RPS Asks: What MMOs Are You Playing?

Anyone still playing this?

MMOs are that peculiar genre, that everyone loves to hate, and also loves to play. And with a new clutch entering their betas at the moment (most notably Neverwinter and Wildstar), they’re not going anywhere. So which are you currently throwing your subs or incremental payments at?

Is it still WoW? Clearly it is for millions upon millions of people. Or have you been wooed away by any of the many attempts to steal its crown? Perhaps The Secret World’s emphasis on story has kept you hooked. Maybe you’re a dieheard Wurm player, and nothing will drag you away. Or maybe you are devouring you way through a series of F2P modelled games to find the ones that click for you?

So, let us know which ones you’re playing, and perhaps what it is about them that has you hooked. (For the sake of a worthwhile thread, please don’t post to say that you’re not playing any – that would somewhat defeat the point of learning which games are currently attracting the attentions of the RPS mobs.) Don’t break any NDAs, but let us know if you’re currently involved in betas too. Why? Because we’re nosy.


  1. Brun says:

    Still WoW – nothing else really does a better job of scratching the itch at the moment and I have a solid group of friends that I’ve played with for years that want to keep playing.

    Also just started playing PoE, if that counts as an MMO.

    Might try Neverwinter since it’s free.

    • djbriandamage says:

      I keep subbing and unsubbing to WoW. No MMO is better but I’ve played that thing to death.

      I wasn’t thrilled by Neverwinter but I’ll hold my opinion until I try the final gold version.

      • Brun says:

        For the past 5 years or so I’ve basically played some MMO or another alongside some other (non-MMO) game. I’ve tended to stick with guilds that only raid / do guild activities twice a week or so, which leaves me plenty of free time to play other games.

    • derbefrier says:

      PoE is not an MMO according to the Devs. They do not want the expectations that come with that label put on their game, and rightly so.

      • DerNebel says:

        If PoE doesn’t count (and I actually agree it shouldn’t), then I’m not playing anny MMOs right now. Path of Exile is brilliant though, and if you liked Diablo 2 then you should be playing it.

        I’ve been spending time in that other videogaming black hole containing Dota2 and LoL.

    • Obc says:

      i’d still be playing wow if the people i knew didnt disband over all these years. now that i work fulltime (and those i played with), cant commit to anything, its hard to make new “friendships” in wow. oh, i miss those years when i could log on whenever i wanted and do something crazy and or stupid but fun regardless as i was doing it with friends and wow gave us so many options to fuck around.

    • GuybrushThreepwood says:

      Same here, World of Warcraft remains king. The few friends of mine that still play MMOs are on WoW, and honestly having tried dozens of other MMORPGs over the year, none come close to the quality of Blizzard’s production. It’s polished like no other MMORPG is. No, it will never be perfect, but every game is flawed, and MMOs moreso.

      I will mention that TSW was fun while the story lasted. Too bad I could never get over the way combat worked.

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  2. Ianuarius says:

    None. I just can’t play with random people.

    • analydilatedcorporatestyle says:

      Same here, don’t have time for ‘the standard’ MMO and like to play solo. Haven’t found anything that caters to this market!

      • JamesTheNumberless says:

        The Old Rep…. Oh I see, you didn’t find it. That explains a lot :)

        • analydilatedcorporatestyle says:

          mmmmmm, found it a grind, well shit actually.

          The only one I had any joy with was playing a thief in LOTRO, following high level parties round to do the collect quests in area I shouldn’t have been and get load of XP (and abuse from sad fucks who live in MMO clan world, wankers).

          MMO’s are shit unless you spend your life on them with your cyber onanist chums. Fuck that I have a life, allegedly, I want to game as and when I can…………..

      • AngelTear says:

        Try The Secret World maybe? It’s very good, has excellent writing and storyline and you can solo a good 90% of it (all of it except the dungeons, raids etc, but even then, teams are pretty quick to assemble and disband on the spot)

        • abandonhope says:

          Pretty much the only MMO I want to play (more of). That and some MMO that looks like The Secret of Mana with crafting and building and stuff. I forget the name.

    • JackMultiple says:

      I’m exactly the same way. People! Pfft!

      That’s why I gave Guild Wars 2 a try, for the beauty and experience and ability to just wander around doing “stuff” at my own pace, other people-ignoring wherever I go. It works for that. And I feel like I’m getting something worth playing.

