Hutt Hutt! The Old Republic’s Scum & Villainy 2.0

What I mean is, the 2.0 update for Star Wars: The Old Republic is live (and trailered with a video entitled “Scum & Villainy”, in reference to something Spock once said in Star Trek). The update adds a hard mode to operations and flashpoints (weird dissonance there) which preps the ground for the Rise Of The Hutt Cartel expansion, which arrives in a couple of days (or right now if you pre-ordered). That’s an actual expansion that you will have to pay $20 for, just like they did when my pappy was a boy.

2.0, meanwhile, also overhauls PvP, changing the way that characters are “bolstered” when they enter a PvP area. Wow, that really does seem like a band-aid sort of mechanic, doesn’t it? Hmm. Anyone with extensive SWTOR PvP experience able to shine a light on that?

Also: I don’t think I will ever be okay with Hutts slithering about. They should be forever reclining.

I which I was a galactic gangster.


  1. wryterra says:

    I levelled a character all the way to level cap using PvP so I can comment on this. :)

    In SWTOR PvP was split into two types: Level 50 PvP and Under Level 50 PvP.

    If you’re playing in under level 50 PvP then there’s obviously going to be a significant difference between a level 10 player and a level 49 player. Bolster is the mechanic by which the base stats of the level 10 player are boosted to give them a shouting chance of hurting a level 49 player. It doesn’t bolster your gear, it doesn’t grant skills in the skill tree that you’ve yet to unlock. It just means your damage modifier, your willpower, stats like that are in the same ballpark as every other player.

    What the new bolstering does is divide PvP into new tiers. I think (off the top of my head) they’re roughly every 10 levels, so 10-20, 20-30, 30-40, 40-50 and 50+. This means players will need to be bolstered less to be in roughly the same ballpark as each other and they can start looking at derived stats as well to make it a bit more even handed.

    In general it sounds like an excellent idea but I haven’t had a chance to play with it much yet. Not really a bandaid as the mechanic was already a core mechanic of PvP. They’re just refining the mechanic.

    • VileThings says:

      I disagree. It’s a horrible idea. Brackets are breaking up what little PvP player base there is, which means individual warzones will take longer to open. I leveled a character from 1-50 recently and was able to jump into some daily PvP pretty much instantly during any time of day, expect for late night/early morning. This will take longer now, since character will be restricted to their respective brackets. Does this only sound like a step backwards to me?

      Also I always felt like I was an equal in power to everyone else I encountered in Warzones fom lvl x-49. Sure, low lvl characters have fewer skills, but what skills they have make just as much damage. But it’s obviously possible that this feels different for other classes (I leveled a Sith Inquisitor).

      I stopped PvP altogether once I reached lvl50 because the whole system is just horrible. You get some free basic PvP gear to get you started, but you are still painfully outclassed by people who have better equipment than you. I wish that more developers would take their cues from a system like the one GW2 is using: everyone is equal and win or lose are completely skill-based.

      • HothMonster says:

        “The new PvP brackets will be broken up as follows: Level 10-29, 30-54, 55 & 55 Ranked.”

        So they break up the <50 into two groups. Then have 55 regular and 55 ranked. It really shouldn't effect your Q time that much while leveling, I hope. They also claim that they will monitor Q times and adjust brackets if needed.

        They split at 30 because they say that is when most classes start getting their core rotation. So this is were PVP starts changing from people running around using whatever few skills they have to being able to learn and use your core rotation. So less level 10 with a couple spells vs level 49s with their full arsenal, which should be nice.

        Not sure how 55 and 55 ranked are going to work but hopefully it creates a palce were more casual pvpers like yourself can continue enjoying PVP while the competitive people can grind their gear to eek out small advantages to augment their skills.

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      • Enkinan says:

        GW2 sPvP equal footing. Being uplevelled in WvWvW to 80 is a whole different story. It boosts you enough to make a difference, but you are certainly no where near a fully exotic geared level 80.

  2. cloudnein says:


  3. P.Funk says:

    Its funny, I was just yesterday having a random moment when I paused to think “I miss the excitement I felt leading up SWTOR’s release”. Now I was deluded and immediately suffered a massive letdown in the weeks that followed that dreary December release day, but… well I did enjoy the excitement that lead to that game. I even enjoyed the first few hours. The new shiny game thing.

    The game should have been great. I wanted it to be so badly.

    I’m so happy that 1 year and 2 months after fully quitting and never looking back that I did.

    Such a shame. Such a shame. I knew the game was up when I realized that all that my sub to SWTOR did was make me want to play KOTOR 1 again.

    Here’s hoping for KOTOR 3!

    • Lord_Xia says:

      This was pretty much my exact reaction. I was so super hyped for this and then a few weeks pass and it’s nothing but disappointment left. It’s not a bad game, it’s just not that interesting of a game. Would have been better spent time and energy in making single player games.

      • P.Funk says:

        Basically them saying that it was going to be KOTOR 3-9 all in once was like… the biggest misleading pitch ever.

        It ended up being barely half of a good KOTOR story, and the most boring version of one at that. I couldn’t believe how boring the main class quests were. Of course it makes sense that they are, to an extent, its all grindy MMO gameplay masquerading as a storyline, but even the cutscenes with the expensive voice acting, they were all saying nothing interesting. They should have hired crappier actors and better writers!

