Kickstars: Infinite Space 3 – Sea Of Stars

Before FTL became the short-form sci-fi adventure of choice for the discerning PC enthusiast, Digital Eel had set up a very effective stall in that particular sector of the internet. The Infinite Space games are among the few ‘coffee break’ games that I’ve ever played during actual breaks from work, back in the days when I sat in an office and pretended to be interested in the kind of water cooler conversations that could drive a man to dehydration. News of a third game is welcome and it has the perfect subtitle: Sea of Stars. Digital Eel are seeking $30,000 via Kickstarter and have had a decent start to their campaign.

The main addition to the randomised worlds could well be the dynamic nature of other denizens of the galaxy, hopefully lending the often static playfields a stronger sense of life.

The Sea of Stars will be more alive than before, both reacting to the player’s actions and acting on its own. Locations like star bases will be real places with more to do than just trade items, and you may have to attack or defend one in combat. Individual NPCs as well as alien war fleets will go about their business that may or may not be aligned with your interests, and you will have to pick sides. Technology available to you as well as others will advance as time passes, including larger ships showing up.

Robust modding support is also planned.


  1. mouton says:

    Weird Worlds was quite fun, I wish it was a little more complex though.

    • Grey Poupon says:

      Weird Worlds was indeed awesome. Imagine how much better it could have been if they would have kickstarted it. If it had a little more depth in the exploring and travelling.. Still, I think I’ve played it more than FTL.

      • shehzadjaa says:

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  2. Lachlan says:

    Heck yes! Weird Worlds was great fun in 15-minute snippets; here’s hoping with a decent budget they can fill out the game to the huge depth it deserves.

  3. ArtyFishal says:

    Awesome, one of my favorite Indie devs! I still fire up Weird Worlds from time to time.

    • cptgone says:

      so do i :)
      i guess i should go look for the mods mentioned in the vid.

      i tried to resist the urge to pledge (yeah yeah, i know that was futile, but i did try) but then the vid showed a pic of 2 cats and before i knew it, i was throwing monies at the screen.

  4. Vesuvius says:

    Loved Strange Adventures and Weird Worlds, so I’m pretty stoked Digital Eel is still out there keeping this sort of thing alive. Wary about the truly 3D space, the combat, the touch screen interface etc, but not wary enough to still my excitement.

    • Shadowcat says:

      Ditto to all of that, really. I’m sure the 3D seems a natural progression in some ways, but it seems like such a big step to take. I hope it’s the right move. I have no doubts it’ll be a fine game in any case, though — Digital Eel haven’t let me down yet. Oh, and Adam? Weird Worlds is still the short-form sci-fi adventure of choice for the discerning PC enthusiast, thank you very much!

  5. zeekthegeek says:

    Digital eels are my favorite kind

  6. RobF says:

    Yuss, long overdue. Really hope they make it.

  7. Muzman says:

    Hot damn. If they just make the combat 3 dimensional I won’t need to dream about that combo of Infinite Space and Flotilla anymore.

  8. Otter says:


  9. Craig Pearson says:

    HOORAY! This is 12 on my excite-o-meter, which only goes up to 10.

  10. Alien426 says:

    I recognize that name from his Quake mapping days long ago. Iikka Keränen made “The Secret Installation”, (one of) the best Q1 maps ever. SPQ Level Heaven (archive) by Matt Sefton was usually my first destination, when I started my dialup connection.

  11. Zeewolf says:

    I love how the second tier is limited to 50000 copies. If it had been any other dev, I’d have thought it was a typo.

  12. crinkles esq. says:

    Not familiar with their previous games, but it looks promising, though I must admit I don’t quite understand the gameplay. Is it like a more elaborate Trade Wars? Shrunk-down 4x space strategy? A meta-game about designing game assets?

    Also, RPS staff: I whitelist your site for the benefit of your ad-serving money schemes, but do you really need so many trackers? Ghostery reports 12 on this page. Not quite a Sea of Trackers, but perhaps a small pond.