Silent Kill: Splinter Cell – Blacklist

The voice at the beginning of the new Splinter Cell trailer sounds a lot like Jigsaw, the dying/dead/metaphorical villain of the horrifically dull Saw series. This voice is threatening the whole of America though, which means he might not be Jigsaw, who is more likely to spend his time righting individual wrongs, such as finding a chap who inadvertently left the milk out of the fridge and sewing a cow’s udder to his bottom lip while perching him on a machine that converts his bumcheeks into burgers. The rotter! New Sam Fisher will deal with the Splinter Cell baddy and the video suggests he’ll do so by STALKING, STRIKING and SILENCING. He’s also magnetically attracted to helicopters.

When planning is finished, traps commence.


  1. Discopanda says:

    Still no word on Spies vs. Mercs. And I suppose any chance of a fresh start and new character in the series are gone.


    *and if there is some please tell me nice RPS readers

    • Heliocentric says:

      I don’t know if this will ever come out but I have hope.
      link to
      Its esentially (Ubi Lawyer:dont mention Pandora) Chaos Theory’s Versus mode as a stand alone mod/free game/retail game? (I have no idea what it is any more.)

    • KenTWOu says:

      *and if there is some please tell me nice RPS readers

      All we know is that they’re bringing back their traditional spies versus mercs multiplayer, which is the first person mercs versus the third person spies…

  2. partialcharge says:


  3. McFluff says:

    Does he have the ability to not kill absolutely anyone throughout the entirety of the SP campaign, slipping through like a bad-ass ghost with sweet kicks?

    I wonder…

    • kud13 says:

      Of course you can not kill people. That’s exactly what “non-lethal takedowns” are for.

      Except for cutscenes. I’m not sure if there will be anyone you kill in cutscenes.

      • The First Door says:

        Sam Fisher’s version of ‘not killing’ people in the previous game though still looked awfully like killing them in quite a few places. There is only so much you can have your face smashed off things and not die, I suspect.

      • tobecooper says:

        There’s always been killing in Splinter Cell’s cutscenes.

        And it looks like this one will have a helicopter kill just like the previous one (but in the trailer it looks like Sam made a powerful hip thrust that send him flying. He may be boarding that helicopter. Though, it’s equally possible that he is attempting to have sex with the glorious machine).

    • woodsey says:

      Probably not. I’m not sure if that’s ever been true of the series though. Double Agent you certainly had to on the ship in the arctic. Chaos Theory you have to in the Japan mission. Pandora Tomorrow you had to I believe, twice in fact, and in the original I’m pretty sure you had to as well.

      Only once or twice in each (except for Double Agent where you have to slaughter the entire ship), but still. I mean, to be fair I’m pretty sure assassination is part of his job description.

  4. One Pigeon says:

    After looking at that first screenshot I assume enemies in this game are entirely blind to the colour green, otherwise we might as well cross STALKING off that list.

  5. PopeRatzo says:

    I am hereby boycotting all trailers for games that are more than a month away from release.

  6. The First Door says:

    Adam, you’ve already written a better Saw movie than… well, any of the movies after Saw 2, I think.

    That trailer does look much more interesting that the outdoors stuff they showed before. I hope they still have the nice projection gimmick from the last one, although I’m not sure how popular that was around these parts!

  7. DrollRemark says:

    Doncaster? Swindon? Bad guys really are aiming low these days.

  8. ecma says:

    I really hope this game isn’t as broken as Ghost Recon Future Soldier was/is. Its looks good, but I really don’t trust Ubisoft when it comes to PC games anymore.

  9. GoliathBro says:

    I am still massively upset that Ironside is no longer Fisher’s voice. Stupidest decision ever made.

    • Discopanda says:

      I agree :(

    • Slurpy says:

      I thought I’d give the trailer a try anyway, but when Sam spoke my disappointment was so visceral I couldn’t watch anymore.

    • jrpatton says:

      Why couldn’t they just make a new character? It doesn’t have to be Sam.

  10. Ender7 says:

    I would kill for a true splinter cell that goes back to chaos theory and not this action packed cod wanna be game.

  11. Grape Flavor says:

    The Good: Gameplay and environments look solid.
    The Bad: The plot’s probably a bunch of silly nonsense.
    The Ugly: What the fuck did they do to Fisher? He looks and sounds nothing like he’s supposed to. I know Ironside is gone, but it’s like they’re not even trying to maintain consistency here. At least get the goddamn character model right.

  12. Sinnorfin says:

    It has really simple graphics which might mean that gameplay had the priority. It also looks gamey enough.

    Helicopter scene was ridiculous, it really looked like he couldnt do a thing about flying towards it :D

  13. Sunjammer says:

    My god. I loved Conviction, and the previous games too. This looks so damn tired.

    Also, I may be in the minority here, but can we get over the terrorist plot in military games already? I know terrorists are great big cads and all that, but they tend to represent people who are already under the boot, and leveraging awesome cool cyber gadgets against these dudes time and time again for the sake of fake videogame America is making me gag.

    Can we at least go back to full on country-on-country open warfare again? Preferably in some Ace Combatish military neverland?

  14. Bork Titflopsen says:

    I get it, bows go *thwang* which is pretty cool, but there are reasons we stopped using them and those reasons are called guns. You know, the things in your game that go *bang* which in my opinion is pretty cool too.

    You don’t have to put a bow in your shootygames. Really, it’s ok. The only reason they are so popular in other games is because they’re unrealistically powerful.