RPS Asks: What MMOs Are You Playing?

Anyone still playing this?

MMOs are that peculiar genre, that everyone loves to hate, and also loves to play. And with a new clutch entering their betas at the moment (most notably Neverwinter and Wildstar), they’re not going anywhere. So which are you currently throwing your subs or incremental payments at?

Is it still WoW? Clearly it is for millions upon millions of people. Or have you been wooed away by any of the many attempts to steal its crown? Perhaps The Secret World’s emphasis on story has kept you hooked. Maybe you’re a dieheard Wurm player, and nothing will drag you away. Or maybe you are devouring you way through a series of F2P modelled games to find the ones that click for you?

So, let us know which ones you’re playing, and perhaps what it is about them that has you hooked. (For the sake of a worthwhile thread, please don’t post to say that you’re not playing any – that would somewhat defeat the point of learning which games are currently attracting the attentions of the RPS mobs.) Don’t break any NDAs, but let us know if you’re currently involved in betas too. Why? Because we’re nosy.


  1. theRayDog says:

    I got into SWTOR shortly after it went free to play and I’ve been an on and off subscriber ever since. When you’re subscribed, you get 500 credits for the real money store, so I’ve found being subbed for a few months will give you more than enough credits to float by anything annoying while you’re playing for free. I understand why lots of people were disappointed when it came out, but as a star wars fan who expected the game to be terrible I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how much fun it is.

  2. malkav11 says:

    I’m not really in an active MMO phase right now, but I’ve got a current WoW subscription that I dip into occasionally, and since The Secret World and Guild Wars 2 are both cool and have no ongoing subscription fee (though I snagged a Grand Master package for Secret World so never had an ongoing subscription fee), I dabble with those off and on as well. I keep thinking about spending some time in LOTRO, DDO, Champions Online, Fallen Earth, DC Universe Online, SWTOR, or a few other now free-to-play MMOs, but absent friends none of those really have enough pull to draw me in. At least not at the moment.

  3. DarkMalice says:

    I was a diehard Wurm player for 4 solid years (and I do mean solid). Packed it in last month and by [insert deity], I never want to touch an MMO again.

  4. Antithesissimo says:

    The Secret World. It’s gone cool places, but it still pains me that it launched with a subscription model, six months after The Old Republic’s lukewarm reception, and that it launched one complimentary thirty-day period before Guild Wars 2, AKA the most-hyped game of 2012 and a $50 million way of shouting “SUBSCRIPTIONS ARE DEAD! YOU CAN GET CONTENT EVERY MONTH AND ONLY PAY ONCE!”

    Hindsight is 20/20, but I don’t get why so many of the game’s own developers think that TSW sold poorly because the game wasn’t fun. It was! It sold poorly because nobody had heard of it, nobody was talking about it, and because the people that had heard of it didn’t want to pay a subscription fee and had an incoming B2P AAA title to point to as a reason why.

    Woah, I put a little too much vitriol there. It’s very fun! Updates are sluggish for a bit since the studio moved and some new people are getting up to speed, but they’ve put in really cool mission arcs that move the story forward, several new weapons, and a bunch of other stuff. It fundamentally works well as a story-based MMO, because sharing interpretations of myths and legends (and you are free to make sense of many things in this game) is the basis for a lot of human interaction, while having your own perspective (informed by your faction and what lore you find) gives you a unique attachment to your own character. Loads of people are playing, most of whom aren’t horrible people.

    And the dungeons are ridiculous. They set the bar for what “dungeons” should be. I know people who hate this game, and still wish that other games would take from TSW’s dungeons.

    There’s a 72-hour invite trial if anyone wants to check it out. Some of my codes are: XPUP49HJBWH83NLLVVBN, TFW3V4PNF73FBAA3QNPN, and SWD5U9MQ4N42DFSTSNM5. You enter them at register.thesecretworld.com and they start counting down from the moment you enter them.


  5. rocketman71 says:

    None. I hate MMOs and what they’ve done to the industry.

