It’s Your Turn: TBT: The Black Tower

The turn-based Japanese-style RPG isn’t dead on PC, it’s just put down the controller and wandered off to buy a can of delicious 7up during one of the battles. One man who wants to pick that pad up again is Simon Mesnard (maker of similarly nomenclatured ASA: A Space Adventure), who is making an RPG like the console epics of old, called TBT: The Black Tower. Mesnard explains that they’re a small team making lots of progress, but there’s a long way to go: “We didn’t show anything about the battle system yet, and we’re working on it. I don’t know when we will have something interesting to show, it could take months. However, I think we have a good idea with the 3 fighters + 3 supporters in the same battle, even if it wasn’t that “new” for some people (because indeed, maybe that already exists in another RPG, I don’t know them all !). What I can tell about the gameplay is that we will work hard on it in order to create a good battle system of our own, but based on classical turn-by-turn battles systems.”

Nevertheless there’s a non-battle gameplay video below, but also a bit of CGI stuff, just in case you thought this game was going to skip that glossy animation stuff because it was indie…


  1. Brun says:

    TLA: Three Letter Acronym.

    • DrollRemark says:

      Does this mean we have to call it TBT:TBT when we’re trying to be concise?

      • Rikard Peterson says:

        I wonder what the first TBT stands for…

        Tall Building Theory? (It’s a black tower sim!)
        The Box Taken? (The trailer indicated that’s what the game’s about.)

  2. StranaMente says:

    If you’re hearing music, it’s the vimeo video auto-playing.

    • Berzee says:

      Ha :D It confused me, and then I found it and turned it off, and then I scrolled down to see if someone had mentioned it yet, and then I clicked to reply to your post causing the page to refresh and the music to frighten me yet again! Shame on me, etc.
      It sounded like nice music though.

  3. Uthred says:

    Three fighters and three support has been used in quite a few JRPGS (not particularly obscure ones at that either). Hopefully that isnt the battle systems only selling point

  4. bikkebakke says:

    Damn, that’s some heavy final fantasy 7 influence right there, even with the music.

  5. RedViv says:

    This seems to build more on a classic DQ/FF formula, which I heartily welcome, given that there is little of that on the PC. Or indeed far less on consoles than in previous generations.

  6. Premium User Badge

    phuzz says:

    No Staring eyes tag?

  7. Danny says:

    Septerra Core.

    • noodlecake says:

      Huh? It’s clearly Final Fantasy VII. The trailer starts off as if it’s even going to be the FFVII intro, it has the same deiselpunk aesthetic, there’s a guy with japanese video game hair and a gigantic sword and the music has the same feel both in the trailer and the gameplay segment. And also all the dialogue looks as if it has been badly translated from Japanese. :P

  8. Adriaan says:

    I’m now craving a can of delicious 7up. RPS’ advertising schemes are getting ever more dastardly.

  9. fdisk says:

    I voted for it on Greenlight, but I would really love to see some combat before fulling making up my mind. Also, the protagonist’s swordbow looks reall stupid; it’s crazy thick for one.

    • noodlecake says:

      Isn’t it just a different take on Cloud’s Buster Sword?

      • fdisk says:

        I thought so at first; but no; it’s super thick and it has a silly pummel that doubles as the bottom half of the bow. Then it’s also a bow…

        The Buster Sword is ridiculous in size, sure; but it’s still a sword you can slash things with; it’s sharp; what this guy is carrying is not even a sword; it’s almost like a block of wood with strings attached to it.

  10. Bhazor says:

    That sword.

    Can’t stop laughing.

    • Sarissofoi says:

      Yeah. Exactly my reaction.

    • tehfish says:

      Same here.

      I know JRPG’s aren’t exactly known for their physics realism, but that’s just taking it to completely silly levels :(

    • noodlecake says:

      I don’t get everyone’s problem. It’s just artistic license. :S

  11. Keyrock says:

    That one woman walking around town looked like she had serious spine problems.

  12. TechSmurfy says:

    This is how I imagined (and hoped) the traditional turn-based j-rpgs would be on the seventh generation of home consoles. Instead, they simply vanished.