EVE Fanfest Brings World Of Darkness Updates

A moon in Eve's universe, yesterday.

Space. It’s cold and uninhabitable without profoundly advanced technologies that keep our frail human organs from staging a whizzbang prison break right out our eye holes. Vampires. They’re all yucky and clammy and dead and stuff. Iceland. It’s… um, actually quite pleasant in many areas, though occasionally a bit nippy. So I guess staging EVE Fanfest in Reykjavik kinda works, especially since the Internet tells me it’s pretty dreary over there right now. I, sadly, am stuck in sunny, delightful San Francisco at the moment, but I do have some EVE and World of Darkness news for you. Specifically, WoD is slightly more existent than it was last year.

Massively brings word from the World of Darkness front, noting that the Vampire: The Masquerade MMO is still in pre-production, but now sports a staff of 70 developers. This year, they’ll apparently be working on PVE, social tools, item creation, and clothing systems. Oh, but just to be clear, you probably won’t be making clothes. “You’re a powerful, immortal lord of the night,” said CCP. “You don’t want to stitch a shirt.”

EVE Fanfest is still running, and Brendan is out there reporting on it for us, so probably expect to hear more about the future of CCP’s utterly bonkers player-powered universe in the coming days. Happy hunting.

Or, er, political sabotaging, I guess. Whatever it is the kids are up to these days.


  1. AlwaysRight says:

    Done right this could potentially be ‘the bestest thing everTM’

    • dontnormally says:

      I agree.

      (( pleaseopleaseoplease dontscrewthisup ))

    • RedViv says:

      EVE’s scale and freedom, but as a WoD game. Yes, this could be grand.

      • The Random One says:

        EVE’s form and freedom, but you’re a dude walking around instead of a dot in space that’s actually a dot on a spreadsheet. Grand is about right.

    • Archipelagos says:

      Who do I need to sacrifice, and to what ancient god, to ensure that the WoD MMO is fantastic?

    • RyenDeckard says:

      Considering they’re been working on this game for more than five years now, and it’s still “pre-production”, I’d say they’re trying to make sure it’s just right.

  2. Sardukar says:

    Doomed. So doomed. Vampire as an MMO. I wish it had a chance. I think it does not.

    Oh, for a Bloodlines sequel. Spiritual or otherwise.

    • Iskariot says:

      I completely agree.
      WoD has very little chance of success as an MMO.
      It might succeed as a social game where everybody is a vampire, chatting and showing of their fancy cloths to each other, having deep vampiry conversations.
      But as an immersive vampire game it will fail. MMO is the enemy of immersion. An MMO system will provide an amusement park with thousands of wannabee vampires running around in a world that is immersed in unrealistic perpetual darkness. Who would want to play a vampire hunter in such a world, let alone a normal human being.

      I love the vampire genre, but what I want is not a social MMO game, but a Bloodlines 2 sort of sequel in an open city world the likes of Liberty City (GTA4). I want to be the rare vampire in the city, constantly under threat of my eternal enemy the sun, vampire hunters and the occasional vampire enemy. I want the city to be my hunting ground. I want to stand on the roof of a building and look down into the busy streets and choose my target. I want a game with a working day/night cycle. I want to have to carefully choose my resting place so hunters won’t surprise me etc..
      What I definitely do not want is a city filled to the brim with chatting vampires.

      • The Random One says:

        Your game idea would probably be better, but these are the only people to pull off a succesful MMO that doesn’t have theme park design. If anyone can pull it off it’s them.

        • Iskariot says:

          The mere fact that it is an MMO dooms it.
          Don’t get me wrong. Many people might like it, but that is because they like the socializing stuff that will inevitably be a major part of the game. That is why so many like the lovable socializing sparkly vampires I so deeply detest. For me the vampire mythology is not about socializing. Is the opposite.

