Make It Magnificent: Atomic

Indie developer Amidos, has just released his latest, a game inspired by a couple of Super things; namely, Super Crate Box and Super Hexagon. Requiring just one button, Atomic is an arcade, score attack challenge that becomes increasingly like a dance on the edge of a knife blade that is poised above a pit full of knife blades. It was designed as part of a 48 hour gamejam and works brilliantly, close enough to Hexagon’s hypnotic masterpiece to earn the comparison but with a precision of its own. With clearer integration between music and motion, this would be worth more time and several pennies, but as it is, if you like this sort of thing you should certainly try it for free right now.

I have written something here.

On the Inspirational Nature of Super Hexagon As Regards Its Relationship With Atomic

Cavanagh, make me tonight
Tonight, sound and light
Uh huh make me tonight

Cavanagh, it spins magnificent
Oh your heir is beautiful
Oh tonight

Tonight, it spins magnificent
It spins tonight,
Your heir is beautiful,
Oh tonight,



That is all.

Via Gnome.


  1. jussipe says:

    The tide seems to be high for these kind of games.

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      Hodge says:

      And why not? They certainly keep people in rapture.

      • EvilHungarian says:

        Exactly, I have been dreaming of a game like this for years.

      • killbilly says:

        Pffff. I just want to rip it to shreds.

      • Feferuco says:

        Is this a pun thread? I can’t tell. Really, I can’t, not being sarcastic.

        • kalirion says:

          Same here. If those are puns, they are over my head. (and in case anyone is curious, this comment is not a pun)

        • Gap Gen says:

          I tried this game and found it a bit Bohring, but then my energy levels are low at the moment. Perhaps you should give it a spin and see if it works its charm on you.

          • steves says:

            Well, One Way or Another, The Hardest Part is knowing if Will Anything Happen?

            Living In The Real World though, I know But I Don’t Know.

            And (Blondie off!) for those of us who are too old & slow for Super Hexagon, this is a much more user-friendly thing, but with the same kind of vibe. Go play!

      • Lambchops says:

        Call me easily amused but this made me smile.

  2. Dog Pants says:

    As is the standard of reporting on them. I imagine the cultural rerefences are the hardest part.

    EDIT: Damn you Reply button! *shakes fist*

  3. Bobsy says:

    I fucking love that song.

    • analydilatedcorporatestyle says:

      Fab five Freddy told me everybody’s fly!

  4. Norskov says:

    I had to do a double check to make sure it wasn’t Kieron writing the article. That song is briliant.

    • analydilatedcorporatestyle says:

      Can you weave some Redskins/Dead Kennedys into the narrative just for the lil old street party we are planning up North. Bunting out, dancing shoes polished( though the que for the grave will be a long one BUT we will come prepared with a thermos of coffee and a FUCKIN HUGE GRIN!)

      Edit: With a name like Adam Smith I bet your in mourning with the rest of the 1922 committee. Hope you had socialist parents with a real ironic sense of humour

  5. xaphoo says:

    I always thought Super Crate Box didn’t get enough credit for being great.

  6. 1mrlee says:

    This game reminds of something that has been around in DotA, a warcraft 3 mod in ages now: link to