions for using the Torment setting and systems (such as the Tides) in PnP games.

  9. notes says:

    Seriously hoping they crack $4.5m.

    Don’t yet know if the various Kickstarters will deliver, but it’s just fact that fans of plenty of genres talk about a golden age back when… and if half these things deliver half of what they promise, it looks to be quite the renaissance.

  10. Alextended says:

    The first content looks nice enough but, when people questioned doing a second Kickstarter before their first game is done, didn’t they claim something along the lines of how only a very small team would work on Numenera doing pre-production type tasks until Wasteland 2 is done so that its development wouldn’t be affected as only people who have already offered all they can to that game would move away from it? Surely 3D artists don’t fit that criteria, unless Wasteland 2’s assets are all done already, which doesn’t seem to be the case. I’ve pledged on both games (a boxed copy for Wasteland, the basic pledge for Torment, I’d like to get a box for all my Kickstarter games but only Wasteland’s was reasonably priced with extras even in the basic tier) but I want equal effort on both and equal greatness, just with a different focus and style of role playing. I don’t want one to be their big game they put all the effort in and the other the lesser experience. They cost more or less the same.

    • GhostBoy says:

      Making a tech demo for the Kickstarter doesn’t mean they are yanking the whole 3D art team onto the project from day one. There is a lot of writing and concept work to be done first. It is in the company own best interest to manage the pipeline with as little disturbance to both projects, so this does not give me reason to doubt their statement that the work on both games will be done in parallel without diminishing WL2.

      • Alextended says:

        I never said anything about yanking the whole team. This isn’t pre-production work, it’s asset creation. If it’s possible it will be cut or remade since they’re still in the pre-production phase for the project normally then that’s even more of a wasted effort that could be put in a game that’s already being shaped and isn’t likely to change enough for such fully developed assets to be rendered obsolete or unnecessary.