Arisen: 18 Minutes Of Rise Of The Triad Multiplayer

They don't make 'em like this anymore. And arguably, they never did.

Just as the grass grows and the ocean gently laps against the shore, triads will rise. It is simply nature’s way. For eons, however, top scientists have pondered what role rhythmic triad undulations play in the greater order of our universe. Do they hold up the planet in much the same fashion as long-dead Greek titans before them? Are they responsible for the complex set of physics interactions that make ice cream flavors that don’t taste like ice cream possible? Do they allow jokes that should’ve ended a long time ago to just keep going and going? We may never know. But I just had a crazy thought: maybe Rise of the Triad‘s purpose is shooting dudes really, really fast. Sometimes with a baseball bat that’s also the devil. No, that’s impossible. It’s probably the ice cream thing. See for yourself in the form of an appreciably meaty video after the break.


(Note: I do not actually think that’s the main character’s real name. If only, if only.)

That multiplayer deathmatch is looking about as old-school as they come, though – by which I mean blindingly, blitzingly, brutally fast. Similarly, there’s basically no thematic continuity to the levels, because who needs dumb stuff like that? Castles are cool, and so are volcano lairs, and the bland military facility wouldn’t stop begging to hang out with the other levels, so they were like, “Ugh, fine. Get in the car. But god damn it you get to talk only when we say you do.” But yes, as per tradition, ROTT’s driving design philosophy seems to be “Why the fuck not?”

Weapons, meanwhile, vary from absurd to “there’s no way that won’t be completely overpowered in nearly every situation imaginable.” I mean, did you see the multi-rocket in the upper nook of the military level? It literally rained down death from on-high. But then, Interceptor CEO Frederick Schreiber told me that balance isn’t necessarily top priority anyway. “We have balance in the game,” he explained in an interview, “but we want the player to feel like ‘Whoa, this is nuts.'”

And it does look a little nuts. As long as it’s fun, though, that’s no problem in my book. So here’s hoping. It’s out this summer.


  1. BooleanBob says:


    (Note: I do not actually think that’s the main character’s real name. If only, if only.)”

    Given one of the playable characters in the original was called Ian Paul Freely, you might be closer than you think.

    This looks fun! Fond memories of the original. I like how the game congratulates you for blowing yourself up ‘MLG pro style’.

    • Derezzedjack says:

      I think the congratulations part was added in for the video, you mean the “GG” in the center of the screen right?

    • The_Hunter says:

      That was just added in post as a joke. It was all still hilarious though. I enjoyed the Hard Boiled references.

  2. GallonOfAlan says:

    My first thought on that was “imagine trying to play that on a console pad.”

    • Derezzedjack says:

      Me too! I can’t imagine how slow this would get if everyone had gamepads.

  3. baby snot says:

    It’s just too fast for me. Quake and it’s spawn always have been. What’s the secret to spotting your opponent without being distracted by all the fast flowing visuals? My head is still swimming a bit.

    • Shepardus says:

      In the case of Quake, many people turn the texture detail down to pretty much flat colors and set the enemy player model to something large and brightly colored so it’s as easy as possible to distinguish the enemy from the environment.

    • GallonOfAlan says:

      Also knowing the levels in your sleep, the paths people take through them, and anticipation – he’ll be going for the red armour about now, so I’ll have a rocket reaching it just as he gets there.

    • PoulWrist says:

      The secret would be having good motion detection as well as spatial and aural awareness?

      Also, generally player models are usualy outrageous so they stand out against the background.

    • Ernesto says:

      I think it’s actually pretty slow.
      It’s just that, apparently, someone at Interceptor thought: “It looks way cooler when we push mouse sensitivity to the max and rely on splash damage to get kills!”.
      That’s a pretty lame trick. I like the baseball bat though ;)

  4. Shepardus says:

    I hope to see more use of vertical space in the maps, as well as higher FOV settings (I’m the type who always plays Quake at 130 FOV), but other than that it looks like this could actually be pretty fun.

  5. Gap Gen says:

    I love the Apogee logo. Starts out blurry, then BAM still in Impact font. OK, I’m just being mean now.

