RPS Asks: What MMOs Are You Playing?

Anyone still playing this?

MMOs are that peculiar genre, that everyone loves to hate, and also loves to play. And with a new clutch entering their betas at the moment (most notably Neverwinter and Wildstar), they’re not going anywhere. So which are you currently throwing your subs or incremental payments at?

Is it still WoW? Clearly it is for millions upon millions of people. Or have you been wooed away by any of the many attempts to steal its crown? Perhaps The Secret World’s emphasis on story has kept you hooked. Maybe you’re a dieheard Wurm player, and nothing will drag you away. Or maybe you are devouring you way through a series of F2P modelled games to find the ones that click for you?

So, let us know which ones you’re playing, and perhaps what it is about them that has you hooked. (For the sake of a worthwhile thread, please don’t post to say that you’re not playing any – that would somewhat defeat the point of learning which games are currently attracting the attentions of the RPS mobs.) Don’t break any NDAs, but let us know if you’re currently involved in betas too. Why? Because we’re nosy.


  1. SwENSkE says:

    EVE Online – for 6 years now on and off.
    I’ve played lots of other MMOs (‘go back to WoW’, SW:Tor, Voyage Century, Perfect World, Startrek OL, Fallen Earth, LOtRO, AoC and many more) – some I liked, some I didn’t. But even the ones I liked got boring after 6 months top.
    EVE wore me out from time to time but it never got boring in a way that wouldn’t make me come back sooner or later.

  2. Niko says:

    I have tried a few of them after Haven & Hearth population went downhill like two years back, but just can’t get immersed in a WoW-type MMO, they are just too… lifeless, weirdly. Maybe it’s more fun when you have some people who play with you, but still the Skinner box is too visible. Wish there were more games with player-driven economics and high stakes.

  3. alchatron says:

    I’ve been playing WoW purely for the roleplaying scene for 6-7 years now. For all that time I haven’t touched the core mechanics unless it’s to help with roleplaying (to get a particular item, or whatever): my highest levelled character is still 80.

    I used to absolutely love parts of WoW – particularly low-level battleground PvP and early dungeons. What keeps me away from actually playing MMOs as opposed to roleplaying is the trend toward singleplayer (compare Bobsy’s “World of Warcraft is the best worst single-player MMO you’ll ever pay money to not play”) and in WoW’s case the self-destructive tendency to destroy its own mechanics. I don’t ever PvP anymore, even in low-level brackets, because there’s no way to keep up with twinks with heirlooms.

    Likewise, today with dungeon-finding and increased incentives to play crucial tank/healer roles they’ve sucked what was the fun for me out of dungeoneering, the sense of community… now you’re two clicks away from being paired up with a bunch of faceless assassins from other realms who will dispatch a dungeon’s denizens professionally and silently, and there’s no real need for guilds. It feels like MMOs are throwing away their advantages!

  4. Balaks says:

    http://www.abandonedrealms.com is what I have been playing for nearly 15 years – it’s a MUD and it’s fantastic – all the RPG action and PK’ing (player killing) anyone could ask for!

    Most importantly it’s totally free!

  5. Xanadu says:

    Guild Wars 2. Pretty much the only game I’m playing at the moment. Joined up recently with the RPS Guild and having a great time, as well as playing with friends from GW1 days.

    As for why? Lots of variety in both characters (have 5 or so levelled up now) and game modes: just wandering around exploring, solo story, jumping puzzles, dungeons with friends or guilds, the new guild events (though being turned into a defenseless crab in the hardest area of the world for last weeks guild rush was not fun…) and of course the insane 100v100 mayhem that is world v world.

    GW2: Ohara Scarlett

  6. Arach says:

    I mostly just play EVE and from time to time I still jump on Ultima Online,I honestly don´t care about the majority of other MMO(RPG´s that is) out there,especially the ones with the WoW/Everquest structure,and those make like,99% of the market…

  7. DestructibleEnvironments says:

    I’m a very special person, so I only play MMOs that are free to play. At the moment the only MMOs I play are Guild Wars 2 and Marvel Heroes. Yes, they improved the Marvel game. It comes out June 4 (The early access is 7 days before that).

  8. bstard says:

    No MMO for me anymore. I’ve played a lot of them, for many hours, and I was a great fan of the genre until it simply got boring. Two reasons for that: been doing too much Kill 10 boars quests, ergo MMO’s never really evolved, and secondly, the MMO’s tend to be more casual, more accessible, cq more boring. Where’s Lotro’s Oldforest maze gone? Where’s WoW without minimap arrows? Where’s the mindless ganking on Whitebeach in AoC? It’s just dungeon queue’s with random naabs who could as well be nerdraging NPC’s.

  9. 9squirrels says:

    Are you just asking about MMORPGs? If not, I’m hooked on Planetside2 at the moment. MMOFPS!

  10. randomkeyhits says:

    ‘Maybe you’re a dieheard Wurm player, and nothing will drag you away.’

