It’s War, Again! Planetside 2 Call To Arms For RPS

You’re not doing anything on Thursday (11th) evening, EU-time, right? I didn’t think so. And that’s convenient because everyone is going to be playing (my currently favoured timesink) Planetside 2 – which is free, by the way – as part of an official RPS call-to-arms. The main event will be from 7pm UK on the Miller server.

Also, it looks like PC Gamer threw down the gauntlet. We can’t have that, eh?

More information soon.


  1. RIDEBIRD says:

    The giraffe hivemind shall prevail. To find out how to join us and such things, please go here: link to

    The call to arms is for the Vanu, but if you prefer the NC and you’re really in to Nickelback and that, there’s info about them in the same thread.

  2. Dog Pants says:

    Aww. I’m not RPS but I enjoy being on the periphery of their jaunts. But I can’t be there on thursday. I would even have worn giraffe camo.

    I thought PCG moved server though.

  3. serioussgtstu says:

    Sorry, I can’t because I’m scared of people and terrible at war.

    UNRELATED: did the Outbrain links get taken down for subs? Edit: seems not :(

    • Moni says:

      Can’t you just drive around in a jeep, honking the horn and doing sweet jumps in Planetside?

      That’s what I do in Battlefield 3 anyway.

      • Dog Pants says:

        You have to pay for the horn with real cashmoney.

        • Surlywombat says:

          But you can just say “honk” on mumble for free and it has a similar effect.

    • Jesus_Phish says:

      You can be an effective member of the team by playing a medic or an engineer and support your allies with healing, reviving, ammo packs and repairs without having to be a crack shot.

      That’s not to say either of those classes are bad with shooting guns, but you can get away with playing them more if you’re not so good at shooting the enemy down.

      • Obc says:

        whenever i find the time to play PS2, i always play a medic and healing is all i do most of the time. Running behind giraffes with HEALS FOR EVERYONE!!!!!

      • EsotericReverie says:

        Yeah, this! There is also no need at all to actually talk to people if you don’t want to. Just sit around and listen, respond in text chat if needed. We’re all nice and friendly people, and we’re discussing and planning how to give any newcomers the best possible experience.

        Hop on, give it a try! Download the PS2 client (in good time mind), and install Mumble. Connect and join in the fun and antics for a night, if you don’t like it, then that’s just an evening of your time lost, no other costs incurred.

  4. Surlywombat says:

    Very welcoming bunch, can’t recommend them enough.

    + Purple
    + Spandex
    + Giraffes!

  5. Splynter says:

    Damn you Euro folks and your inconveniently living hours into the future.

  6. Earl Gray says:

    I keep meaning to play this, and though I love PCG, I think if I jump in it’ll be with RPS.

  7. felisc says:

    You couldn’t be more wrong, Jim. Thursday is obviously RPS NS2 evening.
    That Planetside 2 massive night sounds sweet, though …

  8. Sinomatic says:

    I jumped in for the first time just after the last call to arms – can’t recommend the RPS-flavoured Planetside experience enough. I really don’t usually do MMOs, or join groups (usually just play with close friends), but Rock, Planet, Shotgun are a cracking group to play with. And there’s purple spandex and pew-pew lasers. What’s not to love?

  9. fishmitten says:

    Playing with the RPS crew completely sold me on Planetside 2 after I’d struggled to get into it a few times. I’m totally hooked now. It’s great fun.

    9/10 players recommend Rock Planet Side. Try it for free today (or Thursday)!

  10. Jallford says:

    If you’ve not played with the RPS outfit before I heartily recommend it, it’s great fun no matter how ‘good’ you are.

    Those PCGamers are brave men and women. NOW LET’S GIRAFFE THEM.

  11. subedii says:

    Not that I’m likely to join in, but I think you guys might be served well by doing a Steam announcement in the RPS group come the time.

    I know that’s gotten me into a fair few RPS games of TF2 back when they were doing them.

  12. Tiax says:

    Oh well, guess I’ll download Planetside 2 then, if only to understand what the hell is happening with the giraffe.

  13. buzzmong says:

    I’m not part of the outfit, but I and the others from my community often enjoy joining in with the RPS chaps on Miller. It’s quite good fun.

    If I’m not busy irl then I will try and join in.

  14. Norskov says:

    I haven’t played in a while since my laptop has a bit of trouble running it properly, but I just ordered a new desktop. Sadly I doubt it arrives before thursday.

  15. MintyBadger says:

    I’ve only got to BR 10 so far, as VS on Woodman. RPS outfit aside, is Miller a lot better? Because as recently as March 2nd it seems Woodman was the lowest populated EU server but I joined Woodman because it was actually the only EU one listed as “High” (still is right now).

    It seems like it will be a while before server transfers are put in, so would I be better off starting over on Miller?

    • CMaster says:

      Woodman is technically busier, simply because it is indeed the recommended server for EU.

      However, pre merges and the like, Miller was pulling approx twice the regular players of any other server. It’s also considered to have the most organized play of any server. And it has RPS. So come on over. (Any items unlocked with station cash will come with you too).

