Fract OSC Trailer Is Quite The Thing

One of the most heartfelt talks I saw at GDC this year was the Fract session, which basically underlined how much time, effort, and ARGH OH GOD can go into making a commercial version of a game that had already won an award at the IGF. The prototype might have captured the imagination of judges, but the concept for the full game was still very much up for grabs, and the Fract team ending up causing themselves all kinds of heartache by building, scrapping, and rebuilding the game they wanted it to be. Now though the synthesizing world of light and music is on the final straight, and they’re expecting to release in 2013. The music the following trailer was composed in-game, by playing with the game’s tools. Marvelous stuff.

The game is up on Greenlight, and there are surely few other candidates as clearly deserving of a thumbs up.


  1. DeVadder says:

    From everxthing i have seen so far i allways get the impression that is just Audiotool light 3d.

    (There are good tutorials on their site and on youtube if anyone new to stuff like that wants to dig deeper)

    • CameO73 says:

      Music certainly plays a big part in Fract, but after playing the beta you’ll probably get a different impression. For me it feels like landing on an alien planet … or entering cyberspace.

    • richardeflanagan says:

      Audiotool is super awesome, and super super powerful. We’re not aiming for that level of complexity at all! Also, there’s a whole world to explore outside the studio (a big, expansive open world, in fact)

    • MadTinkerer says:

      That’s a bit like accusing Portal 2 of being a Microsoft Paint ripoff. Indeed, the Fill Tool can be used to fill an area with a color, just as the Gels can be spread all over part of a level, but that analogy is missing the entire point by miles.

      In the original version I played (the IGF version, I think), the synthesizer was used for just one puzzle. It was fun to play with, but it also had the practical purpose of triggering the big musical finale when you set it to the correct sequence. The rest of the game was awesome neon environmental puzzles.

    • neolith says:

      Thanks a lot for the Audiotool link!

  2. Josh W says:

    Awesome, I used to feel that they were not taking enough advantage of their 3d space, but it seems like they’ve actually found a great way to make use of it:

    The “screens around a central podium” thing effectively gives them a multiple desktop interface, and the way that the cursor tracks to surfaces seems like it would mostly allow you to ignore the 3d structure of the world until you need it. The sizing and expected precision of the interface seems similar to a touch interface, (touch osc actually!), which I suppose makes sense.

  3. DrollRemark says:

    It’s like the game the eighties was always telling us we were going to end up playing!

  4. nemryn says:

    More trailers need diegetic music.

  5. Ansob says:

    That’s some very nice music.

    What’s with the screenshot from Love at the top of the page, incidentally? Is Eskil Steenberg involved in some capacity?

    • richardeflanagan says:

      It’s a screenshot from FRACT OSC. Definitely a fan of Eskil’s work, but it’s all our tiny little team’s work.

      • Ansob says:

        Nice – it’s a great aesthetic I wish more games would embrace.

        • Josh W says:

          After watching that trailer again, the phrase “love has the right to children” seems wonderfully appropriate.

  6. thanos2014 says:

    Is the video of talk at GDC somewhere available online?

  7. crinkles esq. says:

    The audio composition interface is interesting in terms of using 3D camera controls to manipulate virtual panels, but as a game it looks more like an “interactive exploration”. Or perhaps I don’t understand the gameplay.

  8. colossalstrikepackage says:

    I want.

  9. GettCouped says:

    Although I do not have the skill necessary to create music with this game, I would absolutely love to watch others. Imagine someone streaming their creative process on Would be great!

  10. Shadowcat says:

    This still looks and sounds beautiful.