  6. Stense says:

    I may have said this before, but Rise of the Triad is probably the closest game to my ‘Game Wot Made Me’ (maybe along with Boulderdash). I only ever played single player, and I don’t really play much of any multiplayer game these days, but it looks very much like its identifiably ROTTy. That is to say, dank looking castles, ridiculous explosions, stupidly fast and ludicrous gibs.

    Looks amusing silly. I’ll be terrible at it.

    I may turn the music off.

    • Spacewalk says:

      Multiplayer ROTT was really cool. More players than Doom, CTF before Quake and Threewave and about eight or so other ways to play. Plus you could customise it out the wazoo. An afternoon and ROTT over an LAN and much laughter ensued.

  7. Surlywombat says:

    You don’t need balance in weapon spawn DM, because you just kill them before they get to pick it up.

  8. princec says:

    Damn their eyes, but I’ve pinched RotT for my own!

  9. Spacewalk says:

    Christ, I couldn’t watch more than three minutes of that video before turning it off because the music was terrible. This is how it should sound, upbeat and brassy not brooding and boring guitars.

    • NailBombed says:

      Different strokes and all that, dude. While I love the oldschool Soundblastery tunes of the original ROTT – I reckon this makeover to the soundtrack RAWKS.

    • The_Hunter says:

      Watch the second match. MUCH better music.

  10. The_Hunter says:

    Now THIS is a gameplay video. Graphics and lighting look good, animations are smooth and a GOG release?!

    Ima get dis game

  11. noom says:

    Everything is OP. Everything should be nerfed.

    • Aklyon says:

      Nah, buff everything instead. Eventually it’ll balance itself out, right?

  12. MadTinkerer says:

    It’s funny. Back in the late 90s I would never, ever have expected a ROTT sequel/remake to be the one that reinvigorated the arena shooter (that’s not to exclude the excellent Shootmania Storm, but SmS doesn’t have the over-the-top attitude). Really looking forward to this.

  13. Baines says:

    The terrible lighting indoors and the 256 shades of brown/grey coloring scheme used *everywhere* kills the game for me.

    I couldn’t watch more than two minutes before stopping the video.

    I was kind of interested at first. Then the video showing off the level creation came out, and I saw the terrible lighting (256 shades of dark?), the (lack of) color, the repetitive textures, and the like and I was worried. The gameplay video is the final nail. It doesn’t matter how the game plays, I simply cannot stand to look at it, with several warning signs of a visual style that will make me physically sick to play for more than a few minutes.

    • DestructibleEnvironments says:

      Eh, are we watching the same video? There’s red, yellow and green everywhere. And blue! The level is even set in an outside area, with plenty of sunlight shining. Keep the biased negativity to yourself. Quake and Doom looks the same.

      • Baines says:

        Quake looked the same? And what the joke about Quake? That it was nothing but shades of brown and grey?

        There is honestly very little color.

        Look at the screen grab. Thanks to the lighting, the entire castle is just different shades of golden brown. The only other color present are in the red banners, but even they have been overwhelmed by the lighting color.

        The indoor areas are overly dark to show off the weak wall light effect. Lots of black due to lack of light, and only shades of reddish-brown near the light sources. In the indoor areas that aren’t reddish-brown, it is just shades of grey.

        Skipping past the castle fight, there is the stormy interior map. Color is better here, but there is still a lot of pointlessly dark and a lot of metal grey.

        Go back and look at the original Rise of the Triad. While the game had less shades, it had more color variety. Stages weren’t overwhelmed by a lighting color, and it had more light in general.

        The remake gives me flashbacks of trying to change wall colors in TimeSplitters’ map maker, where you’d pick a horribly intense lighting color, effectively putting a strong color filter on the entire screen to drown out the original texture colors.

  14. Fenric says:

    I have to say I’m looking forward to this kind of multiplayer. In a world of COD PO-faced tit-wankery its nice to have a game that’s just going to billy balls out bonkers. Plus, I did love the original Rise of the Triad, did some research the other day and found out it ran on a modified version of the Wolfenstein 3D engine, I find that rather impressive.

  15. czerro says:

    Looks like it has stayed pretty true to ROTTs aesthetic and gameplay. Two issues though, UE3 and an apparent lack of movement mechanics. With QL floundering and Shootmania being a bit slow and not taking off either…seems like a missed opportunity to capitalize within this genre. Looks like fun though.