      • Wedge says:

        Yeah, I must say that game has been a great deal for $30. I can play with my girlfriend and her friends on occasion, and just muck about by myself doing whatever I want the rest of the time. And no obligation to play if I don’t feel like it thanks to the lack of a sub fee, it’s nice.

        Also I’ve gotten a hefty folder of screenshots. Despite the dated and inefficient tech, it’s got one of the more thoroughly constructed worlds I’ve ever seen. Just wish AMD could fix some of the graphical glitches and instabilities…

        The game definitely has the same issues as most MMO’s, with the “quests” being irrelevant nonsense, but at least they’re easy to get in to, and they do basically include a cute linear single player game separate from those.

      • ashario says:

        LOTRO and GW2 have scratched my MMO itch recently.

        I am one of those odd people who play MMOs solo though.

      • Groove says:

        I’m another GW2’er. The lack of cost is a major thing, I don’t want to/can’t sink my life into an MMO, so I doubt I’d ever keep up a sub for more than a month or two until I got bored. With GW I just play until I get bored…then stop, for a bit.

        I’m even more turned off of proper F2P, they feel like taking out a loan. Don’t pay once now, pay twice later! And all the purposefully extended grind that entails.

        Also I just think GW2 is a bit great. I love the world, the combat is engaging, and I really like how the story is never spoon-fed to you. The number of major plot beats that you can easily never encounter, unless you go out of your way to talk to random people standing in corners. Like how the Norn used to revere 7 spirits of the wild, but now there are only 4. I was level 20 before a man in a random tavern told me a story about the death of the owl spirit, and I’ve only seen one place in the game so far that mentions the two missing spirits. Or the dwarves, and how they’re all dead, except that they aren’t dead just gone, and then apart from the one that’s still here that you can talk to. Also the dwarves have become their own god, which was mentioned in one conversation with someone I didn’t have to talk to.

        I didn’t mean to write that much.

    • The Random One says:

      What do you have against random people? *runs away crying*

      • analydilatedcorporatestyle says:

        Yup!, always with the tears, thats what did it for me with those total strangers :oD

  3. RiptoR says:

    None, and I don’t intend to play any ever again. I played WOW 5 months when it was just released, and it took up way too much of my free time. I simply can’t justify spending hours grinding for experience and gear, especially when there are so many other games I still have to try/play.

    • Giuseppe says:

      Same here: none, and I doubt I ever will.

    • Dances to Podcasts says:

      “especially when there are so many other games I still have to grind for experience and gear in”


    • Screamer says:

      I have never and never will. Don’t see the appeal. I ply games for their story and experience. And seeing thousands of other people doing the same thing I just did will break my immersion.

    • Scratches Beard With Pipe Stem says:

      MMOs are the only kind of game where people will say “I played that game every day for a year and I hated it!”

  4. ScubaMonster says:

    Not really any MMO’s at the moment, though I tinker with Firefall. I took a break from GW2 but will probably return to that at some point. I’ve been spending the vast majority of my gaming time with good ol Killing Floor.

  5. Judasgoat says:

    For better or worse, I’ve spent time on these recently:
    LotRO, Neverwinter weekend betas, Defiance, Secret World, Rift, Guild Wars 2, Star Trek Online… The only sub I actually have is to LotRO. The only one I really have any desire to play is Wild Star, but no luck on that front yet.

  6. Jahandar says:

    I recently returned to The Lord of the Rings Online

    • smokiespliff says:

      yep, LOTRO for me too. i don’t play with random folks, just get drunk with my kinship on mumble and have a larf. i subbed for a while but now have all the content and switched to f2p

  7. darkChozo says:

    Firefall, pretty much. Interested in Neverwinter, haven’t had a chance to play yet. Though overall I’m not much one for MMOs (might just be because most MMOs are MMORPGS).

  8. hemmingjay says:

    Thanks for reminding me of the $200+ bill I had one month for playing Neverwinter on AOL. Ugh, that hurt.

    • PostieDoc says:

      I used to regularly run up bills of £300-£400 a month on Ultima Online back when we had to pay per minute for our crappy 56k internet connection.

      • Obc says:

        didnt you hoard like 7 billion AOL free internet CDs? i was only allowed on the internet with those cds after my parents got a bill of over 100 marks (yeah, before the euro)

      • Snakejuice says:

        The “always on” lifestyle was considered extravagant living back then. :D

  9. chewbaccasdad says:

    Eve Online. I don’t know why.

