Dead Shark Triplepunch’s Epigenesis’ Unreal Live Win

That headline from the awkward videogame headline generator, there. What it means is this: the latest Make Something Unreal competition, which had a theme of ‘Mendelian Inheritance: genetics and genomics’ was won by a game developed in UDK (obviously) by ten-man Swedish team Dead Shark Triplepunch. They’ve bagged themselves full licences for the engine, and some hardware. The game, Epigenesis, is a multiplayer future sports game in which the players plant seeds in the map to alter the environment of play each time they score. They’re calling it “a potential e-sport”.

More games should have a SCIENCE page. There’s a video of the team working on their game, below.


  1. c-Row says:

    Dead Shark Triplepunch is probably the greatest studio name I have read this year.

    • Shadowcat says:

      First there was jumping the shark. Then presumably came double-jumping the shark (with a well-timed mid-air somersault above its jaws). Attempts to raise the bar by “punching the shark” soon led to numerous maimings and several fatalities, but conversely punching dead sharks was deemed far too easy. The new dead shark triple-punch event has been criticised by some as “frankly only minimally more challenging than its single-punch predecessor”, as well as highly unpopular with animal rights groups; yet everyone agrees that it sure does grab the attention. Meanwhile, the internet is abuzz with news of an upcoming game from aquatic studio Dead Human Tail Flail.

      • Ultra Superior says:

        Oh yes underwater development is quite the thing these days, thanks to divestarter.

        I can’t wait for Fish&Hooker: The Merbait by Octopussy Studios.

      • Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

        You misunderstand. It means triple-punching with a dead shark. However, it is still no comparison to the velociraptor enema.

  2. Hahaha says:

    What a disgrace the equality in that place is horrid

    • ankh says:

      But they are sharing the same desk. How much more equal do you get?

    • Ultra Superior says:

      EQUALITY ? Give me #1reasonwhy there are NO WOMEN there at all.

      • Hahaha says:


      • ankh says:

        It’s because woman don’t like neckbeards. Fascist I know.

        • Felixader says:

          Okay, i have to ask this now. Perhabs i missed it in the last year somewhere, but what is with the neckbeards?

          Is this a political statement or something? Seriousloy i don’t get it (or again i have just overseen the connection to whatever somehow).
          On top of that: i grow a beard rather quickly and i always shave my neck free from hair cause quite frankly it looks awfull, scratches like shit and is overall uncomfortable?

          I am sorry. I didn’t mean to tell you how to shave but … i don’t get it or all the fuzz and call out to the neckbeard?

          • dE says:

            It’s a fashion thing. Someone, someplace decided that it just isn’t fashionable anymore. Like socks and sandals or Fedoras. So in best fashion style, it gets associated with negative social attributes. Not hygienic, not social (since said person doesn’t go with the times, that must mean said person goes AGAINST the times (not the newspaper – sadly)).
            In this case, it really doesn’t help that people like Aris Bakhtanians are making themselves look like posterboys for backwater Idiocy while sporting a prominent neckbeard (just google him and his antics in fighting games).

          • Felixader says:

            Thanks for the answer, makes some things clearer.

            And yes i know about that guy and his behavior on that tournament.

          • Hahaha says:

            People are fucking stupid that’s why exactly the same thing happened to the The toothbrush moustache just cause a fuckhead decided to use it.

  3. ankh says:

    That screenshot has sold me on this. Throw some bots in there and i’ll pay 30$ for this game.

  4. DarksDaemon says:

    I spoke to the team at the MSUL, they definitely deserved to win but I’m ashamed for voting against them, when I was walking around they had all their computers turned off, it wasn’t until later they had a lan game going did I realise it was the only unique one: Polymorph was generic, the farm one was a Facebook game and Beings was just a little boring.

    Epigenesis has quite a cool twist on the arena shoot man genre and I hope they push the seeds thing further as all it really did was cause tornados and create a few bridges.

  5. innociv says:

    The game sounds pretty amazing, oddly enough.

    They need to fix the graphics for it to be an esport though. Everything is too monotone and fuzzy. Not clear enough.