RPS Asks: What MMOs Are You Playing?

Anyone still playing this?

MMOs are that peculiar genre, that everyone loves to hate, and also loves to play. And with a new clutch entering their betas at the moment (most notably Neverwinter and Wildstar), they’re not going anywhere. So which are you currently throwing your subs or incremental payments at?

Is it still WoW? Clearly it is for millions upon millions of people. Or have you been wooed away by any of the many attempts to steal its crown? Perhaps The Secret World’s emphasis on story has kept you hooked. Maybe you’re a dieheard Wurm player, and nothing will drag you away. Or maybe you are devouring you way through a series of F2P modelled games to find the ones that click for you?

So, let us know which ones you’re playing, and perhaps what it is about them that has you hooked. (For the sake of a worthwhile thread, please don’t post to say that you’re not playing any – that would somewhat defeat the point of learning which games are currently attracting the attentions of the RPS mobs.) Don’t break any NDAs, but let us know if you’re currently involved in betas too. Why? Because we’re nosy.


  1. TormDK says:

    Playing PlanetSide 2 currently, ever since I quit SWTOR and WoW.

    I don’t want to recollect just how much money this so called “Free to Play” game has cost me, but I suspect SoE is laughing all the way to the bank.

  2. tibidisdik44 says:

    vindictus and pirates of the burning sea

  3. TreuloseTomate says:


  4. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    None. I do plan to get Guildwars 2 at some point in time, but I’m in no particular hurry to try an MMO at this point in time.

  5. Vorphalack says:

    I dip in and out of GW2 and PS2. GW2 because it’s the only high fantasy MMO i’ve ever played that I feel I can put down for a month and not lose out, and PS2 I really want to play more of but the piss poor engine optimisation keeps driving me away.

  6. sightseemc says:

    I’m with pupsikaso…World of Tanks still has me, and still has me throwing obscene amounts of money at it.

    I thought Planetside 2 would scratch my “need for fast action” itch, but I burned out far faster than I did on PS 1, and only play sparingly now. Oddly, I’ve found ShootMania Storm filling that gap, though it’s really not MMO.

    I still keep a nice little Constitution class cruiser in Star Trek Online when I want to geek out every once in awhile.

  7. cube1701 says:

    I play Star Trek Online. It’s good fun and is rather well supported – there’s a massive free expansion due out in just under a month.

  8. fish99 says:

    None. Played 10 hours each of Everquest and WoW, didn’t get into either and knew I wouldn’t play them enough hours for it to be worth subbing to them. Bought GW2 expecting it to be the perfect casual MMO for me, but so far I’ve only played an hour. Still has that MMO disconnected floaty shitty spammy combat (even Tera still has that IMO).

    Played 300 hrs of Planetside 2, an MMO that has some actual gameplay, but eventually it just becomes repetitive, and wasn’t impressed with their efforts at improving the game.

    I was subbed to iRacing for 3 years, but it’s not worth the money unless you race all the time, and they were just so slow at adding new features.

  9. Thurgret says:

    Occasional dabbling in Planetside 2 and War Thunder, if it can be described as an MMO.

    I really, really do want to somehow get into Wurm Online, someday, but it appears to really need a dedicated group and a lot of patience.

  10. Gixugif says:

    LotRO, Guild Wars 2 and Final Fantasy XI. Luckily only one of those requires a subscriptions fee.

  11. elevown says:

    The three im currently playing some of-

    Scarlet blade for the totaly over the top blatent TnA lol (and mildy fun standard mmo) – free

    Tera – Amazingly fun real time action combat and amazing graphics – silver / free

    Everquest – got back into rescently- oldschool mmo with far more content and depth than any other to exist – if you dont mind oldschool gfx and mmo play. – SUBED.

    And I do have planetside 2 and guildwars 2 installed but not played for a few months.

    These days tho I play like 15-20 hr a week max between all of those – as apposed to 15hr a day lol. I cant play mmo’s like I did 15 year ago any more.

  12. GrandmaFunk says:

    Guild Wars 2 is pretty much the only game of any kind that I’ve been playing for the last 8 months.

    March was all about leveling a few alts up to 80 and since then I’ve mainly been focused on WvW.

    New update next week will finally introduce custom arenas for Structured PvP so I’ll probably start giving that a try as well.

  13. skalpadda says:

    None. Played WoW for ages, dipped my toes into LotRO now and then but completely bounced off when they went “F2P”. Played GW2 for a while and quite enjoyed it but I just don’t have the stamina or enthusiasm to stick with MMOs any more.

