You’re The Boat Boss: Leviathan’s Smoooooooth Moves

From the ridiculous to the sublime of the strange, strange world of videogame trailers. This is how you make a strategy game about boats look like the most appealing thing to everyone, ever, everywhere. Jazz, a honeyed voiceover, and at least thirteen RPS comments threads’ worth of puns. Very well played, Paradox’s Leviathan: Warships.

Ship just got real, indeed.

What an impressionable young man I can be. Leviathan’s just gone from ‘I think I heard of that – was it something to do with tanks?’ to ‘now I must play this immediately.’

Of course, when the game itself turns out to not have a jazz soundtrack, and the voiceover is done not by Captain Sex here but instead by that guy Paradox repeatedly hire to do excruciating Sean Connery impressions in their Ardania games, I’m going to have a little cry.

And, as it happens, Paradox are hosting a livestream of Leviathan pretty much any second now (i.e. 8pm CET, which I believe is 7pm UK time, though I may well have got my timezones wrong), so get yourself over here, or watch in the window below, if you want less pun-based details on it.

Watch live video from Paradox Interactive – Paradox Plaza on


  1. killias2 says:

    Oh, those lovable, crazy Swedes….

  2. Mr. Mister says:

    Lazers, force shields… but can you make them sink as the result of a crash?

  3. Armatool says:

    Boats can’t fly?
    This trailer is soooo good

    • yurusei says:

      I vote “Ship just got real” as quote of the year.

      • Oozo says:

        I always wondered what Quinns was doing in his short time at Paradox — I guess he was hired to fill up their pun-vault to the brim and subsequently was fired unceremoniously.

      • FullMetalMonkey says:

        Noooo ‘You boat your arse’ is a much better contender.

      • Sparkasaurusmex says:

        except I’m sure that was tagline for something else before

      • soundofsatellites says:

        Now I need the game to have a voiceover like that. It’s like bastion, but with groooovee baby

  4. Adriaan says:

    That just blows every other trailer out of the water.

    • tikey says:

      And here I thought that with that trailer all the puns sailed away.

    • Didden says:

      It’s a boat time somebody made a game like this.

    • lunarplasma says:

      Canoe come up with a more interesting trailer than this, I wonder!

    • Low Life says:

      People should stop using hyperbole like that on the internet, that ship has sailed already.

    • McDan says:

      Why haven’t I heard of this before? My mind must have been away at sea.

    • Dog Pants says:

      We mast not keel the comments with another pun thread, like we did all the rudders.

    • His Divine Shadow says:

      not sure about the extra cheekiness tbh. i sink it might help them at first, but the success will be fleeting

    • Lambchops says:

      All it was missing was a Jonathon Ross endorsement: “play the ship based battle game that’s getting wave weviews”

    • hamburger_cheesedoodle says:

      A game about ships sounds like junk to me.

    • DellyWelly says:

      This one yacht to be good.

    • fredcadete says:

      And the visuals looks great, not sloopy at all. After you play this you will frigate about any other boat game you have ever played before. It will be the pinnace of boat games.

    • Gap Gen says:

      I don’t want to get tide into a preorder, so will just wait and sea. I can understand if other people are anchoring for it, though.

    • luckystriker says:

      I’m going overboard with excitement for this game.

      • luckystriker says:

        And I’m going to pier pressure all my mates to buy this.

    • Bahlof says:

      I’m sure this trailer just tide in the interest of a mast of new people

  5. Reapy says:

    Epic trailer. Just say no to wub wub.

    This game looks interesting, will have to investigate for sure.

    • Gap Gen says:

      I disagree. There are those that demand diversity, but frankly, all you need is wub.

  6. sinister agent says:

    Seems like a curious hybrid of Gratuitous Space Battles and Flotilla. Neither of which I’ve really played for as long as I should have. Hm.

    • tigerfort says:

      I thought it looked quite a bit like GSB, too. If it plays as well as GSB does, I’ll be buying it.

  7. 11temporal says:

    Yep, epic voiceover.

  8. dontnormally says:

    In my dreamworld videos never autoplay.

    • dontnormally says:

      *audible laugh* it autoplayed right after I posted that comment. I paused it. Then it started playing again. Jeez.

