And Homeworld Went To… Gearbox?

Seems unlikely, but it is apparently true. The rumour that the announcement would be today turned out to be actuality! The Borderlands developer said: “Brian Martel, Gearbox Software’s Chief Creative Officer, has great love and respect for Relic’s brilliant, fun and innovative game and personally spearheaded the acquisition. Brian intends as first priority to direct Gearbox’s interest to preserve and assemble the purest form of the original acclaimed and beloved games, Homeworld and Homeworld 2, with the intent of making them accessible on today’s leading digital platforms.”

So that’s a remake or re-release. But what about that sequel? Gearbox have opened discussion on their forums.


  1. Michael Fogg says:

    Homeworld: Colonial Marines

    • Llewyn says:

      Damn you. That’s exactly what I was about to say.

      • PatrickSwayze says:


        87394973497563496734659 MOTHERSHIP COMBINATIONS!







        …The view pans along a orange nebula with highlights of pink. Adagio For Strings fades in. Something flashes past the camera, leaving a light blue contrail. The camera sweeps around a zooms in on a rusted Higaran fighter flying towards and familiar shape in the distance.

        “Shit, anyone, come in!” A voice pipes over the radio. “OUR HOMEWORLD IS UNDER ATTACK YO!”

        “This is Fleet Com, calm down. Now what the fuck is up?” Karan replies, her boobs crammed in to the picture that appears next to her subtitles.

        “YOU AINT FUCKING LISTEN TO ME KARAN. PUT FLEET COM ON!” The fighter pilot replies. Fleet com cuts in. Karan’s picture is replaced by a bald space marine in power armour, smoking a cigar.

        “Calm down pilot. We kicked the shit out of our enemies. Nobody was left. It’s the golden age of Higara.”


        “Who, pilot?” Karan’s picture looks perturbed, her tits ever higher.

        “THE BEAST YO!”

        Cut to text: AN ANCIENT EVIL AWAKENS.

        Music changes to: Adagio For Strings, 420 BONGMAN REMIX BY SKRILLEX.

        Missiles hammer into rusty starships firing bullets at bio organic bad guys with glowy bits here and there. The same scene is replayed from different angles, changing at every drum beat.

        Cut to text: TAKE BACK HIGARA.

        Fighters strafe a mother ship, numbers burst out of every impact

        HOMEWORLD 3: SUBTITLE Coming soon to XBOX 720 ARCADE and PLAYSTATION 4 STORE and IOS Devices.

        No mention of PC.

    • squareking says:


    • Shepardus says:

      I was about to say Homeworld Forever.

      • Evil Betty says:

        You stole mah comment! But yeah, that.

      • darkChozo says:

        Weren’t those both, to some degree or another, not actually developed by Gearbox (mostly outsourced and mostly 3DRealms respectively)?

        I mean, Gearbox’s complete lack of RTS experience and somewhat checkered history makes this troubling at best, but pointing to those two games and ignoring the competent-to-good games that Gearbox has actually developed is a tad sensationalist.

        • HamsterExAstris says:

          I could forgive that for DNF, which Gearbox bought. But they created Colonial Marines. They chose to outsource it. And they approved the final product.

          • darkChozo says:

            I agree, that was part of what I was referring to by “checkered history” (both that they outsourced it and that they denied that the did so after the fact). However, I don’t think that’s a valid criticism of their development skill, only of their business practices.

            Assuming they actually do develop this themselves (it sounds like this is a pet project, so I’d assume so, but then again, marketing), pointing to A:CM or DNF as an example of their game design chops is just mudslinging.

          • lurkalisk says:

            Actually, GB didn’t approve the final product, not exactly. As I understand it, they took it to Sega (who already had TG thinking it was supposed to be COD in space) and said “this shit won’t fly, we need time to make this right”, to which Sega replied ” Fuck you”. So GB slapped together what few fixes they could before launch. Hence its current state.

            I’m not saying GB didn’t mess up, but at least they knew there was a problem. Sega didn’t.

          • belgand says:

            Wait, wasn’t Colonial Marines one of the games where they decided to spend all of the time and money they were supposed to be devoting to it on Borderlands 2 instead and then just push out a contractually obligated game?