  14. Tei says:

    planetside2, but I have put too many hours in it, and I am looking for other, so I don’t play allways the same game.

  15. Wulfram says:

    SW:tOR. I’m a sucker for Bioware stories, and can tolerate the MMO package.

  16. derbefrier says:

    I have been giving Age of Wushu a little time here and there. I haven’t played enough to say whether its any good or not but I like kung fu and its endorsed by Jet Li so I had to give it a shot. seems okay so far. Its intersting there are no PvE servers. PvP seems like it will be a big part of the game and combat appears to be a rock paper scissors type thing but I havent even gotten past the tutorial so take this with a grain of salt.

  17. AngelTear says:

    I’ve never played MMO’s much, but lately The Secret World has been my go-to game, and I’ll start paying subscription again after my exams too.
    Don’t know if it really counts as an MMO, though, since you can solo so much of the game, it feels more like a regular RPG.

  18. Ajsman says:

    PS2 is the first one that got me interested. Just need to find a somewhat casual outfit now.

    Every other MMO I tried so far just felt like a big and boring grind fest.

    • Thurgret says:

      RPS has both Vanu and NC outfits on the Miller server. I don’t think there’s an RPS TR outfit, but PC Gamer do, if you feel like drifting over yonder.

  19. wonderingmonster says:

    I’ve been playing EVE Online for the past three weeks. I was surprised by how much the economy fascinates me.

  20. SirKicksalot says:

    The Secret World

    – first MMO I played for more than a couple of days
    – being able to play alone is what made me stick with it. I love the setting, story and quests but if I had to play with others, I wouldn’t bother.
    – I don’t play often but I subscribe because I love it and I want it to stay alive as long as possible. I’m paying a monthly fee for a game I perceive as singleplayer and I’m happy.

  21. Satanic Beaver says:

    Guild Wars 2, I can’t stand subscriptions and i love the combat, races, (aside from the weird purple mouse-midgets that greet you with “excelsior”. I mean come on.) and character creation.

  22. Thoric says:

    Darkfall Online while waiting for DayZ and World of Darkness.

  23. Yosharian says:

    Trying to get back into GW2 but feeling the old reasons that I stopped playing, it’s basically boring.

  24. 11temporal says:

    Real life. I do miss the good old wow days though.

  25. miscz says:

    Guild Wars 2, I’m cheap. I’m not a hardcore MMO player (99% of them are it seems) and haven’t even hit lv 80 on any of my characters. Not having to pay a fee and being able to jump in whenever I feel like it – excellent. Sometimes I jump in and try getting 100% exploration on some area and just go sightseeing with few quests thrown in.

  26. Alexrd says:

    I’m not a big fan of MMOs, but I’m trying both ‘Star Wars: The Old Republic’ and ‘Myst Online: Uru Live’.

  27. Zaarin says:

    WoW has successfully sucked me back in, but my Interest is fading. Still the old formula, but it won’t keep me invested for long. There are more interesting games out there.

    Yesterday I bought Defiance to give it a try, but it is to early to say whether I’ll stick with it. I kinda liked the pilot of the show and the whole TV series/MMO combination seemed interesting enough.

    I’m really looking forward to Wildstar. And possibly Firefall, but it depends on the amount of content they add.

    Last but not least: since one could argue that Star Citizen will fit into the MMO category, that that is the MMO I’m most interested in. EVE Online is a great game, but I just can’t enjoy the gameplay. SC feels like the answer. At least for me.

  28. zind says:

    I’m back in GW2 but only because there is a fairly active group of a dozen or so people in it from my gaming community; I did the grind to 80 mostly solo which put me off of it for several months, but have recently been doing a lot of WvW, guild missions, and Orr event/loot runs.

    Also, EVE Online, sorta. I haven’t logged in for mining, missions, or PvP in weeks, and have only been cycling my PI and updating my skill queue. I might be close to another lapse.

    Also also, Planetside 2, if that counts. I have a weekly event with aforementioned gaming community that usually grabs about 6-10 people, enough to have some fun with.

    I also still have an active year-long sub to DDO, because last October I wasn’t planning on losing interest in the following December x_x

    • zind says:

      For what it’s worth, I’ve also signed up for the Wildstar beta (player housing!), played in a few Neverwinter weekends (less D&D-y DDO, IMO, etc, acronym), and am eagerly awaiting Star Citizen (maybe the thing that will wean me from Eve?!).