    • Smarag says:

      You know exactly why. We both know.
      Eve is real.

      • rangent says:

        But but but… Eve hurts, drives me crazy, and honestly I feel that simply for the reason that players with >1 year of experience can kill players with <1 week of experience… the game loses its appeal.

        • Atrocious says:

          But players with >1 month experience can kill players with 10 years experience. :)

          • SwENSkE says:

            Try that in WoW. Or for that matter any other MMO with PvP I know of ;)
            EVE: knowledge/ability > XP/gear

          • DeVadder says:

            “Try that in WoW. Or for that matter any other MMO with PvP I know of ;)
            EVE: knowledge/ability > XP/gear”

            This is just one of the reasons it will allways be Eve for me. Sure i keep trying other games (i like fantasy) but after no more than a week there will allways be something game breaking for me. Most of the time it will come down to the fact that almost no other MMO lets you actually loose equipment. Thus rendering low-level equipment completely worthless as everyone can allways use the best gear they can find.
            In the factional warfare of Eve, at least half the ships flown to fight over objectives or to attack enemies are ships that could be flown effectively by new players within on month, if they knew what they were doing. Even the lowest ships are bought in the thousands every day.
            And of course i really love the thought of how every gun i use and every round i fire has been sold to me by players, was hauled to the trading hub where i bought it by players, was build by players of blueprints researched and improved by players (more often than not in a player owned and maintained structure in space) out of components build by players using minerals mined, refined and hauled by players.
            And on all those steps, the parts where most likely traded or subcontracted (especially the hauling, noone does that themselfes ^^) between players.
            And all that, just so i can put some holes into that Amarrian slaver.
            I honest to god can not understand how anyone could not find that amazing.

        • medwards says:

          Like SwENSkE says, its just knowledge not in-game advantages that confer these benefits generally. Someone wrote a really great blog post that the thing that really scares new players into not taking risks (and thus not slowly learning the lessons necessary to really enjoy the game) is ISK starvation. This is why the Goons and TEST have been so successful, they have so much money that the new kids can learn in a cost-less environment.

          Anyways, so yeah you’re not going to be swinging a big dick after one week but that has a lot more to do with the fact that you simply don’t have the wealth to be able to learn rapidly than some inherent discrepancy. How do I know? I’m a 2009 character and I’m terrible at PVP because I am bad at making money so take few risks.

        • DeVadder says:

          Despite how often it is warned off or covered in media: That does not happen in normal Eve. In noobie systems, there are allways security NPCs patrolling right at the station and gates. They respond quickly. Some yearlong player would get off only a single shot before his ship was history. And one shot hardly even kills the smallest ships. It is of course possible, but requires an expensive ship and guns on behalf of the aggressor. Which he looses. And there are hundreds of noobs in noob systems. There is just no reason for anyone to do that.
          And virtually noone does do it.
          With the new safety system, it is also impossible to trick anyone in giving you kill rights wthout them clicking the flashing button that says: ‘If you click this, you can be tricked into getting killed!’.
          And even in normal high-sec gankers almost exclusively want to make a profit by ganking and thus concentrate on people flying goods worth billions of isk in too fragile hulls. Not on noobs. And the chance of getting ganked is overstated anyways. If not, there would be nobody flying around goods worth billions in fragile hulls.

          If a week old player gets blown up by a year old player, he either went into lowsec (there are warnings how you will probably die), accepted a duel (… ), turned of his safety measures and got tricked or got EXTREMELY unlucky. Like one in a few thousands unlucky.

  10. Om says:

    None. I did give SWTOR a go (as F2P) earlier this year and found it boring beyond belief.

    So my heart sinks a little every time I read a RPS article that outlines an amazing game concept/setting before going on to drop the dreaded MMO acronym

  11. jellydonut says:

    Eve Online, which is the only interesting MMO around.

    Darkfall sounds like it could be too, but I’m not interested in trying out a pay-to-play MMO with a developer that seems as unstable as Aventurine is.

    If an MMO is not single-shard, is not a sandbox, and doesn’t have any kind of meaningful player interactivity or agency within the game world, it isn’t an MMO to me. It’s just a singleplayer game where you’re surrounded by other people playing the same singleplayer game for no reason, and you may occasionally do ‘raids’ or whatever. Utterly meaningless.

