Eve Timeline Thing Is Impressive Work

As Eve trundles towards is tenth anniversary, and I baulk with disbelief that it has really been a decade since I quit PC Gamer and spent the summer playing Eve and Planetside 1, CCP have started rolling out celebratory things, including a fantastic space timeline that illustrates the rich backstory of the game’s universe. I was never particularly invested in Eve’s fiction, but it’s impossible to deny the work that CCP put into it, with an encyclopaedia of short stories and even a few novels.

Ten years! I put in five. You can read about them here. I wish I could go back. I miss you, Statecorp.


  1. Mehall says:

    I only really started playing about a year ago (had an older account but never did much with it) but even in that time the game has come on leaps and bounds.

    • daniyaalseeq says:

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  2. cptgone says:

    i was very excited to read this news, up till the words “Eve’s fiction”. the most amazing thing about Eve is how players create a real, living history of conquest, deceit, crime, bravery, attempts to create a regulated society, etc.
    on the other hand, a history of all that would be highly controversial – by nature.

    still, nice work, and i hope the RP crowd won’t be disappointed.

    every time i read about Eve i feel homesick.

    • dsi1 says:

      Wow, incredibly disappointed that they didn’t throw in big events like the first Titans, huge scandals, etc

      All that should be in there, what the players do is as much part of the fiction as anything written by the devs.

  3. Danny252 says:

    Is it that fantastic? It basically just seems to be a dozen or so of the larger bits of lore (how each empire formed and then met, and the Caldari/Gallente and Amarr/Minmatar rivalries), and then the backstory behind each expansion.

    link to truestories.eveonline.com seems like it should turn out to be far more interesting.

  4. GamerOS says:

    I was hoping on a history about the entire player side of things, much more intresting.
    Still, it’s nice, especially for new people who want to acquaint themselves with the basics of the lore.

    • Lemming says:

      I was assuming that was included. Very disappointed having read all the way through thinking ‘is that it?’

  5. somnolentsurfer says:

    For some reason I read that as “PCG have started rolling out celebratory things”. They were really glad when you left.

  6. Captain Joyless says:

    “I was never particularly invested in Eve’s fiction, but it’s impossible to deny the work that CCP put into it”

    faint praise

  7. popej says:

    I spent almost 6 years of my life playing this git. Most of that was with Celestial Apocalypse [CELES] between 2004-2007 and then 0utbreak [TOXIN] for a year and then back to CELES for alliance fun and games. The latter is what drove me away in the end. I enjoyed being a part of and leading small gangs but leading fleets of 300 was less enjoyable.

    It remains the greatest multiplayer gaming achievement in computer gaming history if you ask me. I still get the urges to go back but know that getting too involved again is a bad path to go down.

    I miss so many people that I used to play with though. :(

    Long live the fighters

    edit: Reading through all Jim’s previous articles I had no idea he was in State Corp. We had a good run in Insurgency. :)

    • mpk says:

      INSRG was good times. We may not have had the numbers, but damn we had the attitude.

      • popej says:

        We gave it a good go in Branch and in some ways we won a pyrrhic victory despite the ultimate collapse of INSRG. If just MM or just Razor took us on alone with their roughly comparable alliance sizes then it would have been a different story completely.

        darth (solo) wanted the fights to be fun and to continue on and on but the NC wanted us gone so they could carry on with their care-bearing. Ultimately they had the tools, the patience and the numbers to see that goal through.

        • SwENSkE says:

          Oh, the delusion.
          I was there shooting you after you had backstabbed us while we were fighting BOB.
          In fact, most of the MM/RAZOR grunts were pissed off by the attitude of many of Insurgency’s player-base. I myself remember several incidents of blue on blue shooting. Many of us were really pissed that our leadership didn’t decide to kick you out before we went to war.
          And don’t tell yourself you could’ve won that war even if you had to take on MM or RAZOR alone. You wouldn’t have. You couldn’t get anyhwere near winning even with Tri MK1 at your side.

          • popej says:


            I don’t argue over Eve anymore dude. You’re entitled to your own perception of events.

  8. mpk says:

    Statecorp: it was the best of times, it was the wor… no wait, it was just the best of times.


  9. SwedishChef says:

    Hands down the best game I have ever played. No game has as rich an interaction due to the fact you are put in a sandbox with almost no restrictions, only consequences.I remember being filled with dread when MO0 got their first Dominix and taunted everyone on the forums. Was a member of the original Fountain Alliance and Cult of Cthulu. Too bad my wife wont ever let me play the game again. (Cant say I blame her)

  10. Magnusm1 says:

    What’s stopping you from going back?

    • popej says:

      Heh, there are so many answers to that question. I can’t speak for Jim but I can tell you why I won’t go back;

      1. It’s a massive time sink.
      2. Your worldly duties can get neglected if you get too drawn into it.
      3. After 5-6 years of it, it’s actually quite a stressful experience in hindsight.
      4. It involves playing with other humans online and this gets tiring very quickly.
      5. If any game can be considered ‘serious’ then Eve is it. No other title has quite captured the experience of loss or back stabbing politics quite so vividly. Eve is a microcosm of real life in many ways, albeit a rather simplistic one.
      6. The game has changed a lot in the last 2 years. There’s a vertical cliff to be scaled before you can even consider recapturing the glory years (as an ‘old school’ pod pilot).

      There’s umpteen other reasons as well.

  11. Geen says:

    Eh, the fluff is nice but I prefer the actual history of the in-game politics. I’ve heard many epic tales of blood and glory from the Goonswarm-BoB conflict.