      • 11temporal says:

        Yeah, why the fuck is this shit video restarting with sound even after being paused and muted? That is REALLY FUCKING ANNOYING.

        • Chris D says:

          It’s not a video, it’s a live feed. Not that that makes it any less annoying but perhaps explains why the player doesn’t quite know what to do with it.

  9. Rich says:

    Blueprints with firing arcs make me drool.

  10. pupsikaso says:

    2d Flotilla? Colour me interested!

  11. Jarenth says:

    That trailer just made me sign on for their newsletter.

    If you know what I mean.

  12. Lagwolf says:

    Best damn shipping trailer of the year. Sailing in a sea of class and jazz man.

  13. tobascodagama says:

    Is this reminding anyone else of “Crimson: Steam Pirates” on iOS? Very similar look and feel. Is there any connection between Paradox and Harebrained Schemes?

  14. Premium User Badge

    Bluerps says:

    I think this is the best trailer I’ve ever seen.

  15. Lambchops says:

    Looks fun, I even enjoyed the ridiculously simplistic real time ship combat of Pirates! so more complex turn based battles should be right up my shipping lane, so to speak.

  16. Schmudley says:

    Literally the best trailer I’ve seen this year.

    Leviathan Warships: You had my curiosity, now you have my attention.

  17. MeestaNob says:

    That’s fantastic.

  18. Phasma Felis says:

    Gentlemen, SOLD.

    Trailer: “You wanna customize that boat? You wanna add some armor, a cannon, a laser?”

    Me: “I do! I really, really do!”

  19. Phasma Felis says:

    that guy Paradox repeatedly hire to do excruciating Sean Connery impressions in their Ardania games

    Hey, fuck you, that guy is AWESOME.

    • trjp says:

      He’s annoying as fuck – I don’t want someone who thinks they sound like someone repeatedly trying their impersonations on me…

      The only moments of levity come when he forgets he’s trying to sound like Sean Connery and lapses back into a slightly Russian accent – which, of course, Sean Connery would never do

      “Give me a ping Vassily”

  20. Kamos says:

    The game may not cost $60, but being a Paradox game, you’ll probably have to spend that much if you want the game with all the music, character models, game modes, etc.

    • vivlo says:

      hence the paradox !

    • MrLebanon says:

      Talk about hyperbole… besides.. most paradox games I get more from my money than I would in a regular 60$ title.

      Not to mention their cheap-as-dirt bundles you can find on Amazon/Gamersgate/Greenman from time to time

      for 20 bucks i got CK2, Vic2, SATS1 and 2, and Magicka on Amazon, this was when Ck2 was new. I purchase the DLC for CK2 for 0.49 cents when they’re 75% off on sale, pay 2.50-3$ on the “big” 10 dollar expansions.

      And don’t get me started on how much I pay for the free content updates… (nothing!)

    • iridescence says:

      I think extra music and sprite packs is exactly the type of thing that *should* be DLC. They only enhance the games marginally and are certainly not at all needed to play them and as the other person said, they go on sale about once a month. so if you’re poor and see some music or sprites you really want just wait a couple of weeks and get them for like $1 each.

  21. KDR_11k says:

    Aw, I want to play a battleship action game, not a strategy game…

  22. eeldvark says:

    The voiceover guy MUST be Docfuture, for reference check out link to .
    I also especially like his TryRush videos available at link to .

  23. vivlo says:

    hence the paradox !

  24. Shadowcat says:

    Let me ax you something. You fittin’ to raise up and get your shipping on? From the interior to the exterior, you’ve got to get your posterior in one of dese big-ass boats!

  25. nitehawk says:

    So i was at worked and watched the trailer without sound. My reaction was “whats the big deal, its just some video of the game with words on top.”

    Later I listened with the sound on.

    My world has changed. I must have this game.

  26. Iskariot says:

    Great trailer. There should be an award for the most original trailer.
    I like the game too. But it is not available where I live.

  27. Canisa says:

    I don’t even care if this game is good or not, that trailer alone makes it a day-one purchase.

  28. Archipelagos says:

    Best trailer of the year?