Raven’s Cry’s Lead Is Actually Named Christopher Raven

Quoth the Raven, 'Hi, name's Chris.'

Oh what a magnificent occasion this is. Raven’s Cry, you see, is a REAL THING about a pirate named Christopher Raven. I’ve been waiting for this day ever since I started referring to Halo’s main character as John Halo, Mark of the Ninja’s as Markof the Soviet assassin, and Call of Duty’s as whoever. Better still, Raven’s Cry actually seems like it could be worth charting a course to in your brainboat – at least on the basis that semi-authentic (read: not an Assassin’s Creed sequel) pirate games are in rather short supply these days. It’s encouraging, then, to hear that the role-player’s got its meticulously buckled swashes set on “challenging the image of pirates in popular culture” by way of a plot that’s rooted in historical fact. Kinda. Hopefully there won’t be a yaaaarring generi-pile of dumb hats and hook hands, but wouldn’t you know it: our good friend Christopher Raven has both.

The game apparently focuses on Christopher Raven’s quest to hunt down the villainous ne’er-do-wells who killed his family and kill them back. If I had to guess, it was probably a crime of jealousy, seeing as their parents didn’t also name them Christopher Raven. Here’s where your ravenous adventure through ravines and maybe also ravioli restaurants will take you:

“Raven’s Cry thoroughly immerses players in a lavishly detailed world rich with treachery and adventure. The sinister beauty of the 17th Century Caribbean is revealed in the rolling emerald waves and their secrets, kept far beneath; in the dark alleys and curved, cobbled roads, all teeming with murderous miscreants and loudly drunken braves, the prophets of the bottle, the blade, and the flintlock gun. The historically accurate architecture and in-game events will flavor the three major cities found in Raven’s Cry with the atmosphere players crave, as they traverse from the unsavory pirate holdfast of Port Royal to the elegant avenues of luscious Havana, to a lost Aztec City deep in the jungles of the Spanish Main.”

Meanwhile, all the boxes of sprawling single-player adventures have been thoroughly checked: “tactical” combat, seemingly binary moral choices, heaps of pointy objects to assist with whatever organ-tickling antics you might stir up, and magical superpowers like Fear Power and Voodoo Charm because history had those, right?

Snark aside, I would actually really love to see this be good. An authentic, nasty, guts-and-brine pirate RPG is something I could definitely get behind, then nudge with my cutlass until it walked the plank right into my shark-infested heart. Can Raven’s Cry be that game? I don’t know. But this post would’ve just been the name Christopher Raven over and over and over again if Space Hulk hadn’t recently used up that meme’s supply of RPS hilarity cream a few months ago, and I think that says, uh, something.


  1. Isair says:

    But will there be insult sword fighting?

  2. Grey Ganado says:

    I assume Mr. Grayson is aware that Master Chief’s real name is actually John.

  3. BreadBitten says:

    By jove!

  4. Lagwolf says:

    I can Arrrdly wait.

    • Eddy9000 says:

      I predict avast amount of interest in this game.

      • brulleks says:

        Indeed. It’s sounding lubberly so far.

        • The Random One says:

          There’s only a trailer, so of corsair it looks good. When I learn more about the game I may not be on board with what they’re doing, and then my interest will start to flag.

          • SuicideKing says:

            You might want to try being a Patriot, and show some G.Skill.

  5. Njordsk says:

    John Far confirmed for next ubi game then.

  6. Shadowcat says:

    Carl of Duty?

    • SominiTheCommenter says:

      Carl on Duty: Black Cops
      That’s how the meme goes.

    • The Random One says:

      You’re falling into their trap, since you can’t come up with a sillier name than “Soap”, so by coming up with another name you’re improving the experience.

    • SuicideKing says:

      Far Raven’s Crysis

  7. Shadowcat says:

    it was probably a crime of jealousy, seeing as their parents didn’t also name them Christopher Raven

    In fairness, the parents only supplied the “Christopher” part; and while “C.Raven” isn’t ideal, it’s not as if they named him “Raymond”. Or “Midnight”. Or “Engelbert”. Or his Dad’s name with “Junior” at the end.

  8. Gap Gen says:

    So, Raven’s Cry’s Lead’s Name’s Cristopher Raven?

    • Convolvulus says:

      I know a Christopher Raven, which means Raven’s Cry’s lead’s name’s Chris’s name.