    • rockman29 says:

      Bwahaha! So simple, yet so perfect :)

    • Cinek says:

      Quote from Gearbox:
      Brian intends as first priority to direct Gearbox’s interest to preserve and assemble the purest form of the original acclaimed and beloved games, Homeworld and Homeworld 2, with the intent of making them accessible on today’s leading digital platforms,

      It’ll end up as yet another idiotic consolized game!
      With this attitude – we can all build a grave for Homeworld already.
      Seeing such a statement right off the bat makes me only sad. I expected something like that coming out from EA or Ubisoft… seeing Gearbox sparked some hope… and than this bombshell. Couldn’t be any worse I’m afraid.
      The way to create a new Homeworld is to return back to tradition, and try to build a prequel, not “making it accessible on today’s leading digital platforms” – that means only garbage.

      • Koshinator says:

        I’m not sure that means what you take it to mean… Fairly sure he meant getting 1 & 2 updated/remade/re-released on digital platforms (such as gog and steam – not the consoles) – Though what they want to do next worries me greatly.

      • Corb says:

        yeah, someone beat me to that explaination. While I am raging like a honey badger on rabies, pcp, and steroids…the fact they are making the originals accessible does make me happy and slightly less pissed off. However, any prospect of a Homeworld 3 from Gearbox is going into the same bin as those series of FEAR offshoot games….which currently resides in the abysmal hell shell of “it doesn’t exist”

      • HothMonster says:

        Yes a true sequel should only be accessible in the basement of a disused government building behind a door marked ‘beware of leopard’.

        How dare they make it accessible for modern digital download services it should only be sold in box copy and on non-modern digital download services like a bbs with a 56k connection.

      • fish99 says:

        They’re talking about putting Homeworld 1/2 on steam.

    • fish99 says:

      Gearbox didn’t make that though, just like they didn’t make DNF, they just polished them up, admittedly without much success, but that’s because their main team was busy with BL2.

    • Gambit says:

      Gonna repeat what I tweeted this morning: “By @GearboxSoftware announcement it sounds like they will be re-releasing the entire #HW series on @steam_games as a bit of a market tester?”

  2. Nick says:

    So Sega did buy it.

    • PostieDoc says:

      I don’t think Sega would piss on them if they were on fire after the mess that was A:CM.

      • Nick says:

        It was more a comment on their alleged misappropriation of Sega’s funds.

    • potatoesy says:

      According to the Department of Justice, link to is where you report get rich quick schemes and other fraud.

  3. ArtyFishal says:

    Fuck this!

  4. Craig Stern says:

    Dear god, Jim: don’t give them any ideas. Do you really want Gearbox making Homeworld 3?

  5. walk_star says:

    “Please visit the Gearbox Software Forums to share with us and Brian what you think should be done with Homeworld moving forward.”

    At least they’re asking, right? Right guys?

    • Azhrarn says:

      One of the first posts is actually “don’t f*** this up!” So a lot of people are thinking the same thing.

    • Baines says:

      They probably wouldn’t like the advice to “Give the rights to a better company.”

  6. Choca says:

    Well crap.

  7. bladedsmoke says:

    Could’ve gone to Paradox, but NOOOOO….

  8. Azhrarn says:

    Ah hell naw…. :( Gearbox hasn’t made an RTS ever, and their last abomination was bloody Aliens : Colonial Marines…. This does NOT bode well at all.
    Rereleases of the old games compatible with modern OSes will be awesome, but as a dev they really do not have any experience with complex RTS making. I do not think this is a good thing, Paradox and Stardock would have been a much better choice.

    • WrenBoy says:

      I dont even trust em to put the old games out on GOG instead of as well as Steam.

    • Isair says:

      Maybe they could outsource it. Timegate’s got some RTS experience, right?

      • KDR_11k says:

        Yeah but might be in financial troubles after Southpeak got an arbitrator to turn a lawsuit over unpaid royalties (from SP to TG) into a ruling where TG owes SP money AND loses the rights to its games.

      • Corb says:

        cause Timegate is what we automatically associate with “quality!” :P

    • Triplanetary says:

      Well, I’m glad Stardock didn’t get it, because I don’t give that piece of shit Brad Wardell money anymore. Obviously, Ironclad could do a decent job with it, since Sins is clearly Homeworld-inspired, but Ironclad and Stardock don’t actually have a working relationship anymore, to my knowledge.

