Thanks, Purple Planetside People!

Thanks to everyone who showed up to play in our Call To Arms last night, and particular thanks to PC Gamer and the other TR and NC Outfits who showed up to batter us with tanks and rockets. It was a resounding success, with hundreds of RPS readers working together in multiple platoons. I had a great time running one of the squads, and I’d like to say thanks to reader CMaster for attempting to co-ordinate such an enormous number of players. I think the twelve-galaxy hot-drop might have been the highlight for me. Amazing scenes, and we’ll be doing that again soon. If you want to catch up with the folks you played with, or want to get involved on our PS2 community, head over to the forum.


  1. El_Emmental says:

    Over 200 people on the Mumble, right ? Sounds like a success :)

  2. Jimbohutchings says:

    Yup I think, but yeah I would like to say thanks to Cmaster for doing a great job and giving us all a great time thanks man :)

  3. Hazzard65 says:

    I jumped on about 9 o clock on Amerish. NC was roughly 20% population TR and VS were both around 40%. NC held most of the map and I was really confused about this until I saw where all the fighting was taking place. Turns out TR and VS PCG and RPS outfits couldn’t put their differences aside and the NC decided to just sweep up while you two clowns were bickering in the north :D.

  4. airtekh says:

    I must say special thanks to Quantacat and SirWigglyBottom for shepherding the NS2 group (aka the Purple Skulks) with our first major foray into Planetside 2.

    It was very much enjoyable, not sure if we made much of a difference, but we shot a few blues/reds and capped a few bases, and generally had a good time. So thanks again.

    • WoundedBum says:

      Just want to echo this (I was Sketch)

      Had a really good time, no idea if anything we did was helpful but special thanks to those who helped us get in and playing. If it doesn’t clash with our NS2 weekends, I’d like to pop in for more!

  5. Chris D says:

    Would have liked to have been there but for some reason I didn’t quite believe the warning that I’d have to download a 7.2 gig update beforehand. Should have known better.

    Maybe next time.

  6. Axyl says:

    I’d love to join RPS in some Planetside 2, but I simply cannot bear to bring myself to play VS. NC I can just about stomach, but I’m TR for life and I ain’t leaving my Mosquito behind. :D

    • mickygor says:

      You’re welcome to live free with the NC. We’re not thousand-strong like the giraffes, but each of us is worth 10 of them!

      Unfortunately, that bounty does mean that they gun us down a lot :(

      • RIDEBIRD says:

        That’s on you then micky, the NC outnumber us by 5-10% as well ;)

    • silgidorn says:

      I also had issues with wearing purple spandex at first. Singing out loud YMCA’s “Macho Man” and George Michael’s “Faith” as the game loads helps a lot, though.

  7. Logeres says:

    If you could turn the camera around, you would see me desperately sprinting towards the group, because Planetside crashed my PC pretty much the moment the group photo plan was announced. The constant crashes (I think around 6-7 times, at least one per hour) due to the new update were pretty much the only negative experience in an otherwise great event.
    And yeah, the massive “Flight of the Galaxies” was the best moment, hands down.

    • Asurmen says:

      I had a crash at precisely the same time. Was hoping client would respond when I heard the call for the group shot. I briefly became an avatar of Darth Vader.

      • Vorphalack says:

        Consider yourself lucky. I was in position waiting for the photo, only to clip through and be absorbed into the belly of a Galaxy that decided to photobomb us at the last second >.< Had to /suicide to escape. PS2 physics at it's finest.

    • Cooper says:

      That photo includes about 1/3 of the people standing on the platform.

      There were too many of us for the game to render…

  8. KindredPhantom says:

    It was a bit messy but it was a lot of fun. Highlight being stomping over PCG at one of the bases and then the sea of RPS after a re-spawn to warp gate.

    Well done to CMaster for being crazy enough to take the role of leading!

  9. grundus says:

    I missed it. Mainly because on Wednesday night I let my brother play using my account and he spaffed my £15 worth of SC I got for £5 (or something like that, point is I had three times as much SC as I had actually paid for) in the christmas deal on a useless bloody NC character, so my VS guy on Miller has to live off of beans until I can muster up the motivation to play again. I was saving that SC for when I decided to get into the game again, last time I played I was poring over the stuff I could buy but thought “NO! I must save it until I know how best to spend it!”, like a fool.

    The idiot made up for it by gifting me a copy of Blood Dragon, but still, I feel a tremendous sense of loss. In any case, next time this goes down I’ll be on board, as long as there’s room for an aggressive Infiltrator type anyway.

    • EsotericReverie says:

      Infiltrators are generally not our strong suit, so you would be a very welcome addition. Depending perhaps on your definition of “aggressive”. : )

  10. Simplisto says:

    I wish I could transfer my character from Woodman. I’m friendless where I am now :(

    • RIDEBIRD says:

      Are you VS? If so you have your unlocks on Miller as well I think (not the cert ones).

  11. Ross Angus says:

    So who won? Is this a silly question?

    • Christo4 says:

      Nobody. Nobody wins in war, only humanity loses.

    • silgidorn says:

      It’s not clear because TR (PC GAMER) and VS (RTS) fought a lot in the north. NC (RTS for a bit too) got a lot of terrain… But nobody could conquer the whole continent.
      so I’d say that SOE is the definitive winner out there.

  12. Kemuel says:

    Video’s not particularly good, but this was our entire force flying over Sungrey Amp Station when we heard the PCG lot were there. All those planes are Galaxy dropships, all of them are full. :D

    • Vorphalack says:

      0.28, didn’t realise how close I was to killing you all. We all bailed and let that Galaxy land itself.

  13. Moraven says:

    I could be an hour late but will try to make it next time. Looks a lot of fun. I did get PS2 installed and fought for an hour. I miss me some PS.

  14. RealoFoxtrot says:

    Just want to say that PCG had a heck load of fun.

    We were outnumbered most of the time, and it showed about half way through the fight.

    if you say that there were around 220 people on mumble, then we were outnumbered 4-to-1.

    The Galaxy drop was an “Oh £$*!” moment at the start, with the Air Cav’s trying desperately to take them down.

    Of course, eventually the entire force was pushed back to almost the warpgate, which would have lead to a massive loose on our side, but we pushed back out!. DEIM and GOON taking the fight south to the NC and our entire army working as one to firstly retake the cut-off bases and then destroy the Armour that had previously been blowing our aircraft from the sky.

    Our own final moments were of the push eventually when we managed to take Sungrey Amp Station after nearly 3 hours of fighting!
    Rejoiced at this victory over purple spandex, we left and decided to have a team photo and galaxy-pile at the warpgate. Followed by a platoon strong divebomb into a tower (which we then discovered the remaining RPS and so it was back into the fray again!)

  15. EsotericReverie says:

    Let’s just say that our plan for eight 12-man squads and a bootplatoon for welcoming newcomers was frightfully inadequate. Props to CMaster, Cooper et. al. for managing to reorganize quick enough to handle the tidal wave of incoming players!

  16. The Random One says:

    I didn’t even manage to finish updating the client!

    Maybe next time.

  17. Enkinan says:

    Nothing better than a great team effort of fun folks.

  18. Max Ursa says:

    i thoroughly enjoyed last night. it was so busy that my rig couldnt handle it anymore so i had to hide in the hills with my sniper rifle. props to rps, your one outfit zerg sure made things interesting. that galaxy swarm put the shits up me, especially when an abandoned one came flying straight at me. i had to dive off my hill to avoid getting splatted.

    GF RPS, GF