Metro: Last Light Gives Hygiene, Murder Advice

What are you lookin' at? Oh, the traditional Russian architecture back there? Yes, it's lovely.

Confession time: I very frequently feel like I am neither clean nor deadly enough, which is the root cause of most of my insecurities. I sometimes think, you know, maybe if I were just slightly above-average at one or the other, everything would be all right. But goodness, I don’t even know where to begin. Fortunately, the final entry in Metro: Last Light‘s “Ranger Survival Guide” series is here to clear up a few things – including my grit-caked, horrifically pockmarked skin – for me. Apparently, my biggest mistake was failing to wipe rain, grime, and radioactive goop off my face all the time. Also, I need to buy a gun. I am, however, hopeful, because a charmingly rugged Russian man has told me I’m infinitely capable of both.

Hmmm, I guess I only want to be moderately deadly. I would prefer not to pop jugular or nostril veins like over-stuffed blood balloons, thanks. Maybe I’ll just slice people’s shoelaces as a stern (and family friendly) warning.

But yes, more Metro-y goodness. I still haven’t gotten a chance to find out if 4A’s improved the feel of the gunplay, but it certainly looks nicer. Then again, 2033 was all about atmosphere first and foremost, so incessant mask wiping is actually the biggest standout for me. I coughed out a thick, sooty cloud of words about it last year, but the gist is that I love the extra dimension it adds to both survival and physicality. “Games like Mirror’s Edge really did a convincing job of giving players a body within a game world,” I wrote, handsomely. “Metro: Last Light made me really, really want to bathe it.”

So Metro’s world is gross and sickly, swarmed by flies and reeking of irradiated rot. Or at least, it does a really nice job of presenting that illusion. Regardless, I’m a sucker for meticulously realized worlds, and Last Light certainly seems to be taking up 2033’s torch on that front.

It’s out next month. Fingers crossed for the best. Oh, but could you maybe wash them first?


  1. Don Reba says:

    Don’t forget to check your watch when you have trouble breathing.

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  2. Jdopus says:

    Honestly, I’m still not sure whether I want to purchase this game, I was planning to buy it at release right up to the point that they declared that Ranger Mode would be DLC. If it’s anything like the first metro then it will be pretty much necessary to play the game in Ranger Mode if you want to properly enjoy the immersion and get a survivalist feel, I don’t really want to pay extra in order to play the game on a harder difficulty level.

    • Kitsunin says:

      Geh, it seems really bizarre to make an aspect like that DLC, especially something at the core of the game, rather than extra content. It’ll only be something a niche will want to use anyways, so it seems kind of like a dick move to said niche.

    • Grey Poupon says:

      The Ranger mode really messed up the filter management though. If you didn’t want to rush through the outside parts and didn’t find all the filter stashes/didn’t buy yourself to full filters every time you had the chance you pretty much had to abuse the system to survive. I guess it doesn’t ruin it much if you know beforehand that you need to heavily stock up on filters but no one ever told me such a thing. Otherwise Ranger mode was great.

      I’m more of a Stalker fan myself, though Metro was one of the best linear fps games I’ve played in a few years. It just had a lot of ups and downs. Hopefully Last Light doesn’t spam the same monsters too much, a lot of the horror comes from the unknown.

      • MattM says:

        If you were running low on filters then you would find filters in far more of the masks and they would have more time left on them. I don’t think I ran out once. Its possible they patched that though, I played the game a year after it came out.

        Edit: I was playing on ranger hard difficulty.

      • OddsAgainst says:

        I ran out of filters just about the Library part. More or less what I had to do was cheat the filter system and take my gas mask on and the immediately back off whenever I needed to breath. It worked and I made it past the Librarians (by running like hell, of course), but felt too gamey.

        This kind of bring up an interesting point. Linear games do not work with a fail state mid way through. I am glad we ditched the ‘lives left’ system from the arcade era. It made the end an accomplishment, but too much a trial. Fail states only, for me at least, work in games like X-Com where starting over is not a bore as the game changes and randomises.

    • orange says:

      Well Ranger Mode was also DLC in Metro 2033…

      • oWn4g3 says:

        Yeah but it was a free post-release thingie and not tied to pre-ordering.

        • Jdopus says:

          Yeah this, I’m willing to accept that kind of thing post release because in Metro 2033 it was something they added in due to fan feedback. This is just them chancing their arm and charging for it because they think they can get away with it.

  3. Gap Gen says:

    Wait, I’m not supposed to wash my enemies after I stab my hands? Well that explains that, then.

  4. Kong says:

    A game simulating dysentery is what we’ve been waiting for.
    Someone farts, the screen turns brown at the edges.
    Amoebia infection, the sights and sounds of it. Do not touch my rations.

  5. chickenhawk says:

    The problem with books, is that the other guy has probably read it too..

  6. dmoe says:

    This game looks simply amazing. I love all the small details and nuances like checking your breathing and the light meter. It’s great to see an FPS with detailed gameplay design like this today.

  7. GallonOfAlan says:

    I’m keeping me wallet shut until I find out if the horribly broken save system in the first one has been sorted out.

    • KevinLew says:

      I don’t know why the developers thought that having one game save slot was a great idea. I only discovered this when I wanted to replay an earlier chapter. This would be a normal activity for just about all FPS games, but it promptly deleted all of my progress after I restarted an earlier section. I was so furious that I deinstalled the game.

  8. NothingFunny says:

    But does it have properly working adjustable FOV that doesnt affetc gun/hands ? Tunnelvision FOV 45(like it is in Metro 2033) = motion sickness

  9. guygodbois00 says:

    After reading the Metro 2033, I’ve bought the first game and was terribly disappointed. Too linear progress, too console-like gameplay. It seems like a very promising setting, though. In time, someone, somewhere will make a PC-worthy game of Metro universe. I hope this one turns to be it, but I would not hold my breath, so to speak.

  10. scatterbrainless says:

    I’m surprised by the all the complaints regarding Metro 2033, I thought it was pretty well-loved. Yes there were clunky aspects with the saves/stealth/merchant availability but in terms of atmosphere and immersive design elements it was a standard above almost any other fps on the market. Stalker, Far Cry 2 and this were pretty much the only shooters trying to do anything truly different after half-life 2

  11. Professor Snake says:

    It kind of feels like the mechanics and setting are wasted on the linear nature of the game, unless Last Light isn’t going to be linear.

  12. analydilatedcorporatestyle says:

    It looks very promising, a step up from 2033. This will be a release day purchase, my first in a good while.

  13. fupjack says:

    I liked the home-made gun system in the first game; they talk about customization here but not that much. Games like this, you are essentially a floating gun (that needs to wipe its gas mask), so it makes sense as a sort of character customization path.