    • 0WaxMan0 says:

      Completely agree, but burnt out on Eve tried again after a years absence got 2 weeks into my sub and found myself playing MWo instead.

      Currently am playing Darkfall, looking sideways at neverwinter (mainly as my wife is after a new game Rift is getting old for her).
      Waiting for the Repopulation (not high hopes but they may be able to pull something out of the hat) otherwise very little around now or in the near future that has any promise (aside from star citizen but thats a long way out).

      ARMA 3 and Dayz looking promising but non MMO’s

      • jellydonut says:

        I’m following the development of DayZ standalone closely. It could become really good.

    • DeVadder says:

      Even if i was playing a MMO solo, what allways bothered me in non-Eve mmos is how the gameworld insists how only you can do some task while i can visually see dozens of other people do that very task. The game seems to pretend that only i was the hero and all these other people did not exist. That is what annoys me so much.
      GW2 does do some work to prevent it, but it still insists that i am the choosen one, not acknowledging all those other choosen ones around me.
      Eve however does evade that proplem completely by calling players capsuleers and acknowledging that the cluster is full of them. And that they are completely different from every non-capsuleer. And that i am nothing special compared to the other capsuleers unless i myself do something to be special among them. Or at least among a few of them.

  12. MonolithicTentacledAbomination says:

    No MMOs. Nothing with a subscription is my rule, as long as I have scores of games in my Steam list I’ve never loaded up.

    • Satanic Beaver says:

      Guild Wars 2 is no sub, and in my opinion the best MMO around.

  13. Gloam says:

    Having trouble with MMOs recently. I was all ready for Guild Wars 2 but it just hasn’t clicked for me, just seems like a lot of people running around like headless chickens hitting beasties. I suppose, a lot of it comes down to me, I feel a little overwhelmed by MMOs these days, I start ’em up and run out of steam. I wonder if it’s over for me, if I’ll never get those same WoW-y feelings ever again. Anyone else finding it hard to pick up MMOs?

    • chewbaccasdad says:

      That initial WoW-y feeling is the most elusive of highs, and I’ve never felt it since. And I’ve been through a bunch of MMOs.

      • Gloam says:

        Thought I had it with GW2 but realized that it was more a sense of bombardment by the amount of text on-screen at any one time.

  14. zeekthegeek says:

    Definitely leaning into the more actiony stuff – no subscriptions though. DCUO and TERA are my big ones right now.

  15. Deepo says:

    I’ve been playing Defiance a lot lately. Bit broken on the MMO mechanics side, but the gunplay is really solid. Have had a lot of fun.

  16. MadMatty says:

    Planetside 2 and Warframe

    • FakeAssName says:

      I keep Warframe constantly updated, but haven’t actually played it in months.

    • Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

      The Warframe module re-kerjigger was as tabasco to my tumescent Warframe enthusiasm. Is it worth the perseverance?

      • analydilatedcorporatestyle says:

        Advice needed on a Piri Piri MMO

      • MadMatty says:

        I only started after the re-jigging biznitz, and yes it works. certainly worth it- a few bugs still, alas Its Beta- but what a Beta! colour me impressed. plays much like Global Agenda, or Mass Effect even. Looks cool, decent art team on that one. sounds great aswell.

    • Pintlemount says:

      If Warframe counts, then Warframe. Warframe, Warframe, and Warframe forever until I’m hearing heavy robotic signatures in my sleep.

  17. nimzy says:

    Sandbox only.

    Until we get a true MMO answer to Minecraft, that’s where you’ll find me.

    • spamenigma says:

      Hopeful that Camelot Unchained will meet this requirement somewhere in the middle on this! If KS and dev all goes well??

    • SwENSkE says:

      What’s your name in EVE Online?

  18. Jimbo says:

    SimCity. Kidding! I don’t have SimCity.

    I keep meaning to check out the Neverwinter beta, but the client always seems to download at nothing per ever, which isn’t a very promising start.

  19. JaminBob says:

    None. I’d like one though.

    Either a less intense EVE, or a MMO version of Euro Truck Simulator :P

    • DerNebel says:

      If it’s still running, then Perpetuum might be up your alley. It’s like Eve, but smaller and with giant robots.