          • Apocalypse says:

            Perma death and PVP should make sure that you are socializing the “vampire way” ;-)

    • Lemming says:

      The only way I can see it working (and the choice of title would imply as such) is if they have Werewolf, Mage and Hunters as playable as well. At least so the world feel a little more varied than just everyone being a Vampire. I imagine the other games integrated depend entirely on how the vanilla vampire game does first, though. I’d love to one day see a game like this where Wraiths and Changelings are playable too and running parallel to the ‘real’ world. Would make for some interesting dynamics, ie shit going down in the Shadowlands that Vampires in the ‘real world’ just perceive as bumps in the night

      • Iskariot says:

        A world filled with vampires, mages, werewolves, shapeshifters etc is still a very one sided thing.
        The attraction, for me at least, of the vampire mythology is being the odd one out, to be an ex-human now feeding on the blood of his former equals. Being in the human world, but not really belonging. Looking in from the outside. A truly good vampire game needs that contrast between the normal, average human existence and the supernatural nocturnal existence of the vampire.
        A game that offers a perpetual dark world filled with supernaturals misses the point. It will miss out on the real attraction of the vampire mythology and will therefore become a mediocre failure.

        • Sardukar says:

          “The attraction, for me at least, of the vampire mythology is being the odd one out, to be an ex-human now feeding on the blood of his former equals. Being in the human world, but not really belonging. Looking in from the outside.”

          Totally this. It’s what attracted us to Vampire in the first place. Not being a super-powered goth dude with a food fetish.

        • Slurpy says:

          I don’t understand why you don’t expect that to be part of the game. Remember, Bergsson bought White Wolf because he wanted to make a WoD MMO, because he’s a huge goddamn nerd, loves the WoD games, and wanted to play what no one was making. Not exactly like it’s EA here, pumping out CoD 27..

          I hate every MMORPG I have ever played, but I am super-excited to see what comes of this.

      • Josh W says:

        Mage would be beyond the game engine. The capacity for players to do anything that fits their self-imposed paradigm is simply not compatible with the formal-system structure of computer games, unless you somehow allow people to recode the game with an open-ended scripting system in order to make their powers work.

        Not that I wouldn’t love to see the results of eve players being given the power to make their own game bugs, and use them against each other..

  3. Nasarius says:

    You don’t want to stitch a shirt.

    I usually roll my eyes at this kind of “BUT YOU’RE A TOTALLY EPIC HERO DOING TOTALLY EPIC THINGS” nonsense, but here it applies well enough. Mundane crafting isn’t particularly important in the WoD setting.

    Besides, CCP can just sell the best clothes on their cash shop. If the WoD fandom is any indication, people will actually care how their character looks.

    • The Pink Ninja says:

      I dunno, some sorts of crafting are valued. Particularly things that are either illegal and thus harder to buy on the open market or involve magic in their creation. Forging traditional weapons, customising modern ones, creating magical wards and tools.

      I think it would be more that case that while in the canon a sculptor might be valued and fairly unique in an MMO there would be whole sweatshops of players pumping out enough statuary to fill every room in the city.

    • Lemming says:

      You say that, but the masquerade is about integrating into human society, and that does usually mean some form of profession. A Toreador fashion designer or a Brujah gun shop owner are pretty much the norm. Running around collecting 10 boar snouts (unless you are attempting some kind of alchemy) isn’t really the VtM way.

      • solidsquid says:

        Generally in vampire the crafting is more of a side thing, not a focal point of the game (crafting armour and weapons) with a very small number of exceptions. More likely is for a vampire to have a large number of human followers doing those jobs for them, which could be quite an interesting mechanic if they could incorporate it

    • Slurpy says:

      Seeing as this is a CCP game with hopefully all the attendant backstabbing and maneuvering, I can definitely see some sort of blood-based drug being manufactured and introduced by the Sabbat into Chicago to drive the Camarilla nuts.

  4. Rollin says:

    Oh gosh gee another MMO, we totally need one of those. MMOs is a dying genre, there must only be two or three of them left now!

    • Moonshine Fox says:

      Can’t tell if serious, or trolling.