  9. pilouuuu says:

    I want to play a game with a main character called Joe Callous Duty.

  10. Gap Gen says:

    Oh, and on the subject, Ken Levine reads out Bioshock fan fiction by someone who thinks the Big Daddy is called Bioshock: link to youtube.com

    • SominiTheCommenter says:

      There’s also that Nintendo game about Zelda rescuing a princess.

  11. PedroBraz says:

    FYI, walking the plank is another hollywood invention, though a fun one.

    • Michael Fogg says:

      Yeah, real pirates used to simply hang their victims on the mast

    • Niko says:

      According to an undisclosed Internet source, the phrase “walking the plank” is recorded in English writer Francis Grose’s “Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue”, which was published in 1788.

      • Docm30 says:

        It does appear in the 1811 copy I have. You must remember, however, that both 1788 and 1811 are long after the so called “golden age” of piracy. The myth of walking the plank was already deeply entrenched in popular culture by 1788.

        • Convolvulus says:

          You’re missing the argument. Walking the plank can’t be a Hollywood invention if it was around well before Hollywood, and it can’t be a myth if there are documented cases of it happening.

    • Convolvulus says:

      It’s a myth that walking the plank is a myth.

  12. Andrew says:

    If they can pull this off it could be great. The 17th century Caribbean is a fascinating setting. His hat on the other hand is not doing a whole lot to break out of the stereotypical pirate image. At least Mr. Raven appears to be drinking rum…

  13. yogibbear says:

    Another pirate game where you can’t play as a woman? Sexist, much?! Guess I will have to skip it then.

    • Snargelfargen says:

      It really is a missed opportunity actually, what a shame.

      Not sure how historically accurate it would have been, but considering the hilariously barrel-chested hook-handed protagonist, I have my doubts about that anyways.

      • Saarlaender39 says:

        Then you may want to learn something about…
        Ms Anne Bonny:
        link to latinamericanhistory.about.com

        or Ms Mary Read:
        link to latinamericanhistory.about.com

      • Jackablade says:

        For what it’s worth, Ye Olde Wikipedia has a whole page devoted to lady pirates
        link to en.wikipedia.org
        I dare say there’s a few potential videogame protagonists. The Red Lady sounds suitably evocative.

        • Snargelfargen says:

          Ok this is basically the coolest thing ever. There were a lot of interesting characters!

          Ching Shih has a pretty awesome story too (although from what I know of Chinese history, the truth is probably very debatable) :

          “She was a Chinese prostitute who married a Chinese pirate and was a leader of his crew. After his death she became commander of the fleet. She commanded a fleet with more than 1,500 ships and 80,000 sailors. She controlled much of the waters of the South China Sea. After years of piracy where British, Chinese and Portuguese navies could not defeat her China offered her peace in 1810 and she was able to retire and marry the second in command.”

          And another, hahaha this is now my favourite wiki article:

          Sadie The Goat

          “Operated around New York State as a member of the Charlton Street Gang. Named for her habit of headbutting her victims before taking their money.”

        • DrollRemark says:

          “Women were also often regarded as bad luck among pirates, and it was feared that arguments would break out between the male members of the crew about them.”


          • The Random One says:

            Pirate 1: “I think Anna the Merciless is the cutest!”
            Pirate 2: “Nuh huh! Bloodthirsty Martha is cuter!”
            Pirate 1: *throws dagger at table, draws sabre*

    • Eddy9000 says:

      While I think your dedication to the better representation of women in games is admirable, I think that might be taking it a little too far. But if its what you believe in then by all means make a stand wherever you deem fit, you seem like a good guy and at least you aren’t making bitter and petty sarcastic comments designed to protect your own privilege like some people do, which is just as well because they usually come across as pathetic little pricks.

    • Kamos says:

      And this is why I mostly disregard people complaining about sexism.

  14. Slabs says:

    Ian Chalk and Ian Cheese in a co-op adventure.

    Richard Herring provides the voices.

  15. tormos says:

    Bye! You won’t be missed.

  16. strangeloup says:

    It sounds like it might be Risen 2 but a bit less rubbish, which I think I could get behind.

    Also, it occured to me that Master Chief’s name is John, and he’s a Spartan, and I wondered if it was a stealth reference to Demolition Man.

    • Unruly says:

      Can’t be. He’s too quiet and he knows how to use the three shells.

  17. Strangerator says:

    Christopher Raven, and his first mate Wendell le Pooh.