    • Premium User Badge

      wonderingmonster says:

      Hauling in highsec in EVE is quite a bit like Euro Truck Simulator :-P

      • Smarag says:

        lulz highsec pubbies

        go null or go home

        • Lokik says:

          But everyone’s a dick in nullsec, always trying to blow my little ship to smithereens if I go there. :(

          • SwENSkE says:

            Tell me your name and I’ll blow up your ship in hisec if that’s what you prefer :p

      • nitehawk says:

        You can get attacked in Euro Truck Simulator? Hmm, this game suddenly sounds much more interesting.

        • JaminBob says:

          No…you cant’.

          But space trucking with the moderate, as opposed to inevitable, risk or destruction sounds epic. I’m serious. But not EVE dammt. Its too needy.

  20. Soulstrider says:

    Guildwars 2

    Also returned to WOW after 3 years due to peer pressure, probably going to play a couple of more months to see all the new content that appeared while I was gone.

  21. The Magic says:

    Guild Wars 2. Pretty much the only one I’ve played that really tickles my need to explore.

  22. CrossoverX says:

    Guild Wars 2.
    Just because I can be Warrior that uses bows.

  23. Beernut says:

    WoW as a single-player game. Been coming back to it every now and again to level another character to maximum before freezing my account for half a year. I love the moddable UI and spend an absurd amount of the time fiddling with addons (no own mod yet, just customising and extending existing ones to my liking). It’s also a great game to mindlessly play while watching something on another screen. At the moment I use my high-level-characters to re-live the glory days of vanilla and tbc by soloing the old raid-instances (weird, not having someone yell at you about looting the damn core-hound in voice chat).

    Never got hooked by another mmo up until now. Maybe that’s because I don’t actually play WoW with other people and put such an emphasis on “being able to play by myself” and extensive UI-customisation. In addition, I’m very much a creature of habit. I could just as well start knitting while watching TV-shows instead of playing WoW, but why change what works? :)

  24. pilgrimboy says:


    Just kidding. I gave that game up after one week.

    I really don’t play MMOs. They cause me to interact with people. I have to do that all day. Video game time is my break from people.

  25. Tasloi says:

    Guild Wars 2. Why? World vs World basically.

  26. Talahar says:

    Still not done with SWTOR’s story, so that’s what I do on and off.

  27. loloquaker says:

    Thanks to a lucky steamgift, i got the Storm Legion expansion for Rift. So, it was free, and i installed it and am enjoying the free month offered with it.

    I am the first surprised, but i’m enjoying it a lot. I hated Rift when it came out, it had some decently good ideas and the setting was quite fun. But the grinding was dull, boring… And it was only grind.

    I cant say the game is less grindy, but at least they added comfort tools to help this being more interesting. I heard high level content is interesting so far, but i’m starting from the scrath and with multiple characters. But for now, i really enjoy it. The few “souls” added are interesting and fun to play, and i still love the fact that i can switch role when i want. Grinding dungeons may be boring, even on WoW, but when you’re doing it in three different way at least (currently, i can be healer, range dps, or support oriented with buffs and debuffs on a single character), its quite refreshing.

    I just activated the sub for good, and am trying to bring the friends that made me buy it when it came out back. The game really has changed, and i, for now, love it for the moment.

    Sadly the game is quite empty player-wise. I only met 4 different players on my server for now, but i can see a lot of people from other servers thx to the dungeon system. I know i’m on the low population server, but this is REALLY low.

    If the game was like this when it came out, i think we’d be still hearing about it.

    I see people playing eve. I just unsubbed, null sec is quite boring for me right now, and i’m waiting for the next expansion. I’ll come back, but for now, i enjoy classic dungeonning and minmaxing on Rift.

  28. sweetjer says:

    Wow, my stock in RPS readership just hit a new low. Reading comprehension fail by roughly a third the comments (as of comment 19)…just wow. Anyway, after Brendan’s This Mortal Toil, I decided to give that game a whirl. It’s virtually impenetrable due to poor design decisions (in particular the tutorial was a mess) and general wonkyness. But conceptually it’s awesome, and I’m completely intrigued. It has an x-factor that calls to me. Were it not for the kindness of a player called gorlan I may have quit within the first couple hours, however. After running around the graveyard naked for a bit (after my starter gear was looted off my corpse), he approached with drawn sword. I thought he meant to strike me down and take the bones and skin I’d been gathering, but instead he led me to the bank and outfitted me with gear many times beyond what I could afford. Thank you , gorlan. Here’s hoping your charity was not for nothing.

