Many Minutes Of DayZ Devs Talking Zombo-Doom

Something about today’s sunny countenance has left me longing to spend some time in DayZ‘s threat-filled bleakness. I have an almost overwhelming need to get back there and indulge in tension and horror. I’ll wait for the standalone, though, as it sounds like something from another planet, or a parallel world where dream-games are forged.

What am I wittering about? Well, Team DayZee have been talking to PAX, and you can see that below.


  1. Dudeist says:

    ok, first. I’m happy with all dayz news, but I think, is time for standalone. Nice ss, can we expect shadows/dynamic lighting inside room, in 2013 game?

    • bleeters says:


      • dontnormally says:

        stop commenting forever

        • akrammalik956 says:

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  2. Discopanda says:

    That opening soundtrack is great.

    • ichtyander says:

      Hahah, yeah, it’s from Automan, an 80’s sci-fi tv show. I was completely surprised when I played the video, with a big grin on my face. :D

      • sharks.don't.sleep says:

        Thank you SO MUCH for reminding me of that show! :D

    • Drake Sigar says:

      Adore it! Think I’ve heard the music from Cinema Snob and the TV show Braniac too.

  3. BenA says:

    WELCOME to Zombo-Doom.

    THIS is Zombo-Doom.

    You can do anything at Zombo-Doom.


    (link to

  4. DXN says:


  5. DXN says:

    Why does that 12-year-old have such a deep voice. Is he a puppet?