Oh So Square: Cubemen 2

3 Sprockets send word that their tower-defense sequel, Cubemen 2, has arrived on Steam. I rather enjoyed the original so it’s interesting to see what features the guys have produced for their latest offering, including lots of online ranking features, customisable skins for the men themselves, and rather more complex levels. Being able to buy a double pack for instant co-op for just a quid more is a nice touch, too.

Trailer boxed in below. Oddly, I am less of a fan of the look, now. It’s less clean, and less attractive somehow. Hmm.

They missed a trick not making this game Cubemen Squared. I hope they make a third game so that it can be Cubemen Cubed.


  1. Gap Gen says:

    I think one thing about Minecraft and Notch’s new space game is that the textures aren’t aliased in either of them. So even though it’s lo-fi and blocky, it still looks clean, rather than having a ’90s smeared-out texture look. I also feel like the hi-res Minecraft texture packs look worse, because the texture and model fidelity is mis-matched.

    • KDR_11k says:

      I believe the terms you’re looking for are bilinear filtering (smooth) and nearest-neighbor (hard pixels), not aliasing.

    • Niko says:

      Indeed. Hi-res textures on low-polygon objects make for a quite inconsistent style.

  2. tikey says:

    I like their thinking outside the box.

  3. ukpanik says:

    I thought the blue one was mooning.

  4. Grape says:

    You can still use the original Skins.

    Obviously, though, you can’t control what Skins the other players use, so that’s hardly a fool-proof solution.

  5. wu wei says:

    What put me off the original was the way speeding up the game play would produce completely different results, which made the feature worthless for its intended use. It’s meant to allow you to speed through waves, not provide an alternative outcome with its own strategic requirements.

    • thegammaray says:

      +1. I’m not a programming ninja, but I was astounded that something so simple could be botched.