  6. Enikuo says:

    I resubscribed to WoW after defiantly downloading the Pandaria trial in a personal and petty rebellion against another MMO. And, I ended up liking it. The shared mounts/pets and pet battles roped me in – I like alts and I never played Pokemon, so I’m busy collecting pets and mounts. I also peak into Secret World along and along because I really like the story and the atmosphere. It reminds me of one of my favorite book series – Age of Misrule. And, then there’s the kid’s MMO called Wizard101 – I play because I like the housing and my little sister plays, so we play together and Skype.

  7. cpt_freakout says:

    I was playing lots of Planetside 2 until recently, when I had no more time. Been trying to get hooked on an MMO for several years now to no avail, because they just don’t cut it. My first was DAoC all those years back and I loved it, then I got into City of Heroes when it came out and played for about three years or so. After that, I’ve been hopping on and off several other MMOs including WoW and they all just bored me to tears (although to be fair, EQ2 was really good, and I lasted several months with it until I had no more time to play it regularly).

    Anyway, any words about Defiance? It looked pretty cool from all the videos and so on, but it seems to have flopped in many people’s opinions.

  8. Resin says:

    Mortal Online – has a lot of haters, but I love this game. It has its bugs and other problems but its a full-loot 1st person game. Very sandboxy, can be very frustrating, with a steep entry curve.
    They now have free accounts that just have some restrictions, all skills capped at 60%. You won’t be able to compete in all things against a paid account player but its enough to give it a try and participate in anything if people are interested.
    There is currently a server war going on. It’s fun.

  9. CoatHanger says:

    Star Wars Galaxies.

    link to swgemu.com

  10. Premium User Badge

    mickiscoole says:

    The Secret World. The first MMO I really have ever played.

    I stopped playing it for a few months because I had a severely inadequate build and the combat was too difficult, but a few weeks ago I reinstalled and got around to fixing my build

  11. etiolate says:

    Guild Wars 2. Been playing since beta. The two biggest draws are the combat and the world design. All the nods in the game to non-MMOs really help, be it the jumping puzzles, mini-games or the layered level design of the world. I am still running into things I never saw before some eight months in just due to exploring or timing.

    Makes other MMOs feel oudated. I am hoping the coming MMOs are as modern as GW2.

    Also, I’ve done a tiny bit of Planetside 2 and Firefall. Only a few hours in the past month, but both are titles I would like to devote more time to in the future. I also did a weekend beta of Neverwinter Online, but probably won’t be playing it much once its released.

  12. Crowl says:

    Guild Wars 2 on nights when the guild has stuff planned, not much reason to play for me other than that.

    I am liking what I am seeing out of Final Fantasy XIV ARR, and I miss the more structured MMO gameplay, so I will probably play that when my guild in GW2 isnt doing anything.

  13. The Random One says:

    Kingdom of Loathing! Forever!

  14. Cartras says:

    Been playing EVE for about a year now. I needed something new after WoW went to the pandas. I’ve had a ton of good times in EVE but am starting to look around a bit at things like Neverwinter, The Secret World, and DC Online. I’ve dabbled in GW2 and SWTOR and would like to put some more time into SWTOR just because I like the setting. I’m not sure yet how I feel about Elder Scrolls Online, it might be cool but I have loved the single-player aspect of TES universe for so long it will be weird to see other people.

  15. realitysconcierge says:

    The Settlers Online. It requires so little commitment that I can pop in and out whenever I want.

  16. Iskariot says:

    And I never will.

  17. somedude says:

    I don’t play a lot of MMOs (unless you count Kingdom of Loathing), but I jump into Firefall and Tera every so often. Tera is probably the only MMORPG where I’ve found the combat at all tolerable, although it has other generic-MMO issues, and also some aesthetic issues (as a guy, it is something of an odd impulse to wander around the game world and think the characters would look better if they were wearing *more* clothing). Firefall, bizarrely enough, also somehow manages to evoke a similar reaction (especially in one class) despite everyone effectively wearing mech armor. Overall, though, both are generally fun to play and have gorgeous-looking, fairly open worlds to explore (although I generally like Firefall’s dynamic, open-ended approach to progression more than Tera’s resolutely linear generic questing). At the moment, though, I’m still far too interested in playing XCOM to devote much of any time to either…

  18. Kentauroi says:

    Haven’t been able to play any MMOs seriously since vanilla WoW, I burned myself out on that style of MMO (i.e. all mmo’s) and it takes something special to pique my interest again.

