Of Bikes And Men: Deep Silver’s Ride To Hell Resurfaces

Unsurprisingly, the brand new CG trailer looks absolutely nothing like this.

Deep Silver’s a pretty cool company, except when it’s super, super not. On one hand, their devil-may-care approach to, well, existing lends itself quite well to the Saints Row series, which they recently salvaged from THQ’s twisted, Darksiders-spattered wreckage. But, on the other, you might remember Dead Island’s bust of, you know, a female bust, disgustingly dismembered because shock value or something. Ride To Hell‘s sudden reappearance after its 2008 debut, then, leaves me wondering if it’s time to be all revved up or completely revolted. I mean, this new CG trailer looks almost like a grindhouse-y biker-themed Saints Row (correct reaction to these words: yesssssssssss), but the insanity’s toned down and stripper-laden enough to feel a bit gross. Personally, I need to see more before making any definitive judgments. For now, though, all we’ve got to go on is after the break.

Strippers! Fire! Impaling strippers with fire! Yeah, I’m a bit worried that this one’s looking at The Line and excitedly tugging the laces on its jumping boots. Fingers crossed for something that’s just dumb enough, but I’m not getting my hopes up in spite of my love for all things grindhouse. For now, here’s the basic premise of the main game, Ride to Hell: Retribution.

“Ride to Hell is the hard-hitting over-the-top action game of 2013 that doesn’t hold back. Players take on the role of Jake Conway, a man hell-bent on bringing down a ruthless biker gang called The Devil’s Hand. Jake will use any means necessary to enact his revenge, weaponizing his environment, getting up close and dirty with brutal melee combat, and engaging in high-speed shootouts on his custom hog.”

Meanwhile, a complimentary arcade brawler, Ride to Hell: Route 666, will be riding into view around the same time as Retribution’s rather sudden June 28th release date.

I’m bracing for ickiness, but then, the best grindhouse works are pulpy and exploitative with a sly wink of self-awareness, so perhaps there’s more going on beneath the surface. Or maybe it’s not grindhouse-y at all, and Deep Silver’s just produced another CG trailer that gleefully (as opposed to tearfully) ignores the tonal beats of its own game. As ever, we shall see. Until then, is anyone feeling this? At all?


  1. sabrage says:

    Why does the new “Related Stories” feature at the bottom redirect through a third-party website?

    • Metalfish says:

      I brought this up over at EG. I’ve adblocked it, unfortunately.

      • shehzadjaa says:

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    • Amun says:

    • roryok says:

      standard enough third-party link tracking.

    • StranaMente says:

      And why are those completely unrelated? I’m tempted to block just those. I don’t mind other game related advertising, but those are just money grabbing clicks.

      • DrollRemark says:

        Yeah, I clicked one yesterday assuming that, if it wasn’t actually related, it must at least be recent.

        It was from 2011.

        • Rikard Peterson says:

          Yes. If RPS is doing so badly on the money front that this thing is needed, I’d rather see you raising the subscription fee. Not by a lot, or I’d stop paying it, but I could manage, say, $2.50 instead of $2, if you need that to stay alive.

  2. Stevostin says:

    Well it seems to be a beat them all and in a way, we haven’t had those for a long while now (unless you count plateformer beat them all, which I don’t)(or do I forget something ?). I sometimes think “where is double dragon now”? Maybe it’s there.

    If that’s so, it’s a bit like the bust IMO : not relevant to make a case against it. Outrageous and irresponsible as Z/genre/pulp material always is. Also, action game, not a pensum !

    • stupid_mcgee says:

      They’re still being made. Maybe not entirely in the same style of Double Dragon, but Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham series are very much beat ’em up games. Sleeping Dogs was kind of a beat ’em up mixed with GTA. And if you’re jonesing for some good old arcade-style side-scrolling action, Capcom is rereleasing their D&D arcade beat ’em ups with HD textures, new gameplay rules, and online multiplayer.

  3. CaspianRoach says:

    I don’t think grindhouse quite works in the game format. It’s one thing to see the horrible violence infilcted and another to “tell” your character to do that. Especially when the graphics are “realistic” (unlike Hotline Miami).

    • soldant says:

      Even with HLM though it approached it from a very weird fever-dream context which made it even more detached from your actions.

      This on the other hand might as well be called “YAY VIOLENCE!”

  4. basilisk says:

    Honestly, that’s just nasty.

  5. Jason Moyer says:

    If this is good it will be the first time a Eutechnyx game has reached that level.