    Not used to getting a mention! still its about as far away from WoW as you can get.

    Apart from that I’m keeping an eye out on all the space sims looking for one that might end up with a combat system I’d be happy with.

  11. Jurambalco says:


    It’s cute and it’s the only MMOTRPG (where the T stand for Tactical) available.

  12. Arithon says:

    According to EA’s Sim City press releases, any game with DRM is “an MMO”.

    So who isn’t running “an MMO” ?

  13. Jenks says:

    Everquest, on a server with no expansions after 2002.

    I also picked up Mists of Pandaria this month and started messing with that, but it’s everything that is wrong with today’s “MMOs” so I probably won’t be sticking around long.

  14. choad100 says:

    World of Tanks, I love ww2 military vehicles and old airfix models so this gae just sits perfectly with me. It has some minor flaws and Wargaming as a company have some pretty bad customer relations, but on the whole they have put a great product out there. I used to be a huge EVE online fan, but the game is far too slow to get into any action. I still have no idea why people play WoW.

  15. NecroKnight says:

    I’m currently playing Planetside 2. It’s awesome.

  16. KingofCosmos says:

    I got back into Rift recently and I’ve been having a lot of fun. It doesn’t hurt that my new gaming computer can run in on Ultra!

  17. Enkinan says:

    Still enjoying GW2 since release. Found a great WvWvW heavy guild on a good server in a relatively competitive tier. It’s the closest thing I’ve found that gives me that good old DAOC group combat/siege play.

    Every now and then I get the urge to go run back around LOTRO due to the immense content and story, as well as the always well done special events.

    Planetside 2 was also a blast the few times I played it and I wouldn’t mind seeing how it has progressed since beta.

    I’m interested to see how TESO, Neverwinter, and Camelot Unchained turn out.

  18. Kronikle says:

    I don’t understand the hate for Neverwinter. I’ve played in two of the beta weekends and was absolutely entranced the entire time. I’ve played nearly every major MMO out there and have yet to find a game with a more engaging and downright fun battle system than Neverwinter. From what I’ve experienced during the two beta weekends, the free-to-play model is more akin to GW2 in that it’s not pay-to-win. The foundry is also a refreshing way to always have tons of new content available after you’ve beaten the main campaign. It seems like a lot of people see Cryptic and Perfect World and immediately write off the game as a shitty pay-to-win grindfest when it’s really nothing like that, at least from what I could tell. I only hit level 25 on two characters during the betas so I don’t know about the end game, but I will say I’m more excited for this open beta than I am for anything else.

  19. OwMyKnee says:

    LOTRO, but beginning to find it a bit grindy…

  20. mikalye says:

    I play a fair bit of LoTRO. I bought the lifetime sub when codemasters was still running the game. Turbine has no plans to ever introduce lifetime subs again, but they are honoring those who did have one.

    I also am playing Wizard 101, as I can play that with my eight year old daughter.

  21. flib says:

    Neocron: link to neocron-game.com
    It’s a post-apocalyptic MMOFPS that predates shit like WoW, so it’s more of a sandbox game than an endless chain of pointless, uninteresting quests.
    The company that made Neocron, Reakktor, finally went under last year, so it’s now community-driven, with no purchase cost, no subscription fee, and no cash shop. The volunteer team working on it have done more in the past year than KK did in over 5 years. They’ve really breathed new life into the game.
    Neocron is definitely a niche game, but those of us who do play it call it the Neocrack.

  22. shimeril says:

    I just keep going back to Everquest. No other game has got the balance quite right for me of classes, challenge and reward. Graphics are obviously dated but I don’t care at all. Played WoW, was fun for a while, Guild Wars, GW2 and Rift. Rift’s instances where people would just jump in together was a great mechanic which GW2 obviously now has too. They are both good games but I still go back and have more fun in EQ. I should try a space one at some point, which would most likely be Eve. Just don’t have the time.

  23. Caerphoto says:

    Guild Wars 2 for me, after 3 or so years of WoW.

    I do sometimes yearn for the sense of wonder I experienced when playing WoW for the first time, but I think that’s less specifically WoW than it was the first MMO I’d played – I got similar feelings playing Morrowind: everything was new and unknown and a bit strange, whereas Skyrim wasn’t so much, despite being much prettier.

    So it’s the same with GW2: it’s prettier, but it’s still an MMO, and I’m not new to MMOs any more :( Still, many aspects of it are certainly more fun than WoW; in particular, combat is much more involving and active, especially in dungeons due to lack of tank/healer/dps trinity.

    Also, since I started working more on my Guild Bounty Tracker thing, I seem to be spending less and less time in the actual game. I’ve been in the SAB like twice :S

  24. Painbringer7 says:

    Any good suggestions on an MMO besides WOW that I should start playing. I tried WOW for 4 months, got to level 50 and then just lost interest. I’m looking for a game with a more realistic look (Visuals kind of guy myself). Playing EVE right now, its alright but can be a major grind sometimes. Just want something to play while I wait for my skills to complete.