    • JaminBob says:

      I know… but i couldn’t resist. Surely, why people *aren’t* playing is also interesting.

    • Brun says:

      I agree, Brendan’s articles certainly intrigued me about that game, I’d be interested in hearing more about it from a more technical perspective – size of the world, how heavily instanced it is, freedom to explore, does the world feel dangerous, etc.

      • sweetjer says:

        Well, it’s F2P now (with a skill cap), so if you can stand a 10GB download that might end up netting not much more than a couple hours pointlessly wandering or wondering where that damned npc is, take a shot. From my understanding the only “quest” in the game is the tutorial. I found myself running in the wrong direction a bit, but once I got the hang of navigating it wasn’t so bad. its core mechanics seem to be gathering resources, crafting items, and raising skills through repetition. It has a cool UO-esque PVP system, but the combat is awkward at best. I don’t think there is any instancing… Not sure though, as it’s hard to tell how populated the game actually is since I’ve barely left the starter zone (where you can’t be ganked). That’s the other thing. it actually looks pretty good, but feels sort of empty due to the fact that NPC’s that perform the same service are the exact same model. Therefore the tanner over here looks exactly like the tanner over there, same for the librarian, utility salesman, etc. It makes it easy to identify which NPC you’re running at, but definitely “game-ifies” a game that counts immersion as a feature (i.e. fixed first person view, component crafting, etc).

        • Brun says:

          its core mechanics seem to be gathering resources, crafting items, and raising skills through repetition.

          Sounds pretty meh. How explorable is it? Brendan’s articles seemed to make it sound like it was a pretty big gameworld and that you were reasonably free to travel anywhere you wanted, albeit at the risk of an untimely death at the hands of monsters you couldn’t handle.

          • sweetjer says:

            Other than the gate that opens at the end of the tutorial (which I guess is sort of an “instanced door”), I don’t think there are any other barriers to exploration (other than as you mentioned, getting in over your head). In fact, the graveyard, which is the first area outside of the starter zone/vendor area, has a bit of the “if I go to far in I might not be able to come back with my loot” consideration. The question I’m asking myself (and hope to answer later on today) is whether or not this world is actually worth exploring.

  29. Laurentius says:

    GuildWars 2, despite all my ( imo justified ) bitching and complaing i jump from time to time to do some WvW, jumping puzzles or some dungeon run.

  30. cronos1013 says:

    Right now, I’m sort of in between MMO’s. I always play Eve (have been since 2009) but it’s not something that I can put hours and hours into. I picked up Defiance, but so far I have been woefully disappointed at the torrent of bugs and annoying changes that Trion has served us…the game is near unplayable right now. I’m hoping that in a few weeks things calm down…and the game shakes the pile of shit off that it is currently sitting under.

    I am also in the Alpha for The Repopulation, and while that is SUPER fun and once it’s finished will definitely be my new home, it’s an Alpha so the game isn’t really finished enough to count as a game being actively played.

  31. bterry says:

    I’m still playing Eve Online.
    I remember reading about Ultima Online back in the day, amazed at the idea of an MMO but I never had quality enough internet to play it. Then with later MMOs I would hear about the grinding to level up, and the whole “When you die, your stuff is on the ground and no one can steal it, so you can go pick it up again!” aspects, which both turned me off to the idea. Both levels and blatant player protection of that variety remove the, umm, verisimilitude of the simulations for me. I like gamey games, but with MMOs I’m looking for some kind of persistent simulation of a world.
    Other MMOs I’ve tried in the past include Second Life and A Tale in the Desert. Eve has its flaws (awful PvE, generally), but I like being in its world and sometimes having connections to the interesting events that go down.

  32. pupsikaso says:

    World of Tanks. Although I really really need to stop throwing money at them, but I can’t stop. They do a very good job of making me throw money at them.

  33. Zanchito says:

    Guild Wars 2, but not really playing much (or at all). Makes me feel bad, I’ve missed all the RPS social levelling.

    Anyway, I’m a sucker for old RPGs, what’s that? It’s Forgotten Realms, but I can’t place the game.

  34. FakeAssName says:

    On my hard drive is TSW, Warframe, Tera, and Continent of the 9th Seal (C9).

    ….haven’t had time to play a single one of them in weeks.