  6. GoliathBro says:

    I am a buyer of video games, and sex and violence appeals to me. That bust was created for people like me. I wanted it. I thought it was awesome.

    Can we please tone down the outrage, it really is starting to make me feel alienated for liking that stuff.

    Why can’t I have my sexy violence? Why must you and Walker always marginalise me?

    • WrenBoy says:

      The headless, limbless dollar just aint worth chasing. Suck it up.

    • Sheng-ji says:

      You are not mainstream! Sorry, but the world has marginalised those who like alternative since alternative culture has existed. And you can surely understand why people don’t like it – I bet the reasons why a lot of people dislike it is a huge reason that you like it.

    • Stevostin says:

      Actually, I think there’s not enough horrendous violence in gaming. It’s ok, we have plenty of splatters and body part, but where are all the screams ? Real gore is about the horrified look of someone loosing his/her leg, generally played in a caricatural way. That part is left to movie which is sad because it makes the thing about violence, not making it casual, so IMHO that’s the healthy stance.

      This trailer is heading the good way. It is about ultraviolence, not casually relying on ultraviolence to amplify the message (like latest BF4 trailer, for instance)

    • Eddy9000 says:

      Yes, because heterosexual men have it so difficult nowadays. I really don’t believe that someone able to use a computer can be daft enough not to have figured this out, but just in case you haven’t the rule is that challenging a dominant group that subjugates or marginalises another group is okay; restricting someone’s liberty is justified when their use of that liberty harms that of others. I expect nazi sympathisers in Germany feel a little marginalised by all those laws preventing them from airing their views in public, but I’m not going to lose any sleep over it. X

    • Gap Gen says:

      Sex and violence exist in videogames, sure (well actually sex doesn’t, except for tame nonsense with bikinis, which is more titilation than outright sex), but I’m not sure I’d be that comfortable with games about violent sex or sexual violence. I’m sure there’d be a very powerful game to be made about rape and the issues around it, but you’d have to do it damn carefully.

      • Arkh says:

        I’m sure there’d be a very powerful game to be made about rape and the issues around it, but you’d have to do it damn carefully.

        This game already exists, and it’s called Sengoku Rance. GAHAHAHAHAHA.

        • Kusz says:

          You’re fucking delusional if you think that Sengoku Rance has anything to do with actual rape. I hope you’re just trolling.

    • DonDrapersAcidTrip says:

      Because you’re a gross neanderthal who deserves to be shamed for your idiocy.

    • aliksy says:

      Not sure if serious.

      And you should feel alienated for liking the severed-limbs-and-boobs statue. That’s not healthy.

      • Stuka_JU87 says:

        No he shouldn’t, you sound like the one with mental issues saying someone should be alienated for liking a certain type of art and/or entertainment.

        • Arkh says:

          I pretty much agree with Stuka.

        • DonDrapersAcidTrip says:

          Uh, if someone is into gross rapey shit or mutilation of women or whatever they should be alienated. Maybe you live in some fantasy land where it doesn’t matter what anyone likes, it’s all a-okay with you, all things and people are equal. I’d say you’re the one detached from reality.

    • aldo_14 says:

      You’re going to feel such a fool for purchasing that zombie torso when the GOTY edition includes a complete & wholly intact blow-up zombie doll.

  7. roryok says:

    Yes! I’ve been hoping this one would show up again. I guess Sons of Anarchy is making bikers popular

    • Subject 706 says:

      A Sons Of Anarchy GTA type game would be very cool, but this game doesn’t aspire to that, unfortunately. To me it seems mostly like a violence-for-the-shock-of-it bordeom simulator, the happens to include bikers.

      • Mr.Snowy says:

        Something along the lines of GTA4 The Lost and The Damned then? Which was basically GTA does SOA :)

      • roryok says:

        This trailer doesn’t show any biker stuff, but the older trailer was mostly riding hogs around the desert.

        Hopefully that’s still in there

    • sonson says:

      I like the way they attack in an orderly queue. Very British.

      • The Random One says:

        “Well, he just killed the ninja stripper assassin with the submachine gun, but I didn’t wait at the end of the queue until now for nothin’!” *breaks bottle*

  8. Hahaha says:

    That dead island trailer was fucking AMAZING (need more), people reading in to things with no info can only blame themselves.

  9. Hahaha says:

    Ok watched this trailer and what is wrong with it, I remember watching someone put pool balls in a sock and beat someone with it, I’ve seen people hung up on meat hooks while carrying a chelsea smile that trailer is tame.