        In the end the utter lack of any hospitality for Roleplayers did it for me. There was no meat to chew on. All the best locations were locked away available only as instances for one off story sequences. There’s no saabac or paazak to wile away your hours in the cantina. No social atmosphere at all.

        The closet I ever felt to KOTOR in the whole time was the first flashpoint, for either side. It was done brilliantly. It was a story, with combat, dialogue, and overall interesting. Unfortunately every flashpoint after the first was progressively crappier.

        Gotta stop now. I’ll go mad retelling this again.

    • Chupacabra- says:

      I too, was very exited about it when they announced the game. For years I got more and more exited with all the tiny details they uncovered about the game.

      Then … it got released. It wasn’t what I expected it to be. Granted I was expecting a lot, but that’s because they were hyping it to the moon and back and I got caught up in it. SOmething I promised I would never do again.

      I remember SWG, and all the fun times I had with the game.
      It had it all. A huge sandbox where anyone could do whatever they wanted, and that’s what really was it’s strong point. There was no story! You made your own story. SWTOR’s story is shoved down your troat. If I wanted to play an RPG with a good and deep story I wouldn’t be playing an MMO.

      There were also some serious gameplay issues (doctor buffs needed to slay a womprat anyone?) and they tried to rectify them by overhauling the game and they failed completely.

      Still my favourite MMO to date.
      Damn I miss SWG.

  4. analydilatedcorporatestyle says:

    The only Scum I know ply their trade in a black and white strip. Though on Sunday the North East will breifly reunite to give a rousing rendition of ‘Ding dong the Witch is deeeeeed(loads of DLC, take yer pick). Maggie thank you for giving it full time Zeds for the true Derby without sectarian issues(unless we hark back to the battle of Bolden Field (Sunderland won, neee royalists in our ranks, Ha’Way The Lads)

    Insert a swear word yer mother fucker!!!

    • SighmanSays says:

      I seem to have developed an extremely strange condition. While I look at what is no doubt an intelligent and thoughtful comment of bountiful virtue, all I can perceive is simian gibberish.

      • Brun says:

        I’m also unsure of what to make of this guy’s comments. I’ve seen him posting for a while now, usually his posts are highly negative regardless of where they appear, but they’re particularly concentrated whenever there’s opportunity to bash the “establishment” of big publishers. So I think it’s safe to say that this comment – whatever it says – is probably bashing EA somehow. Given the general incoherence of such posts, I’d also surmise that English is not this poster’s first language.

        • apocraphyn says:

          Nah, he’s just from the north east.

          • bill says:

            That’s what Brun said.

            On the off chance that Brun wasn’t being sarcastic.. it’s foot-to-ball talk.

        • Dances to Podcasts says:

          I suspect part of the problem is that English IS his first language.

  5. PsychoWedge says:

    Huh, the addon’s already arrived? Hm, to try or not to try, that’s the question here… I played ToR for the “free month” that was included in the retail price at release. I did everything with a friend (me: jedi tank, he jedi healer) and it was kinda fun and at moments incredebly frustrating at the same time. The Jedi Knight class story is also a half decent continuation of KotOR1’s typical Bioware-y blandness (thank the motherfucking god of all that is holy in RPGdom that they basically ignored KotOR2 and didn’t destroy the brilliance of that). But when we had finished our two class stories we never ever logged in again.

    So, the question still stands for me. Try or not to try… Though twenty bucks is rather pricy for whatever playtime I’d get out of it for my own (since I don’t think my friend does have any interest at all in playing again )…

  6. fallingmagpie says:

    I’m playing SWTOR at the moment. Just the PvE stuff, I completely ignore the MMO aspects. It’s actually pretty fun and it’s free. I’m a Sith Inquisitor, so I lightning people all the time, which never seems to get old.

  7. Discopanda says:

    When this game first came out, I said to my friends “This game is pretty good, but it has some fairly serious but easily fixable problems. Imagine how good it will be in a year, and I bet the first expansion will be amazing!”

    Why did I have to open my big fat mouth :(

  8. Captain Kirk says:

    The new bolster system was specifically designed to prevent people from getting curb stomped by those in significantly better gear. All player are effectively given a minimum base effectiveness, with pvp gear adding to this effectiveness. However, it is compressing the range of stats significantly.

    Also, there three brackets 10-29, 30-54, 55 (rated/unrated). These brackets do make a lot of sense actually. When pvp’ing and under level 30, you have very few of your class or tree abilities. When you hit level 30+, you start to get some of the better and more class defining abilities added, make you far more effective. Last, the 55 bracket is needed since you must be 55 to use the new gear.

    They are all smart changes. Unfortunately, the bolster system is a little bit broken at the moment and currently giving naked players the best stats. :)

  9. RakeShark says:

    Ah, laser bat batting bats. The story of every jedi/sith.

  10. Mudlab says:

    Fully leveled a sith inquisitor, agent, juggernaut and jedi consular. Quit shortly before they announced the switch to (almost) F2P. Haven’t felt like going back, ever.

    Also fairly off-topic: ToR needs to fire their art department in charge of designing high-level gear. It’s just…bad.

  11. Lemming says:

    I agree on the Hutts slithering. If they must move, have them on an anti-grav chaise longue.

    • Doth Messar says:

      Yeah totally, I don’t like what they’ve done with Hutts since the 90’s “enhanced” editions came out. They’re a cartoony joke now. They’re supposed to be grotesque and kinda scary, now they wear stupid hats and move around. They’re supposed to be visual incarnations of the deadly sins, not cutesy crap.