Monaco’s Trailer Has Stolen My Heart

Mon then.
I played a beta of Monaco about, ooh, two years ago. Back then, I was already impressed with the top-down steal(th) game’s interesting take on co-op thievery. It was one of those games that already felt complete, and I expected a few months more polish was all it needed. Craig of two years ago was such an optimist! Well, we all know the truth, and the game did not make my launch window. I was made to look a fool! But I can’t stay mad at Monaco. It will finally be out on April 24th, and there’s a trailer showing of where all that time was spent.

He coded charm into his game. I was seething with anger before I watched it, but 1m29s later a happy calm settled on me. The music, the voiceover, the cute skellingtons that dead people leave behind, they all worked on me like a deep-tissue massage from Johnny Depp. Watch the trailer while I collapse into a boneless mess on my beanbag.


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    Risingson says:

    Wow. Like Smash TV but the opposite. Hyped again.

  2. Sparkasaurusmex says:

    please be local multiplayer!

  3. Ansob says:

    Hey, they actually got a Frenchman to do the French accent.

    • solidsquid says:

      Eh, sounds more Canadian to me :p

      • Kcalb says:

        I would say French, at least the one I can hear in my neighborhood. Canadians would have said something like “hostie de câlice de tabarnacle” and we would have laughed at that. Then we would realize they could somewhat speak and write a better French than us fools, and we would cry a lot “on sen fou ils on un axan bizar lol”.

        • Francis Racine says:

          As a french Canadian you made me laugh quite a lot ! And yes we do swear a bit too much…

  4. elderman says:

    I just wish it would come out for Linux. This looks like great fun. Love the idea of playing it local multi-player.

  5. Captain Joyless says:

    So there are 4 classes/characters? Or 8? Or more?

    • HybridHalo says:

      Pickpocket, Cleaner, Lookout, Locksmith are the starting characters. A further 4 are unlocked by progress through the missions.

      **Look away now if you don’t want them revealed.**

      They are Redhead, Hacker, Gentleman and The Mole.

  6. Emeraude says:

    Wait Steamkey ?

    Is going Steam-only a recent development, or did I miss it altogether and gave myself false hopes ?

  7. Gap Gen says:

    C’est le Grand Prix.

  8. Jesse L says:

    I can’t parse what’s happening in this video.

    • The First Door says:

      I had that problem watching the four-player co-op as well. Try watching this solo play video, it makes it all seem much easier to follow:

      link to

      • Pony Canyon says:

        Thanks for the link. Explains a lot, and now I can perhaps make sense of that psychedelic trailer.

        • The First Door says:

          No bother! If it helps I still can’t work out what the hell is going on in 4-player co-op, but I suspect that might be the idea. Stealthy single player, fun, chaotic multiplayer.

  9. spleendamage says:

    There’s a chance I don’t understand something critical here, but since this is the internet, I won’t let that stop me from commenting.

    Hasn’t the tag line for this always been “What’s yours is mine”?
    Does that make it somewhat odd that they end the trailer with “What’s mine is yours.”?

    • InternetBatman says:

      Thi4f just started using the tagline. He may have wanted to avoid confusion.

      • pakoito says:

        You have to be kidding. Dickish move?

      • Low Life says:

        That new tagline is probably a comment on the whole situation.

      • Caiman says:

        The full name of the game is still Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine. Andy has blogged that both he and Eidos have no problem using that tagline (Deadly Shadows apparently used a variation on it years ago), nobody is getting worked up about it, and frankly that is a good thing. It’s use in this trailer as “What’s Mine is Yours, and Monaco is Mine” sounds like an invitation to the protagonists (and presumably the players).

    • Runty McTall says:

      Could it be a reference to the fact that it has been pending release for ages? So sort of a “this is my labour of love and now it is available to you guys,” type thing and therefore intentionally inverting the previous tagline?

    • Wonkyth says:

      IMO it makes sense: He’s claiming the city as his, and you are ROBBING THE SOCKS OFF IT! :D

  10. Radiant says:

    *throws chair out the window*

    • Ross Angus says:

      *steals chair from street*

    • Tei says:

      Theres a lot of pixels and colours on my screen. I think this is a disney game. “Help quasimodo kill all the monkeys”, but because some ATI drive error, everything is rendered as untextured squares.

    • Leetables says:

      Thank God I’m not the only one. Thought maybe I was “getting too old for this shit”.

  11. mouton says:

    I guess it will be a fun and interesting game, but am I the only one who is put off by the colors? Not being a sensitive hairdresser I can’t really name the issues, but somehow they mix in a quite appalling way.

  12. blurstoftimes says:

    There’s something about heists that is just extremely appealing.

    It doesn’t matter what you know about a character, you just know that if there’s a heist and cops show up to bust the bad guy, you want the robber to make it out.

    I really hope this plays as well as the concept and art-style make it seem.

  13. Redd says:

    Oh, THAT Johnny Depp.

  14. crinkles esq. says:

    I think what some people may be touching on concerning the top-down is that the characters don’t read well at a quick glance. Some things do — the skeletons, some of the more iconic elements — but the characters are a jumble. You don’t really want character identification to be the pain point of the game, because that results in constant pain.

    • Wonkyth says:

      Been a tester for this thing since the great Schatz first opened up his loving arms, and I can assure you that none have ever found this a problem in-game. :)
      You pick it up in a heartbeat. :D