Among The Sleep Wakes Up Screaming For A Kickstarter

Ghost or jacket? Eeeeeeeek!
Baby-troubling Among The Sleep is the only survival horror I’m interested in. The cute game of controlling a waddling baby through a scary house reminds me of the time when I was two and lost my teddy bear. It was pretty harrowing, but my dad found it about three feet away from where I was sitting. I survived, but the scars run deep. I could ply my therapist with more and more cash, and I could keep buying those expensive adult nappies, but I think I need to confront the horror head on. Among The Sleep will eventually help me out with that, but not before others help it out first on Kickstarter.

$200,000 is what Norwegian developers Krillbite Studio fancy they need to go from baby-sitters (part-time) to baby boomers (full-time), and make their game where the player is essentially helpless and clumsy. See trouble? You hide. And when you’re a tiny, wee thing that crawls around at floor level half the time, then everything can be troublesome. I suspect the bairn’s (I am Scottish, and have earned the right to use that word) movement is what’s grabbing my attention more than anything else: the full body awareness seems excellent, and looking down and seeing wee booties and his pudgey little hands clenched has hit me right in the dad gland. That’s a metaphorical gland, btw.

If you need to get that image out of your head, here’s the Kickstarter pitch.

They’re aiming for a December 2013 release. I’d have made sure the release date was nine months on from the Kickstarter, but I wonder how many people would have got that joke?


  1. DrunkMonkey says:

    I find it an absolute privilege my money can go towards the completion of this unique digital offering.

    • Midroc says:

      If i were you i’d check that privilege before John finds out.

  2. Don Reba says:

    Interesting. People usually donĀ“t remember themselves before the age of 3.

  3. rebeccadailyblog says:

    Love that more and more game development is happening this way, instead of getting screwed by the bigger companies when you are trying to actually play their game… looking your way EA.

  4. Soldancer says:

    I have been incredibly excited about this game since I first heard about it here on RPS. I can’t wait to give them my money. It’s all the more exciting since this article appears right after the trailer for the more mainstream/derivitive Evil Within. I’m happy that Krillbite is daring to do something different.

    Incidentally, I played a Slender-like on Desura a bit ago called Baby Blues. It’s a pretty standard rehash of the “Collect 8 X while creepy things happen around you” formula, but the fact that your perspective is that of a toddler searching for teddy bears was very disconcerting. I’m looking forward to what Krillbite can do with a natural extrapolation of that basic premise.

  5. The Random One says:

    It remains to be seen whether the devs will pull it off, but the concept is certainly pregnant with potential.

  6. Battlesheep says:

    I have met some of these devs and I know that they have the drive to make this awesome

  7. GraversParadise says:

    Piediepew played the alpha link to