Death Inc Brings Us A Paid Alpha Thing!

Impossibly handsome plague-as-strategy game Death Inc might have missed its Kickstarter target, but it is far from dead, as is proven by their new in-house paid alpha thing, which is here. They’ve gone for a similar reward model to the Kickstarter, allowing you to get the game right away for a mere $10, right up to to an eye-watering $5000 contribution which includes everything from previous tiers, including t-shirts, artbooks, and your own in-game pub, as well as the right to call yourself “King (or Queen) Of The World”.

There’s a sumptuous trailer below, too. Very deathy.


  1. Christo4 says:

    Trailer is quite interesting, did they have something like that on kickstarter? I remember looking at their kickstarter a little but didn’t seem as good as this trailer.

  2. Mctittles says:

    I might be done with paid alpha’s for awhile. It’s not the devs as much as the community.

    The idea is you invest money early so you can report issues and give suggestions to the game to help it’s completion. However lately when you join an in alpha community and report bugs or make suggestions the community argues with you saying “It’s Alpha!”.

    Makes no sense really, who are they helping by stifling feedback. Not the devs to make a better game.

    • Christo4 says:

      Yeah i know what you mean. Try to do that in a game’s “beta”(kinda like alpha but with a better name). The community will tear you to shreads if you try to suggest something better (not impose, suggest) because the game the devs make is perfect!

      • Grzegorz Dalek says:

        Actually game goes to “beta” stage when all the content/features are complete, rest is just process of bug fixing.

        • Christo4 says:

          That’s why i put “beta” in comas because most people use beta as a form of alpha where they still introduce features.

  3. Xocrates says:

    I was going to get this, but then PayPal decided I would do no such thing.

    I hate PayPal so freaking much. Why doesn’t it die already.

  4. Jimbo says:

    For $5000 they should at least give you the plague.

  5. Seafort says:

    Just bought this and the alpha is much better than the kickstarter demo. It was a timed mission though and I hate timed missions! :P

    You can increase the time by infecting more and more citizens but i hate being rushed in games to do things.

    I hope not all missions are timed.

    Looks very promising so far though. I also backed the kickstarter so getting the alpha was a no brainer for me :)

  6. Malibu Stacey says:

    Voted for it on Greenlight the other day -> link to

    Looks like a lot of fun from the videos. Hope they get enough funding to keep development going.

  7. somnolentsurfer says:

    What’s with the bubbly cloud bits that have appeared round the units since the kickstarter?

    • Xocrates says:

      The colour of the cloud indicates the type of unit. It also allows you to to give orders to specific unit types.

      • somnolentsurfer says:

        So you can still grow your army just by infecting people? They looked a lot like static control groups found in other RTSs, which would rather detract from the interesting gesture based controls that make this unique.

        • Xocrates says:

          Yeah. The clouds add readability and fine control, the basic gameplay is pretty much unchanged.

  8. Mephz says:

    I probably see this game with another pair of eyes compared to everyone else here. Looks terribly boring and repeative.

  9. cptgone says:

    look, there’s a tier for Lord British ;)

  10. Ghoulie says:

    I reckon they should have lowered their requested amount and tried again.
    I believe both Maia and War for the Overworld finished at about 150000, which seems to be a sweet-spot for this type of game.
    Perhaps Death Inc could stretch itself to get a little more and do that much?

  11. Gliese says:

    Welp, no Mac version, no money from me.

  12. Monkeh says:

    Glad to see this! Was a shame they didn’t make their kickstarter goal, but at least now I can back them through paypal! :D

  13. garisson says:

    Some time ago, I boarded a spacecraft in the hope of landing on a more politically aware planet…instead, I find myself on planet SMEXISM, with RPS as my only guide to rational and moral thought! Thank god I at least have them…