  10. El_Emmental says:

    Sounds like another soulless TPS game, mostly made with the console platforms in mind (-> TPS and retail stores), where the melee combat is “okay” at best, special kill tricks (using various tools) are good enough for a short churckle the first time you see them, and a few poorly made QTE/minigames stuff landed there. And a one or two interesting game design idea, sadly just there in one or two scenes, for a short moment.

    I don’t even think it will be any offensive – of bad taste, sure, actually offensive, not a chance. They need to avoid the Adults Only rating, and make sure people “get” the references/jokes – so even if it won’t be as bad as what DNF’s “humour” was, I expect a similar depth in this game.

    • Stevostin says:

      Yes, it won’t be offensive, and it also won’t be about bikers, because the trailer above clearly isn’t about highly offensive violence performed by bikers. Also, Deep Silver is absolutely not known to have made Dead Island, the more offensively violent game of the last years.

      • Mr.Snowy says:

        It didn’t offend me, I played it co-op with a mate and it delivered what it offered, a visceral zombie apocalypse game. Loved it, and am looking forward to the sequel.

      • The Random One says:

        What’s offensively violent about Dead Island that rises it above and beyond other violent video games? Actual question, I haven’t played it.

      • El_Emmental says:

        “Dead Island, the more offensively violent game of the last years”

        I think you might need to play more (violent) video games, Dead Island was just a zombie-killing game with the usual amount of violence in it. Sure, it is violent, but not anything beyond what you get in all other games about killing zombies, or shooting baddies.

        Also, there’s a very subtle difference between depicting violent acts, and depicting violence:
        a) Take beheading: in Chivalry Medieval Warfare, it’s a “just a flesh wound” moment (intended to be humourous and gory) rather than “OMG HE JUST DECAPITATED HIM”, while beheading someone with a shotgun blast in SoF II is much more violent.

        b) Burning people to death. In TF2, it’s funny: “I do believe I am on fire!” “My flesh, it burns !” “feuer ! feuer ! feuer !”.
        Now, take a look at all the other shooters, who have the characters run around and crawl while they burn to their death, screaming and shaking in pain, with their body later smoking, with a mix of black-red flesh (the most disturbing one being the game Gore, in my opinion).

        c) Shooting people with a gun. You can have the usual “uarg !” and the enemy falls on the ground, or you can spray him with bullets and watch him bleed to his death, drowning in his own blood while crying for mercy, for a minute.

        = Violence heavily depends on the context, the environment, how the characters react to the scene.

        In this game, the guy being hanged by his feet and lit on fire is very unlikely to scream in a very credible and authentic way, you’ll get the usual “uaarg ! uarg !” and it will be done. That’s why it won’t be that much “violent” and offensive (unless you’re not used to that kind of “entertainment” violence), in my opinion.

    • aldo_14 says:

      In order to avoid a (US) AO rating, they only need to cover up stripper nipples.

      Because that is far, far more damaging to post-pubescent minds than hanging someone upside down and setting them on fire.

      • LennyLeonardo says:


      • El_Emmental says:

        What if they set the nipples on fire (using vodka and wax), thus covering them ?

      • ShinChuck says:

        I don’t believe that’s correct. Numerous M-rated games have shown nipples: Afro Samurai and God of War 3 immediately come to mind, and those ladies met significantly more gorey deaths. Dragon’s Dogma has some as well on the harpies. Duke Nukem has quite a few.

        Those are just off the top of my head.

  11. Superanos says:

    Just in case you aren’t aware, the Dead Island Riptide Zombie Bait Edition has gone up for preorder. Deep Silver may be sorry, but they aren’t giving up the torso money! And it seems there is no PC version of zombie bait edition, only ps3&360.

  12. Zepp says:

    Gay bears on choppers! Yummy!

    • Jamesworkshop says:

      Do you get non-gay bears, i’ve never been sure

      • strangeloup says:

        I’ve heard they shit in the woods.

        • Jamesworkshop says:

          That’s because the public toilets are taken up by all the sex they are having :)

          never figured out why public toilets are so popular for gay sex, don’t they have homes to go to?

          • strangeloup says:

            I always wondered that myself, especially given that public toilets don’t tend to be the most charming locale to begin with, even if you’re using them for their intended purpose.

            Even a cheapo hotel room is about 100 times less skeezy than that, if you don’t want to take them home or go to their place. But I never really got the random casual sex thing.


