So This Is Garry’s Mod In Space

Craig send me the video below with the line “this is Garry’s Mod“. After looking at it for a bit, I realised I didn’t understand what that meant, because it looked a lot more like Eve Online. So I browsed my way over to Facepunch for an explanation: “Devinity has been in development for a long time, going through many massive updates and overhauls, so much that you would barely be able to tell the new and old versions used to be the same gamemode. It is a unique combination of gameplay elements from games such as EVE: online and Freelancer, but with many of our own elements added in, further enhancing the player experience.”

Okay! So that means…? Spaceships, space battles, planets, NPC missions, NPC space pirates, asteroid fields, all in a game mode for Garry’s Mod. Clever stuff. Videos below.


  1. Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

    I’m going to charitably assume the word “Devinity” is a wordplay on “developer” and “divinity”, and not a sign that the creator should be beaten savagely with a bag of dictionaries.

    • EspionageWalrus says:

      I’ve known one of the leads on the project “TheMaw” for around seven years now, and it being called “Devinity” could have just been a typo due to the fact that he is Swedish.

  2. AlManiak says:

    Aww, I kinda hoped a bit more spacebuild, a bit less restricted ships. Seems interesting nonetheless.

    The scale certainly looks devine.

  3. Phantoon says:

    Looks exciting. I’ll have to try it out.

  4. JToTheDog says:

    I don’t wanna be that guy but is this all there is to it? The videos left a lot for the imagination. Like, can you land anywhere? Are you actually just a strafing camera during battles between npc? Can you fly in to a star? Ect.

  5. Jurjee says:

    So why are you posting something from years ago? It hasn’t been updated in almost 3 years.

  6. Harlander says:

    Anyone else really sickened by the trend in GMod addons of requiring you to use svn or git to get the latest version?

    Because it sickens me.

    • dE says:

      Easier to use for Devs, they don’t have to deal with constantly packaging and releasing stuff. Instead they can just point to their SVN and everything is done automatically. Even small micro patches (like fixing a wrong reference).

      It’s also easy to avoid typical file corruption problems and “dumb user install” errors. On the flipside it’s an entry barrier and sometimes a bit of a hassle on the user end. I generally think twice before I give a mod a chance if it uses SVN.

      • LimEJET says:

        I tend to see the entry barrier as a good thing, because it keeps the skiddies out of my wiremod.

    • Delusibeta says:

      wut? That’s been the way to get regularly updated mods for Gmod since day dot, more or less. I realise that the Workshop has mitigated the demand somewhat, along with stuff like PHX getting included in the game. Still, for a mod as ambitious as this, SVN is understandable.

    • Dragonborn Engineer says:

      svn/git is much more reliable than steam workshop, sometime steam workshop download is excruciatingly slow (like we are talking BYTES/sec here)

  7. Chewgum says:

    The links in the post are actually old. These are the correct ones: link to

  8. biggergun says:

    See how the ships are all phallic, armed with beams? Typical…
    Jokes aside, looks like I’ll finally have to install Garry’s mod.

  9. engion3 says:

    Space is for nerds.

  10. SuicideKing says:

    And i will, as usual, lament the continuing absence of FreeSpace 3.

    I’m thinking of jumping on to the Source Code Project. Teach myself OpenGL 4.0 and update the engine. Or something. I dunno.

    But i’m slowly realising that i’ll have to make the games i want to play, myself.

  11. The Maw says:

    I feel honored that one of my gamemodes has been featured on this website. I’d like to point out that some of the content here are outdated. The real thread is, as Chewgum kindly linked for us, link to

    Starting from that post. Another thing to point out is that the gamemode was initially build for GMod 12, but after the switch to GMod 13, it was necessary to rewrite the gamemode. It also took time to build up the foundations of the gamemode and the videos posted on the article are actually sort of outdated. I will post a new video on the same channel (Multrakiller) as soon as possible, featuring the new improvements done to it since the footage on this article.

    For instance, the new improved planet atmospheric effects:
    link to

    The planet walking (Taken from a ships point of view but you get the idea):
    link to

    and the updated menu:
    link to

  12. Desmolas says:

    And it looks like it has all the clunkiness of Gmod to go with it…

  13. iZen says:

    RPS, how is this journalistic? You’re posting videos to a short description that actually raises more questions than it answers. Are your readers supposed to inform themselves? That, of course, we can do, but then I see no point in reading your site.
    Journalism, guys. At least a little!

    • Dances to Podcasts says:

      The ‘journalism’ in ‘games journalism’ is silent.

    • cocoleche says:

      It’s still in alpha and all the info there is at this point can be found via following the link to the facepunch post. If you’re uncomfortable with following links or hypertext in general, wait for the news to hit your favourite print magazine.

  14. simonh says:

    Watched the entire video waiting for a noclipping Dr Kleiner to appear, grabbing a spaceship with his physics gun and making Havok Physics live up to its name.