    The only ones that managed it for a time were Dungeons & Dragons Online, and a shmup MMO named Valkyrie Sky that died pretty quickly unfortunately.

  19. Dorako says:

    Aardwolf, the text-based MUD.

  20. tciecka says:

    I’ve quit many everquest clones over the years, but I keep coming back to 3scapes, an LPMud (or its sister mud, 3kingdoms). Gentech are the best guild, ever!

  21. heker_88 says:

    Defiance for the last week, here is why:
    1, There is very little leveling in the guns so you could technically probably play the whole time with the same weapon you got at the beginning (They have a mechanic in which a gun can gain xp and when it reaches the top it unlocks an ability but wont progress your characters weapon skill any more with use) this makes every gun kinda feel like a real thing in a nice way.
    2, Shooting mechanics are very solid ( its basically borderlands game-play)
    3, The main quest is compelling and completable I did it in under a week ( i could never put enough time into wow or guild wars to get to the good stuff)
    4, I feel its likely they will produce more story content and improve the game allot after release (bad ui etc)
    5, iv herd good things about the PVP

    Things wrong with the game

    But these I found I could forgive

    Plus the monetisation is very well done.

  22. AsamiImako says:

    TERA, because it’s severely underrated, and EVE Online, because a few friends have got back into playing again.

    Kinda feel like playing Guild Wars 2 some more, but nobody I know ever plays.

    I was playing the FireFall beta for a while but as excited as I was when it was announced and how cool it seemed, playing it left me rather unimpressed. It needs a huge coat of polish and a way better character creator.

  23. iridescence says:

    Been playing this weird Chinese “Age of Wushu” Kung Fu MMO for the last couple of days. It’s a F2P game with all the off-putting elements that usually brings with it but it does enough things that are new-ish and interesting that I’ve found it worth my time although I doubt I’ll pay any money for it.

    Still subbed to EVE but can’t seem to motivate myself to play it lately.

    • Harlander says:

      Oh hey I had a go of Age of Wushu too.

      Lot of very interesting bits (the “your guy mooches around doing odd jobs while you’re offline” mechanic is neat, and the “everyone jumps around like the ending to Shaolin Soccer” is kinda fun) but.. in the end I drifted off it quite quickly.

      Maybe getting a bunch of RPSers together for malarkey would make it more interesting

  24. Fenixius says:

    Despite how cool some of them sound (esp. Wildstar, Perpetuum, Star Citizen) I don’t think I’m likely to find an MMO particularly gripping anytime soon. The quest for loot and quests is easily sated by more convenient games, like Borderlands 2, so I really have very little incentive to jump back into WoW/etc.

  25. NyuBomber says:

    No MMOs at the moment.

    Eagerly awaiting Wildstar ,though.

    Please for the love of crackers don’t be subscription-based. Free-to-play and good ol’ pay-to-play, sure but not sub.

  26. running fungus says:

    None, sadly. Took out a new trial membership on Eve for old times’ sake and my computer couldn’t run it. Heat problems. Also, I miss City of Heroes/Villains.

  27. kud13 says:

    I’ve never played MMOs, because I’m a single-player-type erson when it comes to gaming (when i want to socialize, i do that in real life).
    That being said, I’ve been really curious to try The Secret World, becuase it sound like it has a very intriguing setting and can be played solo.

    Sadly, since i’m almost done Uni and will be moving back home to capped broadband connection, I may have missed my chance.

  28. TheBarringGaffner says:

    I really haven’t found any MMO that really appeals to me, so I don’t play them. Games like WoW just seem like co-op versions of bad single player RPG’s, and player-driven sandbox games just seem too inaccessible. I like reading about EVE, but that’s probably as far into MMO’s as I’ll get until there’s some real innovation.