          • The Random One says:

            People who have sex in toilets don’t want the hassle of “let’s go somewhere to have sex” to get in the way of sex.

        • roryok says:

          So the pope is not a bear then?

      • Eddy9000 says:

        If you’re big, hairy, masculine and of course gay friendly then you can be an honourary bear. Bear culture is in many ways a gay subculture that embraces rather than rejects traditional notions of masculinity, for gay men who don’t want to have to be skinny, buff and fashion concious. The question is that if you aren’t gay then what function would identifying with bear culture have for you?

        • strangeloup says:

          What if you are neither skinny, buff and fashion conscious, nor big, hairy and masculine? I mean, it’s probably not the place to ask. But I’m sure there’s plenty of folks that don’t really fit into the standard twink/bear/chub trifecta.

  13. aliksy says:

    On watching the trailer, my reaction is “No, thank you.” It’s a little too gruesome and cruelly violent for me. And there’s not any convincing context, I don’t think.

  14. bitbot says:

    Oh, what? It has strippers? How gross! Sexism for sure.

    But that guy being burned to death while hanging for the ceiling was pretty funny lol
    I hope you can do that in-game… maybe a QTE?

    • The Random One says:

      Stop trying to troll. We know you’re just trying to to rile us up with your talk of actually wanting QTE’s.

  15. strangeloup says:

    Yeah, I think I’ll pass. For me, the only game that’s even remotely got away with the realistic extreme violence thing is Manhunt, and even then it was borderline — good writing, a feeling of actual visceral horror, and having the violence being, to an extent, justified doesn’t quite go 100% of the way to excusing murder porn.

  16. Theon says:

    So, it’s okay to torture people and make entertainment out of it, but if there’s sexism involved, it’s somehow immoral?

    It’s okay to fight for equality, RPS, but don’t make it the sole beacon of justice, whilst disregarding all other forms of degrading people. It makes you look pandering and shallow.

    • WrenBoy says:

      While both genders in the video were being violently killed the only woman in the video was also the only person violently killed while naked.

      It doesnt seem that shallow to me.

      • Theon says:

        If you scream “yesssssssssss” while (admittedly decently clad) men are being brutally murdered, and then go on to spend the rest of your mouthful of air complaining that a girl was scantily dressed, chances are people won’t take you too seriously. Hopefully.

        • WrenBoy says:

          Brutally murdered while being scantily clad to be fair. And he then goes on to say that while it is worrying it could work with the right tone.

          I think its possible that you are overreacting.

      • LennyLeonardo says:

        This game should be condemned for contributing to the oppression of the brutally murdered.

        • Theon says:

          That might prove difficult, as they would already be pretty inanimate. Yet, one can imagine how they must have been pretty severly oppressed for it to be fatal.

          Your point of view here is irrelevant regardless; What matters is why we should accept one form of degrading behaviour and not another in entertainment fiction.

          • LennyLeonardo says:

            Perhaps. Though I’d say that if you don’t see the difference between fictional murders and the actual objectification of women, you’re not really thinking hard enough. Then again, I don’t think this particular video is much of an offender, I just wanted to post a sarky comment. Soz.

    • aldo_14 says:

      Well, yeah, because people don’t generally take torturing from and into the real world in the same way they can with sexism.

      • Theon says:

        Isn’t both things just about which values we accept presented as entertainment?

        • aldo_14 says:

          Torture (and violence in general) are explicit mechanics. Sexism is an implicit undercurrent in presentation and action.

          It’s like, you make the choice to set this guy on fire, use this particular move to impale this other one, etc, and that places the act and consequences firmly within your rational brain. You have a choice, in short, of how cruel you want to be and to reason thereafter why.

          But the choice of language, visuals etc associated with sexism tends towards the subconscious, and thus towards an unconscious desensitization.

          I mean, look at the stripper – her entire purpose is to be naked (or as close to it as rating allows) and then graphically killed (but still so we can see her ass). Why doesn’t she at least take cover rather than pole dance the whole time? Because her role is to be disposable eyecandy rather than a realistic threat (that, it seems, is reserved for men).

          I’m not, specifically, bitching about this trailer though, because it least it has that grindhouse ‘grimy’ thing to excuse it. It’s just the general sentiment in these comments that people shouldn’t criticise sexism, as if it’s not important.

          • Theon says:

            So, what you are saying (correct me if I’m wrong), is that anything goes, as long it’s blatant. If the sexism was a theme or mechanic of the game, explicitly, it wouldn’t be anything worthy of complaint?