      Just TentonHammer lists 566 active MMOs.

    • jellydonut says:

      This is a sandbox MMO, so you’re actually right.. There’s only two of them right now. This will be the third.

      Don’t compare this to the WoW-clone theme park garbage.

  5. Bobdelion says:

    I’ve been holding a flame for this ever since the purchase announcement. I’m glad to hear they will be finally breaking science, even if the game is still thick in development.

  6. SwENSkE says:

    Whatever it is the kids are up to these days.

    Sorry, no kids in EVE. Go back to WoW.

    • Neo says:

      You sound like a SW:TOR forum regular.

      • SwENSkE says:

        No idea how the SW:TOR forums are like. But ‘go back to WoW’ is one of the most used phrases on the EVE online (just next to ‘can I have your stuff’) forums.

        And the first sentence is an actual fact. The number of kids in EVE is near zero. Unfortunately the number of women is only slightly higher. Although the few playing it are very often pretty awesome at EVE – at least the ones I know.

        • jrodman says:

          Glad to know the EVE players are as pithy, genteel, and insightful as the wow players.

  7. Orija says:

    There is something that article on Massively Joystiq didn’t say or didn’t explain well and it’s the demo they showed, it looks interesting for what I read on other webs, even it’s not actual gameplay. On a rainy night, a female vampire, dressed with leather clothes, bites a Human guy and drinks some blood, she jumps from a rooftop, then she meets with other characters at a night club, later she spots another Vampire jumping over rooftops and she uses some discipline and goes after the Kindred, then a heavy fight starts, when the thing concluded, two more Vampires, who were using Obfuscate, suddenly appear and the video fades out to black. There are intriguing things to watch (like disciplines and animations) and they’re representing the lore and atmosphere very well. That surely will be a part edited out for the official public video.

    link to wodnews.net

  8. aliksy says:

    Wait, it’s based on Masquerade and not Requiem? Gross. Interest level reduced by several orders of magnitude.

    • Not Marvelous says:

      I wish I could hug you right now.

      Nothing more boring than Masquerade’s tired, overwrought storyline, cheap clans and lame faction conflicts. Also mechanics, but I don’t think the MMO will really copy those.

    • blackmyron says:

      Perhaps it would be better to say “Based on the same world as Vampire: Bloodlines”.

      Can’t really comment on Requiem. Despite being an avid pen-and-paper RPGer, the new White Wolf game fell off the face of the planet for me.

      • Josh W says:

        Basic differences: Politics got split into two forms, instead of just having massive clans full of pyramids of siring, (big influence vampires use their influence on younger ones etc) they added overarching social groups. The old game had some of those, but they were massively at war, this way the conflicts are more ambiguous, and you have two chains of command.

        Also, old vampires loose their memory over time when they sleep, which brings their motivations and plans more within the scope of normal player characters. There are also replacements done to the generation mechanics, to make it less about cast iron privileges. This is less dramatic in some ways, but means more scope for overturning heirachies if you get lucky.

        Some tweaks to clans, like merging the malkavians into the ventrue so as to make both more complex, and some spreading about of magic-y stuff between a wider spread of people.

        I think it’s probably an improvement, though a little more complicated.

  9. belgand says:

    You lie! SF is cold and dreary at the moment as well. As it often is. I mean, summer is coming, time to get out your heavy coat and prepare not to see the sun for a few months.

    • jrodman says:

      That is quite untrue. In the summer we can see the sun, a vague brighter patch behind layers of mists. That’s what most people mean, right?