  29. Soldancer says:

    Currently I’m playing Rift, which is my preferred game (and I play it with my significant other), but I have also recently been playing Scarlet Blade. Which is weird, since it’s an “adult” MMO, so it has a pretty heavy emphasis on fanservice (ostensibly for men), which I didn’t really realize until I saw the post-registration splash screen (ok, so I’m slow). Interestingly enough, it’s actually a really well written and compelling world, and though it has bouncing breasts and innuendo galore, it’s only slightly distracting from an altogether really fun game. It’s also my first foray into F2P, unless you count Path of Exile.

  30. Caiman says:

    Guild Wars 2, on and off since launch (about 120 hrs total to date). Not having a subscription means I can dip into it whenever I like. I won’t play an MMO that does it any other way.

  31. Freud says:

    WoW was my first and last MMO. I enjoyed raiding but after a few years I got the been there seen that feeling and it became a hassle having to show up.

    These days I play more single player games or multi-player games I can play on my own terms.

  32. Blackop2 says:

    Runescape. Since 2003-4.

  33. goettel says:

    Taking a break on GW2, hoping for better instances, and filling the gap with vanilla (1.21) WoW.

  34. kushkitt3n says:

    I cancelled my WoW sub a few months ago and have struggled to fill the MMO void. I have dabbled with GW2, SWTOR, DCUO, and TSW. None were able to hold my attention for longer than a month, if that. Wildstar has caught my attention, mainly because the devs don’t seem to be afraid of endgame content and character progression. I really don’t want to go back to WoW, but I need something that targets more than the casual gamer. Content needs to be a substantial journey, not consumed in weeks.

  35. -Spooky- says:

    – Ultima Online / RP Free Shard
    – Neverwinter Nights 1 / RP Server
    – City of Heroes / Villains

    are still my favs. Playing Defiance (the TV Show is not bad. *g*) right now and wait for Neverwinter, of course (Forgotten Realms are always welcome). Champions Online / The Secret World with Lifetime subs on stand by. GW2 is cool on WvW, but .. you know the problems. So – meh!

    Looking forward to TESO / Wildstar / Blade & Soul. RPS can i have a review from Darkfall: Unholy Wars please? :)

  36. portchd says:

    Been playing the hell out of GW2 recently, currently running a necromancer, i feel like im too alt hallp when i play MMO’s the only one i ever hit lvl cap in is WoW, and that was in Cataclysm

  37. raskolnikov.mx says:

    No MMOs for me since September 2011, when I finally decided to leave WoW.

    Currently playing Darksiders, waiting anxiously for Metro:LL

  38. Trevc87 says:

    Nobody has mentioned Age of Wushu? It’s not perfect, but its a F2P sandbox MMO that draws a ton of comparisons to EVE (only set in ancient China.) It has a steep learning curve with terrible tutorials, but once you get past the basics, it feels very rewarding. I haven’t cared about a guild in an MMO since I was younger and put stock in those sort of communities, but Wushu allows you to build a guild city, defend it, etc.
    IIt’s mpletely open world PVP, and when you log off your character turns into an active NPC that can be kidnapped and sold into the black market by other players who don’t mind being tagged as outlaws.

  39. noodlecake says:

    I don’t like MMOs. I’d rather play something fun, interesting and unique rather than something that uses cheap tactics to keep me hooked on end.

  40. wodin says:

    MMO’S? Never appealed to me at all. I tried about two and that was enough. Also subscription based gaming is not something I sign upto.

  41. Low Life says:

    I’ve been playing a tiny bit of Planetside 2, I still haven’t got to action with RPS folks so I’m not properly hooked yet.

    I also played a 10-day trial of WoW a week back (I haven’t played since early Cataclysm) and was reminded that it’s still so much more responsive than other MMORPGs (last one I tried was Neverwinter) that it’s not even fun. I’ll probably have to go back for a while once they get the troll revolution going.

  42. belgand says:

    The only MMO I’ve ever played or really been interested in was A Tale in the Desert back during the second telling. I sank way too much time into it way too quickly, realized how unhealthy I was being, and dropped it.