  35. moondog548 says:

    Man, that’s the rub. There are so many out atm that I actually enjoy but no time to give them the time they need or deserve. Most are getting the idea to be bite-sized enough for folks like me (or folks who have RL dividing their time instead of other games).

    Been totally gorging myself on WARFRAME, but I still poke into LOTRO, GW2, TSW, and I wish I had time to play more GW1, DDO, Champs Online, STO, Vindictus, and I wish I had $15 to spend a month to stay alive and floating silently in EVE.

  36. trajan says:

    Eve. Played WOW when it first came out for a bit. Before that Evercrack was pretty good.

  37. Yar says:

    Ultima Online and City of Heroes / City of Villians were the main ones I played. Neither any more. I liked A Tale in the Desert a little, especially if you pronounced the acronym correctly (a-tit-d). Couldn’t get into WoW. CoH was similar but did a better job reeling me in.

  38. Moraven says:

    WoW still. We hope to get our casual once a week raid going again as guildies return from real life obligations. Right now I play to do something with my wife. The latest endeavor for her is to collect each battle pet, but only rares quality. Pet battles can be fun, its basic pokemon but done well. Mount collecting is always there, between having the cash for Black Market Auction house or doing legacy raids. Brawler’s Guild that came in 5.1 is fun, but kinda sucks when you gear for tank/heals and you are not at your max potential dps when respeccing to do it (fights have time limits). The new isle of Thunder has some interesting things to do that are not dailies, but you run through those within a couple months. They did a lot of good things in MoP, but you really need to pace yourself so you have content to enjoy and you don’t burn yourself out. (I have played WoW since release off and on, before that EQ, DAoC, while trying random other MMOs)

    While not MMOs my other gaming time is usually with some online game. LoL, SC2, MWO and trying out Planetside 2. But I suppose PS2 is more of an MMO with a persistent world that is changing (than just your change of league rank) and MWO meta game is not quite out yet.

    I been meaning to try Star Trek Online or SWTOR due to them being F2P, but usually if I have some time to kill I can find something in WoW to do.

  39. McDan says:

    Guild Wars 2, with a very friendly RPS crew. Though of late it’s been dissertation time, but after this Friday I’ll be hitting up Tyria once again. And as always, wishing I had the time and money to play EVE online.

  40. tentaclesex says:

    Final Fantasy XI.

    I played it 10 or so years ago with friends when it first came out, and it was an interesting game, if a bit on the tedious side at times. I hadn’t thought about it for ages, but the recent news of a new expansion got me curious (that thing is still running?!).

    It holds up surprisingly well, and it’s far more player-friendly than it used to be. It suffers from some of the expected issues of an MMO without a huge number of players, but there are enough people around to form a group for whatever one might want to do.

    It has terrific music, and an especially convincing sense of place. It feels like a fantastical but grounded world more than a themed gift shop foyer. Though it trades heavily in what were already established genre conventions, it approaches them uniquely; it doesn’t feel quite like anything else.

    I expected to burn out very quickly after a little nostalgic tourism, but I think I’ll stick around for a bit.

  41. aliksy says:

    Nothing. Hate WoW, and games like WoW. SWTOR was so bad it made me feel like rage-vomiting. If I never have to kill X monsters of type Y, I’ll be okay. I also refuse to pay subscription fees, so that limits the options.

    Last MMO I played and enjoyed was GW2. It was really rather good, but I disgust-quit (the lesser brother of rage-quitting) when they started raising the stat ceiling.

    Now I mostly play Dark Souls, which isn’t an MMO by most definitions.

    • tumbleworld says:

      Same here with GW2. Played it, enjoyed it, was very disillusioned by the sudden introduction of gear creep after all the promises that it wouldn’t be there, and haven’t got round to going back. I did love all the anti-griefing they piled in to the game, though.

      I occasionally log on to WoW for some Pokémon or fishing, but mostly at the moment it’s Morrowind — which looks damn good for its age, thanks to current mods.

  42. Wynter says:

    Planetside 2 and TERA.

    PS2 is understandably awesome, but why TERA, you may ask?

    Well sometimes I just want to scratch that MMO itch, and TERA definitely has that MMO jazz playing a sassy-sweet melody. It’s also freaking gorgeous, somewhat action-y to break up the monotony, and it’s Free. And there really aren’t that many “hooks” to get you to pay for content in early or late game.