  10. Drakedude says:

    Hmmm. You know, if i wasn’t a vampire, I’d rather like to exploit a day/night cycle >:D. As for implementing it? Handling NPC’s and the lore is the main sticking point for Day/night segregation, and unless you apply a liberal dose of handwaving, there’s not much you can about that. You could abstract it i suppose, but equally, how about windows of opportunity, defined by when and when not a player is active (rather then online, given how that could be circumvented)? The same could go for say, spirit summoning, or NPC granted missions. You meet the prerequisites, get together a posse and create an instance which can be intruded upon under the right circumstances.
    A werewolf investigates some pure in the day, accidentally bungles up a Mages bloodroot industry, and get’s together with his pack to plan for the night ahead, which they can slip into at will. You’d be notified of important (actually important, your friends can call you themselves) events happening in the night, and we can all have the fun of dealing with waves of Ghouls from jealous vampires. If they do not allow you to try and track down a vampires sleeping place during the day, they’re not doing their job right. There should be disadvantages to only having half the day to directly operate in after all.

    Then again, given the other realms we’d be operating in down the line, the time jumping of the realms of the gentry aside, could be a mouthful. I can handle a (city specific, and justified in-game) deviation from the lore in that regard, but it would be nice to get random temporary timeskips wouldn’t it? Having the opportunity to actively try and prevent a bad future, that is if anyone believes you :D.

    All in all, many, many opportunity’s. To be honest, I’m most worried about the combat, and viable appealing reasons to be a humanish hunter. Don’t play fast and loose with the disadvantages. The combat as i recall it sounds like exactly the kind of thing you’d really want some form of motion controls for, or failing that however the hell Zeno clash manages.

    • brickwall says:

      Just a footnote, i know absolutely nothing about the lore surrounding this game.

      After reading your post and others in the thread, i was struck by the idea to impliment some sort of persistant past future phasing. different phases for different time periods for certain areas, with objectives that can be completed in the past that affect the future phases. maybe there is a war happening in the past between two factions, the winner being the faction that holds the city. People may travel back in time to alter the course of the battle to change the structure of the modern city. Maybe one faction doesn’t pay too much mind to the well being of its citizens and as a result the city is run down, low amount of trade passes through the area and resources in general are scarse. On the flipside it has also attracted a large unsavory population of smugglers and low lifes bringing many opportunities to those who would take advantage of it.

      Throw in some mixed success states to spicen things up i think it would be a very solid framework for some excellent MMOish mechanics.

      Also, first time comment on rps, you guys rock. and cara too

    • Iskariot says:

      There will be no day/night cycle in WoD.
      It cannot be done in a multi player game in which 99% of the players can only roam the world in darkness.
      That is why I would prefer an immersive single player open city world sequel to Bloodlines.
      In a single player open world game the implementation of a day/night cycle would not pose a problem at all. It would enhance the vampire experience a thousandfold because you would have to avoid the eternal enemy… the sun, and retreat to a secure resting place in the city.
      A simple ‘skip time’ feature could be implemented through which the player could fast forward to the next sundown, but this could be interrupted for example if hunters breached the players resting place.
      Finding secure resting places would be an important and exiting element in the game. The player would feel constant obsessive fear of being discovered by vampire hunters during the daytime in which his powers would be minimal and his freedom of movement limited.
      One can easily see this would ad incredible depth to the experience of being a vampire in a game.

      WoD however out of necessity, being an MMO, will feature perpetual night.
      I can’t begin to describe how dull and boring I think this is.

      • brickwall says:

        again apologies for my ignorance on the lore, but is there any sort of activity a player could do during the day as a vampire? or possibly some sort of enchantment or spell that grants temporary protection against the effects of daylight? If there was enough lore surrounding what a vampire does while he/she sleeps or if there is some sort of “spirit realm” you could sacrifice a bit of immersion for an accelerated day/night (say 45 mins of day/night with 15 mins of transition period in between) and it could provide a way to put a bit more of a structured “flow” to how an MMO would work.

        • ferdy says:

          CCP have stated several times before there will be no day/night cycle, only night. And although it’s the player’s choice not to become a vampire and stay human, chances are 99% of the players will go kindred. A day/night cycle will only be a hindrance to most players and the developers.

          • Drakedude says:

            Like i said, why can’t you be vulnerable when you;re logged out in your cosy little coffin? >:).