    A combat-based game doesn’t really appeal to me, especially one that wants to force me to fleetingly interact with strangers for no other reason than needing to kill some boss. Likewise the typical problem of wandering around an over-populated world where everyone is just waiting around to beat up the same monsters to finish quests and everything you do feels pointless and gamey. Here it was doing research on smelting and posting it to the Wiki, hanging out on the neighborhood chat, or having some guy come around trying to drum up support for his proposed law or maybe just trade some of the new flax seeds he’d hybridized. It had/has community and real, interesting challenges that are solved by you, not by stats.

    And to disagree with almost all of that Age of Wushu looks kind of interesting. So does MechWarrior Tactics, but I don’t care for it’s booster-based pricing model.

  43. Rutok says:

    No one here plays “Age of Wushu”? Its out in the US (European client maybe somewhere on the way). You get to play as one of those chinese martial arts warriors (think of “House of flying Daggers”).

    The translation is not really clear, the ingame tutorial not really helpfull and the lag from europe quite harsh.. but somehow the game is still a ton of free 2 play fun.

  44. Premium User Badge

    distantlurker says:

    I’m playing TOR, subbed. The new expansion is REALLY good (if rather short).

    It’s so good in fact, you start to wonder why the rest of the game couldn’t have been so inventive in the first place *shrug*.

    • jezcentral says:

      SWTOR for me, too, and I’m bloody loving it. I’d love to have the sort of spare time I had at uni to play it.

  45. ekuurh says:

    I’m really hooked on the Loadout beta (it has really improved since you last reviewed it, maybe you should give it a try :P), and occasionally a bit of Mortal Online.
    The fast paced combat and the personal weapon design are the biggest reason I love Loadout.
    As for MO, I just like the idea of a sandbox MMO and have always been too cheap for EVE (I like trying games for free before I buy them, like in MO)

  46. Scandalous says:

    I’m one of the stubborn few still paying for Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. It’s the PvP focus that keeps bringing me back every year or so. The game is utterly swamped by Problems: terrible performance on a machine that ran Skyrim on high settings without the slightest hiccup, exploits galore, lacklustre PvE, dev team stripped down to the bare minimum, and the introductory tier accessible by the free trial users is ruled by twinks decked out in hand-me-downs that make them godlike, and more besides.

    Yet there’s something in the open Realm vs Realm, everpresent PvP and some of the clever ideas (PvP-focused tanks and an emphasis on group synergy) that keeps me coming back.

    That free trial is unlimited, in case you want to see what WAR’s respawn prompt looks like.

  47. jha4ceb says:

    Guild Wars 2.

  48. mandrill says:

    Does Planetside 2 count? It doesn’t _feel_ like an MMO…

  49. Clouseau says:

    Age of Wushu. A brilliant deep and complex sandbox game.

    But I am worried it will not succeed. It has too many things against it that will chase people away before even trying. It is full time PvP, it is F2P from Asia, it has no elves, chainmail bikinis, or spaceships. And if that wasn’t enough it has such a steep learning curve that it will make most players give up within a day. Maybe RPS comment readers are a bit wiser, and hopefully I can get one or two of you hooked on this brilliant game.

    • HeroJez says:

      I felt that the movement was a bit too clunky. I ran around the village and called for a horse, did some quests, and spoke to people… but there seemed to be very little fluidity to the whole affair. Movement is so important in games (like Wushu and WoW) that rely on skill, range, etc. I didn’t like the text EVERYWHERE either, but still. Perhaps it will be refined as time goes on.

      Not something to tackle in final year, anyway!

    • SwENSkE says:

      Sounds a bit like EVE with Katanas. I’ll definitely try it as soon as it comes to europe.

  50. Themadcow says:

    5 happy years with WoW cost me £20k in savings (I was made redundant and wanted to PvP more than find a new job), almost cost me my fiancee and, when I did get a new job, I still prioritsed raids over doing more important life stuff. I’m not sure I ever want to play another MMO…

    …but beating Brutallus pre-nerf with 1 man standing… a whole raid of people going nuts at the same time in euphoria…

    Sooooo tempting.