Worlds Of Magic Hopes To Master Kickstarter

When Wasteland Interactive announced Worlds of Magic, it was hard not to see the comparisons with Microprose’s stately and delicious fantasy strategy title, Master of Magic. Partly that was because of the echo in the name and partly because the press release said – and I paraphrase – “we would really really like to make a superb modern version of Master of Magic. Really.” All the features seemed to be in place but I questioned whether Wasteland’s game would be packed with quite as much of everything as its spiritual predecessor. Master of Magic was crammed with unit types, races, spells, heroes and artifacts. Now that the Kickstarter page is live, it appears Worlds of Magic is going to be triple-packed.

Here are some numbers and words:

10 Leaders To Choose From (Or Create Your Own)
6 Factions To Rule Over
80 Units To Use In Battle
12 Spell Circles
300 Spells To Learn And Master
7 Planes To Explore And Conquer
45 Special Units (Heroes, Champions, and Titans)

The one that stands out is ‘7 Planes’. That’s planes of existence, would you believe, rather than mechanical sky horses, which means that Worlds of Magic will have six more planes than real life. Very impressive.

I intend to find out much more in the near future but for now, know that Wasteland are a one third of the way to their £30,000 goal.


  1. Syt says:

    I liked the dev’s Time of [Synonym for Anger] games. Still, all the screens show battle maps what’s the strategic level gonna look like?

    • Branthog says:

      .”Time of [Synonym for Anger]” . . . ?

      Time of Wrath?
      Time of Ire?
      Time of Rage?
      Time of Dander?
      Time of Fury?
      Time of Irritation?

  2. Bhazor says:

    With Age of Wonders 3 and Eador Masters of the Broken World a reality the Kickstarter games are going to have to (ahem) up their game to pull in the fans of MoM.

    That said £30,000 sounds accomplishable and I’m not complaining about another twist on the formula.

  3. Prime-Mover says:

    That’s a real interesting accent.

  4. Crazy Horse says:

    How many Fireballs could a warlock chuck if a warlock could chuck Fireballs?

    • Lanfranc says:

      A warlock could chuck no amount of Fireballs since a warlock can’t chuck Fireballs.

      • infernalmachine says:

        Depends on the game. In D&D warlocks can use a few fireball like spells, such as Hellfire blast.

  5. GuillaumeJ says:

    I’m not convinced by “7 planes”. One plane is good, a second one is fun if sufficiently different (like Myrror), but seven ?

    • benkc says:

      I had the same thought. It also brought to mind Warlock: MotA’s numerous but tiny extra planes — hopefully it won’t be like that.

      I’m also a bit trepidatious about the 12 spell circles. Yeah, Master of Magic’s schools of magic were rather inspired by Magic: The Gathering’s color wheel, but that’s a very good thing to copy from.

      Still, anyone trying to make a spiritual successor to MoM gets my cautious optimism, at least.

    • Tuhalu says:

      I’ve played Warlock as well and so was wary of what they might be up to with multiple planes. Having single entry points to every additional plane was not really fun in that game. So I asked some questions and checked the WoM forums and this is what I’ve found out.

      The idea is that there will be 7 different types of plane. The prime material, life, death, air, fire, earth and water. You can have up to 10 actual planes in any one game (or as little as 1), so you could have more than one of a particular type in any given game, but always at least one prime material (or only the prime material). All of these planes will be relatively large with at least one portal into it, but possibly several. A powerful sorceror may be able to cast a spell creating a new portal between planes.

      Each plane will exhibit an effect from whatever element they represent. For instance, a fire plane might have rivers of fire and volcanoes all over the place, an earth plane might feature interconnected caverns or a life plane might be filled with forests and great plains full of life.

      In addition to this, there may be small pocket dimensions with some dire defender or three protecting some powerful loot. This is as close as they seem to be getting to a Warlock style plane.

  6. Strangerator says:

    6 factions seems a little light, maybe they will each include multiple races (hence “factions” not “races”). Cautiously optimistic, though I’ll need to see more before I back it.

    • Maka Albarn says:

      According to the kickstarter it seems that “faction” here is synonomous with “race.” I’m guessing that more diversity is supposed to be achieved by combinations of race/faction with schools of magic. That and the planes.

  7. MadTinkerer says:

    “we would really really like to make a superb modern version of Master of Magic. Really.”

    Dear Game Developers,

    Please stop trying to make an updated Master of Magic. No really: I loved the original MoM almost as much as Richard Garfield (because he went ahead and made a card game which ripped off MoM, y’see, wink wink), but there have actually been a whole bunch of games aiming for the same thing. The entire Age of Wonders series, the radically-evolving Elemental series, and myriad Civ mods spring to mind without even thinking, and there’s probably even some I don’t know about.

