State Of Decay Will Be Undead From June

UndeadLabs have announced that their zombie-apocalypse survival game, cleverly named State Of Decay, will appear in June. It’s an open-world survival game that sees the player recruiting other survivors and building bases so as to live in a world where most people are mindless drones bent on devouring whatever wanders into their path. A familiar theme, then. There is one reason to pay a lot of attention to this game, however, which is that UndeadLabs are the new project from Jeff Strain, who was one of the main minds behind Guild Wars, and who worked as lead programmer on World Of Warcraft. Mr Strain knows what he is doing. Which makes June sound all the more exciting. State Of Decay is a single player game, but there’s an MMO on the horizon if this works out.

A new trailer lies below.


  1. Chaz says:

    I think the June release is for XBLA only though. So we might have to wait a bit longer for the PC release.

    • tehsid says:

      Yeah, sadly there is not PC date yet. I’m looking forward to this, though.

  2. mauzed says:

    I think only the MMO is going to be released on pc, this one is only XBLA.

  3. Bhazor says:

    On the one hand another god damned WarZ clone.
    On the other hand I’ve got to respect that pun

    I am so conflicted.

    • PostieDoc says:

      Well it can’t be as bad as War Z.
      Quietly hopeful with this one.

    • OnionPowder says:

      Except this game has been in development for over 2 years. It started as Class 3 and was exclusive to XBLA. The MMO has been in development for 4 years now and this spawned from that so I’d hardly call this a WarZ clone.

      link to

    • zeekthegeek says:

      WarZ clone? Hahaha, good one. This game predates the entire trend of DayZ and it’s ilk.

    • Warskull says:

      This game actually went into develop long before War Z or even Day Z was a thing. It has a highly talented development team too. They’ve got the talent from Blizzard’s prime, the lead designer from Starcraft, one of the three founders from When Jeff Strain left he cherry picked the best to form this company with him.

      The people behind this game should be enough to get your attention alone.

  4. Howling Techie says:

    It looks like Zombie Fort, but not absolutely terrible.

    • Arkh says:

      And that’s awesome. Because Fort Zombie had promise, but sucked so much.

      And it seems it’s more sandbox too! It would be better only if it had procedural generated terrains and cities, destructible environment and base building anywhere. And survival elements and lots of mod support. And dynamic factions that rise and fall and time progression that affects the world. Would be one of the perfect games.

      The only thing that gets me worried is the site phrase
      “Move through the world like a zombie-slaying badass.”

      I prefer my games to be more realistic, in this case.

  5. One Million Monkeys says:

    Isn’t it the same stationwagon at 0:13 as in Organ Trail? Not sure if I saw Grill, Cara etc. driving it though…

  6. Zogtee says:

    Will this be another world where gun suppressors have suddenly ceased to exist?

    • Shezo says:

      nope, this game has some sort of suppressor with limited durability.

  7. jimangi says:

    Why did they include the scene at 1:05 in the trailer? I’m used to games where a melee strike doesn’t cause a response in exactly the place I hit, I don’t mind that, I wouldn’t expect a fully simulated body, but it’s not a very flattering scene to show in the trailer. The spade doesn’t even collide with the zombie and yet its head explodes.

  8. NotToBeLiked says:

    Any news yet on whether it’s on a proper Windows, or only on the tablet interface thingy aka Windows 8?

    • Bashmet says:

      Yeah, It’s not going to be Win8 RT only or anything. It will work on Win 8.

  9. kud13 says:

    It looks like Grand Theft Zombie

  10. Iskariot says:

    I hope this is good, if so… it is mine from day one.

  11. Tayh says:

    The guy in the cowboy hat looks like Tallahassee from Zombieland. Nice.
    Really wished they hadn’t gone for the console-y third-person controls though.

  12. lord_strange says:

    This looks promising. Plus I’m a big fan of third-person action games so I don’t mind the console-ified look. I even played Dishonored on the 360 controller rather than the keyboard recently.

  13. -Spooky- says:

    [load random zombie game generator] [load Scheme X template] – game done. Something new in this buisness these days?