Go Wild: Torchlight II Gets Mod Tools, Workshop Support

Reducing pandas to a subservient role after WoW did so much to elevate their societal status? Frankly, it's sickening.

Torchlight II‘s actually already seen some rather brilliant mods, which is impressive given that modders have only been able to paddle themselves through its stat-laden sea of systems with their wits. For its part, however, Runic promised official mod support ages ago, and now – after maybe a little more time than most people were expecting – it’s finally delivered. So then, what do burgeoning loot pinata crafters have at their disposal? GUTS. Which, honestly, was how I would’ve answered that question no matter what because I’m in a weird mood right now, but luckily, it’s actually relevant in this case! That, you see, is the name of Torchlight II’s spiffy new modding suite, and it locks in with Steam Workshop like a gem into a modding-suite-shaped socket.

There is also a panda.

The new update not only includes the GUTS modding tools (the capabilities of which you can beam directly into your brain tubules via this handy wiki), but also legendary weapons for every item class, new armor sets, new side dungeons, a Nether Realm area, and a handful of adorably huggable pets. Except for the headcrab. You probably shouldn’t hug the headcrab.

The panda, meanwhile, is a panda.

It’s quite an update, and the whole thing is, of course, completely free. You can grab it simply by starting up the game. So then, what types of mods do you want to see in Torchlight II? More new classes and items? Locations? A connection-requiring auction house that entirely defeats the central purpose of the game and disenfranchises hundreds of thousands of diehard fans, irreparably severing a bond forged by years of dedicated obsession?

Nah, that’d be crazy. I want more flavors of panda!


  1. RedViv says:

    I want more flavours of alpaca!
    Yay, a more brown one! I shall name it Jacob!

  2. po says:

    Runic > Gearbox.

    Some devs have the decency to keep their promises, while others think that players hex editing saved games is close enough to modding, that they don’t have to give us the mod tools they said they would.

    • SkittleDiddler says:

      It’s funny that you mentioned hex editing, because that was literally the only way to rescue your save in the first Torchlight when the engine crashed and abandoned your character in a suddenly exit-less dungeon level. Not only did the devs ignore a workaround for those kinds of glitches, they automatically tagged any player using a hex editor as a “cheater” in the game.

      Fond memories.

  3. Krouv says:

    Unfortunately I’m still waiting for the Mac version.

    • po says:

      No, you’re waiting for the OS X version. PC games will run fine on a Mac if you put the right operating system on it.

  4. Snids says:

    The only reason I’ve not been able to get into this game is because I can’t decide what pet I want. They’re all so lovely I want them all. MAYBE NOW I CAN.

  5. Snidesworth says:

    I grabbed the Synergies mod last night and gave the Necromancer a whirl. I’m still pretty early on but I’m having fun with my skeletal horde (well, duo). There seems to have been a lot of tweaking done on top of the obvious changes; different loot balance, more mooks and semi-common elite monsters thrown into their midst. I should probably look at the feature list and see exactly what I’ve gotten myself into.

    It was also my first time using the Steam Workshop. Cool thing, that.

    • Squirly says:

      Me too! It was so easy I immediately went back and grabbed two other mods. I’ve already tried the synergies mod on my older version of T2 but for my tastes it’s a bit too much quantity vs. quality. Either way, with what I have now, the skill progression is more interesting and my inventory is HUGE.

      Also, my pet Headcrab named Chewie. I mean, really.

    • mondomau says:

      Just a word of warning – if you play the Synergy mod with an existing character, be aware that if you decide to uninstall it for any reason (say, playing with friends who don’t have it), you will lose and mod-specific gear and your avatar might go a bit weird. Obviously, if you create a new character with one of the new classes, you’re stuck with the mod permanently.

  6. SanguineAngel says:

    I only picked up this game a week ago and it is bloody brilliant

  7. dE says:

    First thing I wondered when I saw the Workshop Thing: Yeah, great… what about that editor? Good to see its finally out. I’m looking forward to the mods. Torchlight 2 was somewhat of a dud for me so far, mainly because none of the classes felt right to me, I couldn’t enjoy it.

    • Baines says:

      Torchlight 2 suffers from a lot of mistakes in its design. Things done with good intentions, but the results were worse than what Runic was trying to fix/improve in the first place.

      People wanted an overworld to explore. So Runic made a really big overworld, and even randomized bits for replayability. What they didn’t do was make an interesting overworld, either to navigate or to fight in. Instead, it is just a boring slog that you repeatedly travel to get to the important locations.

      People didn’t like the TL1 enchanting system. So Runic made a new system, with no item destruction, the ability to remove unwanted enchantments, and themed enchanters so that you could aim for specific benefits. Unfortunately, the result is a really boring enchantment system, with bland enchantments, no “amazing” weapons, farming for “great” enchantments, a couple of optimal enchanters to use, and hording your equipment to enchant so that you can get it all enchanted before the enchanter walks away.

      The game is full of such issues, things done to improve the game that actually make it a bit worse.

      That doesn’t even touch on issues where Runic knew people would want things like more inventory space and available respec potions, but left them out of the game and told people that they could use the eventual mod tools to implement them.

  8. pakoito says:

    I’m playing PoE with a friend, but may do a new run of TL2 with Synergy Mod to test the Paladin once it’s finished.

    Any good class mods? I remember having like a hundred for TL1.

  9. cliffbeall says:

    Obvious pand-ering to the asian market…

  10. Randomer says:

    Hopefully there will be a respec Mod. Torchlight 2 is a great game, but having a system in place that discourages players from putting points in anything but the first tier skills does it a disservice.

    • pakoito says:

      It was the first mod, uploaded by Runic themselves. And it has been available since release AFAIK.

    • Grey Poupon says:

      You can level the first skills so rarely that you can’t use all your points in them even if you tried. So it doesn’t really make sense not to level anything else. That said, I can understand why some players don’t like permanent choices

      • Baines says:

        The problem with permanent choices is that there are some skills that are extremely powerful, others are weak, and some work counter to each other. If you don’t look at a forum for build ideas and skill mechanics, then you might have to sink a substantial amount of time into a character before you find it is messed up. Experimenting nearly guarantees a wasted build.

        Same goes for stats. Plenty of people messed up Outlander builds by thinking that Dexterity was an important stat, and not just an intentional nerf/handicap for gun characters.

  11. fish99 says:

    Does this game get better? I played the first 90 minutes and TBH I found it pretty dull. Doesn’t help that it has such poor story and storytelling, but the gameplay I found spammy and repetitive, like just using the same 2 skills over and over rather than having to use all your skills tactically, plus when you spent a skill point, you couldn’t really feel any difference.

    Really enjoyed Torchlight 1, but this just didn’t grab me.

    • pakoito says:

      Up the difficulty to Elite, Veteran is difficult but can be outplayed. Elite requires you to stop and think from time to time.

  12. mondomau says:

    Hopefully the ENB lighting mod will be included, though you can grab it from the Nexus page now. I’d also like to see the crazy particle effects toned down a little – it’s difficult enough to see what’s actually happening when things get hairy in Solo play, it co-op it’s more or less impossible.

  13. ocelot113 says:

    Only 10 mods allowed at a time through Steam. >:(