      Paradox getting it would have been interesting. Probably would have been our best chance to actually see a Homeworld 3 get made, since Paradox, for all its faults, is not afraid to develop or publish niche titles. (How niche Homeworld actually is is a matter for debate, I suppose, but it certainly doesn’t spell “guaranteed money” a la Call of Duty.)

  9. Omni says:

    No one’s left. Everything’s gone. Kharak is burning.

    I have no faith in gearbox to manage this. Hope to be proven wrong.

  10. squareking says:

    Words from the GB forums:

    Don’t you dare put this beauty on consoles, don’t you dare Gearbox. You’re holding a pure classic in your hands, don’t drop it like you did with Colonial Marines.

    Should have let Stardock or Paradox get Homeworld, at least they treat series with respect unlike the disasters that were Duke Nukem Forever or Aliens: Colonial Marines. To say nothing of the fact that Gearbox only has Shooter development experience.

    Don’t screw this up.
    Don’t let ANYONE from the duke nukem or aliens team work on this game.
    I still want a refund for duke nukem, wtf was that sh*t.
    I’m more concerned about you guys screwing up than you guys not having made ANY RTS games before, much less one that was instrumental in bringing 3D RTS and emotional story telling into gaming.

    So at least some folks know what they want so far.

    • HothMonster says:

      Poor Gearbox they should have never touched Duke and put that stain on their records.

      Aliens….well no shifting the blame on that one. Whether they actually coded it or not that’s their bed to lie in.

      • Triplanetary says:

        So is Duke Nukem. Regardless of whether or not they were responsible for some of the game’s worst crimes, they were still willing to slap their name on it and put their reputation behind it. That’s what baffles me. At the very, very least, if I had been in charge of Gearbox’s DNF team, I would have removed the gratuitous rape before I was willing to put my name on it.

        • Bhazor says:

          Yeah… that sequence pushed the game past “forgettable crap” right into “fuck you and everything you stand for”. Duke was utter crap but that scene made it genuinely hateful.

  11. Fonzcorp says:

    This sound like no fun.
    Still, even if they just did a re-release, that would do me well.

    • RobinOttens says:

      Yeah I’d be content with just a good re-release of the old games. Any new game Gearbox makes after that would just be an interesting bonus.

      Hell, I’m even a little curious to see what they’d make of it.

  12. PatrickSwayze says:

    Well its not Randy, its a guy within Gearbox who loves Homeworld that has orchestrated this.

    If they get Homeworld 1 + 2 on to and Steam with updated OS and resolution support pretty sharp I’d be quite happy.

    Imagine if the games went up on Steam really fast advertised with “Steam Workshop support coming soon.” – I would personally shit the bed if so.

    They can do a lot right here given the chance.

    Suppose this runs contrary to what I said in the other thread but I’ve since had a sniff round the internet.

    • Capt. Eduardo del Mango says:


      Under the circumstances having someone who genuinely cares about the IP directing what’s happening to it is more than you could hope for with a classic title. Having fully sorted versions of HW1 and 2 would be superb.

      • RobinOttens says:


        Two days ago if you’d asked me if Homeworld would ever be an active franchise again, I’d have said no. So this is already miles beyond what I was hoping for the series.

        Also, did everyone forget about Cataclysm? Is that part of the deal/license as well? I want a good release of that one as well thank you please.

    • skalpadda says:

      Both Homeworld 1 & 2 run fine on Vista and 7 for me out of the box. Widescreen is doable with a registry edit for HW1 and an ini edit for HW2 with no issues apart from slight HUD stretch. HW2 still has retail distribution, so not very difficult to get hold of, though a digital release would obviously be preferable.

  13. Bhazor says:


    What are they going to do otherwise? Spend tens of millions on marketing a reboot that barely even references the original? Make a game in the Homeworld style which your team has no experience of? The fans won’t be interested in a non Relic Homeworld game. The mass market won’t know anything about it. All the publicity will be about how it isn’t a Homeworld game. For the price of buying the license you could have created a brand new one without all the baggage and fan hostility.

    I just don’t understand publishers. At all. Didn’t they learn their lesson with Syndicate? Or the unreleased XCom? Or more personally what about the Furious 4 debacle?

    It’s…. I…. fuck!

    • DiamondDog says:

      “It’s…. I…. fuck!”