    Now what you should do is look at some of the games that have come since. Heroes of Might & Magic series, Warcraft III, Sim City series, Eufloria, Advance Wars series, Majesty series, the various XCOMs, Total War series, Galactic Civilisations series, Spore, Starcraft II, Dwarf Fortress, everything made by Paradox, and of course the Civilisation series should all be things to consider.

    MoM itself was the first Civ plus magic, fantasy units, heroes, and more in-depth city building. There have been plenty of other games with at least a few of the same mechanics to consider adding magic, fantasy units, heroes, and in-depth city building. How about Master of Magic Revolution like Civ Revolution but fantasy?

    Really, I think we don’t need yet another Master of Magic “not-sequel”. We did once, but there’s been so much going on since then. There’s already more new Age of Wonders and Elemental games coming soon.

    Maybe start with “MoM plus ____ minus ____ but definitely including ____” and think of things to fill in the blank when doing your initial design draft. Then evolve it. Don’t limit yourself to what the MoM team did because they were limited to the tweaked/upgraded Civ I engine.

    Oh, and make sure the AI isn’t horrifically broken. We all forget how awful the AI in MoM is until we play it again. ;)

    • b0rsuk says:

      Try the Insecticide unnoficial patch by Kyrub. It fixes several pages of bugs, and improves AI. For instance, AI now assembles stacks of 4+ units before attacking, diplomatic actions now have an effect on AI (including the previously broken Aura of Majesty spell). Some of the bugs fixed have been uncovered by yours truly (for example, Invulnerability spell being impossible to dispel).

      link to

      As for M:tG ripping off MoM, Magic is from 1993 while Master of Magic is from 1994.

      • Niko says:

        The link to the patch itself is dead.

        • Crazy Horse says:

          Yup. But some stout searching of GOG has led me to a working link here: link to

          The damn Youtube trailer has made me waste some money on GOG for a piece of nostalgia. It’s been 12ish years so the first thing I did was wonder where the New Campaign option was..

          But you can play as Trolls! From another dimension!

    • Laurentius says:

      The thing is none of these games are even that similiar to MoM. There are bigger differencies in gameplay in them then between Civ 1 and Civ 5.

      • Schiraman says:

        Yeah, I agree. The reason people get excited about this kind of thing is that there still hasn’t ever been a proper follow-up for MoM. Lots of games have been inspired by it, but none have ever matched it.

        • Reapy says:

          Right. All the ‘updates’ have yet to even match it for spell and race variety.

          Actually I take that back, I honestly think AoW matched and surpassed and grew on its own. It is probably the only one that can take a nice stab at calling itself a spiritual successor to it.

          Looking forward to aow 3.

          This one seems nice too, but will wait for a release.

    • OpT1mUs says:

      Assuming this isn’t a joke, MtG came out in, what, 1993? And MoM is from 1994, so yeah.

    • enobayram says:

      There has been no game to MoM as Xenonauts is to UFO: Enemy Unknown. That’s precisely what I want. I don’t even want more item slots for heroes or anything. MoM struck a very, very fine balance in everything. There was a great variety of things, but everything somehow mattered. You really cared when the attack strength of your units got a +1 with a level up. It’s hard to pin down, but you sort of care more about 4+1 than 12+3.

      I don’t want anyone to try to make MoM better. I’m not saying it’s the ultimate strategy game (especially not in the AI front), but I’m saying that anyone trying to “make it better” has a bigger chance of making it actually worse (except for AI). I know, variety is good in video games, and I’m almost always up for it, but in the case of MoM, there are so many failed attempts at catching its spirit (even though the resulting games might be good on their own), that having a faithful remake would be a big change.

  8. b0rsuk says:

    D20 system for combat ? The same one that Planescape:Torment nominally used ? Huge turn-off. If they’re hoping to make the game better by taking inspiration from D20, it makes me thing they have bad taste and bad analytical skills. Which means they shouldn’t be designing a game.

    Ewww, and they use butt-ugly anime Elves ! Now I’m 100% sure I won’t be backing this project.

    • Wonkyth says:

      I’m sorry, what?
      That has got to be a pair of the worst reasons I’ve ever seen for passing on a kickstarter…

      • theliel says:

        It’s worse than that. D20 is the basis for 3.X D&D and using it as the basis for the combat system may be…..a very bad plan.
        It may not be that bad for a computer game but there are definitively WIN buttons in that system.

    • Schiraman says:

      I’ve backed it, but I have to agree that I’m not at all keen on them using D20 for combat.

      It seems like a poor fit TBH – it’s designed to handle pen-and-paper battles between a handful of participants, not mass combat of whole armies arbitrated by computer. Why shackle yourself to a pre-written system like that? Wouldn’t it be simpler just to take the ideas you like and write your own?

    • doomtrader says:

      Where have you seen an elf? especially anime one?

  9. Wonkyth says:

    Colour me interested. :D

  10. Anthile says:

    You can’t be serious.

  11. zytos says:

    Mmmm. Reminds me of:

    link to