      Would also really like to hear something from ANet about guild halls – even free-to-play DDO has airships.

  29. Don Reba says:

    Still waiting for that MMO that will leave me with a feeling of time well-spent.

  30. faelnor says:

    I could only play a MMO if it was totally devoid of gaming jargon, what I want pure roleplay in natural language with no grinding and no exploits.

    • sinister agent says:

      This is my main issue with MMOs as they are now. Escapism is the obvious area of huge potential for them, but they’re invariably swarming with people who won’t ever let you forget that it’s a game, and designers don’t even bother to try anymore (and it’s hard to blame them really).

      Wurm Online is pretty good though. It gave me a few fun and memorable weeks before the time investment started becoming too much.

      • kibble-n-bullets says:

        That’s a reasonably interesting notion I’d like to see explored further. For some titles the ‘gaminess’ doesn’t really get in the way of the immersion, and for others it really does.

      • imralizal says:

        This is a very good point. The lack of immersion and the “gameyness” of MMO’s is something pushes me away too. I want my character choices to amount to more than what build does the most dps or whatever, and other players always take things way too seriously for my taste.

        I also think I’ve come to point that I have to say no to all F2P games, because I find you just don’t get your moneys worth. F2P is nearly always P2W (in my experience) and the end result if I play it at all is that I spend far more than I ever would have otherwise and get much less enjoyment out of it. Star Trek Online is a perfect example of this, which is a shame because it’s not all bad (like most things), but it’s also essentially a scam. I won’t try Neverwinter because I know Cryptic all too well by now.

        I keep up with the EVE news, which I always find interesting, but I have no actual desire to play the game again. I think it’s brilliant, but I also just don’t think it’s any fun. Just my opinion.

        All the talk of Guild Wars 2 makes me think that I could try it, but in truth most MMO’s kinda seem like the same game re-skinned, and I just don’t think that game is particularly good.

      • strangeloup says:

        There seem to be fewer games nowadays with specifically designated RP servers, but The Secret World has them. It certainly adds to what’s already an atmospheric and largely well-written game. While it’s not devoid of “gameyness” I’ve still found it to be pretty immersive.

  31. Snakejuice says:

    Planetside 2

  32. Kuroko says:

    TERA, it is gorgeous, and the combat is good.

  33. Vinraith says:

    “that everyone loves to hate, and also loves to play”

    I’m pretty sure those are two different groups that happen to share a little Venn diagram crossover (in the “guilty pleasure” category). Personally, I never touch the stupid things.

  34. Maxheadroom says:

    Bards Tale on my android tab. Not the god-awful remake itself mind, but the original trilogy that comes with it. Best £1.80 I’ve ever spend.

    You can get it on GOG too

  35. frosty216 says:

    Secret World has sucked me in, and the only MMO that I’ve actually ENJOYED playing. I love every single thing about the environment, setting, skills, and gameplay.. it’s only downfall imo is PVP. The fights go great and are plenty fun, but the overall design of how it’s implemented seems shoddy.
    Was always thinking of GW2, but I just can’t take any more fantasy games.
    Still waiting on that gem to call home.. hoping it’s The Repopulation.

  36. Beelzebud says:

    I’m 2.5 years clean from my WoW addiction. Played for 3 solid years, ran a pretty big raiding guild, then got severe burn out, and quit cold turkey. Haven’t looked back.

    I don’t plan on playing any MMO until something comes along that is truly revolutionary. If that never happens, so be it. I’m tired of being a rat in a skinner box.

    • HeroJez says:

      I’m not sure of your console persuasion (if it exists) or of any planned PC release (same applies) but what are you thoughts on Destiny? Suitably ground-breaking, or you don’t know enough about it yet?

  37. Gap Gen says:

    I seem to be devoting most of my game time to poking about on Minecraft. So no MMOs for me either.

  38. HeroJez says:

    Looking forward to Wildstar! But to answer the question: WoW very rarely.

    The problem I have nowadays is that after having being immersed in the the drama, adventure, and comedy that is (more was) a standard foray into the world of Azeroth, everything else seems flat and lifeless.

    I don’t care for single-player games, single player offline ANYTHING is a complete waste of time, and within the last two years I can think of NSMB Wii (with 3 friends) as one of very few games that recreated the sense of fun that gaming always used to provide. I love that the indie scene is (mostly) vibrant and bubbling with life. But I just can’t (at 29) bring myself to giveashit about some guy/racoon/boxer/girl/character knowing that everything is so scripted.