      About sums it up.

    • Moraven says:

      But how many of the Homeworld developers are even still at Relic?

      Not to say I think they would do a good job with it after their work on CoH and DoW.

      • Corb says:

        last I heard only 2 of the originals are at Relic. The rest reside in Black Bird Interactive (that they founded together) and are working on Hardware.

    • fuggles says:

      Cataclysm was not by relic and that did okay, plus relic now is very different to the relic of homeworld era.

  14. Discopanda says:

    Maybe they’ll sell it to Sega for a dollar, to let bygones be bygones about that Colonial Marines business?

    • Danda says:

      SEGA: “Give us Homeworld and we won’t sue you for Aliens: Colonial Marines.”

      • Discopanda says:

        Your name is suspiciously similar to mine. I feel like you should be paying me for the privilege of using it.

        • Danda says:

          Your cease and desist letters mean nothing to me, I’m based in a spaceship.

  15. rustybroomhandle says:

    “I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.”

  16. westyfield says:

    Did I miss something? When did all this interest in Homeworld take off again? It seems like it’s only been in the last few days that people have really started wondering where it went.

    • Cinek says:

      Interest in HW sparks up each time there’s a news on that.
      Last time we had a huge buildup of the atmosphere when THQ bought IP (THQ also owned Relic by the time), sadly nothing came out of it.
      Now when Relic is sold some people with no clue about strategy games, yet alone: storytelling buy the IP… WTF?!

    • FriendlyFire says:

      Interest in Homeworld is latent. It’s always there, just like Half-Life 3, but people are too scared of getting excited for nothing to bring it up unless there’s a reason to.

      This is why people are bringing it up now. Though I think this post makes it more despair than excitement.

      • Hmm-Hmm. says:

        Something along those lines, I suppose. But yeah, much love towards Homeworld.

  17. drewdupe says:

    Wow, I hope they don’t go to that forum looking for ideas.

    “Hey guys, lets make sure we cover the stuff that made Homeworld a classic. What is everyone’s favorite part of the game? Lets go check the forum! … Apparently everyone who likes Homeworld also likes non-stop bitching, I think we can pull that off! Get Claptrap in here!”

    Totally gonna happen just like that.

    • Corb says:



    • karry says:

      ” lets make sure we cover the stuff that made Homeworld a classic. ”

      Let’s !
      Let’s see now…
      The new Homeworld should not use 3rd dimension in any meaningful way – check !
      It should have the appearance of tactical depth, formations and the like, but not actually have any – check !
      It should have just one way to win – steal every enemy ship you see and dont bother attempting any other way to play – check !
      It should have barely acceptable graphics and boring spaceship designs without any specific differences between enemy factions – check !

      Well…seems like a pretty exhaustive list to me, shouldnt be hard to make a game like that, methinks.

      • Triplanetary says:

        If you didn’t use the third dimension in a meaningful way, that’s your fault. :P Seriously, though, I know you can play Homeworld in pretty much two dimensions if you want to, but I’ve seen people do it and they were really struggling. Over my many playthroughs of Homeworld I developed an approach that made full use of the third dimension and resulted in a much higher ship survival rate than most people I knew who played it. It’s tough, though, because you’re up against an AI who has none of the human handicaps involved in utilizing the third dimension, such as having to interact with the game on a two-dimensional display. :P

  18. Vandelay says:

    So much negativity about something we know nothing about. Re-releasing seems like a good start and sounds very much like what the quote is referring to. If these sell well, I imagine that means they will go on to produce a 3rd game.

    Gearbox may not have any experience making a RTS game, but that also means we have no idea what they will likely produce and it doesn’t seem fair to judge them until more info is released.

    • Werthead says:

      Your sensible, well-reasoned and sane comments have no place here! This is the Internet and we demand our right to comically bitch about it for a minimum of 10 minutes before starting to hope it might be okay after all.

    • Bhazor says:

      You do not spend six figures (?) just to secure rerelease rights for a ten year old game.

      • SkittleDiddler says:

        This. It’s inevitable that Gearbox bought the IP with new development in mind.

      • FakeAssName says:

        $10 each on gog with 100,000 copies sold = $1,000,000.00

        Thats if 50,000 people buy a copy of each game, which is more than a conservative estimate for something like this.