      • MintyBadger says:

        Thanks for that. I think I’ll keep the old character around for a while and then, if I like Miller, delete it to have two slots to indulge in some treason against the Sovereignty learn how our enemies think.

      • TormDK says:

        No they will not!

        Only Common pool items will extend to your account. But there’s plenty of Things that are tagged “Empire Only”.

        Things that are not carried over include :

        Non-common pool items like vanity “armour” (The composite armour Visuals), and helmets, various weapons that are empire specific, various vehicle unlocks that are not common pool either.

        Things that will carry over :

        The NS weapons as they are considered commonpool, some vehicle weapons (On Liberator, Sunderer, Flash and Lightning) that are considered commonpool, weapons, armour and vehicle vanity camos.

    • TehTR says:

      If woodman is the lowest population server I don’t want to be on any of the others.. Back in the double XP weekend there were 5 minute queues between all three continents and the VR arena was jam packed with people.

    • Simplisto says:

      I’m on a VS on Woodman too. I tried to get started again on Miller (purely to join RPS), but I simply couldn’t be arsed being stuck with the default rile and having to earn my bolt-action all over again. My Woodman name is ‘simplisto’, by the way, if anyone wants to add me.

      • mickygor says:

        If bolt action’s what you want, the default NC rifle is bolt action and the Traitors would more than welcome you.

  16. Revolving Ocelot says:

    I tried Planetside 2 once near launch but it ran horribly on my machine and crashed to desktop after 15 minutes. And that was after 2 hours of navigating login issues. I actually uninstalled it earlier today to make space on my hard drive.

    Maybe if I get a new PC this year I’ll try it again, but eh…

  17. phelix says:

    I’d love to join you chaps, but my CPU is in disagreement.

  18. PopeRatzo says:

    If you play to play on Thursday, you might want to start the game several hours earlier, or maybe even the night before, because sometimes Planetside 2 surprises you with a hefty update to download.

    I’ve sat down a few times, hoping to play with the excellent giraffe outfit, only to find that I had a 45 minute wait while my computer had to collect many many bytes.

  19. MacTheGeek says:

    I have checked my company calendar, and apparently Thursday 11 April is not recognized as any sort of holiday. And with 1900 GMT equating to 1300 local time, I’ll be stuck shuffling papers instead of getting blasted into digital goo.

    Having never played Planetside The Second, I’m sure that Private Chumley McMeatshield would have lived up to his family name. Perhaps some other time….

  20. sinister agent says:

    I haven’t played for ages. Did they ever stop throwing more identical rifles in every week? Or change back the stupid arse-thrusting idle stances?

    Bwaaah. Maybe I should get back into it. I mean, if PC Gamer are gonna swan about asking for a pistol whippin’.

  21. Hellraiserzlo says:

    Miller is like our server? I wish I knew it sooner :/

  22. Intrinsic says:

    Evolve or die TR & NC scum! i may be online for this, rarely play PS2 anymore but may break it out :)

  23. Duke of Chutney says:

    Are you going to show up this time Jim?

    The RTRS had a good search for you last time, we found the good folks of RplanetS, but not Jim in sight. We had the so may rockets prepared for him. Now we have the pheonix…

    Although we would be more than willing to assist in the killing of TR.

  24. kpi says:

    I wanna team up with Nathan! Nathan, where are you!

  25. fish99 says:

    Barely touched the game since January. It was fun for a while, but they took the wrong approach to fixing the big issues IMO, like the open base design and the lack of enough infantry-only areas.

    Instead of changing the bases, they tried to fix it by making vehicles wussy and giving infantry more vehicle killing options, which has just annoyed all the vehicle guys without really changing the problem. When you get in any infantry fight (biolabs aside) and you’re focused on that fight, you’re still a sitting duck for tanks half a mile away, ESFs with rocketpods or liberators.

    Also the game looks worse than at launch, like they keep dropping the texture resolution to get the game to run better, but yet it still needs a near-4GHz quad to run well.

    • Jim Rossignol says:

      You know they did change the bases, right?

      • fish99 says:

        Yes, I’ve played a little after every update to see what has changed. They didn’t change the bases though, they just made the spawn rooms easier to escape from and less camp-able, but the actual bases are still every bit as open as they were. They added the tunnels to amp stations and tech plants too, which I supposed helped a little, but the problem is all the other smaller facilities. They haven’t changed one bit, they’re still lots of little buildings with big open spaces between them, and usually the cap points are open to the air too.

    • EsotericReverie says:

      I find the infantry/vehicle-balance to be just about right now, actually. You’ll be punded to paste by tanks or aircraft unless you have deterrents, but if you do, a coordinated infantry operation will win the day. We have managed to stop many a tank column or flock of aircraft using mostly infantry and a few supporting vehicles. I hope you haven’t been playing solo, because that is an utterly frustrating experience, with regards to infantry/vehicle balance. You really need organised play.

      • fish99 says:

        I play solo. I have played 300 hrs of the game, and I did enjoy most of it, so I don’t agree it’s no fun solo. You just have to pick your fights to avoid being vehicle fodder too often. Of course the changes to instant action made it harder to find a good fight now. Then they didn’t merge Woodman, and ….I just lost interest.