Watch This Space Ape: Noomix

Noomix is giving me weird deja vu. I am certain I have not seen it before, nor have we posted about it previously. And yet the appearance of “Gordo The Apetronaut” – via PixelProspector – strikes me as ever-so and all-too familiar. Can there be another chimp-in-spacesuit games out there? Is this a genre I am simply unaware of? Or is it speaking to me from a world of half-remembered NASA-ape and 2001 images, merging with childhood visits to the zoo in the molasses of my disintegrating memory?

Hmm. Whatever the truth, it’s fair to say that Noomix has an interesting style all of its own, even though “planet of the noomies” is a silly phrase: “Your spacesuit allows you to merge with those little witty creatures and use their powerful abilities. Help Gordo to use those powers wisely in order to leave for home again!” The game is still in development. Video ‘neathwards.


  1. Eraysor says:

    Possibly this is the only other place I’ve seen a space monkey.

    • daniyaalseeq says:

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  2. Vagrant says:

    My first thought is Captain Simian and the Space Monkeys.

  3. Sleepymatt says:

    Also this on iThing.

  4. shitflap says:

    You’re thinking Cyborg Chimp from Timesplitters.
    Your subconscious is bothering you because there has been no coverage of Timesplitters Rewind on this site, an act that has hurt me deeply.

    • The Random One says:

      Unless you guys didn’t know about that, in which case the collective unconsious is bothering you, and also wow you are crappy journalists.

  5. HothMonster says:

    It vaguely reminds of MDK.

    • jmexio says:

      Well, it made me think heavily of Earthworm Jim… Except for the gameplay, that is, EWJ is a 2D platformer in my mind, I never player the 3D one so I wouldn’t know (I seem to have it on GOG though…)

  6. mauzed says:

    I think it reminds you of Earthworm Jim, he was not a chimp, but colors and proportions are quite similar.

  7. garisson says:

    I’m so glad at least one of the heroic journalists in this patriarch industry has the courage to cover the ever present and all important topic of….SMEXISM!!!!!

    Thank you RPS, for being so bloody relevant. And profound…

    • cptgone says:

      this game isn’t sexist but simiaphobic: it anthropomorphises apes.

  8. garisson says:

    Oh lord, here we are again, more SMEXISM. What is left to say? Time to hand out that cat of nine tails, so every basement dwelling nerd can free themselves of the inherent lesbian-hating guilt this industry in KNOWN for. Such is the devastating aftermath of the PATRIARCHY. We can, of course, thank RPS for shining the light of OBJECTIVITY on our diminished little brains.

  9. Geen says:

    Sorta reminds me of Star Fox’s Oikinny, the one member of Star Wolf who wasn’t a goddamn spaceship-flying ninja. Pigma I could occasionally shoot down, but the others were freakin’ badasses.