        That said, the human-cpu chick that turned herself into the mothership’s computer will soon be a big tittied bitch that manefests as a green hologram and follwes you around as you try to rescue her memory banks after an evil space bacteria has taken over your mothership and ….. really Gearbox?!?!? You guys are set on becoming the Michael Bay of game development, aren’t you?

        • darkChozo says:

          Now take out cost of development, the publishers cut, the distributor’s cut, and (if you profit) taxes. Adjust for the inherent risk of any investment, doubled by the fact that this is the gaming industry.

          Yeah, this is probably going to result in some original development.

      • darkChozo says:

        Evidently Homeworld went for $1.35mil.

        Also, side note, Red Faction was bought by Nordic Games (?). I hope that means something.

    • belgand says:

      It’s not just the lack of experience, it’s also their recent track record. Most recently they’ve released Aliens: Colonial Marines, Duke Nukem Forever, and Borderlands 1/2.

      A:CM was a debacle, a fiasco of the highest order. A game that Eurogamer recently claimed was “heavily regarded as one of the biggest train wrecks in gaming history”.

      While DNF is much higher in the running for that title Gearbox didn’t have as much to do with it. They did, however, decide to “polish” it as much as they did and release it into the world in the state we received it. If they aren’t to blame for developing it they’re at least to blame for considering it to be an acceptable commercial product.

      Borderlands, admittedly, is a fun game. At the same time though it steals most of the gameplay rather unashamedly from the Diablo II formula (but with guns) and the art style and many cut-scenes have been cited to be ripped-off from the short film “Codehunters” by a number of outlets. The take-away being that it’s not exactly original and, while this is a sequel, it’s a series noted for its originality. Either way it doesn’t speak well of them as a developer and has given them a reputation, as Erik Kain put it at Forbes, as “a studio apparently willing to push the boundaries of acceptable ethical use of other peoples’ creative property”.

      That’s not who I want working on Homeworld.

  19. NEligahn says:

    Look on the bright side: they can get some publisher funding and funnel that funding through this to ensure BorderLands 3 is the killer app is DESERVES to be while shoving this out under cover of darkness and hoping no one notices.

    I mean, they haven’t done that before, right?

  20. LuciusAxelrod says:

    Oh no :(

  21. sockpuppetclock says:

    People are immediately jumping to Aliens Coloniel Marines as the sure sign this is gonna suck but really Gearbox has literally never developed a game that wasn’t painfully mediocre in some way or another. I have no idea how they’re constantly relevant.

    • Christo4 says:

      Yeah i also don’t get it. I bought Borderlands for 4 euro at a sale just to see what the fuss was about, got bored after 5 hours of trying to get into the game. Don’t understand what people see in that game…

      • Bolegium says:

        The gameplay in the Borderlands series is supposed to create a compulsive feedback loop (get guns, kill things which drop bigger guns, kill bigger things. get bigger guns etc.). Most people rationalise obsessions as something that they “enjoy” doing, rather than recognising the psychology behind their actions. I don’t doubt that many people enjoy Borderlands for a vast variety of other reasons, (myself included, I like Borderlands 2 a lot!), but by and large compulsive gameplay is the main reason.

        Compulsion is antithetical to the nature of Homeworld, so there’s another reason why even “good Gearbox” is a terrible choice of developer for this IP.

        • Quickpull says:

          Borderlands is a great coop experience. But without that social aspect, the game is very hollow.

        • darkChozo says:

          From what little I know of the series, Gearbox’s other IP, the Brothers in Arms series, is both fairly well regarded and has none of the Diablo-ish hoarding aspects of Borderlands (in fact, it has significant tactical elements that could be quite applicable to something like Homeworld). I think Gearbox’s of RTS experience is a more valid criticism.

        • darkChozo says:

          From what little I know of it, Gearbox’s other series, Brothers in Arms, is both generally well received and completely lacking the loot-hoard mechanics of Borderlands (it also has tactics!). I think Gearbox’s general lack of RTS experience is a more valid concern.

    • Edlennion says:

      Completely agree – even if it’s not a complete disaster (a la A:CM or DNF), I can’t really imagine them making a game that’s good. Borderlands were both pretty average

    • buzzmong says:

      Well that’s not true. Opposing Forces was actually very good.

