A-Okay: Awesomenauts Updated With Aiguillon

Awesomenauts, a sort of side-scrolling platform-MOBA, is rather good. Science tells us that good things are made better by having free updates, and that’s precisely what has happened in the case of Awesomenauts, which gets a new map called Aiguillon and two new heroes. You can see these things of which I speak in the trailer below. Writing these article makes me realise we never WIT’d Awesomenauts, which seems like a dire oversight.

I am to blame. I will seek penance.

The game is best purchased direct, I would say. Tastes fresher that way.


  1. KDR_11k says:

    Those are not new characters, just new skins for existing one (namely the ones for Simon from the Yogscast and Jesse Cox who recently proved that they are indeed different people).

    • Liudeius says:

      I don’t play the game, but you’re definitely wrong about Jesse Cox.
      He did an interview with the developers about it where they clearly stated that they had developed the entire character around the “space butterfly,” and that it had a significantly different set of techniques from the other healer.
      I don’t know about the Simon one, but considering you are already wrong about the Jesse Cox character, I wouldn’t be surprised if you were wrong about that too.

      • Garash says:

        KDR_11k is 100% right, the Jesse Cox character was added 2 patches ago, and this patch they made a new skin for him. The charcter’s name is Genji.
        The other character, Skolldir, was added months ago, and this also is a new skin.

      • Spliter says:

        I do play the game and I can confirm KDR_11k is completely right on both accounts and you are wrong. The two “new heroes” are just new skins for Skolldir (Char voiced by Simon) and Genji (Char voiced by Jesse). Both which have been out for quite some time already.

  2. Delusibeta says:

    For the benefit of people you can’t be bothered to click on the link: yes, its strictly Steamworks, yes, you’ll get a Steam key, no, there’s no DRM free option, no, this update isn’t available on the console version.

  3. Commander Gun says:

    Awesomenauts was THE most surprising game for me in 2012. Bought it in a sale in November last year and basically i’ve never looked back. It is DOTA/LoL in platform edition. Games take about 10-25 minutes each. Although it has the traditional balance issues (people cry out Nerf this, Buff this on the forums like all of these games i guess), i’ve had tons of fun out of this one (currently 244 hours) for the 5 euro it cost me.
    Stronly advised!

    And yes, i was very surprised this game never got a proper review on RPS :)

    • TehK says:

      Absolutely agree.
      This game is great. It’s a MOBA that doesn’t take itself very seriously and doesn’t have that huge intimidating learning curve known from DOTA.

      Although I have to say… since they started with the seasonal ladders and the whole APL thing, the community has become a bit worse. When it started, there was only one ranking list that didn’t count much and that wasn’t even divided into the leagues as it is now. But the community was way more relaxed.

      Still, great game and I can heartily recommend it.

      • danielfath says:

        You are wrong about learning curve. Game is much more twitch or skill based than DotA. It’s very friendly for new comers but on high end it’s unforgiving. You need to know stuff like glitches, jump canceling and roman throws (jk on throws).

  4. nomilarac says:

    I recommend it as well…. BUT!

    Don’t expect a balanced game. Ronimo has serious difficulties at balancing their game, and the balance discussions are dominated by a very small group (hence BIASED) of elite players, so don’t expect them to make reasonable and frequent balance changes as you would from LoL or Dota.

    The game has been a balance mess for 2+ months as a result of those elite players suggestions, this recent patch has yet to prove being better. The new map is a design disaster, too, but at least it adds some variety.

    Otherwise, the game offers heaps of fun and charm for its price. Just keep in mind it’s slowly turning into just another “MOBA”, with all that implies.