    Everything you would pay for is essentially a boost, a hat, or a grind-saver – and everything but the hats are completely doable without paying a cent. No content-walls, no crippling bank limitations, none of the more annoying not-paywalls limiting your ability to fully use a feature. There are some limits on free (# of characters per server, # of auctions at once, to name a couple) but nothing that cripples the game.

    It’s good, it’s free, and if you have a spare 35 gb of HDD space (!) it’s well worth a try.

    • Ringwraith says:

      I love the attention to detail with TERA’s animations, it’s absurd, like how each race/gender of the same class will hold their weapons differently while idle, let alone all the different animations they have for attacks between them.
      It’s utterly nuts, but it does make sure even characters of the same class rarely look like identical clones all but syncing up their animations like a terrible rugby scrum of a fight in Rome: Total War. (On that note, each race each has their own style to their armours too, there really is some work in there, just shame it is not in the questing).

      I need to play more of it, but I really need to find some people to play it with really I think…
      (Especially considering I sought out a boxed copy for the Founder status that gives you the maximum bank & character slots for ~£15).

  43. dmoe says:

    None, son.

  44. Foosnark says:

    Guild Wars 2 and Champions Online.

    Although my new fretless bass arrived yesterday, so now I’m doing more callous-building than foe-smiting.

  45. angrychair says:

    EQ2 is still my poison. No other MMO is as satisfying to collect in. I love to go around finding shinies, trading them on the market and cashing them in for various rewards. I really like that if I collect a bunch of orb fragments or whatever that I can put them together and get an orb to stick in my house. I am pretty sure that I could level a character to max just by doing collection quests in the right order.

  46. MaXimillion says:

    Getting back to DDO again after a long break, it’s still got the best party mechanics and quests in the genre. No other game has every quest taking place in an unique dungeon with all kinds of traps, platforming and puzzles in addition to a good combat system.

    And it’s free to play, which is also a bonus.

  47. Arglebargle says:

    In a couple of betas that I can’t identify. Since City of Heroes went down, my MMO play (and spending) has been spotty. GW2 to some extent. Defiance alpha and betas, but not live. Just nabbed Firefall this week. Warframe was kinda cool, but I really dislike it’s murky, unclear nature, with no set up to really practice moves without being a drag on a team. I fire up Vanguard every so often, and realize I have completely forgotten how to play it; play it well, anyway.

    WoW has no attraction to me at all. Played a free week long ago, and found it lacking in enjoyable background, good writing, decent teammates, and ‘sense of humor’. But whatever special sauce Blizzard puts in its games don’t seem to effect me at all.

    AS for spending moolah, pretty much de nada. All the games get from me presently is a presence that makes the games feel ‘less empty’.

  48. mpk says:

    Not a one. After 5 years of EVE… why bother? Nothing else will ever compare.

  49. Evilopoly90 says:

    I’ve been playing Star Wars Galaxies through the SWGEMU server. It has unparalleled roleplaying potential. Oh, and no NGE in sight.

  50. Xan says:

    Playing The Secret World

    Since it went Buy to Own, or whatever you want to call the option of a paid client but no subscription, it became my go-to game when i don’t know what else to play.

    I just finished all the Missions(quests) in the game, working on collecting Lore while doing Nightmare Dungeons from time to time, Nightmare dungeons are basically the hardest option of 5 man dungeons.

    Want to try a raid but seems I’ll need a guild for that.

    Also already ran into elitists that refuse to PUG 5 man’s with people unless they HEAVILY outgear the dugeon, I’ve played with a few of those people and they did less DPS than me and died more often… yeah… and they call these “quick runs”

    What I love about the game is atmosphere, large choice of skills (though you’re forced to use heavy self-heal and defense abilities if you want to solo past the third zone in the game) and I strangely like the voice acting and cutscenes in the game, I just wish the main character wasn’t mute or so stiff in them.

    It’s so damn hard to find a game that uses supernatural and modern elements rather than it being straight fantasy or sci-fi

    • tumbleworld says:

      The story and atmosphere in TSW were exceptional. Great setting, some wonderful acting, lots of potential in the skill system… but, as you said, totally solo-unfriendly for the last third of the content (mainly thanks to horrible level design, I think — all those corridor-valleys!), and yes, the instance community is pretty vile. Amazing potential, and a beautiful idea. It’s such a shame it wasn’t more player-friendly.