    • mouton says:

      I agree, Borderlands games are hardly stellar either. They both have great music, great voice acting, horrible story and horrible gameplay.

    • Dorako says:

      Well… they made a really good PC port of the first Halo game. Maybe that counts for… something?

  22. Bolegium says:

    Wow I just bought and played Proteus tonight and this news has really killed all the happiness that the game had inspired. I hope there are enough people at Gearbox that have a fucking clue about Homeworld, and make something worthy of the IP. Sadly, I don’t expect much quality from Gearbox, the game will probably sill be a financial success and that’s all that matters to companies in the end – Fuck anyone expecting a good game.

  23. shinygerbil says:

    “Brian intends as first priority to direct Gearbox’s interest to preserve and assemble the purest form of the original acclaimed and beloved games, Homeworld and Homeworld 2, with the intent of making them accessible on today’s leading digital platforms.”

    Oh, I hope this doesn’t just mean Homeworld: iPad Edition.

    • darkChozo says:

      Translating from marketing speak, I believe that sentence says something along the following:

      “We’re going to make a Homeworld game. Probably.”

      I mean, they got the IP, what, less than a week ago? I doubt they’ve gotten past the concept stage at this point.

    • Bolegium says:

      It means Super Exclusive Pre-order DLC! “Streamlined”/over-designed user interface! Time sink multiplayer! Time sink singleplayer that’s designed to encourage endless compulsive and obsessive gameplay! Cinematic clichés! Social networking integration so you can spam “friends”! No modding! Focus tested to hell to target the 18-35 y.o. male xbox user!

      At least that’s what most companies mean when they talk about “accessibility”, Homeworld: iPad Edition actually wouldn’t be a bad idea.

  24. Bacalou says:

    I guess this clears the way for Relic’s WH40K Battlefleet Gothic game. :)

  25. Synesthesia says:


  26. Snack says:

    “…with the intent of making them accessible on today’s leading digital platforms.”
    If there’s a god, please, give these morons cancer or something now!

    • Cinek says:

      One last hope is that they’ll grant license to some other developers to work on a title.
      And won’t interfere.

      • Moraven says:

        They basically ignored the work being done on Aliens to focus on Borderlands 2… look where they got them.

        • Christo4 says:

          From what i understand Gearbox cut content from the outsourced aliens:CM because after they got it it wouldn’t work on consoles, that being the reason why the demo was better than the released game.

        • SkittleDiddler says:

          Yeah, it got them a better game than Aliens: CM.

    • august says:

      It’s hilarious watching people have a completly psychotic reaction to the word “acessible” when all they’re doing is talking about finally making the games available on Steam and/or Try reading the rest of the sentence there, ladies.

  27. Uthred says:

    The overreaction over this is hilarious, nothing was being done with the IP but now we’re at least guranteed the first two in easily accessible and playble form. Which is clearly catastrophic. Also very little of the original team still seem to be with Relic and considering Paradox and Stardock were second and third in the bidding SEGA have no real interest in the IP either.

    • Omni says:

      Based on recent track record one would think Stardock / paradox would have a better chance of giving us something closer to a homeworld game. They make strategy games, often in space and with less bugs than Gearbox.. just about.

      • Uthred says:

        Elemental would like to have a word with you

        • Omni says:

          Still better than DN:F or A:CM. Though yes, awful in many wars. I’d rather see a new homeworld come from the pedigree of Sots or Soase

        • FriendlyFire says:

          Stardock getting Ironclad to make a new HW seems like a no-brainer to me. Ironclad has some ex-Relic devs if I’m not mistaken.

          • Triplanetary says:

            I’d be delighted to see Ironclad develop Homeworld 3, but I’d rather they find someone other than Stardock to publish it.

    • Hmm-Hmm. says:

      A reaction fueled by fear for a beloved series of games and knowledge of recent.. not-so-stellar performances on Gearbox’s part.

      That and when have they ever made a good rts?

      I can only conclude that such ‘overreaction’ may very well be less hyperbolic and premature than you might think it to be.

  28. Moraven says:

    Mods in Homeworld were great. LANing while tinkering with the Macross one was gold.

    I hope them re-releasing it does not mean for tablets.

  29. DrollRemark says:


  30. mehteh says:

    Homeworld: Dumbed Down for Consoles Edition

  31. Davie says:

    If there’s one thing I’ve learned about Gearbox, it’s that they work wonders with their own properties and perform unholy clusterfucks with everyone elses’. I really, really hope they’ll prove me wrong in this case.