    At least in WoW you have the nigh-unpredictable stupidity, drama and lunacy that is served up daily by most other players. In a way it’s like really good (obviously ‘bad’) reality TV. It’s a horrible, dirty, embarrassing vice… yet there is nothing quite like it. I play for PvP more than anything… but as a social experiment (seeing people rage, watching people try to show of transmogrifications, and bickering in Trade Chat) it’s sickeningly fascinating.

    I hate WoW. I hate the fact that I’ve loved it. And I hate even more the fact that it’s so amazing, so rich, and fun, and vibrant, and clever, and brilliant at what it does. What it does, of course, isn’t for everyone. So I appreciate any and all disagreements.

  39. Pony Canyon says:

    Ultima Online, on a free shard. (UO: Renaissance, in case you’re curious) The interface is of course completely archaic, it’s completely unforgiving, but it’s still my favorite sandbox MMO. Eve is also great, but I feel too far behind the curve whenever I try to play it.

    Quest Hub / Tiered Gear MMOs are something I never want to see again. I find them all dreadful.

    Looking forward to Camelot Unchained, if it meets its Kickstarter goals. They’ve got some really interesting ideas with their crafting system. Basically you can assemble houses, walls, siege weapons, etc, out of components. It’s still up in the air, but the pitch makes it sound kind of Lego-like, where you basically snap pieces together. Then you can take a blueprint of your creation in order to mass produce them, sell to other players, or to just preserve so that you can rebuild it after the opposing players destroy your creations. Sounds kind of like a Minecraft/DAOC mish-mash.

  40. Loopy says:

    I’m still playing WoW, fairly regularly.

  41. PoulWrist says:

    Anarchy Online, sort of regularly. My account will not run out, and I have started playing again relatively actively compared to what I was previously idling at.

    Great game, still to this day…

  42. vehementi says:

    Darkfall Unholy Wars relaunch/2.0 which happened a few days ago. Not much else out there for someone who would play Darkfall.

  43. motherpuncher says:

    Lots of Planetside 2 with RPS people. The outfit is active everyday and the team play is wonderful.

  44. ain says:

    If I have the time to play an MMO it’s EVE. All the others are immensely disappointing. I might try Age of Wushu, but while it’s advertising everything I value in an MMO I don’t have high hopes for it.

  45. Voronwer says:

    Somewhere in december I decided to have a go at SWTOR. Just to see the stories, I told myself. It’s my first MMO and that’s where I’m still at. Yes, it gets tedious replaying the same planets, but I’m set on finishing these storylines and I’ve had much enjoyment out of the game, more than I would have thought.

  46. Nokterian says:

    Still playing WoW. I played a lot of MMO’s. I have GW2 and Secret World play them from time to time since there buy 2 play. But i keep coming back to WoW it is like a comfy couch where you still can sit and just feels good and fun. I also play Tera Uprising because they did a stellar job of how to make a free 2 play game instead of the abomination called SWTOR behind a paywall.

    I am looking forward to Wildstar also,love the artstyle and the housing really looks fun.

  47. Skaz says:

    “come on ! come spend countless days grinding XP to (maybe) touch the actuall content of the game, the Endgame!” No, thanks.

    • Gnoupi says:

      Sounds like you could give a try to Guild Wars 2, if you want to opposite approach.

    • SwENSkE says:

      Play EVE online – no XP grinding. No real ‘endgame content’ (I wouldn’t see 0.0 as ‘endgame’ ’cause you can join it nearly immediately). The only thing I have to grind for is money (ISK). And that’s just because I’m poor as fuck (in RL) and better at flying internet spaceships than in eceonomy. And I like blowing things up which means I get blown up a lot of times, too (although my alliance pays for most of my shit).

  48. PopeRatzo says:

    Why are there so many more big games “entering beta” or alpha than there are big new games being released?

    It would be a great business model if they could just figure out how to charge money for the beta. Oh wait…

  49. Otter says:

    Atlantica Online. 4+ years, and I love the people in my guild there, mostly. Have tried a few others, but they don’t scratch the itch like the goofy anime-soaked goodness of AO.

  50. Barberetti says:

    Been playing Guild Wars 2 for the last couple of months with some friends. Great fun exploring the world and getting into some insane fights while having a good drink and a laugh on Skype, like the other week when one of us somehow aggro’d some friendly chickens. Chickens which turned out to have about a million fucking hit points each, and took 4 of us about 15 minutes to destroy. Slapping the Benny Hill music on halfway through the fight made for a very amusing moment.