            To simplify my understanding of what you’re arguing here even further:
            Gears of War – Acceptable because the violence is part of what makes up the game experience.
            Rapelay – OK because rape is the central mechanic of the game.

            Also, as I mentioned in my first post, I’m not against complaints regarding sexism; I just feel that such complaints become irrelevant when you refuse to adress other morality-issues (or instead express delight over them) while they’re screaming at your face.

            Also, also, I feel that your entire argument about the violence being mechanical falls short when discussing a CGI trailer for a game we know next to nothing about.

          • tormos says:

            I think his argument would be better summarized as
            1) GoW is ok if you love chest high walls, don’t buy it if you don’t like it.
            2) Rapelay is at least advertised as “the rape game”. you know what you’re getting if, for some terrible reason, you chose to do so. If you don’t want to, don’t buy (please, please, please)
            Sexism, however, exists across genres, eras, and studios. It’s also very rarely advertised (with a few exceptions like Dead Island). There is no choice equivalent to “I don’t want to play FPS games so I will choose to play these games over here) because sexism is so endemic that there are few alternatives. As such, it is something worth commenting on. I even want to say that if somehow two parallel gaming industries existed, one that was brutally misogynistic and one that was not, this situation would be more OK then the current one because those who did not want to deal with rampant misogyny/sexism could at least pick other options.

      • Jamesworkshop says:

        I didn’t see a trailer suggesting women couldn’t vote or hold property

        • WrenBoy says:

          Its an obscure reference so I wouldnt expect everyone to get it but the original suffragettes were actually all uzi wielding strippers, each one refusing to wear anything more than a pair of nipple stars. Blame modern feminism for airbrushing the magnificent reality out of respectable history books.

          • Lanfranc says:

            Anna Howard Shaw ended all of her speeches by whipping out a Tommy gun and shooting wildly in all directions.

            True story.

  17. Jake says:

    I think it looks decent. Good choice of Rival Sons for the music, unpleasantly graphic violence (as opposed to cartoonish OTT violence) and a decent aesthetic. Only thing I don’t like is the use of the Bleeding Cowboys font, which is the new Comic Sans/Papyrus.

  18. Jamesworkshop says:

    its not informing anyone of anything, it’s throwing hands into the air and going I don’t debate with Israelis

    link to guardian.co.uk

    I have as much respect for (privilege as a word) it as I do for “secret Muslim” or “pro-Israel lobby”, it’s a tool only to say, “here’s why you cannot speak on such matters”, because you are secretly, behind-the-scenes compromised and therefore not to be taken account of.

  19. TinSoldier says:

    Dear RPS – Deep Silver cocked-up, they apologised – MOVE THE F@*K ON!

    It’s great that the industry should stand for sexual equality and all, but stop flogging this particular horse!

    Also, I didn’t see any articles about the unashamed use of women as sex objects in Saints Row: The Third.

  20. Deviija says:

    Ah, the only woman is not only sexualized but objectified and then killed with male gaze camera angles. Yeah, my interest in this is zero.

    • Theon says:

      Jamming stakes through people’s eyes an setting them on fire to watch them die in gore-porn style is all cool though, rite? As long as it has nothing to with sexuality ‘s all good.

  21. DrollRemark says:

    It’s like they think they get what Grindhouse is, but they’re not quite right.

  22. Eddy9000 says:

    The US’s fear of nipples is something that confuses and fascinates Brits and Europeans in equal measures. I guess in britain we had And won the fight against obscenity laws in the 70’s with mary whitehouse et al, in Mainland europe sex in the media has been de rigeur since forever; perhaps a sexy revolution in the USA is on the horizon? (led by HBO if what little ive seen of those shows is accurate!) Wasn’t there an interview with Molyneux where he mentions this?

  23. Grey_Ghost says:

    Animation wasn’t very impressive.

  24. Arkh says:

    In the grim dark future, there is only politically correct games.

  25. MadTinkerer says:

    I was sold when the on-fire guy’s screams turned out to be the sound effects of torturing heroes from Dungeon Keeper. (Ahhhh… The sweet sound of tortured heroes…)

    Well, maybe not sold, but definitely intrigued.

  26. wodin says:

    Thought it looked cool..would be odd if it had been set in a library. The location and her job fit in with the biker gang aesthetic.

    As Paul O Grady said recently stripping is a very honorable profession..he was doing a documentary Gypsy Rose..