  32. rustybroomhandle says:

    Plegh, ok, so I went somewhat against my initial kneejerk and posted a Wot I Want on the Gearbox forum.

    link to

    • monkwon says:

      Good list that, I especially like number 8.

    • Triplanetary says:

      “You know what would be badass?”

      *creative director presses button, delivers electric shock*

      “Ack! *shudder* Okay, um… you know what would contribute to the narrative and aesthetic verisimilitude of the game?”

      *creative director smiles and nods*

  33. nimzy says:

    Now they just have to chase down whoever has the Cataclysm IP and the family can be together again.

    • Triplanetary says:

      Hmm, well, the studio that developed Cataclysm is now Rockstar Vancouver. Doesn’t mean they own the rights, but who knows?

  34. BurningPet says:

    Nah. allow me to remain in my comfortable denial phase.

  35. Servizio says:

    Man. They must have a butt load of cash after Borderlands 2 to be able to do this. Which seems sort of surprising considering it’s bookended by Duke Nukem Forever and Aliens: Colonial Marines.

    Really curious as to how this was seen as a profitable move considering how many other folks they outbid. But maybe I’m overestimating how much Stardock and Pardox were willing to pay. Or how smart Gearbox is with their resources.

  36. Abendlaender says:

    Borderworlds: Marines in Arms

  37. The_Mess says:


    Ugh, I’ll give them a chance to get this right, but seriously, why? It’s not like they have the in-house programming skill base and RTS design experience, unless they’re going pillage the living dead corpse of Gas Powered Games.


  38. makute says:

    BRB, I facepalmed so hard I got a nosebleed.

  39. Sardonic says:

    The Homeworld IP… The Homeworld IP is burning… there’s nothing left….

  40. bigjig says:

    “with the intent of making them accessible on today’s leading digital platforms”

    As I said earlier, that’s probably the best we can hope for. Gearbox aren’t exactly the most skilled developers around..

  41. scorcher24 says:

    Why, of all people, Gearbox????????????

    RIP Homeworld.

  42. andromedius says:

    So, that’s how a franchise dies…

    • Distec says:

      Because it sure was alive and kicking prior to this. I’ve lost count of the multitude of Homeworld titles that flooded the market in the last decade.

      Gearbox has a spotty track record; if not on the games they actually develop then surely on the games they’ve attached their name to. But I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt for now. If something is seriously off when they eventually/possibly unveil a new game, then I’ll start gnashing my teeth.

  43. sabasNL says:

    Homeworld’s new home:
    SEGA: Absolutely!
    Paradox: Yes!
    Gearbox: Wait… What?

  44. crinkles esq. says:

    Intensely disappointing. Though Homeworld had its flaws, it’s one of the best games I ever played, and one of the most stylish physical game products ever.

  45. Geen says:

    What a shame.

  46. ffordesoon says:

    I never played more than five minutes of Homeworld back in the day, and I still think this is hideous. Gearbox is an awful fit for the property, and I say this as a sometime fan of theirs. The kind of company that can make a Homeworld 3 is the kind of company that opens their game with Adagio for Strings. Gearbox opens games with “badass” rock songs. There’s a place for that, but it’s far away from Homeworld.

    That said, I hope H3, if it is officially a thing that is happening, ends up being an amazing sequel that totally surpasses any reasonable Homeworld fan’s expectations. It seems unlikely, but I’m not going to condemn a game that may potentially someday exist just because it’s a Gearbox Homeworld game. It could be great. Who knows?

    That said, the fact that Paradox couldn’t afford the property just breaks my heart.

  47. King in Winter says:

    “Alas, poor Homeworld! I knew him, Horatio; a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy; he hath borne me on his back a thousand times; and now, how abhorred in my imagination it is! My gorge rises at it. Here hung those lips that I have kissed I know not how oft. Where be your gibes now? Your gambols? Your songs? Your flashes of merriment, that were wont to set the table on a roar?”

  48. darkChozo says:

    Evidently Homeworld went for $1.35mil.

    Also, side note, Red Faction was bought by Nordic Games (?). I hope that means something.

  49. Arach says:

    I really dont know how I feel about this…