Put The Bunnies In The Box: Mayhem Triple

To complete Mayhem Triple, you will have to kill hundreds and hundreds of rabbits but rather than being an exercise in plentiful poaching, Dustin Gunn’s game concerns an alien invasion. The aliens just happen to look like bipedal rabbits, who wander back and forth quite nonchalantly. They’re not particularly bright but it would appear that they’ve been breeding very much in the manner of their Earth counterparts. There are loads of them, which means you’ll need all to make use of all the Max Payne/John Woo style diving, dodging and shooting at your disposal. Mayhem Triple is The Specialists mod, but single player and in 2d. It’s also completely free.

Did Dustin despise Jazz Jackrabbit when he played it as a nipper? That’s one explanation for the ultraviolence committed against all of these rabbits. The silliness of the rabbit enemies shouldn’t alarm anybody who fears an overabundance of zany humour, even if you did also spot the bombs in the trailer above. The ones shaped like male genitalia that quite literally drop a bollock when they attack. It’s mostly extremely competent side-scrolling action, with a fair bit of variety and an extremely generous playing time. Every minute is generous really, the game being free and all.

The bulk of the humour didn’t tickle me but almost every part of the action did. It really is a superb slice of slaughter-pie and an incredibly polished one too. Not that pies should ever be polished. Glazed maybe? That sounds horrible as well. I give up. Just go and play the game.

Having said that, I haven’t finished it yet so it’s entirely possible that it either becomes hilarious or so grotesquely offensive that it’ll melt your face off. I doubt it though. But do expect to be bombarded by metallic testicles.


  1. apocraphyn says:

    So it’s a Nicholas Cage simulator, then? Sounds entertaining.

  2. tikey says:

    So, singleplayer Showdown Effect against bunnies?
    Looks fun.

  3. Rath says:

    Because you mentioned it first and I can’t find anywhere else to shoehorn it in;

    Nicholas Cage as every member of The Descendents.

  4. Hilden2000 says:

    One of those bunnies did a Flash Kick. Neat.

    And I suddenly wish Max Payne had had a flamethrower and a weapon that shot buzzsaws in either of his games.

  5. Baines says:

    Playing it briefly, it feels a lot like Bleed.

    If you happen to like Mayhem Triple, maybe you should check Bleed out as well. Though Bleed isn’t free, it does go on sales every now and then. It is also more arcade focused. It is fairly short, and can be powered through on infinite continues (and conveniently placed checkpoints) on Easy, but you can play each of the seven stages at any of four difficulty levels. It is also strangely fair and empowering for a difficult game.

  6. Caiman says:


    • dustingunn says:

      They’re full of pow. But serious I noticed but youtube doesn’t let you edit videos and keep the same url

  7. Geen says:

    Stuck on that goddamn insta-kill cyclops bunny. How the hell do you kill it?